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  1. Smaller government is needed in America, we are “blasted whale” floating on a sea of corruption.

    Blasted Whale:
    Swollen from the formation of gas in the belly. Also a decomposed whale.

    Grab a boat spade and let’s get to work!

  2. I was pretty sure that being ignorant of just about anything was a pre-requisite to being one of the Young TuJerks.
    How else would Cenk and his fellow idiots qualify?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s part and parcel of being one of The Elite: the universe conforms to YOUR whim/will; everything is as you say it to be, at the moment you so say it.

    • BedpanIslandRichBiggestWifeCuckFiveBoatsNewIndianWarlordSuckerE2RealEstateCandianMeanStreetsNeigborsToolsDetroitCadre.

      Did I miss anything?
      The Queer of the Lunatic Fringe

    • No One You Know

      First Cenk denied the Armenian Genocide. Then after 20 (or so) years, he plead ignorance. Setting aside for a moment the fact that the man is a total shitstain, the epistemologic implications of that and those who accept it offer a rare view into the liberal mind.

      They don’t think like us, to the point that they’re practically a different species. Never forget that.

  3. The twin sons are starting to get an idea and an attitude about taxes, now that they’re paying them, and their own way. Buying a car is not so exciting, once you fork over 8.5% of the purchase price in taxes, which is also the registration “fee”. Not to mention the baked in taxes for the insurance people, who have made their case so fervently to the legislature, so that now, 40% of the driving public here in Texas drive without insurance, because it is so damn high.When I showed them how 50% of every penny they make goes to taxes in one form or another, they were stunned. Don’t know if they’ll figure a solution or not, but they are mad about it. I think the next tax coming down the pike will be a tax on the money you pay for health insurance. They’ve hit everything else. As long as there are cows in the pasture, there will be milk. Trouble with that is, once the wolves eat all the cows, they die of hunger themselves. And then what?

    • Considering half the taxpayers think “I not paying anything” since they got a refund shows how uninformed people really are. Income tax should be a check you write in full each April. All the baked in taxes need to be fully exposed to wake up the sheep.

      • Northgunner

        Consider the following statement:
        “I’m a law abiding tax payer”.

        With the aforementioned in mind, what such an individual is really saying is, “I’ve decided to relinquish my ability and responsibility to decide right and wrong on my own and have put it into the hands of narcissistic sociopaths. I pledge to follow whatever insane things they decree and will let them threaten and harm me at their whim. I also pledge to let them rob and coerce me out of my property on a regular basis because I accept them as my Masters”.

        “Taxation” is theft!
        “Law” is just threats from the parasite class enforced by a gang of badged orcs/orcetts!

        slaves and ‘citizens’ NEED a ‘Master/Ruling Class’
        Free men and women DON’T!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Oregon’s traitorous governor is signing that bill into law now: 1.5% tax on health insurance premiums. A sales tax to help pay off retirement debts. Oh, and more anti-gun laws, just in case you got a problem with the tax…

  4. I bet TeeFaat would have one of them unicorns on his peccar right now, if only he could see down there to put it on.

    Nothing grows in the Southern Hemisphere, too much shade. Ain’t that right panamaHelenKellarSelfPlesur84?

    • I know my teaching skills are working.

      I have you thinking and dreaming of me.

      Now all I have to do is get you to pull your head out of your ass and get right.

      I was awarded outstanding student in my class at Bennings ITC back in 1984.