How Did Islam Destroy Classical Western Civilization?

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  1. You would think the local non-muslims would have wiped them out when they had the opportunity to return the carnage inflicted on them and let them have no more than rocks and sticks from there on out, but no; we’re giving them nuclear weapons.
    Europe has no idea what is coming, a single knife attack will be a good day for them in the future.

  2. Emperor Constantine was the first Christian Emperor of Rome, he ruled from 306 to 337 AD (Augustus died in 14 AD, so he ruled a full 300 years after the first Roman Emperor, and the Roman Republic began in 509 BC, so after a full 800 years of a continuous Roman state)

    Constantine had a lavish imperial residence built in Byzantium, and fashioned it New Rome, after his death it became known as Constantinople.
    The great cathedral in the heart of the city, Hagia Sophia was built during the reign of Justinian 1, from 532–537. It is therefore both a Roman architectural marvel and a historic Christian site of unparalleled age.

    Much destruction of Constantinople took place when the 4th Crusade arrived and sacked the city in 1203, but it continued as a Christian city, under the Latin and Byzantine Emperors.

    Constantinople was finally captured by the army of Islam on 29 May 1453. So, one of the greatest shrines of Islam is merely stolen goods, built by Christians and used to worship by Christians for 900 years, it has been defaced both externally (with the minarets) and internally (where all the Christian iconography was destroyed and replaced with Islamic decoration).

    This is what Islam does, it has conquered, debased and stolen from other civilizations for 1400 years. To make Europe Great Again, we would certainly have to include retaking “Istanbul”, renaming it Constantinople, tearing down the ugly minarets, and replacing the Arabic graffiti adorning the walls with Christian art.

    But we are not the men our ancestors were.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “But we are not the men our ancestors were.”

      Given that Byzantium got conquered in 1453 and never re-taken, most of our ancestors apparently weren’t much, either.

  3. gibberish. White Western civilization defeated and destroyed the Ottoman Empire. Islam was in recission until the Frog revolutionaries liberated the Jew, and the rest of Europe soon followed suit. Then. slowly but surely – beginning with the banking system – the Jew got hold of the State. All the rest follows, including the current Judeo-globalist use of Muslims as (one of) their anti-White invasive armies.

    • That’s it in a nutshell. The same psychosis that afflicts the muslim lovers is to be found among the judeophiles – ‘ my desert gang is better than your desert gang’. Whitey’s only hope is in the Slavic lands. They have been battling the Khazarian forces for 1,000 years.

  4. Northgunner

    Dr Warner nails it again!

    I believe this outake is from a college class that he spoke to in the Czech Republic about 2 years ago at most. Notice thst his audience is being very respectfull and listening attentively to his speech…quite a difference from ‘universities’ here.

    I definitely recommend all of his videos for educating friends, family and co-workers about the danger of islam and sharia law.

    And since the Islamists are trying to capture our children’s minds thru taqyyia, here’s just the thing their parents and caring relatives and friends need to combat them:

    Islam – Who, What, How. Kids’ video, age 8 up. Fun, easy, clear.

    Can you imagine how the moslem brotherhood front group cair and others will squirm and howl that the truth about the death cult of ‘mo’ is being taught to the children?

    Definitely save and share and repost that vid, especially if dihhimi sukkerberg orders it off youtube.

    For those who are older, I recommend Matt Bracken’s “The Alienork Way”.

    islam is nothing but filth and savagery!
    These men agree!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  5. I can recommend two videos by Dr. Warner ( but I have not watched all of them) for early consideration:

    Basic overview (44+ minutes):

    Winning with precise words (16+ min video)

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