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  1. Two thoughts:

    1. The moon is racist, homophobic, and xenophobic (has anyone yet posted that the eclipse won’t even be visible from other countries? Wait for it…)

    2. EVERYTHING cuts overwhelmingly through places that voted for Trump.

    • #2: Good point. It would be pretty crazy if the eclipse zigged and zagged between those few blue splotches.

    • When your a statist humping cultural marxist hammer…(did I just repeat myself?)…everything that doesn’t conform to your narrow minded world view looks like a Trump nail.

    • That’s because it’s cosmologically impossible to only have an eclipse only in the thinnest sliver of both coasts, and in the ghettos.

      This is what happens when you hire Lefty idiots (but I repeat myself) as reporters whose only familiarity with science or the cosmos is from their paper’s astrology section.

  2. What did WHO mean by WHAT?

    There really is no way to cut an East-West line without it being majority red. I’m not sure you could even do a North-South line without it either.

    • you’re just a mal-content with your place at the dinner table- which is down in the basement on a fold-out card table.

      see, i can shit on you too. it works both ways…

      those vaccines really work.

      • You are so easy to rile up. You swing at everything! Must have some sort of impulse issues.

        • yeah.

          i hate scum.


          you shitbags don’t even know you’re scum. you look around and everyone looks like you, so you think your normal.

          but make no mistake. you’re scum.

          • Any time I want to get a rise out of someone, I know I can always come here and poke you with a stick. Like I said, you swing at everything like a raving lunatic. Lol!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I-5 and I-95 would have an awful lot of blue

  3. It’s snark. An insult. It’s a way of saying “the sun doesn’t shine on you people.”

    Just my guess, anyhow.

  4. Northgunner

    The eclipse moons hillary supporters…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy l
    Northgunner III

  5. Simply put, it’s clickbait to drive ad revenue. These days, any “news” item with the word Trump in the headline is bound to generate a much higher level of interest (from Trump supporters AND detractors) than the same “news” item without the word.

  6. As a *former* reader of the Boston Globe for many decades, I can tell you that probably about ten years ago – they took a hard left and went full retard. It’s basically just a feminized , BLM, SJW – progressive leftie mouthpiece now. Full of “lifestyle” articles and home improvement pieces full of fancy pictures of houses and apartments decorated by homosexuals.

    Not surprising at all that there is a writer there who would somehow try to make a connection between the path of the eclipse and counties populated by Trump voters even if one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    • Boston Globe is owned by (((NY Times))).

      • Which is also going down the shitter.

        Like I said : I used to read the Boston Globe – for decades. They’re a slim remnant of what they used to be in years past. The Sunday magazine is probably 1/4 the amount of pages it used to be – and the shit they publish is basically old news. Print newspapers are on their way out the door – the NY Times is proving that over and over again by losing money and laying people off.

        I know this decline gets blamed on the internet – but I personally do not think that is what it is. Around the same time the internet came into “adulthood” – the media in this country also took a hard left. The newspapers in particular. It’s something I definitely noticed and grew more and more dissatisfied with reading – and PAYING FOR the leftist swill that constantly filled those printed pages. Eventually they pissed me off one too many times and I just dumped the entire thing.

        Now the wife wanted to continue getting the Sunday paper – so she continued to pay for that. A year or so ago – the lefties stellar business sense kicked in – and they dumped their distribution network and thought they could do better. We didn’t get a paper for a month and a half – until they finally cried uncle and dumped the new service and rehired the old one. From what I’ve read the Globe lost a crapload of readers over that fiasco – readers they could ill afford to lose.

        I think the decline of newspapers has more to do with the utter bullshit leftist trash that fills their pages than anything else. If they actually printed news worth reading – people would still read the newspapers. Instead – what people have is an instant comparison point of how utterly full of shit the newspapers are – by going onto the internet. So the papers took a hard turn left – at the same time that people were presented with way to really find out out that their BS was BS.

        Again – lefties stellar business sense and piss poor ability to understand human nature strike again.

    • My Pop was a newspaperman.Editor,publisher,owner,linotype operator..The real deal. Pop referenced The Herald and The Globe as rags.
      As children we were required to have two recognized daily’s as resource material if we wished to offer an opinion on a current event.The Globe and Herald were considered “reliable sources”.Balance it out with The Woonsocket Call and the Sun Cronicle. Multiple source has always been the key to good intel.

  7. There are people in my family who voted Stein and Johnson, should they stay indoors during the eclipse? Or remain outside and accept their shame? I think we’re entering the stage of things where the left gets Medieval on our asses. This whole thing reminds me of a BIng Crosby vehicle where he used an eclipse to strengthen his hand at a joust. Or was it Merlin did that? Anyway, the leftards are willing to use any hocus-pocus or witchcraft available to get their masses into the street and raising hell and burning things. That they’re even mentioning things like this is significant, and an indication of where their heads are at. Sun-Tzu.

    • >Or was it Merlin did that?
      Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Merlin was the antagonist in that one.

      As to the Boston Glob [sic] and the eclipse, who knows (or cares) what the twit (or is it tweeter?) meant? Any damn fool knows that on a county-scale geographic basis the US is overwhelmingly red, with only a few blue foci of idiot progressives and vote-farmed, weaponized ferals.

      And a shame about the Globe, really. It used to be a generally well-written paper superior to most.


    Savage was right. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  9. That would be the case of any eclipse path across the country. It is not possible to have a north-south path along either coast.

  10. The left must be triggered so that we can get this thing over with. It is coming… Just not fast enough. I’m not even naive enough to believe I may survive the turmoil. Just that watching this dystopian tragedy unravel is like watching grass grow. The idea that we have done anything wrong to deserve the vitriol,ridicule and violence to our persons and property is laughable. If we are to understand the Left, the revelation here is that there is no understanding. Can one understand the actions of a rabid dog, Can a psychotic bent on the destruction of themselves and everyone and every thing be understood? No and emphatically so. There is only resistance and some day soon there will be a reckoning.

    • Well, the profs got all riled up and were off to a fair start. Then a bunch of self starters jumped the line early and beat the piss out them, gave them wedgies and the like and I’ll be damned if it didn’t scare them back to their burrows. Ruined the big fun for everyone.

      So that made me just think of an analogy. When you hunt groundhogs, you don’t shoot when they first show up at the edge of the bean field. You let them waddle all the way out to the edge of the half moon where they’ve stripped all the plants. That way, if you cock up and miss you get a second shot because nine out of ten will stop at the weeds on the field edge and pause to look back, or at the very least use the same pathway they came out on.

  11. The upside is all the red state communities will reap in gobs of libturd money when they visit to watch the eclipse.

  12. Grenadier1

    If you follow the Alt-Right you know the moonman is a racist symbol. This just proves it…

  13. Mountain Cracker

    I self identify as a kitty. Clearly the sun and moon are raciss.

  14. I identify as a werewolf and I find this offensive.

    • Northgunner

      “Paging Warren Zevon!!” “Paging Warren Zevon!! – You’re requested by a werewolf in flyover country!! Also CCR will be opening for you with Bad Moon Rising”.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  15. hummus abedin

    This is the shit you are pointlessly debating about?
    And you wonder why you’re a pack of enslaved
    losers and bathhouse brawlers.
    Wait a moment……
    No you don’t.
    You stupid mutts.

    • +10,000.

      what age group are you in?

      most of these cucks have already had their balls snipped.

      none of them will even speak the hard truth.

      it would bring attention to them, and they have wives, jobs, bills, mortgages…

      blah blah blah blah blah blah

      you know- SLAVES.

      fighters are needed, not wimps with peace and love bullshit.

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