MDT: Snowflake Or Meteor?

On training, capabilities, and rational expectations.

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              • spoken like the ignorant son of a bitch you have always been.

                you are the reason the murkin military is so fucked up. and you call yourself a leader.

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                can’t wait to burn your tax dollars you send me on hookers and blow

                bet you wish you could kick in my door huh?

                it would be the last thing you ever did

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        • This sounds legitimate. Was it in one of those super secret deep dig bunkers below the white mountains reservation?

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      • if an e-7 hadn’t allowed an e-6 to violate an army medics order, i wouldn’t have been injured more than i already was..

        if there was any justice in the milkitary both would have been brought up on charges of negligence.

        instead they offered me the hush $ and allowed the two loser NCOs to continue on to their pensions.

        why would anyone choose to stay in a rotten to the core instituation after that?

        I was advised by a ‘few’ good NCOs to take the $ and leave, which i did.

        i actually may contact my DAV rep and get the ball rolling to up my percentage as the military has not been corrected to my satisfaction.

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        • the more you say something it obviously makes it all the more legitimate.

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    • Thanks for proving his point, Snowflake.

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  2. Well my bubble just popped. Thank you. Seriously, this article made things clear. Should I take any more classes then?

    • There is a follow-on piece in the works. Short answer to your q is “yes”. More asap.

    • Classes on running Offensive Infantry Ops, yes. Why? Becaise you haven’t got the time to get your defensive house in order and that training squared away (as much as you should), let alone Offensive ops crap. Defensive Ops to include presence patrols is all you should be concentrating on logistically and training wise.

      • anyone who would follow your training doctrine will not onlyh waste their money. they will end up dead.

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        • Hahahahaha, my “Training doctrine”? What would you know of my training doctrine. Your idea of “doctrine” is when you’re being treated by a physician. I was in Iraq you ADD twatwaffle. If you had tried to keep up with what I have written in the past, you’d know that. As to losing, what would you know of whether we lost or not? To know that, you’d actually have had to put some effort into something other than callin’ people “loser”, and bragging about how you’ve made sooooo much money that your wife left you for the poor help……oh wait, I guess that does make you a loser, and therefore familiar with “loss”. My bad…..Loser.

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    • Having authored one of the entries showcased, and considering the poster runs a training school, my answer and his is a resounding YES.

    • Sure, yes, take classes. They’ll give you an edge when it comes to defending home and neighborhood. Just don’t expect those classes to turn you into an infantryman. They won’t./ S//

    • Mike Bishop


      I read JCD’s piece as a critique on mindset; not a critique on self-improvement regarding the practical applications of violence.

  3. Flaming arrow.

  4. I get your point, the moolisha isn’t ready for what’s coming. Fuck no one is, I’m sure not. But if you’re out there reading this and you’re trying and taking classes, just keep doing it. If you’re doing PT and making progress, keep on keeping on. If you’re shooting in your room doing dry fire, fuckin do it. I think he’s trying to motivate people to get harder.

    Anything other than that would be seen as discouragement and not helpful to the cause.

    • wendystringer48088

      “I get your point, the moolisha isn’t ready for what’s coming.”
      Some of them are obviously preparing for a shortage of food and resulting famine. They will be the last to starve to death. I believe the mindset is known as “survival of the fattest.” 🙂

      I take what else you said as: Whatever you are doing… keep on keeping on.
      All you can do is all you can do.

      Life is not fair anyways. People die from sudden heart attacks, they have strokes, get cancer, get killed or seriously injured in car accidents or have home or hunting accidents like falling off a ladder or an accidental firearm discharge and wind up suddenly getting permantly crippled, etc. (All things that happened to people I have known over the years by the way).
      Probably best to balance things out in life. You may be around a long time and responsible for others, or you may be gone tomorrow. You just don’t know for sure – unless you decide to kill yourself off right now (also know several people who committed suicide) or died of drug overdoses (when I didn’t even know they were doing drugs).

      Sometimes life just seems like it is shit. But if you are alive and able to move you just keep going. If for no other reason than to see What Fresh Hell (Dorothy Parker quote) is going to happen next, and to see how far you can go.

      My take aways from the article (and the comments were good too):
      – Do something.
      – Keep doing something.
      – Don’t overestimate your abilities.

  5. He ain’t kiddin’, either.

  6. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Im not saying writing articles about training is redundant. Im just saying maybe post an article about some training. Also a PFC is infinitely more experienced than any number of Civilian trained minute men. Know why? Because PFC’s understand how thermals and night vision works. How they don’t work, and how defeat or trick those abilities.

    Wannabes in the middle of nowhere- “I have an AR-15”

    Thats cool but the bad guys are in giant office buildings surrounded by cute coeds, queers, foreigners, and minorities .

    So whats your plan? Shoot up a bunch of old Jewish, Traitor, and Boomer Lawyers? A gay bar full of staffers? Their 22 year old Secretaries, DSS, and research assistants? How about that Globalist You people have no Idea how bad a revolution is gonna look in the publics eyes.

    They will have us in check unless we start actively hunting the guilty leadership without prejudice.

    Repeat, No Idea. But think Sorority Girls shredded with an AR. Thats who these guys hide behind and they will only turn into the next wave of SJW leaders.

    Believe me, I work in DC. This problem is complete understated.

    Ya’ll need to stop flexing and start thinking. Just my two cents.

  7. Randall Flagg

    I recently broke one of my (and ‘Ol Remus’) rules of avoiding crowds wherein I attended a stadium rock concert. It was one of those things that just had to be done; happy wife, happy life. It’s been years since I’ve been in a stadium, let alone attended any type of event there, sportsball, concert or otherwise. I was soon reminded why I gave up on these events so long ago.

    Being that I don’t go to these events all that often, and not wanting to get stuck in the nose-bleed seats, I splurged for up-front floor seating. Part of my rationale, in addition to being able to see and hear the band that much better, was that your average loser couldn’t afford to be there, and thus I was attempting to ensure we wouldn’t be caught in the middle of a mob of slobs. Boy, was I wrong.

    Despite 99.5% of the attendees being white, there wasn’t a single person there I’d voluntarily share a foxhole with, let alone take a bullet for. It was nothing but a sea of degenerate losers. What I came to realize, though, was that this was an accurate representative sampling of cross-section of America. And it wasn’t a pleasing sight.

    Yet I’m told that I need to take course upon course to prepare for a possible fight against this sea of scum in the event the grid goes down. Don’t think so. Fact is, even with all the training in the world, I don’t have enough ammo. IMO, time is better spent building relationships within one’s immediate circles.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      The 400 dollar seats are full of the single kids(or New Yuppies) from double income families. They are fucking try-hard retards. Next time you go to one of these events, get the cheapest tickets and smoke weed with the 1,000 yard stare guys in the back. We wear leather jackets, ride motorcycles, and put gel in our hair. Usually we go to a diner afterwards. I like Chicken Fried Steak with my RockShows.

  8. Thomas T. Tinker

    We could all just Shut the F–k up until such time comes when all this warped Walter Mitty crap some folks pray will happen…. happens! We could all STFU and do what we can afford and study, train, practice, sit on the couch, sit at this keyboard, be honest and real with ourselves or enjoy the lies, self abuse & BS… we inflict on ourselves. Gawd… there are so many experts out there……

    Me…. Sheeessszz I was just a Grunt. I’ll contribute what skills I have .. what my knees can put up with .. what muscle memory I have maintained .. Somebody wants to come up against that … I’ll supply what I can.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      This ^. If we all stick to our own AO’s on this one, we should make it out alright. Im thinking it’ll be 30-1 easy.

  9. Grenadier1

    Its still a false premise.
    The average Infantryman right out of AIT is a 19 year old dumbass that needs to be reminded to take a shower so his feet and dick do not rot off. He is far more occupied with getting drunk and chasing ass than learning. He is getting paid to do it. He has no life experience and has no understanding of the responsibilities that his life will one day entail.
    That it takes him a significant time to learn ANYTHING to a level of proficiency is no surprise. That all being said however it is not the length of time it takes him to learn but WHAT he is learning that is the crux of the issue here.
    He must learn to function within a much larger organization. He must learn its culture and methodologies. He must learn the inner workings of a complete and total system that is designed to struggle with itself under a mountain of paperwork, conflicting schemes and political demands. Now where do we see this elsewhere?
    Corporate America.
    The product may be quite different but what you are essentially arguing is that someone wishing to conduct small business can never learn to do so because they have never been to college or worked in big business.
    We know this is false.
    The people in the Moolisha are making the argument that they are just as good as Big business because they incorporated, and have a good logo.
    We know this is also false.
    The thing is this, thats not what needs to be discussed. What needs to be discussed is how does a small operationally agile and adaptive business compete with other small businesses and at the same time fend off the competitive and aggressive big business operating in the same market.
    The end goal being the disruption of the strangle hold the big business has on the market.

    • You would know “the average PFC’s life” how? The average PFC you speak of presently (as of the requirements right now) has complered a 4 month OSUT before any of the “PFC life” you speak of can begin. Keep in mind that the typical Infantry NCO (I wouldn’t know about the POG’s) keeps a pretty tight reign on his soldiers.

    • True, but with the caveat that in this “business”, coming up short on the quarterly report gets you stuffed into a body bag.

      The closest equivalent business model to that is probably the yakuza.
      Failure isn’t an option. At least, not twice.

      And that stinky 19 y.o. has gotten more first-rate training than the average moolisha member would if they took 20-40 weekends of classes, and he’s been doing more hard PT, and doing it easier, than anyone else ever will for the rest of their lives.

      Which ain’t nothing.

      • Darned double-posts.

      • Mike Bishop

        Don’t forget, Private Snuffy had to pull firewatch at 01:00 just enough to rat-fuck his biorythm, to then get up at 04:00, bang out PT, get stuck on a shit KP duty, attend classes, ruck march, do more PT pre-bedtime, write mommy a letter, all whilst getting smoke checked periodically throughout the day, on little sleep, and fucked up on Brasso fumes, only to be awakened at 23:00 because some shitlord left a contraband Snickers bar in the shower, and Drill Sergeant McMuscles decided its time for a pre-midnight light-coat-of-sweat…

        …but yes, please tell me about how a 16-hour weekend course has you more squared-the-fuck-away than PVT Snuffy.

        JCD is giving out tough medicine.

    • Grenadier1

      Oh and if your wondering the conversation begins
      “well how do we become a small operationally agile and adaptive business?”

      • +1.

        That was one of my first questions, and I hope the conversation continues at some point.

        Even if “operationally agile and adaptive” is from the defensive perspective only…moreover, especially if.

      • So you really don’t know what the “PFC Life” is, right? How would you know what needs “discussed” or how to “Start the conversation” when you have no experience in the topic at hand? This post’s topic does need discussed, and you know why? Becaise we keep seing you guys (generalization of the moolisha movement) say things like, “We’ll jump off the porch and kick things off to take ‘Merica back” or “We’re gonna go take care of business with those goons down the road comes shtf!” when those of us with experience know you guys omly have the ability to fall off the porch, but that will only be by accident (should have stayed on the porch and defended it from those goons). If you offensively “kick things off” or “go take care of business” using the half assed and pooly organized groups we see (but they are organized cuz they have three patches, right?), led by inexperienced, “never served”, blow hards claiming “kernal” status, who are followed by wanna be “operators”, you will plant 95% percent of them. You know why I said 95 instead of 100 percent? Because at least 5 percent will be smart enough to run away. Initially, the people who will lead the winners are the ones who have already led. This is not a game, of “what busimess model should I use?”. This is life and death, get squirted in the face with a femoral bleed!

        • you are nothing dodge

          a used up POS who has a debt to pay for your crimes and evil deeds

          hope you die choking on the dick you suck down at he station

          faggot cop scum

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      When you use mouth breathers as the benchmark anything looks good by comparison. As if the other guys aren’t mouth breathers as well. At least the 19 year old kid half cares and is half disciplined. And understands how basic tactics work. They are programmed to take cover, return fire, and clear the objective better than any 3 day course could possibly hope to imbue. Also, New Guys don’t win wars. Its the guys they follow that do. I am glad I have dozens of New guys on my team. They are dumb enough to not know how dangerous it really is, and smart enough to know I have been right for years. Ill teach them the little things on the fly. Which is the only way to learn anyway. Remember, Thermals can’t see through glass, and Air is red on during bad weather. Thats basically half of what you need to know. Following directions is more important.

      • Rock Starr, spit it out, knock the cryptic I’m a vet shit, off. who were you with, where where you at. Simple questions,


  10. FableofOne

    Why the “F” would any civilian WANT to be an infantryman? Freefor won’t have the logistics train, advanced comms, intel, heavy fire elements – air, ground and armor. Without that stuff, an infantyman is…

  11. While I appriciate the articles objective, I have my doubts about both, the career trooper. The concerned citizen, seeking out training.

    From the military side I did 8 active, 4 army reserve, I felt the training was sub standard, the leadership on the army side was weak at best. Lack objective training, realistic training, as a 12b, the only training of value I recieved was explosives, demo.

    JD, good article, your intent is noted. I wish my experience mimicked yours, not the case.


  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. I rather be a bolt of lightning;)

  14. wendystringer48088

    I agree it will be all one or a small group can do just to defend what they have.
    My view is to have on-going physical training and practice some form of martial arts at least several times each week, and to maybe take a few specialized classes on stuff you are likely to use (like practical self defense and concealed carrying and using the handgun).
    Maybe people who are part of larger groups can make use of the more involved teamwork and patrolling classes.
    Otherwise I think it best to spend the limited time and money available on personal preps and practice with those you would be living with and/or working with in a bad situation.
    I will also say this past weekend has taught me it is important to get out and do something fun that you like either by yourself, with a friend, or with your loved one, and to spend some time just enjoying life.
    No matter what happens down the road no one can take the good times you have had away from you. And it may help if things get to look really bad, at least you can say to yourself “Well, it’s been fun,..”
    Just my opinion.

  15. dodge is nothing but a washed up lowlife who can’t get a real job

    so he joined the coproach force to thug over the population

    what a piece of fucking worthless garbage.

    you are nothing and you know it

    G’damn dumb motherfucker

    i have old socks that are worth more than your life

    go die

    and take your fat ugly whore along for the ride

    • Look, class! It’s Too Fat scat! It’s been here…you can tell because it shits itself with every step, and every exhalation. They aren’t very bright, and even more short-sighted than rhinos, but they travel covered in a protective layer of their own hardened dung. Their natural defenses are that, plus a horrifying endless screeching, and a smell that would knock buzzards off a gut wagon, even upwind. Keep your masks ready, and watch where you step. If they see you coming, they’ve even been known to fling their shit as a defense mechanism, like the lesser apes and monkeys. But their weight, size, and slowness enables most other visitors to the swamp to escape them without much effort.

  16. It just occurred to me. Aren’t we actually training for what Mikey V called that 4th Gen warfare? Do I need to train like infantry for it? Maybe for what’s coming, a different kind of proficiency is in order?

  17. John A. Fleming

    Two questions for MDT and JCD.
    1. All y’all make it sound like, in an every man to his family and belongings situation, that we have no chance in either defense or offense against the organized militia populated by experienced professional military and police. If we resist, we will die. And yet … we spent $1T in Iraq, and endless treasure in AfStan, and don’t have dick to show for it. I reckon all those “moolisha”s you derisively call them, can do just as well, especially against a force that won’t have an infinite logistics tail. Are you sure your professional training is as valuable and effective as you make it out to be? Seems we’re losing to the Taliban.
    2. When, using a crazy hypothetical, the current rulers of California (proggro aristocrats and Aztlan reconquistadores) attempt to steal it from the United States, and call up the militia (all y’all professional mil/pol) to suppress those who remain loyal to the Union: How many of your fellow citizens, with all hope gone, and the only option left while going down is to take out as many of the militia as possible while their possessions are stolen and their house firebombed, how many will all y’all slaughter before you get sick of it?

  18. I still think you got it mostly wrong JC, but I’ll give you this. Last go-round, when all the usual fluff was stripped away, I asked a direct question and you gave a direct answer. It was a decent answer too, so I was grateful for that and the thread closed before I could say so. Anyway, here’s your basic error this trip…

    “If you haven’t EXPERIENCED it, you truly don’t know what you don’t know.”

    That’s exactly right but apparently it escapes you that you haven’t experienced what’s going to happen either. It’s the Aesop Error—experience extrapolated into fantasy. Sure, he’s just a war-mongering statist fool with wild dreams of grandeur, but the principle holds anyway. Fact is you’ve no idea what’s going to happen, nor do you know what it’ll look like, no matter in which shithole you were fighting for oil and poppies.

    See…you may “deal in lead” but it’s far from certain that you’ll find anyone to make the trade. And if you were honest about not seeking to oppress anyone, that matters. If you don’t see why, I can explain. Just ask.