Lies Of Omission Update

Via Twitter.

Many thanks to all of our supporters, not only for their financial and other contributions, but for their patience as hours and hours of raw interview footage became rough cut, became less-rough cut, became final cut, became DVD, and shipped.

We could not have done it without every single one of you.

Lies Of Omission website; especially important is the Endnotes section, which is designed to be an interactive resource pool for viewers, purchasers, and potential purchasers to use in their own journeys to freedom.

See also TL’s related post at Christian Mercenary.

Order yours today.

And help us spread the word – by any means necessary.

8 responses to “Lies Of Omission Update

  1. Thank you for the news. (Coincident, the 12RP t-shirt just got snagged for today’s sojourn.) Looking forward to it.

  2. Gen. Early

    “Omissions” are the most deadly as they go unseen, but by a few, and unreported to a slumbering populace. Always remember Noah was “a Nut” to the prevailing conventional wisdom and political correctness.
    The Feral Gov. is in the midst of a cold civil war with the Trumpsters only having a tenuous grasp on the levers of power. The Deep State continues along mostly unmolested in domestic as well as foreign policy and persecutions.
    An example of a “No Report” from Baltimore……..

  3. When I hear people say “we’re going to lose our Freedom’s” or “tyranny is coming” etc., it tells me that those people are in denial of what is already here.

    This is a country run by lawyers (most politicians that have sworn an Oath to the BAR System) and bankers that have used the media to propagandized the sheep into believing Privileges (Civil Rights) are the same as Rights – and the sheep have fallen right in step.

    Other than when to go take a piss – everything you do is controlled by Permits/Licenses/Permissions from some “authority” that the sheep keep putting on pedestals – Cops/Sheriffs, City Counsels, Mayors, Lawyers/Politicians, Media Whores, UN-Constitutional Agency’s (over 1000), etc.

    Drivers Lic, Business Lic, What type of Gun you can own, Carry Permit, Building Permit, Hunting/Fishing Lic, Vehicle Registration, Land Use Permits, State/National Park Permits, Fucking Cattle Grazing Fee’s…

    And if you think you OWN your home or property, stop paying the tribute and see what happens.

    Very very few alive today have ever experienced real freedom – free from asking permission for everything.

    I’ve meet old men who said that they never needed a hunting lic back in the day (30’s, 40’s, 50’s) – and when ask why they need one now, they just shrug their shoulders.

    People have no clue what they have given up – yet claim to be Free.

    We aren’t losing our freedoms, They were taken away decades ago by those who claim to be protecting them – that WE keep supporting.

    The best slave is one who claims he is free.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay–yup, “buy the DVD.”

    A few thousand will go sold, and the message will go largely unseen and unheard.

    Would’a been better to post it on Youtube with a “donate” link–this would have raised far more cash, and the video gain several million hits/views in just a week.

    Seems we in the conservative movement are still living in the 70’s and 80’s when it comes to distributing out messages. To think that the producers actually went though a DVD replication, packaging and a current “mail out” process (mail out!!) makes me sick to my stomach.

    This is perfect example on just how we fail.

    FYI–someone will post it on one of the “free streaming sites” within a week or so, and your whole marketing concept will fall apart.

  5. Best wishes to T.L. on this.
    I know what it’s like to finish that kind of project, and he deserves every bit of satisfaction from that project he gets. And then some.

  6. floyd winston

    just bought a dvd. need to rustle up an optical drive…

  7. Where do I purchase a few copies. Thinking they will make great gifts for my nieces and nephews, sons and daughters.

    If we’re to make a difference, it will have to be the younger sets.

    Anyway I’d like to buy 10/12 of the DVDs. A dress and cost lease.