Coming To FUSA In 3…2…

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From a reader:

Virtually all the Chief Constables in the UK are Common Purpose graduates and thus New World Order/Globalization apparatchiks. Their prime directive is to suppress any resistance to this objective and labelling anything that even suggests that someone is criticizing Islamic violence and depredation, gross public sexual deviance or even something so evil as patriotism is labelled a ‘Hate Crime’ – for which the penalties are draconian and for which there is little or no requirement of proof, only an accusation. See below the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) main guidance…

…and the shorter version used by Police on the ground. Although this one belongs to Wilshire Police all constabularies are pretty much the same:

Don’t bother trying to wade through those two, I’ve just posted them for citation purposes. Here are some screen shots of the pertinent bits:

Laugh if you wish.

The UK is the bleeding edge for what is coming to FUSA.

Believe it.

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  1. European genocide

  2. We need to embrace this diversity. The cops and courts will surely help us adjust.

  3. Speaking of Tyranny: 40774315

    “It will ban the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and other technologies, known as anonymisers, that allow people to surf the web anonymously.

    Leonid Levin, the head of Duma’s information policy committee, has said the law is not intended to impose restrictions on law-abiding citizens but is meant only to block access to “unlawful content”, RIA news agency said.”

    Who, pray tell, determines what is, “unlawful content?”

    Roger. Got it.

  4. Harden you hearts. You will have to kill a cop, fed, politician, neighbor or brother. We’ve seen and done it before. Plan accordingly and remember God always loves a winner…

  5. this is the case. Only 2 factors are preventing the Judeo-globalists and their murderous anti-White ethnics/entitlement groups from rolling up ‘Murka the the way they’ve rolled western Europe, England, and Canada: we got guns, they got debt. Dunno about “us”, but I’m pleased not to be (((them))).

  6. It’s nothing to laugh about, just a sign of how utterly dickless the British population has become.

    To try that here, they’d have to attempt to revoke the first two amendments. As government hasn’t the power to revoke those natural rights, it would never work even if attempted.

    If they tried that sort of silly shit here, the cops would disappear in ones and twos, and if found would likely be sporting their junk sticking out of their mouths, and head attachment to their torsos would be entirely optional at that point, depending on the whims of those whom they last ran across.

    That would be the end of the silliness, or the end of the cops. Same-same.

    And no fucks would be given, either way.

  7. Fuck, just fuck, last article was a fuck the cops Op Ed piece. Now it’s the police should crush the muslims, cuz their coming to FUSA.

    Boys which is it, Fuck Em, Or Crush Em. Can’t be both ways my friends.

    Sit rep, their ALREADY here. Their already kicking our asses, exploiting the legal system. Their beating the cops daily in the courts. Our system, is being used against us, by non citizens who have zero rights here, if their not citizens.

    How do you want this game to play out. Be specific, I’m tired of cryptic messages, and fantasy football solutions.



    • The Muslims are here because the American Uniparty wants them here.

      The police will protect the Uniparty at least until they twig to the fact that the Uniparty has looted their pensions.

      Then many/most police will go feral.

      Bad moon rising.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Boys which is it, Fuck Em, Or Crush Em. Can’t be both ways my friends. ”

      That overlooks the obvious – bleed the police uh…white in constant pitched battle against the Muslims or pick-a-target. Remember, government is very, very good at replacing headcount with bodycount.

    • fuck the cops first.

      then crush the muzzies.

      there is NO other way.

      the cops will not allow it.

  8. Brother Antony

    Whilst this happened a year ago just after the Mualim atrocities in Brussels…

    …and it hasn’t got any better, cousins, in fact it’s got worse.

    Any interaction either personally or electronically with or about a Muslim will always eventuate in an automatic ‘Hate Crime’ accusation (see above) and that’s all it will take for the culturally treasonous scum that now constitute our Police Forces to be on to you like a ton of bricks whilst madly ticking all of the the boxes on their Hate Crime charge sheets and eyeing up their promotion and increased pension chances.


    I will agree that the UK is on the bleeding edge for what is coming to the FUSA. We see it on this site all the time in the articles, replies, and debates. However, when you have 250-300 million blithering idiots out there who either do not get it or do not want to hear it, what is the point? A “free press” is free to print the truth or ignore it.
    When the few Swedish patriots got together and burnt down the building which was going to be used for the refugee center, it was reported here, but it did nothing to galvanize the Swedish sheeple or stop the onslaught. When the Finns stood on street corners and ridiculed the Sons of Odin, an anti-muzzie immigration group, who was protesting their onslaught, what happened? Nada.
    Eurabia ist verloren. All of it. In the immortal words of CSM Basil Plumley: “…Gentlemen! Prepare to defend yourselves!” And, we will be defending ourselves not from the Muzzies, but from the politically correct legislators/bureaucrats at all levels, school boards and public school teachers, Orcs and Orcettes with badges, NGO church-based resettlement organizations, and even our own clergy. THEY are our true enemies who will be forcing these Muslim psychotics down our throats. Plan accordingly.

  10. TeeFaat is showing early onset signs. Last week his bullshit story had him telling offf sergeant major. Earlier today it was a major.

    Who knows, maybe tomorrow we’ll hear about that time he chewed Fetterman’s ass. And he still smiles about it, because he told him not to go riding off oUt of sight of the fort. Or would, ifn he smiled.

  11. So at some point (if the English men don’t grow a set of balls and stand up to this crap) the demographics will change in such a way as the darker skinned invaders will be in places/positions of higher power and have access to very important data…..such as military access codes, names numbers addresses, launch codes…..Im sure you all can name a few more……the point is unless there is some type of stop gap……it gets progressively worse. I’m just saying…..

  12. Per SCOTUS, the duties of a police officer are,
    1. Investigate crimes.
    2. make arrests for those crimes.
    3. Protect the infastructure. I read that to mean protect Govt.

    Per SCOTUS, police have zero duties to protect. Period.

    Playing hate word games, is generally left up to command, who haven’t got a clue. Their to busy polishing the Chiefs nob!.

    It’s hot, I’m tired, the Giants are playing the As, good night.


  13. Northgunner

    George Orwell tried to warn people about this via “1984”…
    People DIDN’T listen!!

    Here’s what it will come down to…

    When Should You Shoot A Cop?

    Remember, where does the badged orc/orcette’s “loyalty” lie?…’s NOT with you, your family/clan/tribe!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  14. “Common Purpose”

    Wow, what a coincidence…that’s what everyone’s looking for here, too. Yet somehow, almost nobody can figure out the only common purpose each person has. Can’t we get a rocket scientist on this or something?

  15. I don’t doubt the sincerity of this EnglishMan/Woman at all. My suggestion is to start bringing guns and ammo into friendly hands-and I don’t mean the globalists. You are a frigging island; land surrounded by water. Get a boat and get busy. Deespite what the Elites say, they cannot watch every centimeter of dirt and ocean. Matt Bracken has written several instructional manuals disguised as novels. Or, if you unwilling to do the hard work, grab your kin and emigrate. Not everywhere is the EU or Venezuela.

  16. The Brits never should have given up their guns.
    BIG mistake.
    Now their stuck with literal thought police, on top of muslim hordes invading.
    I imagine it won’t be long before they have secret police guided by “religious” sharia officers busting down doors at 3am and Brits disappear never to be seen again.
    Pretty amazing how brainwashed humans can be.
    There is not any difference between the indoctrination of islam and globalism/marxism.

    Some musloids in Mich. are claiming somebody put bacon in their BigMacs, crying religious persecution. Thats how they get a wedge in the door.

    Dollars to donuts the next stage the cultural marxists will try since they have pretty much failed with their agenda is to go to plan B and set up the musloids to take a run at things. Especially with MAGA and the Trump posse ripping the guts out of their government assisted Long March.
    The musloids have all sorts of greasy money and networks to make up for loss of fed free bucks.

    • Northgunner

      Here’s a link to the scuzlums bacon bawling:

      Alabama: Hamas-linked CAIR calls for investigation over bacon in Muslim family’s sandwiches
      “Bacon was allegedly found in the sandwiches of a Muslim family at an Alabama McDonald’s. Khaula Hadeed, head of the Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), called the incident “an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry.”
      Expect a lot of victimcard playing and ‘lawfare’ by this moslem brotherhood front group..its,what they do. How many want to bet that the family was urged by cair to put the bacon in the sandwiches themselves as a intentional deception?

      And another pouting tantrum fest from cair from Alabama…
      “Hamas-linked CAIR enraged as Alabama Senate candidate calls Islam a “false religion”
      So, the death cult of the perpetually offended are upset because someone called them fucking hoo you asslifting savages!!

      And for further affront to our civilization and country from the moslems:
      “New Jersey: Court forbids residents to mention “Islam” or “Muslim” at public hearing on mosque construction”
      (Talk about sharia law in action here…)

      And this:
      “College Removes 9/11 Memorial of American Flags For Fear of Offending Muslims”
      “Southern Methodist University prevented a student group from prominently displaying a 9/11 memorial that featured almost 3,000 American flags to honor those slain, according to a Wednesday report. They banned the memorial on Dallas Hall Lawn so as to“avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing.” Who is offended by American flags and memorials to victims of a major jihad attack on American soil?

      That’s it. We are done. Cooked like the Ramadan goose.”

      I’m way past being fed up with moslems and the antics of them and their enablers!!

      Time for another Crusade that goes full medieval on all their asses!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • How can “McDonalds” be considered “Halal” at all, seeing as how the same grill used for makin’ the bacon is what fries up the “chicken”.

        Asking for a friend.

        The friend wonders why this is even “news”, instead of said “organization” chastising it’s members for frequenting the place of the Kaffir, but perhaps that’s not their agenda.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The Brits never should have given up their guns.
      BIG mistake.”

      But, but…all the wee lads and lasses in Dunblane! Why do you hate children so much? Besides the kids now find fulfillment in uh….”welcoming” our new neighbors.

  17. Being a direct descendant of Kenneth MacAlpin,the first king of the Scots,I am proud of my Scottish heritage.The Scots,despite their ferocity, were subjugated,butchered,sold into slavery,raped ,pillaged and plundered by the Vikings,Romans and finally the British.The Brits were a force to be reckoned with…however with no balls or brains they are circling the toilet bowl.
    A recently perused article mentioned that what we have coming,globally, doesn’t have a name.The sheer magnitude of the oncoming clusterfuck defies conventional thinking.Think and act locally.You can make a difference and maybe save some lives that are worth saving,including your own.

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  19. The Walkin' Dude

    I’ll believe it when they enact mass firearm confiscation here in the US. The second protects the first. Muslims should be deported or exterminated. Suck on that Brits.

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  21. Last couple of days spent drumming up conversations
    with families from Norway, Denmark, etc.
    The happy-go-lucky conversations turned, though short
    and concise, with “Well, how is the aloha snackbar
    situation over there? To which ended the conversation to a standstill,
    which it is my belief that they knew but did not even want to
    think about it on their vacation. The concern was deep too by the
    looks in their eyes, and later to their avoidance.

  22. Gee, for once TeeFag didn’t flaunt his latest fetish