This Is Fine

Engineering Education: Social Engineering Rather than Actual Engineering

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  1. Northwen Gunner

    As mucn instrutor said at the last tactical training when shooting through windshield glass.


  2. Northwen Gunner

    As my instructor said at the last tactical training when shooting through windshield glass.


  3. Northern Gunner

    As my instructor said at the most recent tactical training when shooting through windshield glass.


  4. Northern Gunner

    Apprently I cannot post correctly 😂😂😂

  5. These people are destroying Western civ. What the fuck are we supposed to do about it? We can’t vote them out. We can try as hard as we can to ignore them and orient our lives away from them, but they will not allow that. They follow us wherever we go. Grow your own food and homeschool your kids. But eventually they will find their way into that as well. So what do we do? Kill them all? Why hasn’t that started?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “So what do we do? Kill them all? Why hasn’t that started?”

      Because no one is willing to be the First Penguin.

      • oh, there’s those who are willing.

        but for what?

        for who?

        no one will follow anyways.

        their too CUCKED.

        • +1000
          As we’ve seen, time and time again.

        • the Jew obtains consent via debt-financed gibs. When the debt blows, the Jewpower goes. This has been so for 3,000 years. Then there’ll be plenty of followers.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Like Merlin told Arthur in Excalibur, the only way to find out about a cake is to taste it, and once you’ve tasted it, it’s too late to turn back. The only way to know for sure whether people will follow is to lead, and once you do, you’re committed, regardless of what they do.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    Seems purfectly logical to me….what better way than to keep all the deplorables and other useless mouths all concentrated in the BIG CITIES, where they can be (ahem) “looked after,” rather than fleeing via bridges to the hinterlands where the last vestiges of independence flicker.

    P.S. the dudes in the red, water-logged sedan floating in this bridge collapse pic could not be reached for comment, but, what the hell–great JOB OPPORTUNITY for personal injury lawyers, court whores, undertakers, salvage crews, media, and “shovel ready” re-hab jobs. BRILLIANT, Dean Riley! MAGA! 2 + 2= whatever you want it to be! Angles of repose–who needs ’em? elasticity, torsion and torque of steel I-Beams, who cares?

  7. thesouthwasrght

    This shit is why I am already making other plans for my kids edu national needs for him to be a productive adult. Should we still have a country by then.

  8. With the fall of the military and now engineering as performance based fields, there are now only two possible outcomes. The first, and most likely, is a complete collapse of Western Civilization and the people who created it. The second, which will require nothing short of a miracle, will be a white male resurgence that will exclude all but white males from any position of note within society. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the field of engineering has been under attack with affirmative action and diminished standards for a very long time.

  9. a follower

    There are many “viruses” spreading. viruses in their minds and in their blood.
    Seek God.

  10. Yes that is fine. Boys are girls. Up is down. War is peace. Diversity builds bridges?

    Imagine what would happen if a state governator were to go rogue and declare that he wanted to make his state great again (as opposed to Goldman Again) by doing everything to preserve it’s borders, culture and language. Everything.

    It won’t happen (see Barnhardt axiom) but just imagine that for a moment.

  11. Wow. WTF.

    This will be fun to watch when everything starts falling apart.

    Time to invest in 4WD since it looks like standing bridges and non-crumbling roads will become a thing of the past.

  12. Northgunner

    If art were life, Dagny Taggert would walk up to her with a sledgehammer, ring her bell and then finish the job by driving a railroad spike through her heart!

    Here’s this marxist fish wife’s email if you want to tell her what to go ‘engineer’:
    (765) 494-4600 (main campus phone number)

    Here’s a couple of articles to give you an idea of where this wing nut is coming from:

    A Realists Appraisal of what’s happening here:
    Marxist Engineering? Social Justice Delusions in Hard Science

    Queered Science Interview: Dr. Donna Riley and Engineering Social Justice
    (Gushy, feelgood emotionally based tripe not worth bundling in fishwrap!!)

    “You describe your work as liberative pedagogy. What does this mean in practical terms, in the classroom and in interactions with students?

    I actually treat this as an open question in my classrooms – I present some ideas from the family of critical or liberative pedagogies – feminist, anti-racist, queer, post-colonial/decolonizing, and others – and ask what it would mean for students to find a classroom liberating – from what? To what? Students are active participants in their own education; I am trying to do away with what Freire called the “banking system” of education, still so common in the sciences and engineering, where professors are assumed to hold the knowledge, make “deposits” in students’ minds, then ask them to regurgitate knowledge on tests. I am instead trying to have students bring what they already know from the authority of their experience, share knowledge among the class, and translate theory into action for change in some way. Together we question the silences in our field around race, class, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and other forms of identity, and ask what we are learning about diversity when it cannot be discussed in professional science and engineering settings.”

    No wonder the universities,are so thoroughly screwed up. This sjw cunt would probably consider the use or possession of a slide rule to be a micro aggression trigger event demonstrating potential rape and oppression.

    May reality bitch slap her soundly!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  13. Virgil Kane

    Engineering is the practical application of science and mathematics. It doesn’t involve your feelings.

  14. No surprise the cancer metastasized to the last bastion of real education. Elegant engineering will be replaced by Afro-engineering.

  15. But, but, but… she’s just trying to build bridges over troubled waters!??!!

    And spread the wreckage into the last unsullied vestige of white western civ.

    Rope, lamp post, “academic”… you know the rest.

    • Northgunner

      “But, but, but… she’s just trying to build bridges over troubled waters!??!!”

      The sarc is strong on this one…
      -Zombie Barf Nadir

      She isn’t competent enough to fashion an ice cream stick bridge over the River Kwai..let alone “troubled waters”!!

      Yup, rope + lamp post + “academic” = ecologically friendly raven treat that will amaze and amuse for a couple of weeks.

      Here’s what the sign near her would say:
      Here dangles Donna Riley…
      As a ardent sjw she thought of herself most highly!
      At Purdue she engineered Western Civ’s
      Never once giving thought to the rope and lamp posts construction.
      As a committed follower of Alinsky…
      She of the intellectual ‘Elite’ could only
      envision her glorious “winski”.
      Her plans and desires crossed a self-destructive border.
      For this she now off a deathly
      A lesson here for her fellows of like mind and elitest cravings…
      Rope and lamp posts do crows and ravens!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Northgunner

        Donna Riley would never condescend to raise a bridge; the very idea of “erecting” anything would be a micro aggressive “trigger” that would leave her in convulsive spasms as she incoherently rants about the “MANifestation of oppressive white domination and ‘rape culture'” (she better pray to Mamamakemerugmunch that she NEVER encounters any moslems; they’ll give her a first hand education about a REAL ‘rape culture’!!).

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  16. It really is the human extinction movement.
    Need a more descriptive term than psychopath to describe them.
    At some stage they are going to have to create a corps of thought police roaming the countryside looking for apostasy because the laws of physics will end up being white privilege or something.

    Can’t have such inconvenient truths ruining a perfectly good mass derangement syndrome.

    Makes me ponder at what stage this mass insanity especially in the cities where nothing tangible to the necessities of life is produced, begins to implode in on itself, because fooling around with relativity has dire consequences. This insanity doesn’t grow food, manufacture paper, medicine, energy, supply water, deliver goods by truck and rail, keep the sewage systems running.
    I’m saying at some point this spectacle, at some point crosses out of the surreal expression of the truly deranged on Faceborg and inner sanitariums of 5th column intelligentsia, and has to take on physical form of enforcing the madness on a real physical world ruled by irrefutable laws of nature.
    To my thinking, there is only one course for these whack-jobs, they must wage total genocide on thousands of years of Western civilization, they must destroy every vestige of reality, because reality and these insane asylum patients are totally incompatible with the fruits and culture of the last 12 centuries.
    In many ways they are the caliphate of marxism.

    Know what I’m saying here?
    They either have their way and 5000 years of human history is extinguished to satisfy their insanity, or they are exterminated, hunted down like vermin till none are left.
    They are the prelude to existential war of total genocide on everything outside their collective insanity and even that is subject to their derangement.
    If the laws of physics is apostasy to these idiots, then everything that exists in the west is a target for genocide. From thought to potatoes in your garden.

    This attaching the identity tactics of “white privilege” bullshit is reconisence by fire.
    You know what that means right?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      In the 20th Century, they were exterminationists, just wanting to kill everyone who didn’t march in lock-step with them. When they realized that was impossible, they became extinctionists, just wanting to kill everyone.

    • Northgunner

      “I’m saying at some point this spectacle, at some point crosses out of the surreal expression of the truly deranged on Faceborg and inner sanitariums of 5th column…”

      You betcha Boss!

      Ayn Rand spoke EXACTLY about this in “Atlas Shrugged”; chiefly the destructiveness of envy coupled with leaving critical elements and related engines of civilization in the hands of rank fools and utter incompetents.

      As the character of Gandalf the White would have said, “Stay this madness!!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  17. Per “Doo” all right.

  18. Just plain todd

    Who fucking cares anymore. Fusa is beyond fixing. Burn this muddafukka down then start over. Having a great time here in ouray colo. Take care of you and yours.

  19. Josey Wales

    After hearing Mitch Daniels address the graduating class with the following speech, this will be interesting…

    The intimidating challenge for every commencement speaker is to say something even remotely interesting or original. The sobering reality is that, even if you do, no one will remember it for very long.

    But there are some words that, however overused, are appropriate and even essential on these occasions. Phrases like, “Is this hat on straight?,” and “Say cheese!” And one more that is probably the most common of all: “We’re so proud of you.”

    You’ll be hearing those words all day long, and rightly so.

    In a few minutes, you will be a recipient of one of the proudest emblems of achievement possible at this stage of your life: a degree from Purdue University. In a way not all college degrees connote, the world will know you earned it. As you know, here we aren’t into “participation trophies.” Year in, year out, good grades are hard to earn at Purdue. Year in, year out, our graduates surpass those of other institutions in the eyes of employers, graduate schools, and their future colleagues in life.

    So a Purdue commencement, this day of great pride, may seem an odd place to talk about humility. But that’s the word that kept coming to mind as I reflected ahead to this event; because if there is a single quality that one associates with your university and one quality that will assist you in earning other emblems of achievement later in life, it is the inverse of pride. It’s the trait we call humility.

    I know I’m not the first person to bring this to your attention. You may have first heard it at church. Almost all the religious traditions admonish their adherents to guard against excessive pride. The Proverbs are full of warnings about it: “Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Confucius taught: “A wise man has dignity without pride; a fool has pride without dignity.” The Buddha cautioned against letting praise affect “the poise of the mind. Follow the calmness, the absence of pride.”

    The ancients came to similar conclusions. In mythology, one of the most powerful images is that of Icarus, whose pride led him, fatally, to believe he could fly near the sun. Marcus Aurelius wrote “Short-lived are both the praiser and the praised.”

    These days, advice like that is out of fashion. Everywhere one looks, it’s a showboat, look-at-me, dance-in-the-end-zone world. The age of the pseudo-celebrity, where people of no apparent talent or character, famous only for being famous, people who never could have passed English 106 or Math 153, let alone a course in thermodynamics or microbiology, preen and strut and spout off on subjects they know little or nothing about. So maybe all those ancient admonitions just don’t apply anymore.

    Or maybe they apply more than ever. Maybe humility, the awareness that one’s own ideas, values and attitudes may just not be superior or perfect, is the quality that makes a person wiser and more effective, a better learner in an era of unending education, a better teammate in a project team world.

    Drafting history’s first constitution restricting a government to the consent of its people, Ben Franklin suggested to his fellow delegates that they all resolve to doubt just a little their own infallibility. The modern world is full of self-styled experts, not nearly as smart as Old Ben, for whom a little self-doubt might have come in handy.

    On the first Earth Day, confident scholars from places like Harvard and Stanford predicted worldwide famine and starvation, a universal need for gas masks in urban areas, the complete exhaustion of crude oil and a host of other raw materials, and the coming of a new Ice Age, all well before now. Your first years of life were filled with predictions of collapsed electric grids, planes falling from the sky and revolutions worldwide, from the failure of software programs to handle the change of centuries. The economic forecasters of our federal government just completed what one could call a perfect season. Eight years out of eight, they predicted substantially faster economic growth than the nation experienced.

    You’d think that the election year just past would have boosted the National Humility Index a little. We discovered that most “talking heads” were talking nonsense. Highly paid pundits wrote reams of what turned out to be rubbish. An entire industry, public opinion surveying, is in crisis after its readings turned out to be grossly inaccurate and based more on flawed assumptions than statistically valid methodology.

    There are worse forms of hubris than overconfident forecasting. History is replete with the cruel arrogance of those who believed they had the genius to reorder society and the lives of their fellow humans. In their most benign and well-intentioned form, they produced short-lived failures like the New Harmony colony here in Indiana. But this same proud presumption also gave rise to the worst monsters of history, the totalitarians of the last century who murdered millions in the unshakeable belief that it was their right to tell others how to live, even to reshape human nature itself.

    I bother you with all this because life will soon invite you to overindulge the pride you justifiably feel today. Few, if any of you, were raised to see yourselves as an aristocrat, but in a real sense that is what you now are. Today’s aristocracy is of a new and very different type. It’s based not on title or land or inherited wealth, but on intellect and learning. The kind that claims almost all the best jobs in our economy; the kind that, in fact, puts less-educated folks out of work. The kind that made a handful of kids at Snapchat richer in their 20s than George Eastman was when Eastman Kodak dominated the photographic world and employed a quarter-million workers.

    Some of you will invent the next round of productive tools that will eliminate somebody’s jobs. That’s progress, and it’s inevitable. But will others of you create new businesses with new opportunities for those displaced? Or new ways of learning that enable them to find new work, and with it the dignity that comes only from earning one’s own success?

    Just as important, will you recognize that your degree doesn’t mean that you know what’s best for those without one? Or that, even if you did, it’s not your right to make the decisions of life for them? A lot of damage has been done by people who, in their well-educated superiority, saw those around them not as creatures of dignity but as objects of therapy.

    Too much pride may annoy those around you, but what’s worse is the growth it can prevent within you. When you’re too self-assured to accept the greater wisdom of others, you deny yourself a lot of continuing education. Lord Maynard Keynes’ economic theories haven’t worked out too well, but I’ve always admired his rule: “When I find I’m wrong, I change my mind. What do you do?”

    The stubborn refusal to admit a mistake and absorb its lessons can be the biggest mistake of all. I have never found “Oops” a difficult word to say, and what follows saying it is often a great learning opportunity.

    At one especially low moment, when I felt I had let down a cause and in fact a President of the United States, then Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige snapped me out of it with some simple but sage advice: “Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment.” Don’t be too proud to face up to your goofs and improve your future judgment.

    Starting when you leave campus today, it will become all too natural for you to slip into your new status in the knowledge elite and to drift away from the millions of your contemporaries who didn’t make it to Purdue or some place of comparable opportunity. You’ll likely work with people much like yourself; socialize with them; one day probably marry someone similarly well-educated. Without meaning to or even thinking about it, you may find yourself living in a social class apart from far too many of your fellow citizens. That will disserve them and limit you. Try not to let it happen.

    There’s one good reason I doubt that you will. It’s because you attended this particular university. Because, just as high achievement is a Purdue hallmark, so is humility. Maybe it’s in the DNA so many Boilermakers arrive with, from families that taught them all this years ago. Or maybe, as our biologists might say, it’s epigenetic, a trait their time at Purdue helped embed in their characters.

    All I know is that, over and over, your greatest predecessors have been as authentically humble as they were accomplished. Capt. Chesley Sullenberger, awash in adulation for his piloting skills that saved 155 lives, subject of a movie bearing his name, has yet to utter a conceited word. Neil Armstrong, in an elevator with an oblivious, starstruck matron who was telling everyone around her that the famous astronaut was staying in their hotel, got off without ever identifying himself. The father of Purdue computer science, Dr. Alan Perlis, famous for his “Perlisisms,” used to say, “In programming, as in everything else, to be in error is to be reborn.”

    It’s not just the old-timers. The ethic of humility is alive today. Akshay Kothari, who created the news scan company Pulse and sold it to LinkedIn for $90 million, now runs LinkedIn’s 750-person affiliate in India, at the ripe old age of 30. When asked by our Indian alumni newsletter for one piece of advice for today’s students, he said – can you guess? – “Stay humble.” Maybe I should have just quoted Akshay and sat down.

    Class of 2017, I’ve been waiting for you and this day. You were the first class I welcomed to campus after taking up my official duties at Purdue. I hope you don’t mind that I think of you as my classmates. I just know you are bound for exciting places, great achievements, thrilling moments. And that, when those moments come, you will meet them with the quiet grace the world has come to associate with the word “Boilermaker.”

    Oh, in case I forgot to mention it: We’re so very, very proud of you.

    Hail Purdue, and each of you.

    • My commencement speech —

      You Suckers! You, your parents, the taxpayers have spent the better part of $100k so you can go party, go rah-rah at the gridiron and for what? Nearly all of you have not improved your cognitive skills one wit save the esoteric labels on beer cans. Two thirds of you are still reading at a 5th grade level. Your math skills are on par with those in Uganda. But thru it all you got ‘an experience to last a lifetime’.

      You certainly did. But that experience will come monthly as the government sucks what little earnings you make to pay for the student loans you took out to pay for it all. But there will be all the other things you won’t experience — a nice house, a nice car, a nice career. For you see you are not unique. The higher ed schools fed you a line and you gulped it up hook, sinker and all. Of all those the could go to college, did go to college. So in the great crush of edukated dolts that number in the millions you are just one of them. To paraphrase Stalin, ‘A polluted mind is a tragedy, a million polluted minds is a statistic’.

      Polluted minds you are too. From your programming by the RA on ‘ethnic awareness’ in the segregated dorms, to your capstone course in ‘Phallic Symbolism in Engineering’ you have been fed a load of crap. Why would anyone hire you? You can’t add two three digit sums in your head to save your life but can quote Engles till the cows come home. And dismiss the premise “I’ll learn it on the job!” because the employers expect you to already know how to do that, right? Have you ever assessed what percentage of your curriculum was actually in your major? Of course not, but don’t be shocked if you find out it is less than 30% of the courses you took. The rest was just filler to add to your ‘experience’.

      As you leave here today, be aware that you will face one more indignity — you will most likely be underemployed. Your BA in __________ Studies is worthless. You told the counsellor you did not want to ‘do maths’ and by God they accommodated you! But fear not, luck maybe on your side. With the dint of hard work and snide remarks on the side of the coffee cup you may very well advance from barrista to manager! They say Starbucks will open another 5000 stores over the next decade so you have a shot. Well maybe, if the robots don’t get there first.

      God Speed and Good Luck!

      Guaranteed they have not heard that bit of truth.

  20. The Walkin' Dude

    I wonder how many liberal heads would explode if various flavors of Right decided to take over the Dem party.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      Wew, some of y’all write a fuckin thesis paper in these comment sections.

  21. Related in terms there’s more than one faction of the human extinction movement. Instead of coup by cultural marxism, there’s coup by the deep state.
    Jim’s Blog: Coup by permanent government in the wind

    Jim brings up some very interesting points. Especially regarding Mueller’s “Grand Jury”, ( then there is the act of treason by congress yesterday to stop the President from shit-canning the fucking globalist piece of human garbage Mueller for more treason).
    Briefly, Grand Juries are for indictments, the prelude to arresting somebody. That is their intent.
    Jim brings up some dynamic points.

    Now not for nothing, Ol’ Trump is a shitlord. He has surrounded himself with loyal dedicated shitlords. Its how shitlords roll.
    Imagine Mueller, and who knows what he has for armed traitors, what Interpol globalist dick suckers, rogue FBI agents, US Marshals, arresting the sitting legitimate elected president of the united states on, no pun intended, trumped up charges, against Trump?

    Would Mattis and his Marines stand idly and allow their charge and CinC to be arrested by one world order scumbags?

    And who knows what the reaction of millions of dirt people who voted for Trump would evolve into.

    The lawless fucks unlawfully arresting the most lawful president since 1862, that spells “Constitutional” crisis on crank.

    I keep wondering what these deep state clowns are thinking. They have the desperation to retain power, and the power to go through with an attempt, but they do not have the resources to hold 65 million Americans, and extremely pissed off Americans at that, hostage under Martial Law. They will have to declare it if they managed to actually put Trump behind bars.

    I’ve contended from the start this country would become totally ungovernable.

    • <–this and we are headed there at warp speed now I need to change that sawblade out and get going again, winter's coming

      • I hear you. Cut down two trees yesterday myself. Started splitting it. Last year I fabricated a big ol’ splitting mall. One swing splits everything but crotch wood. Hand split 7 cords last fall. Every evening before dinner I split up to a half a cord. 30 minutes and its done. In 2 weeks its a mountain of wood. Goes easy that way. Everyone thinks I’m nuts. But it is really not that difficult. You make your cord wood a little bit steadily at a time.
        I’m getting back to old school. Been buying or scrounging big old crosscut saws wherever I see them, getting them back into working condition. Seriously, if it drops in the bucket, it will be difficult to get fuel, oil, chains etc. And a chain saw can be heard for miles.
        I’ve learn to save everything, all the small wood, bark, everything. It makes a huge difference. That stuff burns well, my wife feeds the stick size wood a few pieces at a time all day. Actually makes way more heat than I ever figured. The big stuff is for overnight or when we can’t tend the stove all day. I burn all the leftovers from making firewood in the garden after everythings harvested. It is a 1st rate fertilizer. Not much goes to waste.

        There’s a hard few years coming I’m thinking. This fucking bullshit with the deep state is not going to end well. They’re out of their fuckin’ minds, they are gonna pull the plug on our country. Lunatics all of them.

        We all had it made. Everyone. But noooo, that wasn’t enough.

  22. Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.

    • Northgunner

      And as a “Man of the West”, this echoes the same message…

      LOTR The Two Towers – “Where is the Horse and the Rider?”

      THIS is the kind of courage and spine that is required!!
      Aragorn’s Speech at The Black Gate

      Do not take counsel of your fears!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  23. Idiocracy in motion, didn’t take 500 years though, more like 50.

    Should a sizable number of Purdue alumni end donations immediately, this nonsense would likely come to a screeching halt.

    But, they likely won’t.

  24. As a machinist that worked my way to an engineering position without a degree, I looked into pursuing one while working full-time.
    After researching different local schools, I found that ALL of them have b.s., sjw, class requirements in their engineering programs.
    This “virus” is everywhere; catering to “diverse”, incompetent, employees on shop floors. Ain’t affirmative action great?


    So when engineering students have to take “diversity classes” instead of calculus, structure analysis, etc. guess what will happen? Purdue’s enrollment will drop like a stone in water. Other engineering colleges not burdened by syphilitic cosmic white Marxist thinking will pick up the slack.
    This has been proven by the fallout over the downturn in enrollment at U of Mizzou, after BLM and that hatchet-faced Marxist Jewess Melissa Click started the riots. I would be willing to wager that Evergreen State College in WA will see the same results this Autumn. Economics 101 has a way of culling the lunatics and losers out of the hard-core realities of competence in scientific disciplines.

  26. Wait, you mean we’ve seen some dogs…full-on dogs…peeing on a fire hydrant?!?
    I mean full-on St. Bernard hosing it down too; none of that two-drop leg-jiggle dry-hole dehydrated chihuahua pissing.
    We’re talking A-Bladder-Full-Of-Piss Pissing???
    Right on the m*****f***ing fire hydrant?????

    Goddam dogs. WTF were they thinking?

    Say, just wondering, what happens to people like that when the bubble pops, and colleges can’t find anybody stupid enough to shell out for their worthless degrees, and their building loan note comes due?
    And all the former students just say “F**k it” to ever repaying those government loans, because entitled twatwaffles, and “I’m already broke. What are ya gonna do, take away my birthday?”