K Blog: More On LosZetasCare

Money changes everything.

CrackerCare ist verloren.

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  1. Boss, you gots to quit having that graphic of the guy in the shit. It really is turning my stomach, especially early in the day when I have to horse down half a dozen pills for G*d knows what. In Rehab there were some real characters not unlike that, and I’m doing my best to forget them. BItte! Don’t nobody ask what my wife has to pay every month in health care premiums, I’ll have to hose her down again to put out the acid flames. I’m eligible for VA Priority Care, but if I had chosen it, instead of BCBS, I would long be dead now. Damn near didn’t survive private care. I had a friend from my old outfit in VN who died from recurring infections this month last year, at the Nashville VA, I begged him to get discharged to some private care, but he wouldn’t do it. To me, the VA is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. You notice things there, like when nurses and even doctors come into your room, and they don’t put on the sanitary gloves before touching you. Simple sanitary procedures left undone, kill you. They don’t have to belay your appointment, all they have to do is touch you. Stay out of VA hospitals!


    Good article. I believe the correct term for all of this is culling. It has already started with us geezers(70+years old). Medicare takes every dime of my SS check and I still pay quarterly premiums and co-pays, with my Blue Cross as a secondary insurance.
    Ten years ago, according to a retired USCG friend of mine, the VA started denying hip replacements to vets over the age of 70. In the near future, they will just issue us walkers and Vicodin and send us home. Or, they will try to turn us into Soylent Green “…for the greater good”, don’tcha know! Thanks to the Second Amendment, I’ll still be allowed to vote.

  3. TueFaat in the news!

    Denied. Again and again. Failure is habit forming?

  4. Socialism doesn’t work, even when white guys get it. Eventually everybody ends up starving.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Erroneous! Untrue! Not everyone starves – the people who get murdered beforehand, for example. They don’t starve.
      – Your Friendly Neighborhood Elite

  5. This white person is finished with the whole debacle. Bring on The Festivities.What we have now-with every.single.mess.-is because CongressCritters decided that only WE have to participate. It’s all pristine and cleanly white in Washington DC;except for those special negroes and latins.

  6. this guy is delusional..

    “…Federal pensions are a sort of hybrid creature. Most federal retirees are going to obviously be white…”

    this may be the case, but i’ve never experienced such a scenario.
    the majority of federal employees i ever see are black, asian, or a mix of who knows what..

    so i stopped reading after that. most so-called “partiot” sites are really just the cheering section for a race that hasn’t tried to compete for quite some time now. last i heard, millionaires are being made in Fusa everyday- even whites have benefited from that. it’s the lazy, fat, and stupid who can’t seem to make ends meet. perhaps these sites should advertise what they really are-

    excuse aggregators.

    seemed just more drivel from some un-employable malcontent- IMO.

    his eulogy will not be a pleasant one- if he even has that luxury…

    i’m sure soylent green inc. is interested in him.

  7. Every time I see the middle pic with the braceros, the urge to pick up a pellet rifle is most strong.