Z Blog: The AmRen Diaries

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Thinkers, eh?


Reinforcements are always needed.

8 responses to “Z Blog: The AmRen Diaries

  1. The insanity of the alt left, created the alt right. By screaming that peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches are racist, the left borne the alt right. Just like Trump. The deep state created Trump. When the sanctuary city of Portland let loose an illegal alien, a felon who had been deported 20 times already, despite a plea from ICE, and that ‘migrant’ goes out and promptly rapes a 65 yo lady, the left lost thousands, and Trump and the alt right gained that many. The alt right and Trump aren’t winning so much as the alt left is losing it.

    • the (((Left))) lost nothing. The spic did just what it was brought here to do by the Jew. Any by all means keep pretending that the liquid Trumpenthal dumped on your head was lemonade.

  2. I like this guys blog and quite a bit of what he has to say.
    I also get a nagging feeling that he’s describing yet another chattering class. They talk about different things than the older chattering classes. But in the end it’s just more fucking talk. And we all know how well that worked for the Girondists.

    I think now that there will be no instant, national solution that drops in like changing the bendix on your trucks starter. Save you and yours, locally, first. With luck enough gel to form something larger and more efficient. The current apparatus is too infiltrated and poisoned to be saved.

    And now for a little preemptive Cato: TFaat should be honored and respected as an ass kicking barbed wire chewing paratrooper, say he, except that he failed at it and now curses those who tried to grow and help him, says he also.
    Something about the duality of man and never trust anyone older than E3.

    • at the end of the day.

      I WON.

      and almost everyone of yews have LOST.


      I’m $till WINNING!

    • you what pisses you off the most lf

      i beat he system

      i beat the shit out of it

      i wasn’t like you or millions of other dumb fuckers who enlisted.

      iwas smarter than most of them idiots from the get go.

      Yes i was an 11B
      Yes i was an 11C
      Yes i rose pretty fast thru the enlisted ranks.
      Yes I was a u.s. army instructor.
      Yes i raised my right hand TWICE.
      Yes I served with honor
      Yes i told off an officer with the rank of major.
      Yes i still received an honorable RETIREMENT
      Yes I am a disabled veteran
      Yes i was very successful in private life
      Yes I am better than you.
      Yes I will always be better than you.


      I don’t need to prove any of those claims to you or anyone else.

      now piss off little man.

    • “I think now that there will be no instant, national solution that drops in like changing the bendix on your trucks starter.”

      One of the wildest things I ever read here—“now”???

  3. Grenadier1

    I like it.
    On a side note I read a blurb about one of the attendees to this conference getting beat on by the Anti-fa bitches as he left the event.

    Now Pete, you didnt happen to be this International Man of Mystery Z man spoke of were you?