Shot Down Like Dogs In The Street

Whitehead on recent police shootings.

Just remember, citizen:

There is literally nothing more important in America than each police officer going home at the end of his shift.


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  1. The Walkin' Dude

    Maybe people will become their own police force, and treat the pigs like the criminals they truly are. Most likely not.


    The only people this will really register with are the families of those who have lost their human or animal loved ones to the paranoid, psychotic response of untrained, demonic Orcs and Orcettes with badges. And, when these public entities and their thug enforcers are successfully sued, the verdict is on page 20, next to the Horoscope and Powerball numbers.

  3. Local church here, large congregation, had a “Back the Blue” barbeque, open to the public, and the phone rings at least once a day with a drone asking for support for the Police and Sheriffs Association. The locals here are fat and move about tamely, a greasy toothpick between their lips. The “prepper” groups I have made contact with are overloaded with gear and drama queens. Training is not an option, but a dirty word. Once a YEAR, they head off to shoot the guns, and as witnessed by me, it’s not a drill in accuracy and precision, but merely an expenditure of ammo. The local cops are fairly reserved, and they don’t go Fallujah on locals when they serve a warrant. Twice I’ve had to point out to cops eating lunch that the local meth freaks were doing a deal easily seen by everyone else in the restaurant. They got the druggies both times, but were sore at me for interrupting their lunch. C’est la guerre. For those of you who sympathize with the druggies, I hope you know that meth turns daddy’s little girl into a raving, whoredom, complete with arrest record, seized property and funds, early death, and the plaything of a lot of niggers you wouldn’t even waste cartridges on. You have to go to Dallas and Ft. Worth to catch the show where the cops gun people down because of whatever, we just don’t see it around here. I still am agin it. But at this stage, what to do? What to do? Better and more training for them, for sure, but what is going to restore the balance in attitude between us and them?

    • The first step is admitting a problem.

      Real tough to get individual coppers to do so, let alone institutions.

    • >>>For those of you who sympathize with the druggies, I hope you know that meth turns daddy’s little girl into a raving, whoredom, complete with arrest record, seized property and funds, early death, and the plaything of a lot of niggers you wouldn’t even waste cartridges on.<<<

      Cute rationalization. WHOSE LITTLE GIRL???

      So first you place the responsibility where it doesn't belong. Then you go sticking your nose into other people's business. And as if that isn't bad enough, you go to someone else to fix your feelz.

      There will be no liberty in this country for a very long time for a very simple reason—almost nobody wants it. THAT'S the controlling factor and THAT'S why it won't happen.

      In the meanwhile, MYOFB. It's great advice generally, but for myself I insist on it.

      • then shove off, libtard. And take your meth with you.

        • Gee, you’re a regular barrel of surprises. So you a “Law and Order” guy too, on top of all the other bullshit? Newsflash…that’s a TV show, not reality. Never was and never will be.

          But then it does leave you right about one thing—them Jooooooos in the entertainment industry sure know how to fool idiots. ‘Course when the idiots are ignorant collectivists, that’s not so tough.

          Law is the opposite of Order, which can arise among humans only by consent. That’s why whenever you see them together, there’s always a pile of corpses nearby. Always…no exceptions.

          Personally I hope white supremacists get what they want, those who intend to earn it and leave others the fuck alone. Freedom of association is freedom of non-association. But you, you’re just like Aesop…you figure Team Law and Order will leave you alone, or maybe you’ll get to be the slavemaster yourself. Either way, it’s the fantasy of a loser.

          But hey, you don’t have to believe me. You’ll find out yourself.

    • One of the first would be for your (or any) muni to flat out state, in contract, we do not provide for immunity of any sort. We do not provide insurance to cover such issues.

      If you can get that thru the muni bureaucracy you are half way home. Knowing that the consequences are personal and deep tends to temper the actions leading up to them.

    • some cops are just plain fucking pricks.

      other cops are just fine and relatively polite until…..

      you question them.
      you deny what they have accused you of.
      you refuse an inappropriate or unlawful order.
      you start filming the interaction.
      you show any sign of contempt.
      you show any display of resistance.

      then the true inner them comes out.


  4. this is what happens when discharged psychotic murdering military thugs are hired as badged enforcers for the poopLICE. they still think they are in the ME gunning down innocents and referring to them as “insurgents”.

    there must be a concerted effort to review all hired orcs that have served the satanic gubermint in overseas deployments as a start.

    then give ALL blue and brown badged hit men a thorough psyche evaluation and remove any who are deemed a possible threat to the people. there should be NO as in 0 prior service combat arms serving as “peace officers”.

    they are programmed to kill and nothing else.

    with the ultimate goal of disbanding all poopLICE departments and instituting private security teams who are held accountable both criminally and financially
    to the communities they are contracted to serve.

    here that dodge?

    your services are NOT needed.
    go away and kill yourself.

    it’s for the common good.

  5. welathy farmer

    Most of us understand now that you do NOT call the cops, even if you are in a lilly-white area, unless there is something extreme. Really extreme. And while the cops are deliberately recruiting the borderline psychopaths and losers who want to pretend they are Green Berets and get off on no-hesitation shooting, they are also tearing up the social contract that gives them respect, compliance and a 20 year pension. Short-term, pre-emptive shooting of citizens and their dogs will result in pre-emptive shooting of cops themselves. Long term, we’ll see the privatization and de-unionization of police departments in the cities and simple vigilantism and armed citizen patrols in rural areas.

  6. I feel like I need to comment, we had a frank chat regarding this issue, over on The Captains, Blog. We agreed to disagree, however I clearly understood where he and the others were coming from.

    It’s no secret that I’m a retired cop, 25 years worth. I saw the change coming, more like I sensed the change, I didn’t like it at all.

    I’ve sadly shot dogs, and understand just how personal loosing ones pet to a retard cop, sucks. For what it’s worth, the Pitt bulls I smoked were physically attacking people. Specifically elderly and young children. And I really real hated doing it.

    What I’m saying is this, without my intervention, these elderly and young would have been mauled, or killed. I’d also like to offer up the fact that I was deemed an expert on Pitt bull behavior, in the Oregon courts, what is referred to as an expert witness. I’ve taken many many classes on specifically pit bull history, breeding, training, and habits. Local attacks, regional and state level attacks.

    Bottom line, these dogs were bred as attack dogs.

    I also have several friends who own Pitt Bulls which are just big puppies, loving, and non aggressive. Great family pets.

    What my analysis comes down to is the “owners intent”.

    I’m not saying it’s right, I’m saying sometimes shit just happens. In my community, the gangs, drug dealers, initially got Pitts, to protect them selves from pirates, and cops. Their process worked well keeping pirates away, not so much the police.

    Anyway like most here, I’m not very happy with the way things are going either. I’m watching some local agencies go from a community police role, to shaved heads, tack vests with multiple 30 round m4 mags attached, a bang or two, fighting knife, nods, etc, etc, attached to their vests.

    Most of these kids, have never fired an m4 on the streets, yet their armed to the teeth. It’s no wonder citizens nut up, when a cop who looks and acts like a tier one operator arrives on their door step, to shag a criminal complaint.

    Their’s a great, to the point statement floating around,

    Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch, summed it up like this.

    A group of cops were at a training session at Thunder Ranch”, and all dressed up in their best Gucci, military garb. They swashbuckled their way thru the training talking shit, and being chumps.

    At some point Clint Smith looks at these guys and says, ”

    ” your cops, not tier I operators” .

    Clint nailed it. You want to do law enforcement, be a cop, you want to be a a crusher, be a soldier.

    Frankly I see this aggressiveness getting worse, before it gets better.

    Chipping on the cops solves nothing, your spinning your wheels gentleman.

    Your time is better spent, writing your state legislators, or making appointments with city managers, or their RISK MANAGMENT attorneys. How about attending city hall meetings, and voicing your observations and concerns.

    My point is simply this, pissing and moaning here at Pete’s place solves zero, I hate the police issues just like you.

    You want solutions? Then take your complaints to the people who can make effective change.

    To summarize my observations consider doing the following, for best results.

    1. Write, or phone your state representatives, with your observations complaints. Offer up potential solutions.

    2. Write or phone each of your county commissioners, with your observations, complaints. Offer up solutions.

    3. Attend city hall meetings, county meetings, be objective, state your observations, your complaints, offer solutions.

    4. Contact city or county council, AND risk management. State your complaints, and solutions.

    5. When you do attend these PUBLIC meetings, dress nice, comb your fucking hair, present well. Also create a paper trail. Turn the paper work over to the forum secretary, note their name, the date, and time of providing the paper work. Also do a nice job, punctuate, sentence structure etc etc.

    6. Contact the local news paper editor, seek their assistance. ” Most news papers love taking shots at the police”. Short editorials are key in community change, they accomplish multiple issues. Most important is starting the conversation within the community.

    7. Start a news paper write in program. Orginized, coordinate the timing of each letter to the editor.

    Their are many more ” tools” a group can utilize, my goal here is to help you hot heads focus, and help you achieve YOUR, objectives.

    This above format is basically a boiler plate, approach often used by the left. Don’t laugh they are far more orginized and successful then team Right!


    Dirk Williams

    • Dirk,
      I would add one line item to your action list:

      8. Discover who the insurance carrier for the muni. Contact said carrier and find who is the specific person in charge of the policy. Start feeding that person every low level PD issue that would be of interest to them. Help them by threading a pattern of misconduct.

      Most munis self insure up to a certain level before the carrier would kick in for coverage. Example: A wrongful address no-knock with no deaths but minor property damage would self-insure and so the carrier would never know it happened. Feed them a pattern of wrongful address no-knocks and they will take interest as it would just be a matter of time before there is an associated death that will cost them to pay out millions.

    • Respectfully, why would communities rein in the main local source of funding?

      When Uncle Sugar cuts off the spigot, somebody has to pay for all the “Bulletproof” training classes.

      And no local rag is going to take a chance on being targetted by the Boys in Black here in Communisota.

    • This is where you lost me Dirk.

      “Your time is better spent, writing your state legislators, or making appointments with city managers, or their RISK MANAGMENT attorneys. How about attending city hall meetings, and voicing your observations and concerns.”

      If you haven’t noticed the system is rotten and corrupt to the very core.

      There isn’t a local, county, or state government anywhere that isn’t infected with cronyism, nepotism, perversion, graft, paybacks, ‘good ole boy’ syndrome, and just pure evil psychotic fuckers.

      No. sending letters and e-mails accomplishes next to nothing. I wouldn’t doubt 99% of those are filed in the round cabinet before ever being looked at seriously. I picture an asst. shuffling or scrolling through un-opened mail and tossing or deleting them everyday on schedule. Those in positions that control the levers of bureaucracy – like so many militards, are graduates of Dr. Peters-Peter Principle…

      They simply should not be employed at the level they have attained.

      That theory explains everything.

    • “Chipping on the cops solves nothing, your spinning your wheels gentleman.”

      Now that was funny. What’s that, your fallback position?

      So you shot some attacking dogs. What’s that got to do with anything that’s happening now? There was mostly liberty in this country in 1785, but that has nothing to do with today either. Yours was a nice story and your justification is noted, but my strong hunch is that you rest less on your justifications and more on your fallback position. It happens to most all cops, and that’s the problem.

      Maybe that’s why tfA-t writes the way he does. Take your implicit threats and shove ’em up your ass. And not only that but if this goes hot, it’ll be a massacre alright. Wise up and go save your buddies. Here, try this…

      “Offer up potential solutions.”

      Impressive. That was even funnier.

    • Any LEO who obeys the Bill of Rights is quickly unemployed. You can’t tell us the name of even a single officer who obeys it.

  7. Police officers are not soldiers.
    And “We the People: are not the enemy.


    But cops don’t rat out cops, and D.A.s don’t prosecute them.
    That’s just fine.

    1) Revoke all sovereign immunity, statewide, and make every officer, and supervising sergeant, and watch commander, and chief, personally liable for the fuck-ups they are, assign, train, and hire. Doctors working for the state aren’t immune to malpractice lawsuits; cops should have to live by the same rules. You fuck up, you get sued.
    And when a city or other agency gets sued for those acts, require the elected representatives of it – mayor, city council, supervisors, aldermen, representatives, senators, or what have you – to foot that bill personally, and not palm it off onto the taxpayers. If it’s good enough for corporate CEOs, it’s good enough for city hall.

    2) Anybody on the force who fucks up with a weapon gets to work unarmed for a year, on street patrol, then pass a citizen’s review before they get to carry again, on or off duty. If they didn’t do something stupid enough to get fired outright.

    3) Anybody kills somebody improperly, whether they get criminally prosecuted or not, they get fired, for cause.

    Just #1, alone, would probably end this in about a minute, when one stray round costs you your entire financial life, forever, and no insurance company will issue you liability insurance again. And your sergeant, lieutenant, and chief are standing in the unemployment line next to you, and living in Section 8 housing after they and their families are put on the street.

    Of course, having to use their heads instead of their guns, police departments might have to up their standards, and stop turning away candidates who are too smart, like they’ve done for decades.
    The US 2nd Circus court told them it was okay to hire dipshits back in 2000, and nearly twenty years later, anyone is really surprised how that worked out?

    It had nothing to do with hiring combat military vets, unlike Special Snowflake’s one-trick rant. Police have been doing that since the late 1860s.
    They’d been hiring barely average clods since decades prior to 2000, starting with Affirmative Action hiring in the 1970s. But the trigger-happy aspect has only come with the dual track of less-bright cops, combined with over-militarization of what is fundamentally and entirely a civilian job.

    Anybody who confuses the police for the army should be shit-canned, and driven over to the nearest recruiter’s office.

    Can the dipshits, and beat Peel’s Principles into them instead, and try that for awhile.
    50:1 after that switch, the shootings go away with notable rapidity.

    If they don’t change things in a hurry, the wannabe-military cops are going to learn with increasing daily incidents what it’s like when the shooting range is live in both directions. And, it should be noted, the average untrained civilian shoots better than the average highly-trained cop, year in and year out.
    If they run into a well-trained civilian who means business, they’re going to wish their mothers had never met their fathers.

    And any of the real military-experienced cops will figure out in about a minute that driving the American equivalent of MSR Mobile or Michigan will be no fun at all in a black-and-white.

    • as usual, the fairytale eller is lost in wonderland-or in his case, head up his ass land.

      …It had nothing to do with hiring combat military vets,..
      …Police have been doing that since the late 1860s…


      and since the 1860s cops have been nothing but corrupt, dishonest, and abusive.

      time to pull your fist from your boyhole and wake the fuck up.

      there must come a point when this ‘rotten to the core’ organized crime syndicate, dressed in blue clown costumes- is put to bed. they have proven time and again they are not mature or responsible enough to be allowed any type of weapon greater than a plastic spoon and fork.

      • and since the 1860s cops have been nothing but corrupt, dishonest, and abusive.

        It must be true, because you say so.
        So all you’ve got is knee-jerk gainsaying, followed by your usual repertoire of sub-par special ed. playground insults.


        But hey, you have the whole internet to pick from, so bring up and post all the prior epidemics – or the constant one for 152 years – of the shooting down of citizens by them, which is precisely the topic Whitehead brought up.

        Either it’s there, or you’re full of crap.
        No points for figuring out that bet.

      • Seriously tfA-t, WHAT is your malfunction? I’ve learned that many people, regardless of education, intellect or experience, occasionally say something well worth listening to, even if by accident.

        But with you, everything you say is wrapped in layers of anger and bitterness, such that your points- even where valid, even when it would greatly *educate* others- are simply lost, like diamonds in a bucket of shit.

        You also seem to attack those who have already “been there, done that” where you have been unsuccessful. This is NOT an effective way to prove your own expertise, though you clearly want to be accepted as an “expert.”. The end result is that you’re not harming the people you vainly attack, and you’re not demonstrating why your point has more validity than others. Every unprovoked attack, every little jab, every petty insult from you… Makes you look small, and weak.

        The smart people spend most of their time listening. The truly accomplished don’t need to prove themselves because the fruits of their efforts are manifest. And the true operators I’ve met over the years never, EVER resorted the childish antics you constantly use.


        • blah blah blah

          maybe because i’m tire of sharing this land with total non-achievers and retards?

          i worked hard to have the finer things in life, only to have to wade thru the scum and vermin that is over-populating what i would like to enjoy now that i can afford to.

          i guess you would have to be a success to understand.

          maybe one day you will be one of those who have risen to the top.

          maybe not.

    • “And when a city or other agency gets sued for those acts, require the elected representatives of it – mayor, city council, supervisors, aldermen, representatives, senators, or what have you – to foot that bill personally, and not palm it off onto the taxpayers. If it’s good enough for corporate CEOs, it’s good enough for city hall.”

      This is a grand idea. How, and this is a serious question, is that done?

      Do you realize how much legislation at the state level has been codified, expressly providing immunity to elected officials in these circumstances?

      You are among the most idealistic people I have ever read, or known. I would so love to believe things were as forthright, simple, and achievable as you present. In a better world, t’would be so.

      • Remove sovereign immunity.
        It’s no harder than passing or revoking any other law.
        In 22 states plus D.C., it can even be done by direct popular initiative (just like the whackjobs hereabouts are angling to have CA secede).
        If it’s never tried, it’ll never happen, guaranteed.
        You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

        And if that is “too hard”, try the “vastly easier” (must be, right?) option of shooting the bastards down.

        Anyone want easy? Learn to love the taste of jackboots in your face.
        If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen! ” – Sam Adams

        If you can think of a fourth choice, bring it forth, by all means.

  8. ” there should be NO as in 0 prior service combat arms serving as “peace officers”.

    Truthfully, I could have cut and paste most of what you have written here, in absolute agreement.

    Not that anyone cares. 🙂

    However, I care that someone out there not only understands this, but has the grit to commit it to the record.

    Hence, I second the sentiment,

    The difference between the attitudes, actions, body language, and speech of local home grown police officers, and those recruited and hired from prior combat service personnel in this tiny little part of the second poorest county in the state, is stark. Prior combat service personnel are avoided. Gray, in this instance, is my favorite color.

    Thankfully, the pay around here is poor enough that most PCS migrate to the larger metro areas of the state. It is not difficult to stay completely out of those areas.

  9. Good grief.

    Confusing tyranny with anarchy.

    Whitehead needs a dictionary.

    Then, blahblahblah reform blather.

    As if.

    That hadn’t been tried innumerable times before.

    THAT is the fallback position for those who stuporvise

    Always better training, higher pay, more…whatever.

    This will continue as long as people look to the system for redress of grievances.

    Appealing to the State for correction & cessation of its abuses & usurpations Will Not Work. It Never Has. It Never Will.

    • Northgunner


      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      All that happens when people petition/demand that their “elected official”…/vote is that they reaffirm to the parasite class that they are the PROPERTY of the parasite class..that the parasite class OWNS them..therefore they must ask permission to do something or beg their ‘Master’ not to do something.

      Here it is in visual for those who don’t quite get it yet…

      You’re Not the Boss of Me (Full Version)

      What Anarchy Isn’t

      The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

      Message to the Voting Cattle

      And finally, the one that bears DIRECTLY on what we’re talking about (and this subject ALWAYS torches every collectivists/statists undies..they can’t help but to out themselves and their truely vicious control freak natures as they rabidly scramble to denounce the message contained)…

      When Should You Shoot A Cop?

      Larken’s Follow Up (for those who “just didn’t get it”..)
      Shooting Cops

      Before one starts frothing at the mouth stammering, “sss-shoot c..cops?!?’re our’re our sheepdogs..the very idea is crazy and evil!!” just remember WHO was it that was pushing whole families onto railcars bound for the death camps in Europe during WWII?… cops!! WHO was it that helped the soldiers here at the same time round up whole families of Americans of Japanese descent to be put in domestic concentration camps?…
      cops!! And for those of us who do honor men like Richard Henry Lee and Francis Marion and the patriots,who stood on the green, WHO were they and other patriots hunting and gunning down in righteous self-defense?
      cops in the form of brutish regulars and their officers (the brutish red coat, like his officer, was a defacto “law enforcement agent” for george III).
      Our heroes of the Revolutionary War were in many instances, “cop killers”.
      And about that “sheepdog”…where does his/her loyalty lie?…it’s NOT to the sheep, but to the farmer/shepherd (ask the sheep how it works out for them!).

      Before one can be FREE in their body, one MUST be free in their MIND!
      slaves and ‘citizens’ NEED’ a ‘Master/Ruling Class’
      Free men and women DON’T!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • God damn the rebels and traitors. God bless Good King George.

        May you be delivered into the anarchy you wish for.


        • Northgunner

          I already have been,.I’m Free where it counts..between the ears.

          Its apparent that you however, still willingly carry the chains of your own slavery in your own head and are chafing at not being able to play ‘Massah’ over other people.

          Bet you didn’t even take the time to quietly watch and contemplate a single of the videos.

          Freedom is NOT for the sloth of mind…and thank you for outing yourself as a collectivist/statist by your knee-jerk reaction.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • you and sparks are partly the reason i’ve lost ALL respect for the morons in green brays.

          you are simply FULL OF SHIT.

  10. Tfa-T: OH! man. No one sees you as anything but a raving asshole and a total nut job with nothing to say that isn’t filled with crazy, lies and bullshit. I am not impressed with your raving lunacy, nor I suspect is anyone else.. Seriously. You are clinically insane. Seek help..

    • Agreed. Reeks of a guy who wanted to be a cop/soldier and either wasn’t qualified or couldn’t make it through training. Loudest mouth on the Internet, and we’re supposed to believe his macho bullshit. Lol

      • fuck you scumbag.

        i served and achieved more than you ever did.

        you were just a dumb sandbag and a pin cushion.

        I actually excelled. I bet I completed more schools than you did.

        you were just a condom to be used and discarded.

        what’s it like to be a sucker?


    • why thank you


  11. As of yesterday, I now personally know TWO police officers who are now former police officers, because of the culture over-policing we have now. Both of them independently made the statement to me (about a year apart) that police work is no longer about catching bad guys who hurt good people. It’s now all about realizing that every person has a criminal inside them, and helping them to bring it out so you can arrest them. Both of them quit from different agencies.

    • oh that is just ******. Provoking criminality…one day, that will backfire, in a big way.

  12. Listen, I don’t give a flying fuck what any of you think about the police, or your view of the problem, they begin to run together by the end of these posts.

    What I tried to do is provide a means to a solution. A path to consider following. To find a solution in your state, county city. All you fuck sticks want to do is piss and moan.

    How about addressing the issues that offend you. How about starting a public dialog, in YOUR community, not at Pete’s place, where its flushed at the end of the day.

    While I’m unhappy with the direction law enforcement has headed, im not someone who has run ins with law enforcement. I understand cops, and I’ve seen what happens when their is ZERO accountability, do most of you really belive you could be a cop, remain fair and objective, kept the peace, use the force nessaccary and no more.

    After being here about 18 months my answer is na, maybe a couple of you. The rest of you would become exactly what you hate about enforcement officers.

    My first post was an objective try at offering a path, a direction to solving the problems you have outlined here. ” daily” you know, fuck the Police”.

    Using what I recognize as reasonable problem solving formats/skills? outlined and acknowledged the complaints. I then tried to offer simple no shit solutions, a ” how to” format on a direction which has proven successful in stopping the deficiencies you all have noted.

    For 18 months I’ve noted your all great at pointing out the obvious problems, you all suck at developing reasonable solutions. Most here would rather rant, rave piss and moan.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m also great at ranting raving, pissing and moaning. And I hate that part of me.

    WRSA, has become a very important place for me. I see awesome folks here, with great insight, snatch mother fuckers. Bathe level of intellect here is second to none. We are blessed to have everybody here who contributes.

    You want solutions, BE the fucking solution,


    • Dirk.

      You appear to be a decent guy. And you may have even been one of the better ones with a badge. I wish you well.

      but really.

      fuck the cops.

  13. Police officers are by-and-large, almost overwhlemingly, on ‘our’ side. If you find this to not be the case in your community, then fix your community. The first step is to volunteer and work as a police officer. Be Edmund Burke – stand up and participate. Now is the time for good men to stop doing ‘nothing’. Make a difference.

  14. Randolph Scott

    Interesting article, the man get it like many of us however nothing will change unless we MAKE them change. The scared, chickenshit bastards will continue to kill us, our pets, our children and anything else they want until we force them to stop. That is the only language they understand. It can either be done by the courts or by the Citizenry.


    This happened last week locally. Tweeker crashed his Beemer, then mag-dumped on the first cop to arrive at the scene.

    I can see this entire cluster-fuck making the boys in blue even more trigger happy.

    Thanks, crack head, for nothing.