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…What’s driving the growth of the Dissident Right, in part, is the realization among whites that the old political groupings no longer make sense in an age of identity politics. The one common theme among the people and groups now populating the movement is white identity. Some people prefer white nationalism, but that’s mostly the older crowd. There are others who simply go with pro-white. The salient feature here is whiteness and that is generally defined as European, but there is some debate about that too…


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    True in the hinterlands and flyover country. In the Blue Hive/big cities, it is not. The key to keeping white identity in your A/O is to keep an eye on your school curriculum and your school boards. That is where the (((Marxist infection))) will start. Remember Uncle Adolf’s speech: “…we have your children.”

    • Will start?

      If you’re in a “public school” – it’s already started – by definition.

      • via the (((Reds’))) post-1960’s Long March through the Institutions, public skrewels in ‘Murka have been under the control of White-hating, Jewish-communist Teachers Unions and sodomite educrats since the 1980’s. What exo-planet have you been living on?


        True. My bad. I saw it when I was a teachers aide at a local high school here in Rawles Land, Get your children/grandchildren out of public school, if you can. If you cannot, then deprogram them when they come home in the afternoon.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “True in the hinterlands and flyover country. In the Blue Hive/big cities, it is not.”

      Really? You’d be very hard pressed to find more white areas than the wealthy ultraviolet parts of the map; so much so that they make chalk look like obsidian. They may preach diversity for everyone else, but they damned sure want no part of it in their neighborhoods, schools, shops, etc. They want their white culture preserved absolutely; they just hate lower-class (as they see it) white culture.

    • Disagree. Participating in the local school boards is submission and subjugation of your culture, identity and values. Literacy actually went down after “mandatory” schooling was deemed a right and enshrined in every state’s constitution. Freedom means in large part being responsible for your choices. Homeschooling, or ideally, homeschooling co-ops, 100% parent controlled, are the solution to instilling and maintaining cultural values, identity, history and tradition.

    • A more effective strategy is to not turn your children over to the state in the first place, especially in the hinterlands, and flyover country. Do you think that agenda is less prevalent here? No. It may not be accompanied by street theater, but it is just as prevalent. That is why most white families in this area either choose private schools, now infected with the Common Core Curriculum, or home school. If an education is what one desires for one’s children, home school is the only viable option.

      • Yes, y’all both have hit the nail on the head but here is another component (ymmv). My wife is from a large family (9). I am from a large family (6). Together we had 7, 4 sons and 3 daughters. Coincedentally, we attend a church with other large families, in fact, we are one of the smaller ones! Our 2 oldest sons have married ladies who came from families of 10 and 12, our 2 oldest daughters married into families where their husbands are 1 of 9 in each case. Our next son is courting a young lady who is #8 of 13! The twins are not ready for this yet as they are not old enough. As of now our children have produced 16 grand children in the last 4 years. Imagine how many they might have in the next 4. They all have expressed a desire to have as many as the Lord allows, no one is on any public assistance, my boys own and run the family business and my sons in law are engineers. We are not alone in this endeavor, do the math. All of these children are churched, home schooled and, for the most part, self employed. Our clan has become quite the force to be reckoned with. Oh, by the way we’re all white. Surprise, surprise. This is, IMHO, the only way we will be able to stand as things grow worse. Just my $.02.

        • OD, God bless you brother. If could redo anything it would be having more children. We stopped at two, and I recently discovered another son, from a navy relationship. So three for me.

          I’d change that to 6 or 7 if I could have a re-do. I agree with you, nothing mightier then family.


        • Northgunner

          You and your family are to be commended and honored!!
          You’re not just talking it,..you’re living it!!

          Now if they were willing, if we could just airlift the Afrikkaaner/Boer families out of the sewer of South Africa in time and help them resettle in flyover country!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  2. The liberals are selling that whitey is bad and was the cause of everything that is wrong in the world and more and more buy in everyday. At some point critical mass will be reached and whites will face the consequences and only being given the worst jobs no matter how better qualified they are, not being allowed to have differing public opinion and probably actually hunted and killed just because they are white by many youths and gangs.
    The usa is on the road to becoming what happened to south Africa’s cities and the civil rights lawyer quoted here is just going to be the last to feed the alligator.
    USA. It had a good run, but we’re in the decline just like every empire before; this lawyer is just example 19,874 that the decline is occurring right in front of us.

    • Good thing some people are fighting to wake whites up to our imminent dispossession so that when such a point is reached we will be ready to defend ourselves.

    • Notarealperson

      It’s not just the liberals selling us out. It’s the business community that has led the way for decades in the most holy name of profits.

      They were the first to replace white workers with illegals and H-1B’s. They are the ones that have pushed open borders and amnesty. Their super rich buddies in Silicon Valley have turned what was a industry run by whites into a Asian sweatshop where 75% of the workers are foreigners.

      And they were and more than eager to send their factories to Asia to exploit the cheap labor pool, no labor and environmental laws. When NAFTA was signed American companies could move to Mexico fast enough to set up shop.

      They are the real destroyers of American industry and workforce.

      • Absolutely, I seen it in the trades starting before I was even involved in them.

        Your landscaper is a great offender too.

        My neighbor back in SE MI has a large operation going on, and most all employees were mexis, same thing in construction…

        If you travel around the u.s., you’ll be hard-pressed to find a white Inn keeper or gas station operator. Same with party stores and the rest…

        Sad really, because these proprietors have the same standards of 3rd world countries they originated from.

  3. Refreshing Positive messages resonate. Remember ALL LIVES MATTER? That was a good one. While these messages are not going to turn leviathan at this point, they do help win minds which will be all important down the road. The IRA would not have been the IRA without it’s vast network of support in the hills and countryside.

    • “All lives matter” when used as a counter to “black lives matter” is a call to surrender. “My team’s lives matter, fuck you” is the only rational choice if you value your people and your culture.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The IRA would not have been the IRA without it’s vast network of support in the hills and countryside.”

      And it’s fundraising and logistical support in the US.

  4. Lisa Bloom (born September 20, 1961) is an American civil rights attorney best known as anchor of Lisa Bloom: Open Court, a two-hour live legal news program on truTv’s In Session, from 2006 to 2009.[1] She is the only child of civil rights attorney Gloria Allred and Peyton Huddleston Bray, Jr.

    She and her mother are Jewish.

    When will Caucasians wake up. Edomite Jews hate you and want you dead.

    • they’ll wake up when the (((Central Bank))) debt-financed jew.gov jobs, pensions, contracts, and handouts are no longer available. Not until.


        Agreed. The only thing which will move the mass of public protoplasm is an “economic correction”.

  5. Civil Rights are not Rights, But only privileges that a .Gov issues you to use (like Carry Permits).

    Both the Left and much of the Right seem to have a hard time understanding that.

  6. I’m still waiting for a positive expression, per ZMan’s example and explanations, of white identity. Not saying it isn’t possible, or that there couldn’t be one, just that so far – exactly as he’s observed of the idea to this point as well – it’s like a bigfoot hunt.

    The exact point of identity politics in the first place was to tear down everyone outside your narrow interest group, particularly white males, using the time-honored “divide and conquer” strategy.

    All playing that game gets you is indistinguishability of your group from the methods and motives of anyone else’s. Which is why it’s an epithet.

    And you’re asking the blindfolded goddess of justice, the one holding the scales, to peek for you, and cheat a little in your direction. So when the other side asks the same thing of her, as they have for decades, your counter-argument is…what, exactly? You’re simply trying to out-cheat a cheater.

    Which isn’t going to work, on demographic grounds. In fact, it’s a recipe for making whites in America the 21st century Afrikaaners.
    So, how’s that working out for them in Pretoria long about now?
    Well-played? Not so much.

    Unless we want an all-out genocidal race war, in which case, what is everyone waiting for? Your best chance is right now, before being age- and demographically prohibited from having any chance whatsoever of winning. So let’s get on with Bosnia x Rwanda, right now. Anyone…? No…?
    Thought so.

    If there’s battalions actually forming anywhere for that, they’re using a Cloaking Device.

    As to the spew on the page above excerpted from lawyer Bloom, it’s nice of her to note that in her eyes, whites, particularly men, have no rights. The best answer to that nonsense is, in fact, a Moldylocks punch to the chin. Repeated, as necessary, until the lesson settles in.
    There isn’t going to be one law for her favorites, and another law for people she doesn’t like, but if she wants to abandon the foundation of law and try those rules, then none of the ones she wants to live under should apply any longer. BFYTW.
    This is when it’s okay to punch a Nazi in the face.
    Because that level of stupid should hurt.

    There’s also nothing wrong with tarring her with the “racist” and “sexist” brushes, and making her firm (I’m assuming she’s not a government atty. If she does work for the .gov, hounding her out of her job is even easier: her bosses have to get funded, and their bosses have to get re-elected.) about as popular as the Westboro Church nutballs. Be a shame if she was suddenly on the street, canned, and unhireable, because partners hate being outted like that. She (and her “team”) also sound like a great target for a future Veritas Project expose video.

    Stick the lever in, and pull.
    Then listen to the squealing and shrieking when they get flipped.

    • ondkejrnhekwjn

      “There isn’t going to be one law for her favorites, and another law for people she doesn’t like”
      But there is. That’s the fucking point. You can’t just say you’re holier-than-thou and make identity politics or race go away. And they all have separate (or no) rules for themselves.

      ” the blindfolded goddess of justice”
      There is no justice, just us. Good luck finding another race that even has such a concept of justice.

      “There’s also nothing wrong with tarring her with the “racist” and “sexist” brushes, and making her firm”
      Except that doesn’t do a damn thing, ‘the X are the real racists!’ has never worked for the right. Besides, moldylocks was too ridiculous (she did fetish porn) and too lowlevel to matter as an enemy.

      >hounding her out of her job
      I thought you didn’t want to adopt everyone else’s methods?

      • 1) No, there isn’t. You can’t just gainsay your way to victory, any more than the Leftards could whine their way to the presidency. That’s what’s confounding them, for going on nine months. They don’t know how to handle someone who won’t give up and just let them win when they cheat, and doesn’t care how loud they whine about it when they lose.
        It’s beaten them, confused and demoralized them, and it’s shocked the hell out of our own nominal side’s hacks, who thought the point of the game was to lose gracefully.
        They got told last week, (in a tweet!) that identity politics won’t be played in the .mil any more, and they lost their minds. The answer to that, was “Go ahead and lose your minds, nobody cares.” The miracle is that nobody in a position to could be found to tell them that five, ten, or twenty years ago, when the same nonsense could have been nipped in the bud.

        2) Then why bother appealing to it? If you’re right, we’re back to genocidal race war, or lose. So what are you doing in that fight so far?

        3) That does everything. Re-read your Alinsky.
        “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
        And Moldylocks was the exact point at which Antifa ceased to matter. Where was the next place they tried, after they found out that nonsense was going to cost them to ante in their teeth? They lost at persuading, then at arguing, then at demonstrating, then they lost at violent demonstrating. Care to bet how they do if they resort to armed violent demonstrating?

        4) I don’t want to adopt others’ losing methods.
        Identity politics is a loser.
        Trying it is an admission that you can’t win without a stacked deck, and you’ll never out-cheat the cheaters.
        If they want to try “Heads I win, tails you lose” games, the only rule is to punch them in the face while they’re watching the coin spin through the air.
        If they complain afterwards, you didn’t hit them hard or often enough.

        In life, like baseball, you either play the game as intended, or you clear the benches with a brawl. It doesn’t matter whether they like it or not, those are their choices: rules, or lumps. The Left sucks at rules, they suck at lumps, and they suck at losing, so their life is destined to be very unfulfilling.
        Boo frickin’ hoo.

    • Northgunner

      “I’m still waiting for a positive expression, per ZMan’s example and explanations, of white identity.”

      How about the Cathedral of Note Dame and the Hagia Sophia (before ‘team mo’ invaded,and stole it and turned it into an evil den of asslifting savages).

      White people create things of beauty that endure..savages don’t!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Great effort, really. But…

        You already noted how those who created the Hagia Sophia failed, and French Catholicism has been an open joke since their Revolution some 230 years hence, if not long before that.
        Notre Dame is likely to become the Hagia Sophia of the 21st century.
        So they don’t really endure. And it isn’t because of skin pigment.

        You’re also missing the point of both if you think either of those were built as expressions of “whiteness” in any way whatsoever, as history then and their adherents now would happily attest.
        So I’m still waiting.

        If you decamped to noting that (overwhelmingly but not exclusively) white and European culture produced the systems and situation under which both could be produced, and many others of similar type and beauty, you’d be nearer the object, but the entire theme of that is that anybody, of any color, race, or whatever, can partake of that culture and participate, and make the same claims, provided they drop the backwards cultures from elsewhere first, which availed them nothing, and always go right to shit when exported or imported. One need look no farther than Beirut or even Teheran in 1975, and contrast them with their 1985 counterparts, to see the truth of that. More current examples are Paris and London in 2000, versus now. Next up, Detroit? Chicago? Politics is downstream from culture, and they were doomed (as any other city is) when it abandons the culture that made it thrive, and adopts the alien culture of the Left, which is anathema to being traditionally American.

        This is why there’s no limit to how many Thomas Sowells or George Washington Carvers we can absorb culturally in perpetuity with open arms and no untoward consequences, whereas one diversity disciple for its own sake (who is overwhelmingly likely to be white, Lefty, and stupid, though I repeat myself), or one man-hating harpy with a chip on her shoulder who wants special considerations, or one Mohamed Aloha Snackbar in a man-jam and suicide vest who thinks their claims and beliefs take precedence, fucks it all up for everyone.

        It ain’t about being white, it’s about being right. Tribalism, of any mere color alone, is for savages. Nancy Pelosi and Shrillary are both white, but they’re still tribal savages, and not people of my culture. A tribalist ruled by skin pigmentation is preceptually bound to include them in his group, whereas someone with any sense is free to exile them to Slobovia, where they belong, and let them try their nonsense out amongst the savages.

    • “Unless we want an all-out genocidal race war, in which case, what is everyone waiting for?”

      Not enough are on our side yet, too many whites in the middle trending towards anti-white. The youngest generation seems to be very pro-white, perhaps in 10 years when most of them are at prime military age we’ll be ready for RAHOWA. If you care about our people and our culture, you should be waking people up to their racial identity.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Good read! If white folks do not read and take this all to heart–I mean REALLY TAKE IT TO HEART–the bottom will come out of their comfy bucket of distractions, opiods, booze, whoring, pop kulture, and other “diversions.”

    We white, resilient dirt people have been surviving for quite some time–I suspect we’ll be around to see any potential fireworks and turn the lights off eventually. But–that’s down the road a piece.

    Mind you–there may not be a lot of us, but we’ll get by.

    Q: Will you?

  8. Might is right.
    Everything else is a just a theory.

  9. A river runs through it and divides the east and the west. The Mississippi river flows from the north to the south and divides this nation more so than any politician. People live on both sides of the river and seemingly do the same thing differently; rich or poor makes no difference, people live there. Making a living from it or by it, they live. Few venture to the other side. Some cross regularly just to come back when the day is done. They may cross the river but don’t live there on the other side.
    It has always been that way, where they live is where they are from. Even if removed for whatever reason, they are always from there, where ever there is they are from and is the same for everyone. About half way down the river is Hannibal MO. I hear tell Mark Twain is from there on the west side of the Mississippi River.
    I didn’t know there was a Mark Twain Project until I acquired a book Ron Powers, “Mark A Life Twain” published by the Free Press New York City, among others. The usual obligatory statement of circle “c”, all rights reserved, including the right of reproduction, in whole or in part in any form. So, in part and from a quote by Walt Whitman which it contained for which I break the laws of the circle “c” copyrights. I wonder if Ron did too, given the appropriate credit to Walt due, as I do to Ron credit Sam Clemens.
    Now, trumpeters, for thy close,
    Vouchsafe a higher strain than any yet;
    Sing to my soul-renew its languishing faith and hope;
    Rouse up my slow belief-give me some vision of the future. . . Leaves of Grass
    I think what we see today is the same as what Samuel Clemens wrote about way back, when the only real difference is the technology and if so, would he have picked Mark Twain as his trade name? I suspect the technology would have some say. Perhaps Slippery Litigious the low water mark of our modern life and times below the water line, mark? No! I say Joe x.
    And now a little tune by the white supremacist Stephen Foster:
    “Old Black Joe”
    Gone are the days
    When my heart was young and gay
    Gone are toils
    Of the cotton fields away
    Gone to the fields
    Of a better land, I know
    I hear those gentle voices callin’ me
    Old Black Joe

    I’m comin’, I’m comin’
    Though my head is bendin’ low
    I hear those gentle voices calling
    Old Black Joe

    I’m comin’ home (I’m comin’ home)
    Well, I’m comin’ home (I’m comin’ home)
    Though my head (my head, my head is bendin’ low)
    I hear those gentle voices calling
    Old Black Joe

    Gone are the days
    When my heart was young and gay
    Gone are the toils of the cotton fields, away
    Gone to the fields of a better land I know
    I hear those gentle voices calling
    Old Black Joe

    Sam and Steve wrote about that thing we dare not talk about in public today for fear of being called a racist and of course a bigot and perhaps White Supremacists. Conditioned as we are to not offend anyone, anytime and anyplace, except maybe the backroom poker game and then just in fun. Would Sam of Steve have written the phrase, “Never trust whitey!”? For good reason I would say not today. Old black Joe may have fallen from favor. Perhaps it is time for an Old White Joe?

    Not that I AM that old, or even Slippery Litigious for trade, yet can be pro and anti antagonist prose and verse, perhaps adverse, I suppose one never really knows how it will be taken when you can’t even use the words black and white without it being taken as some sort of racial slur, much less the young and gay heart of Old Black Joe, now a sexual miss identity. Or was Steve the gay white guy?

    Now you may ask what does Samuel Clemens’ Mark Twain, depth of the water, the great divide of the Mississippi River, Stephen Foster, and racial divide of black and white as well the unhappy gayeties of not knowing an identity, natural biology and the factional character of Slippery Litigious? You may ask, how do you tie that all up with pretty petty packaging and gay ribbons and bows happily and nonracial, you may ask? Old white Joe gonna tell ya, ya know?
    But first a short story made long and how we got to Slippery Litigious trade ghost writer. Texting While Driving, walking, and biking and not so much swimming the distraction law ensue and of course penalty issued citation for criminal distraction for breaking it which is the law. This is where the fiction begins because I do not text, or tweet and never twitter or put my face in a book, well perhaps on occasion, the book that is and enjoin a blog or two. Anyhow, the new law of distracted driving, need I say inattentive driving and more than enough reason for the occasional road rage for doing everything but being attentive to driving, a pet peeve of mine. Another being shut up and listen! The listen part is for those people that do all the taking, non=stop and can’t be bothered with another point of view. My way or the highway and of course high and mighty road to just exactly where the hell are we going? If I could see the future, for which I can, it is not a pretty sight and the high road will get you exactly nothing, I am pretty sure of that.
    But, if I did text while driving and got caught doing so, then what? But first is the law really about texting while driving? Or, is it being distracted. Well, we could not have a law against being distracted; otherwise everybody would be in jail, so texting the lesser of evils intent of the law. But officer, I was only texting a little bit of video while I sideswiped your cruiser and it is only a little scratch and I am sure the door can be put back on and be just like new. To which the officer responds, BOY, you in a heap of trouble!
    At this point it makes no difference whether the officer is black, white, male, female, trans, or even Chinese, whatever the issue is justice, is it not? It is law enforcement! However, the officer was an older black guy and all the while the little ditty came to mind “Old Black Joe” for some obscure reason at the time, I thought better of it, better not. Beside, he was a little miffed probably because he was going to be questioned and do the appropriate amount of form filling out filing the paperwork on how he lost the door on his cruiser, I assume also would be late of dinner given the time of day and in general not a good day for him, officer, Old Black Joe.
    Me, being boy at this point to which I respond, YES SIR! I AM. Sorry about your door. Not actually being a boy anymore, that was halve century ago and more so, an old white Joe. Officer Joe questions me, do you know what you did? I play dumb here, no what? Next the officer said, do you see that door over there? I said yup, while I still had my smart phone in my hand he asks were you texting? I said NOPE, I sent a video. He said, how did that door get way over there? And I said, it looks like the car did it. Were you driving the car? To which I said, yes. Then you were not in control of your motor vehicle, were you. And I said yes I was. There being the conflict.
    I admitted that I was in control of my motor vehicle and probably the reason we are both alive and discussing the finer points of driving skills. The evidence of the semi-tractor trailer doing a lane change right into the driver side of me which you probably did not see as you opened the car door for my car to hit it and knock it off your police car, were you distracted? And no, I did not get the license number of the truck but, it may show up somewhere.
    The officer looks puzzled for second, then license, registration, and proof of insurance, please. I oblige with documentation, thank you very much. Longer story shortened, after the appropriate amount of time for the city, county, and state attorney to determine there was a crime committed, I was summoned to appear before the Judge for said incident and related accident with reference to the detached door of said police cruiser .
    The Judge said, you have been charged with Distracted Driving, not being in control of your motor vehicle and damage to public property, how do you plead? Not guilty your honor. At that point the prosecutor restates the charges and with a look of, without saying it, boy you in a heap of trouble, proceed to present evidence to my guilt. The main evidence was the detached car door shown on the dash cam and the damage to my vehicle, seemed to be enough for my conviction cut and dried case, close, pay the fine, game over, for me.
    However, not so fast. While there may have not been distracted driving, my decision that resulted in the removal of the door on the police car was rational and logical for which I will present my case. To which all in the court room gasped as the Judge and prosecutor glared at me with venom in their eyes. Probably for a distracted tee time, a very important date for city officials to interrupt the cocktail hour too, I assume.
    I begin, The dash cam clearly shows the door laying some distance from the police care, yet if you would rewind the dash cam you would clearly see the car cutting off the semi-tractor trailer changing lanes which in turn forced me, due to the fact of getting into an argument with the 18 wheeler or an open car door, which is the lesser of evils? And if you did not have the dash cam on, or body cam, I have it here on my smart phone! I immediately hear objection, inadmissible evidence, “ex parte”.
    Now, I am no Clearance Darrow yet know that this is going to be a monkey trial and know that science won out in the evolution of court proceedings to Williams Jennings Bryant fame monkey man of judicial theory had been created, but even before that The Supreme Court of the United States of America did so screw up even more, before. So, I continue. Did you ever hear of the Dred Scott Decision? Now the entire court room looked puzzled. May I summarized, your honor? Proceed, the Judge says, I want to see where this goes, said the Judge. The prosecutor, look at this watch annoyingly. I precede, basically, the Supreme Court of the United States of America made a bad decision, possibly being distracted by the Missouri Compromise, which resulted to a presumed free man, a slave released by his owner, to remain a slave to the wife of the dead Army officer owner upon his death was to free the slave, the owner officer from Fort Snelling in the soon to be great mistake of Minnesota on the north end of the Mississippi River, just up the river from Missouri, yet still Wisconsin territory, presumably by being distracted. Distract by the Missouri Compromise, Lincoln Douglas debates and pending Civil War between the states and impartial impetus slavery, more so rights of property and of course states rights too.
    Dred Scott decision, formally Dred Scott v. John F.A. Sandford, legal case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on March 6, 1857, ruled (7–2) that a slave (Dred Scott) who had resided in a free state and territory (where slavery was prohibited) was not thereby entitled to his freedom; that African Americans were not and could never be citizens of the United States; and that the Missouri Compromise (1820), which had declared free all territories west of Missouri and north of latitude 36°30′, was unconstitutional. The decision added fuel to the sectional controversy and pushed the country closer to civil war.

    Among constitutional scholars, Scott v. Sandford is widely considered the worst decision ever rendered by the Supreme Court. It has been cited in particular as the most egregious example in the court’s history of wrongly imposing a judicial solution on a political problem. A later chief justice, Charles Evans Hughes, famously characterized the decision as the court’s great “self-inflicted wound.” Britannica.com

    The Missouri Compromise was an effort by Congress to defuse the sectional and political rivalries triggered by the request of Missouri late in 1819 for admission as a state in which slavery would be permitted. At the time, the United States contained twenty-two states, evenly divided between slaves and free.
    Dred Scott would be a free man, said upon his death would be released as stated by the Army officer from Fort Snelling in the soon to be great mistake of Minnesota state that owned him, if he had not gotten married to a woman from St. Louis MO. To which the woman upon the Army officers death decided not to release the slave Dred Scott, hence the Supreme Court Decision.
    Moral of the decision, no matter how high the office, they are not immune from making bad decisions. And, just possibly, if the Commanding officer at Fort Snelling said, Dred, you are a free man; we may not have had a bad decision from the Supreme Court of the United States of America and perhaps, no Civil War. So now you may ask what that has to do with a traffic violation, the monkey trials and of course Old Black and White Joe, the Mississippi River and Judicial trouble making? The short answer is the Decision! Some people are just above and beyond the law while other a slave to it!
    The court did not take kindly to my dissertation and saw fit to fine me $2500 restitution for door replacement and 30 days in the big house for court distraction and of course questioning the Law, Law enforcement, and old black Joe, Tom Sawyer, the officer’s authority WJB’s monkey business and the laws of physics. Well, none of that really happened, as you may recall I don’t text and practice offensive driving, has well being attentive to it. I don’t think Sam would text either if he were alive today. I also wonder what would be his take on climate change in light of, “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of congress; but I repeat myself.
    Washington was a city of Magnificent Intension, with broad avenues that begin in nothing and lead nowhere, Mark Twain, actually Sam Clemens. Today it could be said of every state capitol and all the courts. Interestingly the Mississippi river after all these years, still flows from north to south and divides the country for some of the same reasons and too some new ones. The lesson never learned is no man should own another and every man should respect each other’s property rights, as well the state they live in. As Sam said, “get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”.
    In other news of the great divide, the administrative state Health Care insurance companies funding is tops on the list of bad decisions the government (tax courts and flirts with) has no business making, while taxing everything that does and doesn’t moves and of course war with the bobble heads (meaning, lefties brain trusts at the universities of speech free dummies, I think I will go back to school). However, interesting to note, the slave states have turned dividedly north and still blue states, except for California which was never in question of being too big for its bitches until Gov. Moonbeam, stepped in it. The great mistake is as it has ever been, still one dufuss after another. And, about that future thing, it’s not so black and white, never has been, however it is what we make it, isn’t it?
    BS- What would a good rant be without starting a civil war? Not worth much, I suppose. Yet, I’ll leave with the i-SOS-cles triangle, not always equilateral, but two of the same size at least, say nothing of your obtuse, acute, or even scalene, that appears to be the battle lines. Never mind, the fix is so simple, so it will never be done. Don’t get your hopes up, times up.

  10. Let me be the first to say fuck the RAISE act. Enough of the con jobs. I smell corporate/congressional/senatorial/representative fuckery at work.

    Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act.

    “If passed, the 1 million legal immigrants who enter the U.S. annually would drop to somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000 people by 2027, putting it in line with historic norms.”

    If he were doing what people voted for we’d be seeing mass deportations and the war would have already started. By 2027 we’ll get immigration down to a half mil a year? Go eat a bag of dicks.

    This bill will allow silicon alley to get around the H1B dilemma. Bet me.

  11. Civil Rights were invented to eliminate Individual Rights. Period.

  12. “The Alt-Right has embraced this, owned it and revels in it, becoming the antithesis of what the progressives are. The GOP has been relegated to awkwardly standing to the side, unsure of its role now as it bleeds members, youth, talent and intelligence. Nobody is lining up to work for the tumor known as John Mccain. He inspires no one of useful age, nor do his ideas resonate with any of the educated people under 40. His actions exemplify what the conservative boomers of the GOP represent, nothing.”

    A lot of people are coming to the same conclusion. NR crowd is a dying breed and they will not be missed. Irrelevant is too kind a characterization.

    • Northgunner

      “Nobody is lining up to work for the tumor known as John Mccain.”

      Yet there are more and more rumors that ‘Ol
      Joe ‘a pile ‘a steaming horsehit’ may try to run for his senate seat (if he’s not put into his own ‘tent city’ and forced to wear pink undies and chow down on moldy baloney all by his lonesome…).
      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving sociopathic sob!!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  13. I like zman’s writing, and his articles are often thought-provoking & insightful. However I get the feeling that he hasn’t looked too deeply into what the alt-right is. We have a bunch of talented artists parodying songs, writing their own songs, animated videos, podcasts of all sorts, RL meet-ups, etc. etc. Yet he still seems to think we are just some kids on the internet who haven’t done any real research or thought into what is needed, that we just sort-of accidentally lucked into some tactic that let us effect politics for some odd reason none of us understand.

  14. the woodsman

    (((Lisa Bloom)))

    Weird. I’m sure it’s just a cohencidence.

    • Randall Flagg

      Hate to fall into Haxo’s circle, but nothing sums it up better than (((Lisa Bloom))).

  15. Z Blog is hitting the high road. Lot of good points to ponder in the comments section over there.

    I find the White Identity movement somewhat clumsy, intellectually, primarily because I have not ever identified first and foremost as “white” in the first place. I am Southern, a Southern woman to be precise, and therein lies my preferred identifier, if I must have one. When I travelled it seemed important to those in other countries that I am/was “American”, but even that is secondary, in my mind, to “Southern.” It made for interesting discussions, and opened the topic up to the differences in the cultures of people of the same nationality.

    I bet many whites are having some hesitancy about this, for the same reason. Aside from stereotypical groups, historically speaking, I don’t really know any white person, until very recently, whose identity is summed up by “White.” It seems that we are being pushed, if not forced, by existential factors, into taking up the mantle of “white…first, and of primary importance.”

    It is an uncomfortable fit.

    • for you it is. And, based on some of your past comments, there’s a good reason why. For many of the rest of us, “White” fits perfectly. Which is precisely the reason Lisa Bloom and most of the rest of her Tribe intend to kill us.

      • Well at this moment Ms. Bloom is not actually killing anyone…she has given voice to what is basically, theory. I’d be willing to bet it will remain theory upon any serious attempt at proof. What we have right now is verbalization, likely an attempt to gather steam, and I am certain, hope of gathering forces.

        Intending to kill “us” and actually killing “us” are two very different things. If I am forced to think of myself as white, and white becomes my uniform, in a conflict which makes “white” the target, I am reasonably certain I can adjust. I would rather not be forced to, I would rather everyone take a deep breath, seek professional help, find a good 12 step for the “victimhood” addiction they have spent decades nurturing and developing. But, if not…well…okay.

        I don’t think they have thought this through.

      • >>>For many of the rest of us, “White” fits perfectly.<<<

        Interesting concept, philosophy as clothes rack. That does fit you, now that you mention it. Efficient too…then you hardly need a name. Too bad that then the mind goes to waste…not much efficiency there.

  16. @mikrat, correct, because defenders of civil rights are almost always for denying the RKBA. They support “a woman’s right to choose”, to kill her unborn child for any reason, but NOT “a woman’s right to choose” the means to defend her own body against the robber, the rapist or the murderer…or government tyranny.

  17. If we’re right about the idea of whites being a superior race, both mentally and as founders of superior civilizations, we will not only prevail, but flourish. The future will show us to be not just survivors, but conquerors. All the doom not with standing. And we are not defined by either our enemies or detractors. We are defined by our worth, and our resiliency. If I’m wrong, we’ll lose, if I’m right, we’ll win.

    • When “people of color” get mad, they riot.

      When whites get mad, it’s been a slow, simmering burn, and the results are incredible.

      European whites have not, to my knowledge, lost a war to anybody but other European whites when they go all-out.

      I am here to be educated, someone correct me if I’m wrong….

    • guess what?

      you’re losing.

      BIG TIME

      the whites are just as bad or worse than any other race.

      summertime sees an increase in visitors at the island, strange and suspicious are these visitors-mostly, no, all white. break-ins and thefts are being reported and discussed among the residents, and it all comes down to these “white” people showing up and trolling the roads in search of easy pickins from the more affluent properties. even the resident white folks are reporting strangers who have no reason to be where they are, and all have been white twenty-somethings, with beards, long hair, and loud music disrupting our peaceful neighborhoods.

      I call bullshit on the white supremacy thing.

      prove it.

      • OMG

        You started and stayed entirely on-topic.
        You used relevant evidence to support your point.
        You recognized skin color as a suspect category.
        And without having to gratuitously insult everyone else on the planet, let alone the forum, nor beat your chest nor honk your own horn.

        Find that seed and nurture the hell out of it, man.
        Seriously, 10/10.

        Please, don’t blow it in response.
        Just keep doing that.^^
        Really. Not kidding, not mocking, not condescending.
        You can do this. Keep it up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If we’re right about the idea of whites being a superior race, both mentally and as founders of superior civilizations, we will not only prevail, but flourish.”

      Dinosaurs were one of, if not the, most successful type of animal life on Earth, especially in terms of time spent at the top of they pyramid. Eventually, dinky little mammals replaced them. Nobody stays on top forever. If you look at things like art, science, technology, etc., cracka-ass crackas have already flourished.

  18. A component of The Great Fuck You that elected Trump was a color revolution, a White Revolution.
    You can’t tell me the majority, and we are The Majority is not truly pissed off, fed up with being fucked with by a cabal of red diaper brats and their stinking lousy identity tactics.
    What we did was show them identity tactics like PC is a bloating corpse floating by that festering swamp which will be drained as draining it is an inevitability as powerful as any ultimate fate that has existed.
    That is the true decline.
    The decline of political power of identity tactics and its handmaiden political corruption and treason, not just against the natural law of my country, but against idea that that natural law and its identity rooted in our legacy as freemen is nothing but worthless old dead white guys obsolete ideas.
    Here’s the thing I believe, like so many dog whistle narratives, the so called “decline” in the traditional uniquely American white population the fake media has inundated the public with 24/7 for decades, is total fucking bullshit.

    If it weren’t for the vote fraud, gerrymander, and millions of illegals, double dipping leftwing college age voters, and dead people “voting”, the left would have ceased to be a factor in politics and culture such as it has through the power of almost unlimited deceit and corruption as is happening right now, long ago, if it was ever able to gain a foothold without a 5th column that has held a monopoly across the sphere of information transfer.

    And now those chickens are coming home to roost.
    Because if there is one thing which crushes the narrative of the fake 5th column media, its that if we white Christian principled men & women of the West where in our Decline, how did Trump win against the combined leftist machine of billions of dollars and totally owned corruption machine geared specifically to denying us White Americans our voice and will?

    The idea of the 5th column has always been to destroy the natural born moral of America, to paint our culture as repressive, inherently evil, that nothing of it has an iota of morality, that truly, White men & woman of The West are evil incarnate.

    One day, you wake up, and look around you and realize that total fucking bullshit has sneaked up on you, and you say Enough!

    The Great Fuck You which we gifted ourselves, “our murder weapon”, aka President Trump, is a start. It is the beginning of blowback, it is the the insurgency flexing its audacity and motive power.

    You eat an elephant one bite at a time: revolutions that are effective, that Win, they start out like eating soup with a knife. They begin in the direst gloomy point, when it looks the darkest, and the majority see’s hopelessness and gloom ahead.

    That is the other idea of the 5th column. Divide and conquer.
    What are the most contentious arguments in the scrum here at WRSA tell you about that?
    That part of the strategy is too keep as many people as possible from creating a consensus that leads to organized effective revolt that leads to dirt people winning Liberty?

    And solidarity like that isn’t about agreeing about nuances and who is right. Its about common values and overarching goals.

    One example is Tfat, the guy thinks he has the answers. Only his viewpoint is supreme. Sure, could be. I’m not picking on him, it is indicative of our independent and self determining nature as Americans who want to be left to pursue our lives as we see fit. But Nobody knows the future. Regardless of why and who he is, winning hearts and minds is not his strong suit, which is my point, the only way we find the answers and solve the important problems, is together.

    Anything can be said about Trump. What matters, what has the deep state and the rest of the asshats running things jacked up is they believed they had it in the bag, we where sufficiently subdued, going at each other, isolated and divided, it was a foregone conclusion. The case was they very opposite. Does anyone appreciate the movement it is where 65 million people purposefully, deliberately all together gave their enemies the finger?
    Look what has happened. The media is in disarray, the political class is like a herd of deer in the headlights, there is a guy in the Whitehouse who does not have their back, and they are talking smack about a coupe, about framing the sitting president for an article 25. Active sedition and open treason throughout the government, in state houses.
    They don’t know what to do with the guy, never mind 65 million people.
    They can’t stop this. It passed the rubicon and is in uncharted political territory on one side, and cultural territory on the other. The gulf between the two is uncrossable.

    Its like the scene from Return of The King, when Gandalf says to the “Ranger from The North”, Men are not as weak as thought, there is courage left, there is hope left, they are banding together.

    It was not supposed to happen.

    But it did.

    If you didn’t know better, the White revolution, it was like it never existed.

    • ^^That. Right there. All of it.

    • IMO, my viewpoint being supreme is because my way has worked in every instance-for me, and put me in a position to come to that conclusion…

      if you haven’t made “bank” enough to ride along in comfort and worry-free lifestyle, or kept physically fit enough to hang with an 18 year old athlete, then, you just haven’t been using the right formula or working the right plan. most of peoples mid and later life hardships have developed because of piss poor choices made earlier in life.

      i always told my employees this “you wanna be like me? then back-up to when you were 18 and start all over without fucking the pooch every fucking time you got paid or had a great opportunity” it’s harder than most think, hence all the problems a good many americans are experiencing these days.

      me? i woke-up early around 8 am, made brunch around noon, then worked on one of my docks and spread another 10 yards of beach sand…

      life is tough, it’s tougher when your stupid.

  19. University of Minn. Bans White And Straight Students From Campus Safe Space…

  20. I’ll know the White race is serious about keeping what’s left of their culture and re-gaining their freedom and dignity when they decide to rid themselves of the poopLICE and Fleas.

    Not any sooner…

    Because they are the problem.

    No cops= No crooks= No problems

    The math… she don’t lie

    But the americans are cowards and will keep backing up till a cement wall stops their retreat

  21. You rail against the things you hate, TeeFaat, because it’s what you’ve become. Like William Wilson, by Poe. Just without the prose, fame and acceptance of the learned circles.

    A tax sponging disability, reliant on dear old UncaShoogar for that royally deserved cash.

    A failure at the last best test of manhood available in this hemisphere. Denied.

    A sour gimped little small person who “looks like those young Marines doing those excercises almost as good as me” but stumps around like gabby fucking Hayes in rio bravo.

    All things you foam about incessantly. Run as hard as you like, you’ll never lose your shadow because you ARE it.

    Don’t forget your blood pressure meds before you turn in, sweetheart!

    The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

    • fuck you scumbag.

      that pittance doesn’t even fill one of the tanks on my big boat.

      NO. i made my $ the old fashioned way.

      and you’re fucking right i’m taking my compensation- those fucktwits damaged me. if they didn’t pay for line of duy injuries, then there sure would be a fuck ton of vets who were totally broke.

      you really are pathetic asshole. how many vets on disability are millionaires?

      what an asshole.
      did any of you slut mothers spawn ever make-it?

  22. wendystringer48088

    @mtnforge (slightly edited version of what you said):
    Anything can be said about Trump. What matters, what has the deep state and the rest of the asshats running things jacked up is they believed they had it in the bag … it was a foregone conclusion. The case was the very opposite. Does anyone appreciate the movement where 65 million people purposefully, deliberately all together gave their enemies the finger?

    That is still so amazing. 🙂
    I thought for sure Trump was going to lose big time. Voted for him just as an “F-U” vote. Wanted to see how many others did too the day after election day and before election night was over the word was out he was ahead and surprisingly he won.
    And even though Trump was the winner, the movement is not about Trump. So maybe Trump isn’t going to be able to do what he said he was going to do. So what. It wasn’t about Trump. I was about the people having their say. Trump just represented the best way available to say “F-U” to the corrupt and over-controlling deep state establishment.
    Now they know what the real deal is. And even better, now we know it too. 🙂

    As to that 65 million number, we are not all of one mind, and we all don’t get along with each other, that is for sure. But we all have a common enemy and a common desire to live our lives in peace without unnecessary interference from those who would control us.
    And we now know that there are a lot of like-minded people and ideological comrades out there, scattered all across the country.
    And maybe a good portion of us like minded folk can hopefully at least work together if the times demand it for survival.
    Although probably only a small fraction of that 65 million are truly physically ready to resist, a small fraction of a big number is still a sizeable number.
    And that number will likely increase as things get rolling and people realize that they cannot afford to sit on the fence or are forced off the fence by events.

    • Wendy, I think a very important part of all this is Leadership. Good leaders inspire others to become leaders themselves. Thats why I admire people like Matt Bracken, Pete here on WRSA, Max Velocity, Vox Day and others.
      Inspiration is an amazing self empowerment. Its so illusive, until it isn’t.
      A couple young kids who work down at the meat shop asked me what I thought of Trump during the election, told them flat out the guy was going to win.
      They looked at me like I had bats flying out of my ears. But asked me why I thought he would win.
      I didn’t mince words, told these kids Trump is The Great Fuck You. The guy is a decent person who believes in people and respects the laws of this country. He was going to win because lot of people sense that under all the showmanship. There’s millions of American’s who like winning.
      They get up every day and no matter what they go about their day and in their minds is the underlying premise I’m not going to fuck up because of me. That is why we put a man on the moon. Nobody wanted to fail. It was a goal that made everyone a part of something great and larger than themselves that they could contribute to.

      One boy replied Trump is just out for himself. He got rich off his daddy.

      Told him that is what the news wants you to think because those running our government do not want any of us getting the idea we can think for ourselves and make decisions based on independent thinking for ourselves.
      Same boy asked if I was voting for Trump.

      I said bet your arse I am. How about you, you two voting? Both said they never registered to vote.
      I said listen, this is your country too. Even if who you vote for looses, it matters, because nobody can make you vote for who they want. Its like our guns. Nobody can take them. You have to choose to give them up.
      You going to give up your rifles?

      Both just stood there shaking their heads no real slow like.
      It was one of those moments.

      I then said there is a kind of revolution gaining traction. I’m a part of it along with millions of others, who are beginning beginning to get this is our country, and it is our responsibility to make it one we like and are proud of. Your a part of it too. Nobody gets out of whats coming. Its no longer up to a thousand or so who have no care about you, me or the people of WV. Only whats in it for them.
      Enough people are fed up and had enough of the crooks and cons in control of our government. Now think about it for a spell, who exactly is in it for themselves? You, me, your dad, Trump? Or those running things today.
      Both boys stood there looking at the ground. You could sense the gears that hadn’t turned starting to move.
      After a minute or so told them in a few hours or a day or so, you are going to think about what we talked about and have the kind of doubts that make everything you thought was right become clouded with doubt and a little voice is going to bug the shit out of you you can’t shut up.

      The same kid asked, you really think Trump will win?
      Ya, I do. I have no doubt about it.
      Tell you another thing, lot of bad shit is going down when he wins. Lot of those crooks and traitors can’t cover up what they have done. They are going to get desperate and start all kinds of shit.

      That kid looks at me and goes Mmmmmph, goes back to work. Never said a word to me again about it. In fact he told my wife he really doesn’t like me all that much. The other kid never said word one.
      I told my wife he doesn’t like himself because everything I said in answer violated his thinking that has been programmed into him from the start.
      It is so disturbing its like pain. Not like folks our age who lived half a century and witnessed either the deliberate obsfucation or destruction of America.

      I still have no doubt about the ultimate outcome.
      Nothing can kill a great idea.
      Until somebody drops a nuke on me, nothing else can change that.
      Simply. Like my guns, I will not give it up.
      Lot of people think like that, they feel it in their bones. Its indomitable.
      Thats what makes a great idea unstoppable.
      America is an idea.
      America isn’t dead by a long shot.
      All thats happening is part and parcel of what happens to great ideas as a natural part of humanity tries to destroy anything good or right.
      But when the ideas that created America came along and where realized, it was like nothing else before it. And evil has worked harder than ever to wreck it.
      We just have to have to fight more for that idea to keep it.
      Its the timeless cycle of good verses evil.

  23. wendystringer48088

    Not all white people are our friends and allies.

    Of course crimminals and thugs of various sorts are not. Also, those on the other side politically, who see their jobs as controlling everything we do and using the power of the state to come down on people trying hard to live normal lives, are definitely not our friends and allies either.

    Since the issue of Children came up – He is an article that I recently came across that shows that those who enforce the nanny state are not the friiends of white children or white families.

    “Toddler Tantrum Costs a Family Everything—Including Their Kids” http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/whats-hot/toddler-tantrum-costs-a-family-everything%e2%80%94including-their-kids/ar-AApaYUB?li=BBnbfcL

    Short version: Child throws a tantrum. Mother puts child on patio, standing by the open window inches away. Police get called. Police arrive talk to parents, Mom gets arrested and charged with child neglect and kids get taken away. Took two months and the kids were badly treated by the sysytem. It’s well worth reading the story (may piss you off and raise your blood pressure though)….

    The sheriff’s deputies and Department of Children and Family Services were definitely not their friends.

    Part of white people’s problem is other white people who love and support the police stae / nanny state.

    • Agree.

      But the Promised Land of the Civil Rights movement in the former United States of America has proven to be a mirage, if not a fraud ab initio.

      And honest genetics are going to cause even more disruption.

      Behavioral origins in the code itself is a bloody hard thing to Kumbaya away.

      And one should look quite askance at anyone associated (i.e., paid by) the Uniparty.

      • Social engineering only works on the weak and the willing.
        That still leaves a silent plurality.
        There’s that great debate of nature verses nurture.
        Its Andrew Breitbarts axiom of “culture is upstream of politics”, Sarah Palin’s ensuing comment to that, “its infiltrating, it’s insurgency”.
        Right now it’s a cold war between insurgency of withdrawal of consent & socially imposed ideology of a spectrum of statism.
        Slaves of the masses who want everyone to be slave like them verses a body of people who just will never bend a knee no matter what. With a lot of fence sitters. The slave masters are trying to force feed the slavery. Try mixing oil and water. The no knee benders are armed. The slaves live self imposed disarmament. They live beyond physical disarmament, they disarmed their own will.
        Is there any two groups of humans more different than that, on a head on collision?

    • Yet again:

      And just because they knock on your door, you’re under absolutely no duty to even answer.
      Let them talk to the exterior paint.
      Eventually, they’ll typically just go away, and find someone else to f**k with.