Receiving & Giving Orders For The Junior Leader

Starting on page 13 of the Australian Army’s Smart Soldier publication.

Like it or not, you may be forced to lead a group of people.

Their lives will depend on your competence.

23 responses to “Receiving & Giving Orders For The Junior Leader

  1. listening to any junior or senior will get you injured or killed.

    speaking from personal life experience…

    at least i get paid the rest of my life for some assholes mistake.

    most never survive it…

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        • So let’s get this straight:

          – You joined the military
          – You hated the military so much you reenlisted
          – You were injured in training, couldn’t hack staying in in a different capacity, and hated the military
          – You would have stayed in if you wouldn’t have become injured and become at least a staff NCO (jury’s out on whether that would have occurred) and done 20.
          – You hate anyone who made a career out of the military, especially Senior NCO’s.
          – You hate the military so much you’ve implied the threat of deadly force against anyone wearing a US flag on their shoulder (didn’t say exactly when, so the threat is in current tense)

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  2. Army of One. Then I don’t have to worry about “Colonel” potbelly.

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I love me some real world Partrol Briefs. Makes my hair stand up. I cant wait. And FYI, The Australian Peel will be an excellent addition to any toolbox.
    Tick-Tock, Mussie Commie Trash, Tick-Tock.

  4. if any of you don’t think the us military is even MORE corrupt than the us gubmint, you are really fucking stupid, so stupid, you should kill yourself right fucking now.

    it’s filled with the worst murka has to offer. the higher the rank the more rotten and demonic they are. only the most despicable rise to the rank of general offiskur though. just as in poly-ticks, by that time the dirt is so deep on a soulless ‘yes’ man you would need a front end loader to dig them out from under it.

    those who stay in more than 2 tours have proven they are reliable ass sniffers and are allowed to continue the chain of corruption until they either kill themselves or are caught fucking someone else’s wife and are thrown under the bus.

    it’s a good thing 22 commit suicide on a daily basis, it rids the world, country, and military, of witnesses to the evil perpetrated on helpless civilians the world over.

    don’t kid yourselves, these same scum of the earth have and will be used against he american population when it is expedient to the PTB and you better BELIEVE, the troops will follow orders- no matter how unjust, unconstitutional, and illegal.

    it’s what they do. FOLLOW ORDERS.


      Whether the entire US military is totally corrupt is open to considerable debate. I can only add anecdotal evidence from when I left active duty in 1971, and went back as an active Army Reservist in 1979. And yes, it had changed for the worse. Corrupt bottom to top with “enlisted women” going from E-4 to WO-1 on their backs. After seven years, I got out with the rank of E-6(97E40). To have made E-7, I would have had to learn to speak Korean as our capstone had changed. I did not have the time due to demands from my civilian employment and family obligations.
      But the bigger issue which is the gorilla in the room, is how will the reserve, guard, and active duty components react when they are tasked during a Katrina/meltdown situation. One only has to look at Venezuela to see who is still getting paid(even with worthless currency) and who is getting toilet paper, food, and other essentials.
      I know when I lived in Oregon, the NG there would not have been able to muster enough troops to secure a city the size of Grants Pass, assuming they all showed up for duty. Rawles Land bothers me more as there are way too many FEDGOV cheerleaders, flag wavers, cop/veteran suckers, and other assorted clueless useful idiots. Every one of them has the potential to be a government snitch.
      We should keep in mind that our military recruits from our society at large. They, like police officers, are a reflection of what the majority of Amerikan society likes, dislikes, tolerates, and supports. In spite of all of the facts posted on this site about police corruption and out-and-out murder, the vast majority of sheeple still support and defend the Orcs and Orcettes whether they wear badges or camo. Plan accordingly.