Buppert: Some Training Considerations – Resistance Is Fertile

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Related thought:

Your local county commissioner or zoning officer likely isn’t infantry, either.

Train to be useful.

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    Say all you want about Third World s**t holes and their lack of technology, vis-a-vis delivery systems. Once ANYONE has a workable, reliable nuclear or thermonuclear device, it can be put in the back of an innocuous-looking semi and parked close enough to obliterate a city. Think about OKC. What if the useful idiot McVay had a 20-kiloton nuke in the back of the Ryder truck?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      For city busting, a ground burst would be a lot less effective than an airburst. It would still do a lot of damage, but not nearly as much as an airburst.

  2. But…but…..

    How will the THAAD target acquisition radar know which semi to target?


    The MIC

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Ees hokay. We mi’ yus take out de truck before eet eber get dere.
      – Drunk driving illegal aliens

  3. Like I said; if Seattle were to disappear tomorrow I’d be buying drinks for the house all month.

    • And you’re an ass. I’ve got a kid in the Army at JB Fort Lewis McCord.

      • I have a kid at Ft. Lewis too. And just two months ago she was here on leave and let us all know she has turned commie, De-lux. I told her she is making herself to be our enemy. She replied so much as “so what? Big deal”, she’s doesn’t ever want to come back to Texas again because we are all so “backward”. I about slapped her stupid commie tongue outta her mouth. Yup, if Kimmy wants to wipe out Seattle, I suppose it could be a good thing. Yeah, I will shed some more tears, but I am cutting her loose a little every day now.

      • Randall Flagg

        Was he conscripted? Nope. He volunteered.

    • If the power goes out or the food shipments stop or the refineries stop working in Anecortes, the Bellingham-Medford I-5 region goes full-stop in 2 weeks with “structure hits” beginning on bridges/pipelines/HV electric. Bad things run by Collectivists who know that revolutions doesn’t happen from a slow burn or muddling along. Backhoes and mass graves, rfn. The non-urban parts of Wa/Or get a few extra weeks. Spokane has an interesting set of problems and solutions. Matt Bracken is an optimist.


        True that about Spokane. That is why the lines of drift are plotted by yours truly and other concerned citizens. I know where they will be going if the surviving Blue Hivers head east. I hope and pray it never comes to that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “if Seattle were to disappear tomorrow”

      Workin’ on it.
      – Mt. Rainier

  4. A good read, I agree wholeheartedly with the premise.

  5. Thomas T. Tinker

    I recall the story about the Marines pinned down in Afarkstan by an unkown number of local citizens with 100 year old bolttubes and surplus ammo from what cave dug in what century? Again…. lets all jusshutup and wait and see what can be provided by who… and when. No-body in the field is going to enjoy any of it. !!! anyone remember what half a gross of unskilled, hungry Jewish folks ..with a trunk load of stolen gear.. did to the German Army in Warsaw. Forlorn hope.. Yepper! How many dead Germans? Pissed off and desperate with little hope, folks tend to step up and deliever.

  6. Campesinos armed with machetes kicked the US Marines out of Nicaragua in the 1930’s…

    • lol

      cavedwelling peasants who wipe their ass their left hand and wear sandals kicked the mighty u.s military out of the ME, and SE Asia…

      • Because libtard pc roe, and presstitute media.

        But you know that full well.


      • Aaaaand which team were you on?
        Always the armchair pogue cadre Unselected, Never the bride.

        And now it’s too late, too old, too gimped.

        Rest on your laurels mighty warrior! Rofl!

        • and what did you ever do to further freedom?


          none of the militards did.

          what they did do was further the tyranny of DC.

          not even your idolized green brays have done a damn thing besides devour tax payers $ on super training and super toys to oppress the people around the world. and then look at them after 5-10 years of being a civilian, a bunch of lard assed slobs living in the past. at least i’m as fit and stronger than i was back in the day. FACT.

          not one ‘operator’ has ever done a damn thing- NOT ONE.

          if so, then why is Fusa not the U.S.A. anymore?

          you can’t hide behind, or wave that flag anymore and think the rest of us will just go along…

          i’m not eating that shit, and everyday more are refusing their serving of it.

          the special forces have let down the american people.

          OWN IT.

        • and quit with the selected horseshit.

          i never wanted anything to with those guys.

          not my bag.

          i went in simply to play with the big boy weapons systems, as my .22 and deer rifle had lost it’s thrill. and play with them ALL i did.


          i never waved the flag,
          never thought was a patriot
          never cared too much about the CONstitushun.

  7. Great article. Your enemy has to sleep somewhere,sometime. Your enemy will not be, even of leg infantry quality.

    Best to know your AO, every street, stream, rail yard, goat trail, power line, deer trail, alleyway rooftop, and basement.

    Wise to learn to read a house interior, from its exterior. Example by recognizing the bathroom vents, you know the bathrooms location. By recognizing oven exhausts piping, you know the kitchen location.

    Window sizes dictate bedrooms, living rooms, or common areas.

    Most residences have three doors, front, back, garage doors. Most hallways are 38 to 42 inches wide. Depending on era of construction.

    Simple sand box training generic boiler plate plastic paper to incorporate walls, hallways leading to the rooms. Amazing just how accurate these drawings can be by knowing a few basic residential construction dynamics.

    FYI, your local SWAT teams uses this tool some where CONUS, daily to ” drop by for a visit”

    Also a four cornered house is numbered in a standard format.

    Front left corner is the ” 1″ corner. Back left corner is the ” 2″ corner. Right rear corner is the “3” corner. And the fromt right corner is the “4” corner.

    Every direction called is from the front. The 1/2 side or the 3/4 side. Even if your behind the house, and hear the 1/2 side it’s the left side. Standard cop military stuff.

    Learn it, it may save your bacon some day.

    KISS, is always best.


    • On a similar note, we can take a lesson from Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. During WW2, shortly after the Germans invaded his country, the then-leader of probably the largest group of anti-German partisans was interviewed. One question put to him was, “How will your men, armed with old rifles, but able to take on the Wehrmacht, armed with new Panzers?” Tito’s answer was both strategically and tactically brilliant (and also displayed a good sense of humor): “Well, when the Germans get out of their new Panzers to take a piss, my men will shoot them with their old rifles.”

  8. The Usual Suspect

    There is a tremendous selection of very accurate evolutions of
    granddads elk rifle, sporting telescopes w/Tremor 2 reticles and
    factory and hand loaded ammunition that rival anything Lake City
    Arsenal can produce.
    A couple of talented snipers can play havoc on a infantry formation
    in a built up area, a hundred can shoot it to pieces.
    There are literally hundreds of precision rifle matches in the FUSA
    every weekend .
    The long range part starts at 600yds, and they keep getting longer.
    Infantry units can only counter this with artillery and air strikes !

    • Artillery and airstrikes bankrupt the user, given enough time. Remember the 10:1 ratio for attackers to be pretty sure of reaching objective (some of this is made by quality-differential between crack 1st world troops and local 14 year olds with poor vision), but don’t underestimate how dangerous motivated defenders can be! All the locals have to do is survive and keep enough hostilities nearby that troops can’t leave. Troops have to WIN, and pretty darn soon Blowing up the Queen’s horses helps too.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Train to be useful. <—This.

  11. The Swiss train to hit a target the size of a human head at 300 meter. All day every day. 10 men armed with 300 Win. Mag. 30:06 or .308 deer rifles 300 to 400 meters apart can control a stretch of territory 300x300x3000 meters. If they have actual dug in “hides” they will be all but invisible. You cannot do this with “assault rifles”. You need bullets that punch hard down range, using match ammo. “One shot. One Kill” stuff. Your “AR” guys are the spotters/ scouts and EXFIL security. Mask your thermal signature and your muzzle flash and you rule over any force for as long as you want to and the ammo holds out. Then fade away and leave some “gifts” behind. ( shit dipped punji traps, and IED “toe poppers”) . Then EXFIL and hit them again elsewhere. Dig a bunker “network” so that no team is ever more than one kilometer from a “FLIR proof” hide and minimum resupply. Make them KNOW that you only have to get lucky ONCE. THEY have to be lucky EVERY DAY. If the enemy leaves then live in peace. If not. Keep killing until they do. If you have the will to fight. No enemy on earth can beat you. If you don’t then you are already a slave and nothing can save you.

  12. One of the best of the recent articles on here.

  13. Bubba White

    If there was a uniformed military action in the USA, I believe it would start out as a control measure over specified areas with lots of check points and patrols to try and (re)gain control of that area. Those check points and accompanying convoys and subsequent military build up operations would allow windows of opportunity for a semi-trained partisan force (with patience, reconnaissance capabilities and TRAINED LEADERSHIP) to acquire grenade launchers, M249s and M240s and other necessities (NVGs/thermals) with which they could then expand their training and operational capabilities (if they deemed the uniformed forces were, in fact, a direct threat to our constitutional republic).
    The first partisans to experience an all out movement to contact/ambush/raid by US forces would not live to tell about it, but subsequent actions against the civilian populace in the USA would not work out for a military force in the long term.
    So, for me, I am going to worry about not having the ability to train with my very own machine gun as much as I am going to worry that I’ll personally be the primary target of the DRF 1 force.

  14. “Train to be useful.” Golden nugget for those of us too old to train into effective patrol or offensive infantry levels.

  15. I keep hearing this stuff about the US hasn’t won a war in a long time. The wars the politicians have sent the troops into weren’t wars of necessity. They weren’t supposed to win. They were wars for profit. Profit for a relatively few people. Most, if not all of the battles were won by the US military. At some point the politicians decide to end the profit taking and move on to the next opportunity. Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq (twice), Somalia (still), Syria, Libya, Yemen. Soon to be opportunities for the big bucks, Ukraine, North Korea, Iran. And the rebuilding money? Sheesh. The troops do ok. They need to be enlightened. They need to know they’re not fighting for freedom. They’re fighting for the Globalist Hegemonic Empire.

  16. That was a very good analysis as far as went. The capability of a modern military to fight and win is a function not only of tactics and organization, but logistical capability. This is where the US military has fallen flat over the past 30 years. Some examples and their implications follow.

    An infantry battalion can’t feed itself. The cooks are now located organizationally in the Brigade Support Battalion, and are part of the BSB’s Forward Support Company that hangs out at the Infantry Battalion’s trains area. Therefore, even an infantry battalion, and its rifle companies have a limited distance they can operate from the Brigade field trains and Brigade Support Battalion.

    The invasion force for Iraq in 2003 was limited in size because of the supply of radio batteries. Industrial production had to be maxed out just to support a three division force in addition to the one division already in Afghanistan at the time.

    In 2005, the military ran out of small arms ammunition. having to buy from the UK and Israel among others, while going full out on domestic production 24 by 7. Current industrial capacity could only supply 17 Brigade Combat Teams and the then OPTEMPO.

    This has tremendous implications for the potential insurgency by FREEFOR in the US. Not since 1865 has the US government had to worry about potential attacks on its industrial base. A couple of examples that might be of interest to readers.

    Suppose a reader is concerned about a drone or Apache firing a Hellfire missile up your butt. Whatever is going to do that has to be within 5 miles of you. Current production rate is 10 missiles a day, and max production is 25 per day, with some 2500 in inventory. Half of that production is foreign military sales. Until 2008, production averaged 1600 missiles per year, or three a day. What if there was an “accident” at the Lockheed Martin production facility in Orlando.

    At the rate of operations in the surge of 2008 to 2010, running the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant ant the secondary production facility kept 17 Brigades and training requirements supplied. For the military to field all brigades and Marine Regiments simultaneously to fight an insurgency will severely stress small arms supplies. It takes almost 1 million rounds of small arms ammo to load out a BCT for combat. Max production, not allowing for training, would provide for 1500 combat actions per year, or 30 per brigade / regiment per year, or not even 3 actions per month, assuming the ammunition supply is not disrupted..

    Quite simply, the US industrial base can’t support a large conflict of severe intensity.

  17. @ Bubba White. Actually MG’s use so much ammo to no effect that they are actually a detriment to an irregular unit. Man portable grenade launchers and AT-4’s are useful but without a “supply train”, belt fed MG’s make an irregular unit weaker by draining it of it’s all important ammo, and sooner than later some numb nuts will come up with the bright idea of stripping ammo from the riflemen to feed the bullet hose, making them that much weaker. An irregular solder only gets the ammo he can carry , and it is common for a belt fed MG to put 500 rounds down range and never hit anything but the ground. While the MG is highly effective at what it does.(forcing people to duck) It can only do it’s thing if it has unlimited resupply of ammo and parts. That’s why so few US units in Vietnam encountered belt fed MG’s before TET ’68. Snipers and sharp shooters are FAR more effective than MG’s when the only ammo you get is what you carry in your web gear. AT-4’s M-203/M-79’s or a”Carl Gustov” would be a MUCH better “find” than any MG. “Base of fire” weapons only work if you can keep them supplied with the enormous quantity of ammo they consume.

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