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K Blog: A Brief History Of Counterprotesting The Fascists

Guidebook to the New Now.

Onward to Year Zero!

Z Man: The Potemkin Society





(Barely) Functional Illiterates Trying To Erase History

In support of chaos, requiring a strong response.

On the other hand, they are fabulous recruiters for Team Free One-Way Helicopter Rides.

The seas cry for Red biomass.

Bracken: Where Are The National Guard Videos?

Via GoV.

Buchanan: Erasing Our History



Onwards to Year Zero!

Cuckalicious Marco Continues His 2020 Run For President Of The National Review Subscriber List

Via Twitter.


Another Statue

Via Twitter.

Red NC Governor Calls For Removal Of Confederate Monuments

Of course.

Any questions?

But see…

Captain Capitalism: Lefty End State

Given time.

And ineffective resistance.

WaPo: “Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can.”

They say they want direct action.


Clarity is a virtue.

PHS: The WaPo Isn’t Giving Kudos To The Militia

Read it all.

The WaPo is Jeff Bezos’ blog.

He and his pals want you and your pals gone.

Brushbeater: Review Of Bracken’s ‘Red Cliffs Of Zerhoun’

Read it.

Buy the novel.

Get others to do the same.


By Request: The Constitutionalists’ Response To The Escalating Red Civil Disorder

Yesterday, the WRSA masthead read as follows:

A sincere question for the Constitutionalists: given that a key tenet of your position is that ‘the document did not fail, but we the people did’, what are we the people to do now, within the constitutional framework, about the violations of civil rights such as speech, association, and petition for redress inflicted on the supporters of the Charlottesville event?

Aesop responded with his usual thoughtfulness.


One More (Important) Charlottesville Account

Via Heartiste.

The .gov and AntiFa are allied.

Get that point.

New Woodpile’s Here!


TL Davis: Convert Or Die? The Collectivist Question


With more people gaining it every day.

Durham today proves again the new ROE:

The Deep State, blue-state .govs, race hustlers, and AntiFa are acting in concert to bring about the destruction of traditional America and its inhabitants.

FBI: Oklahoma City Bank Explosion Plot Foiled by Undercover Operation

Money graf:

…The complaint says Varnell initially wanted to blow up the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C., with a device similar to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, because he was upset with the government. Varnell allegedly claimed to embrace the “Three Percenter” ideology, referring to a far-right anti-government group…


Dead Elephants Gotta Dead-Elephant

Repubs Go Hypercuck, Build Obamacare Bailout

H/t Insty.

144:1 Sends

Pajama Boy has one; why don’t you?

Buy several as morale tools (boost or shatter, as relevant).

Check out all of 144:1’s swag, including this soon-to-be-classic:

Z Blog: Lessons Learned At Charlottesville

Very well done.

Key overall takeaway: .Gov is a force multiplier to AntiFa and the other destroyers.

Act accordingly.

VFS: Identity Crisis

Nongroupthink on groups.

When losing, stop reinforcing defeat.

Two From JC Dodge

Common Infantry Task Testing – The Basics

The Woodpecker In The Quiet Wood

Tempus fugit.

Herschel: Preparing For Nuclear Disaster

Read and do.

DTG: Four Must-Haves







SLL: The Goolag Echopeligo

Robert’s latest.

Good times for badthink.

VDare: The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight

A walk through the .gov/Antifa alliance.


It’s all fine.

Just avoid badthinkers.

Lay back and think of muh Consteetooshun, with its explicit prohibitions against badspeak and hate.

A Reminder

Via Twitter.

And with any dissent to Red dogma thus labelled as “evil”, anything is permissible against the heretics.


You, your friends, family, and allies have been Othered.

Act accordingly.

NB also this advice from MB:

K Blog: Rational Thought On Korea


We’ll meet again…

Quote Of The Decade

(From the Twitter #Charlottesville feed)

“…For people like Caroline Zero and Lacy MacAuley, this is reason enough to start murdering people. To them, this parade is violence because it is the nullification of their movement, which is the nullification of them. Their entire identity is now defined by their largely imaginary struggle against the mysterious forces of institutional racism, white privilege and invisible Hitlers…”

— Z Blog


A Video From Some Charlottesville Protestors

Watch all of this video, including the great term “The War Of Liberal Aggression”; h/t MB.