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Only If You Listen To Her

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Grassley: Comey Wrote Clinton Exoneration Statement Before Email Investigation Ended

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Senator Grassley’s letter of 30 August

Washington Times coverage.

Totally legit.

Fish, Bicycles, Etc.

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A Request For Readership & Support

Coming Out of the Shadows: An Operational Update Regarding A New Team Helping To Expose America’s Foreign & Domestic Enemies

The easiest thing in the world to do would be to scoff and disregard.

Many will.

Others understand that supporting like-minded groups is the only way to even have a shot at countering the forces arrayed against traditional Americans.

Choose wisely.

The Reds are winning and have the operational advantage.

A Message To The Patriot Movement

“Come over”.

Bracken Sends

Riffing off this FR post.

The Reds want violence.

And will have it…

Chinese Navy Safety Class

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Update on The March

Res ipsa loquitur.

Available Now: Plans To Remedy A Hateful Hatesite In Hateful Georgia

Earl has the details.


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WeaponsMan: Something To Remember Him By

Details re sale of WM’s firearms.



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MVT: TacGun – An Introduction

Max Velocity Training

Quote Of The Week

“…As a result, the artifact of the federal framework I’m most interested in retaining is a sovereign border defended by checkpoints and machine guns–a healthy percentage of which being pointed at approaches from states like Massachusetts…”

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Oh, The Humanity!

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Marco Must Have Fresh Prey

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Words fail.


EoT Coverage Of The Houston Flood Disaster

Pictures from the Rightly-Guided One you won’t see anywhere else.

A veritable deluge of Hate, I tell ya.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Rifles In The Dark

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Orwell Would Puke, Redux

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The Eternal Boomer — Part I


It would seem that these folks will be driven into desperation in the early stages of the coming Reckoning.

I wondered if they are making the best of their time now – transferring skills, culture, assets, and mindset to proper young folks in their acquaintance.

Doubt it.

And hope that you are wiser than the broad strokes sketched here.

“This is our time. Fuck the millennials. Let them work just like we did. I don’t even know what a Generation Zyklon is!”

For Those With Google Play

Link to interview


Brent Bozell: The Slow Death of the Republican Party

H/t to Kenny for this GOP evisceration/bill of particulars.

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SFC Barry Sends

Antifa, et alia, cir. 1775
SFC Steven M. Barry USA RET

The Subsidiarity Principle

Something to remember once the fires die down and the bodies have been cremated.

Local government within throatgrabbing reach, with mutual defense pacts amongst neighbors.

Smaller is better.

The NYT & Charlottesville

The news is slanted.

Reporters don’t report.

The media picks winners and losers.

And the NYT loses more influence every day.

Good riddance.

Bovard: COINTELPRO & Ruby Ridge Lessons For How Not To Fight ‘Extremism’

Expecting the secret police to use good judgment is like expecting the crack addict to have a moment of clarity re his problem.

It might happen – but it ain’t the smart bet.

CHS: Ideology As Addiction

A useful lens through which to view the growing madness.

Know that the lens works both ways, however.

Both Mike MuhConsteetooshun and Michelle MuhCollectivism will be sadder, wiser people after the Reckoning’s roar subsides.

If either survive, that is.