Picking On The Poor Hispanic Kid


Have a real skill.

Speak English.

Be able to support yourself upon arrival.

Don’t be a thief/socialist/Communist/STD carrier/Muslim/deviated prevert/low-IQ mooch.

Don’t hate white people.

Better yet, just stay where you are and make that place better.

As for the malcontents here already:

31 responses to “Picking On The Poor Hispanic Kid

  1. LIMPs, they has an agenda, and it’s not pro-Luburty

  2. Alan kvasnik

    As I’ve followed the endless gaffes, misspoken gibberish, wasted opportunities, bad hires, lost moments and such of the last eight months I am still thrilled that she lost and he won, and this was a very satisfying thing to watch, putting them down rubbing them in their nonsense and dismissing their ideas in a public forum is a win-win for all of us
    Mr Miller nails it

  3. “Have “real skill.
    Speak English.
    Be able to support yourself upon arrival.
    Don’t be a thief/socialist/Communist/STD carrier/Muslim/deviated prevert/low-IQ mooch.
    Don’t hate white people.
    Better yet, just stay where you are and make that place better.
    As for the malcontents here already:
    GO HOME!


  4. Deploy troops to the fucking border. Employ unemployed vets to begin deportation of every swinging dick who came here in the last ten years.

    Look he’s gotta do something to keep his base in check. This helps because the 35 million cocksuckers who poured accross the rio grande over the last decade were all non english speakers and this law would have stopped them…..oh wait.

  5. “have a real skill”

    too bad most murkins white or any other color don’t even know how to wipr their ass properly let alone have any damn skills.

    I was an employer, and all of my employees were white.

    a dumber more irresponsible bunch i couldn’t imagine.

    there’s a reason so many tradesmen hire foreigners…

    they actually wake-up, show-up, and WORK.

    i closed up shop because i was just plain tired of baby sitting adult aged boys- white boys. sure that hurts most of your feelz, too bad, it’s the honest truth.

    • There’s a lot of truth to that. Not so long ago we re-roofed our house. The workers were Mexicans, they worked hard and competently and were enjoying themselves as they worked. Maybe they knew almost no English. Maybe they were “illegals”. Why should I care, really? I just wanted my fucking house roofed with no drama, and that’s what I got.

      Not that there aren’t plenty of “real” Americans willing to work, but sometimes it’s hard to find them among all the bums.

  6. And I said, ” You don’t lead em’ as much”.

  7. Grenadier1

    Mark Steyn is on Carlsons show about every night and he is a true gem. Best 2 minutes on the evening news-tainment.

  8. terribletroy

    Why would it hurt my feelings as a white person to acknowledge that you have shitty hiring practices? You hired em dumb ass.

    • i bet your loser ass works for someone- huh?

      so 1 white out of nearly 100 is not a pattern?

      youare dumb aren’t you?

      the fact is the vast majority of white murkins are as useless as the rest of the worlds scum.

      i don’t care to bother looking up the stats, but i’d bet $ there are just as many whites on welfare and foodstamps as there are any other group.

      go lay down terrible toenail..


      • 1 worthy man out of 100 whites.

        that 1 went on to be a scientist for baxter Pharmacueticals.

        and he can owe it to my reference and praise of hie potential.

        i highly doubt you are much more than a blue collar clock puncher.

        how’s that working out?

        already bought your second home paid in cash yet?

        didn’t think so.

        fuck off bottom feeder

        • I’m not one to stick an oar in too often, but I would like some clarification…

          If you hate the po-po so much, you probably like private security, and being as wealthy as you are, you can afford it.

          However, white people, except the 1 in 100, are all useless pieces of shit, and anybody that was in the military is out, so that leaves what?

          A private security force of nogs, beaners and mixed muds to protect your ass in hard times, because they wake up on time and actually work?

          Good luck with that…

          • get rid of 300 million of them and there’s not much need for any security, now is there?

            that’s what it all comes down to..there’s too many useless fucks roaming around searching for their next easy scam or theft. the only people i see working anymore are check-out clerks and truck drivers, and of course parasitic teams of county workers. you the type, 10 guys wearing neon yellow vests, 4 pieces of equipment, and only one guy working while the others are fucking off.

            call a tradesman these days and you get outrageous quotes that only a fool would agree to. My neighbor and i just had this discussion. he’s raised his pier 3ft due to high water levels. he got 3 prices and decided to just buy a damn used backhoe, being he already had a dump truck parked there and did it himself with the help of his 12 year old son and father in law.

            we all laughed at how the job paid for the backhoe and it was done much better and much faster than hiring some dirty, sweaty t-shirt wearing rum bums.

            you should have seen these two. wearing clean pants and tucked in shirts, clean shaven, busting ass and happy to be doing the work themselves.

      • “According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.”

        Of course blacks receive assistance out of proportion to their population size, but still…

        • so.

          40% are white and all the other races combined totaled 39%


          shoots down the hard-working “skilled” white superiority theory…

          • Check your maths there Descartes. You need to compare total population demographic to assistance population demographic.

            Hint: it’s a very similar over representation for certain races, similar to the one found in violent crime stats.

            Ps: in reference to one of your earlier brag-ejaculates, I was class leader and a distinguished military graduate, too, back in 88. It was a little more cerebral than yours, that’s all.

            • all i really care about is eliminating 300 million of you.


              then maybe decent folks can enjoy themselves without having to be exposed to the wretches of so-called society.

          • What a moronic comment. The grade school concept of proportionality is completely lost on you.

            Only 13% of whites are receiving means-tested welfare benefits. Who knows how many of these “whites” are actually mislabeled Hispanics or some type of Middle Easterner. 36% of Hispanics are receiving benefits; a percentage that would no doubt be a lot higher if the tens of millions of barely literate, low IQ illegal aliens in this country were eligible. And (of course) blacks top the charts with 41.6% receiving public assistance.

            • whatever.

              go groom your ass hair that has overtaken your face.

              clean yourself up-if possible, and get a fucking job.


  9. The immigration insanity goes back to St. Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 legislation which totally revamped the system in favor of Third World immigration, and the almost total disinterest in immigration law enforcement by our lords and masters, both parties, all three branches, and most of the electorate. It was all just funny as hell, with no downside. The few of us in the field that saw the realities tried to get the word out, but nobody cared.

    50 years later, this is what you get.

  10. I must disagree with that last bit.

    To all of the malcontents here, the best they can do is fucking DIE!!!


  11. Speak English and have a skill. That would seem to favor Asians. How do you verify they have a skill? Even H1B visa holders are getting through by falsifying resumes.

  12. Quite entertaining watching Miller rub Acosta’s face in his own pile of shit he dropped on the press room carpet…

  13. If TeyFaat would only give me some of his copious riches, I swear I would spend it all on scratch off lottery tickets.

  14. “Better yet, just stay where you are and make that place better.”

    On the immigration front that is probably the most likely successful approach. Not that there are better arguments, there are. But one has to frame the argument within the construct that re-appropriates the Left’s own thinking.

    Its not ‘the tired, the poor, the hungry…’. Its ‘the ultimate in Cultural Appropriation our country sucking the best, the brightest, the eager out of another country which then hampers that country’s development!’. The lesser point is people are ‘infrastructure too!’ and we should be as the Left says “Investing in our future!”. Both memes taken together can shutdown the tired-poor meme that the Left uses.

  15. re: masthead — “Emma Lazarus was a socialist who wanted to bring millions more ideological allies to the country in which she was born.”

    Given. But she ironically was an American nationalist as well. Don’t have to believe me its embedded in the one poem nearly most school kids know —

    … Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips.
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    That first bit it seems to never make it in any litany of the Left. That was the slap that no nobility need approach. During the period that the poem was written the waning days of the Swedish potato famine were drawing to a close. Yeah, more of those dang white honkeys. Irony is the homeless bit was directed to people hit by potato famines — Irish, Russian, Swedes, all European stock.

    The Left has subsumed the poem in a very narrow meaning that I suspect even today the author would not find to her liking.

  16. Teddy’s daddy was a fan of Socialists tried to overthrow the US Govt through the American Legion and Smedly Butler

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