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  1. terrific trigger discipline. some cock belly showing too.

    wonder what those wenches would look like in a latex catsuit or thong and push-up bra?

    a bit of make-up training, who knows?

    • wendystringer48088

      Don’t you have anything nice to ssay about anyone?

    • Thankfully, you can’t get past the shiny pictures.
      (Pop quiz, douchenozzle:
      1) the Four Rules were expressed in what year?
      2) Would that be before, or after, 1942?
      Sorry about the trap of involving math in the second question. Struggle along with it, and try your best. Guess if you need to; I left you a 50/50 chance out of the gate.)
      But then again, offering anything here either thoughtful or useful for you would be a first-time effort.
      You’re still batting .000 in that game.

      Don’t bother responding with your usual twice-chewed diaper spackle; the point of goading you is to deny you the free ride the host’s largess grants you here. So far, you’ve got one semi-fellow-traveler, and you’re peas in a pod, the Abbott & Costello of wasted electrons.

      Meanwhile, the list of people here that take you for exactly the retarded bloviating ignoramus you are is legion; it was the cacophony to ban you once or twice that got all comments here shut down entirely. Which events penetrated your thick skull like ping pong balls against a tank. Instead, you’ve merely become twice the twatwaffle you started out as. Then doubled down on that.

      It’s hilariously ironic that after doing nothing but a non-stop troll here for months and months, mostly against the posters whose articles CA has linked or posted multiple times, you’re the one crying for the ban hammer!
      Whatsa matter? The mean ole Internet won’t gargle your shitballs with you?

      Try and find a set of big girl panties, Betsy, and qwitcherbitchin’.
      Everyone isn’t as dumb as a bag of hammers, so straddle the mountain of that accomplishment with pride. It’s all yours.

      Learning to spell, punctuate, and oh,yeah…reason and exposit would be icing on the cake. And thus far, pretty much like trying to teach a pig to whistle. The best you can manage is a pale imitation of monkley-see, monkey-do. You’re true forte, as ever, is monkey doo-doo.

      I’ll even save you some time, and summarize your response to this, and everything you’ve ever posted, probably in your entire pathetic lifetime.

      But go ahead, fulfill the prediction, and show us your usual best effort anyways.
      Like you could help yourself.
      Tourette’s, OCD, and delusional psychosis is a wicked hand to be dealt in life.

  2. I see sweetie-pie has terrible trigger discipline beings her booger-hook is planted firmly on said trigger…tsk, tsk, tsk…

    • Northgunner

      You noticed that too, eh?
      It was the first thing that I immediately clued in on, second to where the muzzle was tracking.
      Their instructor and she should have received an immediate ‘correction’ on both issues.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • wendystringer48088

      “Members of the ‘Guardettes’ at the Hudson Motor Company plant in Detroit congratulate Guardette Virginia Westlauf on her aim with a revolver, as shown by bullseyes in target. Other guardettes are her sister, Lucille, and Kathleen Villerot. And it was Guardette Westlauf’s first try at revolver shooting”. October 4th 1942
      Not bad for first time shooting.
      The finger on the trigger seems to be natural for most people – especially considering that is the exact way the gun is designed to be held and used – and has to be trained out of most people.
      I think all the guys that could teach her different were off fighting in Europe or the Pacific.
      And it was a simplier time back them. Apparently the women were ok with being called “guardettes”, and more easily took to using guns.
      Today’s feminist social justice warriors – like ‘moldylocks’ or ‘trigglypuff’ – could not hold a candle to their grandmothers who went thru World War Two on the home front in the factories or outside the U.S. as nurses.
      At least the revolver is (probably) unloaded and she is not (at the moment) pointing the muzzle at another person.
      The “guardettes” did their job. The German (or Japanese) Army never invaded the factories in the U.S.

  3. I’m a big fan of Remus’, but I have to disagree with his first point.

    He suggests the stock market would lose a third if war started with NK – similar to the market’s reaction to WWII. While the drop may be occur and investors should always consider risks like a rogue nuclear state, the comparison to WWII is flawed. We have an inflated market at the moment (see Schiller PE Ratio), so the market does not need a crisis to drop. Remus’ implication that war with NK is comparable to WWII is flawed, even if Seattle or Honolulu were to go up in an NK mushroom cloud. In WWII, the nation’s survival was at stake – equivalent of nukes detonating in every US city. NK does not even come close to that level of a threat.

    If NK goes hot, it will be messy on a whole new scale. But they will achieve nothing other than a parting shot.


    • Remus wasn’t saying war with the Norks would be WWII; it was that the nervous ninnies in the shell game that is Wall Street would shit their britches and dump the market’s inflated valuations into a dumpster, which is spot-on.

    • Northgunner

      Remember that the ‘stock market’ functions primarily off of “perception”; the great majority of it is nothing more than rank speculation (visualize seeing people sitting in front of a gaming machine either in ‘Lost Wages’ or any Indian casino, repeatedly stuffing $$$ into it on the presumption that “they’re gonna win..its right around the corner!!”).

      So if ‘Lil kim jun chubby’ throws a missile tantrum (and it’s not properly intercepted and shot down offshore by an anti-missle Ageis boat) and it creates a glowing crater out of ‘Shit-tattle’ or Ouahu..the “market” will drop catastrophically?

      “Baby Herman of nork will do what he does…
      The “market” does what the parasite class/banksters want it to do…

      Norks gotta nork..
      Parasites gotta parasite..
      Team Freefor gotta stay free!

      Be concerned with what you and yours do in your AO. Local..local..local.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. “… even if Seattle or Honolulu were to go up in an NK mushroom cloud. In WWII, the nation’s survival was at stake – equivalent of nukes detonating in every US city. NK does not even come close to that level of a threat.”

    In WWII the US was attacked by a second rate naval power that got to throw the first punch. That is validated by the fact that in 6mos+1day from the opening of hostilities JNF went from offense to defense and stayed that way the rest of the war. Germany’s singular offensive option on US shores were the UBoats. A possible crippling situation but not extinction level.

    NK is not necessarily the over riding threat, China is. China is capable of hitting any continental US target. Do you believe that China would sit idle while a client state of theirs was flash bombed into non-existence?

  5. Korea is a freak show, slide of hand, shit. How did they go from two cans and a string, to all the sudden a viable nuke on an ICBM. Someone’s fucking the pooch here.

    How is it, NSA, can monitor all our traffic, verbal and written, yet not know of these ” minor” achievements?

    And now my favorite scum bad senator, Graham, from the carolinas, telling the world that Trumps prepared to smoke NK.

    Wake up, NK’s not the objective it’s their big brother, to the north.


  6. “Racial fatigue”.”Cognitive privilege.” Holy shit! I will have to take up drinking,huffing paint,snorting coke and running up smack to top that horseshit.The sad thing is these asswipes believe their own drivel.So..if you are fortunate enough to be birthed and raised by intelligent,responsible parents you should feel guilty about it.
    Action comics #254, Superman. Bizzaro world is now our reality.Everything you thought you knew is now opposite. I will work on making myself stupid and ignorant. Maxine Waters will be my role model to make myself as dumb and ignorant as a bag of hammers.It seems to have been profitable for her.Remus,I expect you to teach us how to achieve reverse enlightenment. Enter the world of Bizzaro.

  7. Seattle is responsible for the death of Curt Kobain but that is not enough good karma to justify it’s salvation from hell’s fire; take Seattle and leave the cannoli (HI)