TL Davis: Fear, Imprisonment, Or Death

Clarity on the stakes in the rolling delegitimization campaign against Trump.

Most of the government — local, state, and Federal — fear him.

All of the mainstream media fears him.

Both will do anything to stop him and his supporters – reluctant or otherwise.

Use the time well.

These are the good old days.

8 responses to “TL Davis: Fear, Imprisonment, Or Death

  1. personally, i will celebrate the day drumpf is shit canned. it will most likely be the one of the last days of the putrid rotting mass referred to as Fusa. with any luck the EBT cards will fail, and the hordes of vermin will begin killing each other off. the ranks of thugs who wear badges will be decimated, then extinguished. those who strip off their uniforms and try to blend in will be discovered and be given a proper trial… all the while, the scum in DC will be boarding their planes to exit the killing fields leaving the remaining thugs to their ultimate fate.

    300 million +

    those of us who return to Fusa will round up any remnants of blue filth and properly dispose of them in an environmentally friendly process.

    the end.

    don’t you just love a happy ending?

    • Sh’yeah, you will.
      It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

      • you bottom feeder

        when will the lower classes up heir game?

        why would anyone settle for being an impoverished hourly wage clock puncher?

        the poor really need to be liquidated- for their own good.

        think of the children.

        having to witness such filth and mire.

    • hummus abedin


  2. The video is from 8 years back, but the message from the Leftards is the same.