Schlichter: The Military Coup Against Trump – Part I

Worth a quick read.

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  1. I was doing fine with the story, till I read Hillary was making a statement justifying the coup….

    But in hindsight, not surprising they’d plop the inebriated bitch forward as a prop. Looking forward to part 2 to see how this all pans out.

    Far-fetched? Maybe not…

    • Who do they have besides her? That’s why they were so invested in her. Sure it was “her turn” and all that, but they had literally no one else. They still have no one else.

  2. of course there’s a coup attempt going on.

    it’s a turf war.

    no different than gangs in detroit fighting over who gets to rule the streets.

    that’s becuase they are ALL criminals.




    no different than didge, dfg, or mve, trying to gain paying followers to cement their power base over idiots, morons, and wannbes.

    that’s why you must choose to choose NONE OF THEM.

    fucking parasites all wanting to be king of the dummies.

    what a joke.

    i laugh.

    • Fuck you, your three grandmas and any of this “advise” you care to offer PanamaJagoff84.

      How were you an instructor at E2, you lying piece of bcd shit?

      You might have indocked the other sick lame and lazy at the Rick on a stick clinic.

      Was you injury self inflicted? That’s why your ass is so red. Top saw through your brilliant scheme, didn’t he?

    • You’ve pretty much sewn up King Of The Dummies, so relax.
      Your throne is secure.

    • Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role

      drumpf is more unstable than Ass-sap… and that’s saying a lot. apparently he thinks this a reality teevee show…

      and then there’s mongloid looking retard. just look at all his medals. he’s a real hero…

      fucking bottom feeding loser.

      wake-up! these gypsies, tramps, and thieves are running the asylum. this fool drumpf has his finger on the nuke button, if that doesn’t make any sane person worried. i don’t know what would. drumpf is playing musical chairs with these goofs who wear generals stars because he is about to start ww3 for his banker masters.

      seriously, where do you think he keeps his BILLIONS of $s? under the mattress in the Lincoln bedroom? no. in the banks.. do you get it yet?

      and so it goes. murka is finished. and all it took was the disgusting and ignorant drunken, drugged, tattoo’d, bearded, t-shirt wearing dirt pee pol to push it over the edge.

      and the pee pol cheered.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        Here I was, just about to defend your original comments as correct, and you have to go and post inaccurate meme’s with fake quotes. I’m no Trump supporter, but he never said that. You just can’t help but put your foot in your mouth can you? If you ever wonder why your message falls on deaf ears, it’s cause you’re a raging cunt. Then again, maybe that’s just you inside my OODA loop again.

        • if you haven’t noticed i need no defending.

          i’m so above most of these retards.

          they’re just ants to be stepped on.

          • You might crush an ant or two… if you could get your foot off your dick.

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                Do me the courtesy of letting me know when, unless your the pewling coward your crude third grade taunting indicates.

                It would be my pleasure to send you onward.

                May you spare us all, fall down your own asshole face first and break your g-damned neck.

          • Matthew Wilbanks

            Thus… a cunt. Apparently you’re also above verifying shit before you post it. tfA-t is fake news!

    • I’m sure 4CHAN can help verify TFAGs many claims to fame, prove that he’s completely genuine and post the info online, it’s something they excel at

      • you people are fucking a joke.

        so just because you and everyone you know are a bunch of no bodies with no success stories in your family history, you think everyone is just as pathetic.

        ha ha ha

        i truly am in the 1% and it feels good.

  3. Cellblock776

    Like something straight out of a Matt Bracken novel. Terrifying to consider.

  4. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Kurt Shitbag is the very definition of what is wrong with this country, the military, and anyone over 40 in general. More talk, on more talk, and he won’t be taking any action. As if there is really any difference he, or anyone like him, could make. I can’t even kept track of home many contradictory statements he has made. The Lawyer part of his resume is all you need to no. We need renegades, not regurgitation.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I don’t know why my spelling and grammar takes a nosedive on this website.

      • your wrong about the age thing.

        and be careful the lifer air farce e-9 will correct your grammar…

        he has nothing better to do besides be a brainwashed lackey for his beloved gubbermint.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          Obviously I was speaking in an exaggerated sense. My sense is that when I see crowds of over-weight queers in their middles ages around the DC area; I think to myself, “What happened to this country” “How did they end up in charge so many years ago living on their fat pensions. And You are correct tfA-t, 300 million is the number. Assuming you are counting Europe in that demographic.

      • Those of us with sausage like fingers from years of working on big diesels pay little attention to typos and misspelled words . We look more at the content . Your humility is most appreciated .

      • I’ve noticed it too. The grammar spelling thing. I think it’s likely a .gov initiative to make our posts appear less intelligent. And agreed that LAWyers are mostly scum.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          I have pondered this several times. Wouldn’t surprise me. Quite genius really, and certainly not below them. Lawyers are the hero no-one asked for and the villain you can’t fight.

        • then you have soft handed air farce e-9s who for some reason think the usaf is a fighting force.

          HA HA HA

          that moron lifer tax parasite always corrects spelling.

          that’s the only real good thing the air farce is good at doing, well, other than dropping bombs on old men, women, and children and weddings and funerals and birthday parties and churches and milk factories and schools and apartment buildings and hospitals and playgrounds and public roads and and and…


          the kicker is the gubmint dresses them in camo and flight suits to make them feel part of the actual fighting team.


        • then you have soft handed air farce e-9s who for some reason think the usaf is a fighting force..

          HA HA HA

          that moron lifer tax parasite always corrects spelling.

          that’s the only real good thing the air farce is good at doing, well, other than dropping bombs on old men, women, and children and weddings and funerals and birthday parties and churches and milk factories and schools and apartment buildings and hospitals and playgrounds and public roads and and and…


          the kicker is the gubmint dresses them in camo and flight suits to make them feel part of the actual fighting team.


      • I know why. But then, I’m over 40. And if it helps you figure it out, “theycallyourockstar” to be kind; because calling you “immature fucking idiotic punk bitch” – although accurate – may hurt your “feeewings”.
        Not that we really care. Hint:since you seem unwilling to respect your elders, you should respect your betters.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          No feelings hurt. The name is from a book I like. And since another writer shares this forum, I felt it appropriate. Also, I hand delivered over 13.7 million in cash to the Sadr Militia in Baghdad, 2009. There really isn’t anything you, nor any other, can say. A result of respecting authority, my elders, or my betters. Roger? Thanks for the mess old man.

        • i respect the guy.

          rockstar, ok CA to to forward your contact info.

          i’m going to send you some $.

      • RockStar22: Not to worry; even with site glitches, you’re LIGHT YEARS ahead of our “ex-pat,” bitter, angry, functional illiterate.

        • no $ for you.

          • More bullshit lies. You don’t have money dicksmack. You don’t have self mobility either.

            Why else would he be here posting fifteen plus hours a day?

            That or a team of douchnics, all flying the same handle.

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              what a joke.

              poverty sucks huh?

    • This is why the freedom movement doesn’t go anywhere. All of us freedom lovers hate each other.

      • There is no movement Brother what you have around you in your community is what your going to be stuck with when it all falls apart…Your better off focusing on that…All this on here is just entertainment;)

      • No, the freedom lovers don’t.

        The asstards who skulk around and rely on the host’s magnanimous laissez faire to smear screeds on the wall written in their own feces give people who actually love freedom a bad rep.

        But there is some aspect of this to the exercise from time to time:

        • you again.

          don’t you have your own bullshit site to monitor?

          oh that’s right, no on visits there.

          what a loser.

          the retardo report. lol

          maybe you should take a hint.

          the host still allows your ignorant self-righteous ass here.

          WRSA isn’t about everyone agreeing with a fool who works as a nurse but thinks himself sage. if you’re so smart, why can’t you make enough money to sit back and retire? because you’re just a stupid fucker.

          ever notice how the rich want nothing to do with the poor?
          because you filth are dumb dumb dumb.

          • Whatsa matter, you get lonely sucking on your diaper, and need someone to keep you company? Or just need a digital audience to listen your bullshit fairytales? Nobody’s buying your bullshit, and you can’t even give it away.

            Go tie a pork chop around your neck and see if the neighbor’s dog will play with you.

            Ever notice how no one on this site wants jack or shit to do with you?
            Because you’re nuts nuts nuts.

            And your entire life you’re going to regret never taking a chance on the fourth grade.

          • Now, now…I visit his site.

            I visit a lot of sites hosted by members of WRSA.

            Aesop is a gifted writer.

            Gifted writers are a rarity.

            You are likely gifted in some area, other than your rather profound ability to turn the air blue.

            • you’re just a gurl

              no one cares what you think or do

              go date a muzzie

              • And you are a bitter, bilious misogynist, drunk on your own methane, so desperately miserable that you wish for the deaths of millions of people you don’t even know.

                Karma is a relentless bitch and thoughts are perhaps even more damaging than deeds. ( As a man thinketh in his heart, so IS he.)

                The accumulation of cellular degradation engendered by your constant state of seething hatred will kill you, slowly and painfully, as surely as your longed for apocalypse will kill the rest of us. as you so fervently wish it will.

                I do hope you survive to receive your well deserved fate.

                You are unfit even to address a real woman like Iceni. She’s worth an unlimited number of vile twisted trolls like you.

                • you are projecting again old wrinkled turd

                • Wow, its been a long time since we have been on the same thread. Hope you are well, oughtsix.

                  Thank you for standing up for me…I see him as bored, and off target, but harmless, in total. Civility is certainly not his long suit, but he hints of some sort of mission. I am apparently not discerning enough to pick up on what that may be, but for the moment, I take him at his word, however cryptic, and will endeavor to render whatever assistance I can to sharpen his fact finding abilities. 🙂

                  In the short view, we are endangered only by what is within our AO. If nothing else, he has certainly removed any actual threat of real harm from most here.

                  • Thank you, Iceni. I am well and I hope all is well with you and yours.

                    I must say that, aside from withholding any satisfaction this rat bastard may derive, your patience and light reply, let alone any hope of redemption or positive purpose, are misplaced and futile. It does more damage to this blog, comments and whatever influence and informational purpose might obtain, than anything else that appears here… especially for newbies.

                    My thirds parag. just above is quite literally the truth. He is slowly killing himself with every raging breath… it will take too long however to spare the rest of us watching him distract and disrupt every thread, spread disillusion and defeat and drive away any sensible new readers.

              • Well dear man, you obviously care. As you should. I do need to correct your assessment that I am a gurl. Its been a couple of decades since that was factual. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, so “dating” is out of the question. I think you know much better than to suggest, in other circumstance, that I would date anyone of the muslim persuasion. Idiots are not known to hang out at WRSA, and certainly, the women here are not idiots. It would be a more productive use of time to avoid diversionary rabbit holes like those you apparently relish digging, and while I appreciate a well formulated, accurately targeted insult as much as the next person, you should remember that the best insults are those grounded in reality. So once again, I step into the breach…to save you from…well…yourself.

                Slow down, pay attention to what you are doing, and soon, you’ll see, you’ll be able to hit that target with accuracy. It takes patience, practice, and persistence. It appears that you have enough free time to develop those characteristics.

                Good luck, then…

        • The asstard ass-sap who skulks around and relies on the host’s magnanimous laissez faire to smear screeds on the wall written in their own feces give people who actually love freedom a bad rep.

          • i love freedom

            that’s why i moved to Canada.

            the Fusa is a cesspool of filth poverty and despair.

            enjoy your poopLICE state losers.

            it makes feel you safe and keeps you fat.

            until time for slaughter that is.

          • Hit right inside your tactical command latrine with that one, did I?

            The last thing you’ll taste will be your own shit, or the dick you just smoked.
            Most days that’s your own.
            It’s got to be monotonous, pathetic, and frightening for you to know that the only company you’re going to have until you vapor-lock and feed worms with your broke-dick ass is the people you annoy online.

            People with actual lives don’t spend their entire days on the internet for going on months, which once again underlines what a load of bullshit everything you’ve claimed is. You’re just trailerpark trash with delusions of grandeur, a sub-standard IQ, a keyboard and an ISP. Nothing special nor rare, whatsoever.

            Pretty much the poster child for most of what’s left in Debt-troit.

            • i could buy n sell your entire family with pocket lint

              you’re broke

              did your dad ever have a job? or did he just suck dick on the street corner for kicks and beer money?

      • Its mainly a few bad apples. Don’t get caught up in the big picture, internet is for exchanging ideas & moral support. Organization should be in meatspace only

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “internet is for exchanging ideas & moral support”

          Based on content, the internet is for porn. Pretty sure someone even wrote a song about it.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        If you understand the reality of the situation, you would share my sentiments. You must live in Iowa or something. Come to DC and Baltimore. You should see this. Or just listen to The Stefan Moly video on the Pakistani IT guys. That Iraqi Doctor? HA! thats not a story. You should see all the other Muslims prescribing meds to their sons and getting all the gorgeous white women addicted to Xanax, roxycets, and Percocets n the colleges. You guys have no clue how bad his already is. NONE. Im living it. You people read a few mere sentences in your study sitting in a leather bound chair.

        • Factual enlightenment is always welcome, whether uncomfortable or not.

          I would appreciate your insight.

          Thanks in advance.

        • Jesse James

          Can confirm. Richmond northward 100 mi. inland all the way to Maine…kill it with fire. Never said thanks for turning me on to the saga of the mall ninja guy. Pretty sure it was on JCD’s old place but kudos. Top 5 trolls of all time.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        Actually the national media is the reason the fight goes nowhere. If bringing the world to its news on the 5 o’clock news would help, Id do it. But unfortunately my parents would be heart broken and no-one would protect me. In fact Im pretty sure the whole thing would fizzle out. Besides. Its my job to find a wife and raise “capable adults” remember? why would we fight? The plan is to fuck last I checked?

  5. Interesting…

  6. Certainly a possibility. The leftards are not known for using their imagination, but something like this is well within their ken. All you need to know is their affinity for wanting to change the rules of the game while it is still in progress, because it looks like they might lose. Think of being at the mercy of a jury of three year olds, in a trial that you are accused of stealing the birthday cake. The penalty is death.

  7. I would add that the object of a fight is not always to win, and that starting a fight is, half the time, a prelude to losing. When the odds are greatly against you, the object of most of your fights is to obtain something like arms or other supplies, or attrition, or political advantage/propaganda, or to simply delay the opposition and survive. G-War is mostly ducking and dodging. Ghosts that leave no survivors, and that can’t be found.

  8. The COUP already happened by the PTB controllers. It’s just a controlled deconstruction & demolition now. Trump knows it & does what he can & try’s to stay alive. Some people here cannot evolve to that level of higher consciousness or critical thinking realizing what the simulacrum of magical Existential nihilism or postmodernity technocracy really are or mean. At some point it will sink in when they awake from Plato’s Cave. Other’s not as consciously ignorant figured it out & are in Turtle position long ago. Pass the non-gmo – non-intercalated / interpolated grub.

  9. I’m confused… Do we like Trump or hate him? Seems to vary from day to day.

    • only slaves and the ignorant even want a leader….

      you’re still watching shadows in Plato’s cave.

      • Jesse James

        +1 for reference. This, this is the kind of shitposting I can respect.

        • Counselor.

          If only these disgruntled trolls would mind their own business.

          I’m assuming their need to vent their frustrations for their personal inadequacies take precedence over thought inducing content.

          So be it.

          I literally have all day. 🙂

          It’s been too wet or too hot lately to really enjoy boating, traveling, or any other outdoor activity I usually partake in. Fortunately, my log home is so well insulated, it remains cool and comfortable throughout the day.

          So I watch the float planes, boat traffic, and other vacationers enjoying their precious few days off. I prefer having the water and space to myself anyways…

  10. Boring.

  11. Life is imitating Art,the daily news nowadays,is like a good thriller movie,I wish it was only a movie though! Enjoyed the read!

  12. Poorly-written and even worse-thought-out doom porn.

    It would just be the green light for open season on the entire federal government, from every direction, and the beginning of an epic nationwide bloodbath. The number of local scores settled and blamed on the coup would be hall of fame levels of body count, in fifty states and a hundred cities.

    The bill just for replacement glass for federal office buildings would run to hundreds of millions of dollars, and that’s before the fire damage was calculated.

    Shrillary’s lifespan would be measured in hours, and anyone standing with her after the coup would be measured for a coffin pretty much same-day.

    The odds of locking down everyone with a ham radio, and shutting down the entire worldwide internet, would be astronomically against.
    And people around the world would forward over-the-air reports to the web in real time.

    DC would look like the Ukraine riots before sundown, with the people playing Sitting Bull, and the feds playing Custer.
    Trump, Pence, or anyone in this administration gets so much as a hangnail, and it’s on like Donkey Kong. Like they were expecting last November.

    A coup would merely be the official starting gun.

    CIA HQ would be cut off, breached, and ransacked like the Benghazi Consulate, within days, if not hours. And military units would be in pitched internecine battles the minute the plot was out in the open. Anyone foolish enough to try leading such a unit in favor of any such coup would be fragged same day, probably from multiple hits and directions.

    F-16s shooting down the Veep? Sh’yeah, as if.
    The guy who gave that order to the pilots would wake up in his underpants, blindfolded, duct-taped in a broom closet, and getting waterboarded headfirst into a bucket of cleaning solvent to spit out the names of the higher co-conspirators, while the squadron officers and SNCOs laughed at the spectacle.
    If that didn’t work, they’d start working on his family in front of him with hand tools and cigarette lighters. It’d take maybe five minutes, tops, before they had the whole thing from that end sussed out and relayed to the White House Sit Room and the Secret Service detail long before it ever went off.

    The convoy pulling up to the WH gates would eat half a dozen AT-4s in the face, and the bloody survivors would be rounded up at gunpoint, or shot where they stood. The hardest thing would be getting the Marines inside the perimeter to stop shooting the prisoners, and “enhanced interrogations” of any survivors would make those few wish they had died in the attempt.

    The entire Clinton Crime family syndicate would be about as popular as the Manson Family, and likely rounded up and shot where captured. If somehow they survived intact, the hangings would take place the next day in Lafayette Park on a national simulcast broadcast, along with anyone else found to be leading that effort, and the news media who balked or squawked would be on the short list for long trips to Gitmo, with no return ticket – ever.

    In short, any coup attempt would go off like the 1979 Desert One hostage rescue, except with a higher own-goal body count, and no sympathy.

    But I’m sure Schlicter’s version will be the late-night fap-fest fantasies of more than a few on the losing side for some months to come, with their Shrillary posters, war maps, and plastic soldiers strewn around them in their basement rec rooms.

    • You are fantasizing.

    • You are assuming that there are that many “patriots” left in the military who will honor the Constitution rather than their leaders.

      • And you’re assuming that there aren’t, on the basis of ass-gas.

        Expound facts all you like, just show your work.

        • you’re so fuckingdumb.

          the poopLICE draw their ranks from the discarded trash leaving the military.


          proof shown.


          now go yo your pathetic place of slavery and contribute 50% of your so-called pay so this criminal organization called gubbermiint can divvy it up.

          the nice part is, you are paying for your own enslavement. fucking asstard working class POS. if you call cleaning bedpans – working.

          i think you’d do it anyways, just for fun.

          what a rube.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      “The entire Clinton Crime family syndicate would be about as popular as the Manson Family, and likely rounded up and shot where captured”

      Mmmmmmmmm! Fuk! What a happy, happy thought here.
      My only hope that it would all be captured on video and posted on Youtube.

  13. I don’t think that anyone here has to like Kurt Schlicter, or even take him that seriously – because he is only a messenger. The message is what is important, which in this case is (at least in my opinion) that there is such a terrible turf war going on, and the Dems/Media/One-Worlder types are NOT winning it, that they may possibly attempt a coup.

    The question is NOT whether that is likely, nor is it even whether the Trump people are just as bad, or any of that nonsense – what is important is that this kind of story is a warning. It is identical in nature to Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw at the Coup” – which was a speculative article that showed how the coup leaders would lose because (despite all of our nation’s flaws and flawed people) we are not set up to allow for such a thing to happen. It is also why I’m glad to see articles which factually demonstrate that there are 400 million guns in civilian hands, and counting. It is all about showing any potential tyrants that they have no chance, so they might as well NOT try. That would manifestly be a better thing than someone thinking that they could pull it off, and then making a go of it.

    Just my $0.02.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      “…what is important is that this kind of story is a warning. It is identical in nature to Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw at the Coup” – which was a speculative article that showed how the coup leaders would lose”

      This is what it is FYI.
      Only it is even more relevant considering all the MSM statments, statements by RINO and commies and lastly the remark by Brennon a few days ago.

      They/them are up to something I think.’

      My .25 cents worth.

  14. And in case you missed it, Mooch is out. Trump has a 2nd Marine in his cabinet, allegedly to restore order. I’ll believe that when he starts smacking Goldbag Sucks vampires in the face. The optics of this shit show are to paint any remaining CONservatives out there with a pungi brush.

    Ozzy 2020!! MACA Make America Crazy Again!

    • Trump has made a career out of shit-canning non-hackers (in his sole judgment) at the drop of a hat, and dropping the hat himself if necessary.

      Shocking! A chief executive who acts like a chief executive, and demands results.

      This is only bad news to people who think government sinecures should be lifelong, hereditary, and granted to those with degrees from the right schools, and pedigrees of the right sort.

      (And BTW, Kelly is no longer technically in his cabinet; now he’s White House chief of staff. Cabinet members now answer to him, de facto if not de jure, because he speaks with the presumed authority of the president. Mattis gets this; Sessions, OTOH, is already the next guy on the bubble, with a banana peel under his foot. Time will tell.)

  15. Why would the Left be so scared? They seize demographic power sometime around 2028-2032, perhaps later if desperate whites vote Right in ahistoric percentages. Inevitably they win… or perhaps they know something about Trump that we don’t, that he somehow is an existential threat to their inevitable victory.

  16. Why not?


  17. no. it’s his pre-positioning to take over fusa.

    it’s called martial law…

    and that’s what drumpf has planned.

    the dirt people are about to rinsed down the drain-.

    does anyone really believe drumpf likes dirt?

    take a look at his digs.

    there are no dirt people or filthy dogs to be found…


    • Good for you, Doug. Thanks. My thoughts exactly.

      Judge all comments in that light and half the posters here fade into irrelevance.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  19. This is the way I figure it…

    The overarching story is this is a mob war, and has been for a long time.

    The factions have been fighting over who gets the spoils from the goyim, and the Dance of Swords goes on.

    The best outcome is that the fighting comes so far out into the open that the absursity of the situation slaps enough people in the face to wake them to the real enemies, and grow a spine.

    Any which way it goes, be glad that for now their sights are on each other, and mostly ignoring the preparations of the dirt people.

    If “resistance is futile” as some would proclaim, so be it.

    It’ll be a helluva lot more fun to go out surrounded by empty brass and dead bad guys than hearing “allahu snackbar” or “oy, vey!” all day anyhoo…

  20. Shinmen Takezo

    Jeeze… let’s all hope such a scenario plays out as in this story.

    FYI–you all wiil personally get to have an end-result to all the reloading you’ve been doing for years now.

    If such a thing actually unfolds, the III% typese numbers would swell to 10% and 15% overnight… and the government buildings, movie studios, television studios, newspaper rooms and so forth would not stop smoldering for years on.

    It will develop into a complete and total blowout against the leftists and globalists.

    You will personally have the chance of a lifetime to actually set things straight.

    Hint: lay in some quantity of manila hemp rope.

    • When the crowd starts tossing nooses over telephone crossbraces and light standards, shit gets real for the TPTB in a way nothing else accomplishes.

      • are you a fairy tale teller.


        just a fairy?

        i think the latter.

        queer bitch

        who works for his existence.

        that’s the best you can do with all that knowledge?


        I’ve spent more $ in the last 10 years than you’ll ever even make.

        what’s it like to struggle?

        just kill yourself