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  1. I don’t see “gimped in one leg and dying all alone in a dingy fleet side double wide after a fall”.

    That’s how TeeFat is going to cross over
    Steady as she goes, pogey!

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  3. When Hillary Clinton isn’t killing to protect their profit from their rackets…

    She is running a racket of killing for their profit

  4. Consequences for being a murdering psychopath should occur in this lifetime.Depending on the almighty’s wrath is not a viable option.The valkyrie will not escort you into Valhalla, when you allow evil,in your midst, to flourish and prosper. Stand up to the dirty commie bastards. Surviving in fear,being a pussy, is existing…not living.

  5. a follower

  6. but. but. but.

    a least the military will stand-up for we the pee pol…

    they are made up of the citizens…

    oh wait.

    so is the gubbermint….

    the fact is this.

    the country and it’s institutions are rotten and corrupt TO THE CORE.

    and listening or following anyone in an ‘official uniform’ or any uniform is the dumbest choice the average citizen can possibly make.

    they care only about their spot in the hierarchy and their personal chances to advance up it’s putrid ranks. if you think these sociopathic monsters will lead you to the promised land, you better open your eyes before one of these elected or selected, or self-proclaimed leaders place you in a spot no sane person would want to be in, and that includes the so-called ‘patriot movement’.

    just look at how they react to me when i shed light on these cockroaches and their bullshit. just because they are thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated ‘believers’ doesn’t equate to truth and reality. mostly, they are nothing but stupid animals that are used to form policy for TPTB.

    fuck everyone who wants to lead. you don’t need them

    you need to lead yourselves.

    • Actually people aren’t reacting to you because of what you post. We react to you because you post the same fucking thing every day, all day. You wore it out. You assumed incorrectly that no one is on to police abuses. You assumed incorrectly that no one is on to the total corruption in the government. Your message will save the whole world. Not.

  7. Meanwhile, back in the ranch:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. The kids in that cartoon doesn’t know the half of it. he also has the distinct possibility he will be killed just because he is white.

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