Why Is The NYT Trying To Rehabilitate Communism?

I guess “because they are Bolsheviki shitbirds and feel as if this is their moment” doesn’t satisfy essay length minimums.

Oh well.

Fortunately, there are many traditional Americans who can adapt to the new ways:

Sauce, gander, goose.

54 responses to “Why Is The NYT Trying To Rehabilitate Communism?

  1. Oh, if only they’d wear the uniforms of those they idolize! Alex Jones had a great point today about how the ‘Elite’ tried this back in the 1930s but back then they loved Hitler and Mussolini

    • The NKVD, MGB, and KGB all wore black uniforms.

      But they were Communist police.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        When I was in the Soviet Union, the KGB guys wore regular Red Army uniforms; they just had collar tabs that said “GB” (in Cyrillic).

    • Do you know, how we know, you know nothing of history?

  2. Because they believe they can get away with it.. after 8 years of it they can taste victory but it should be their own blood.

  3. TimeHasCome

    There is something very sick about Liberals . I live near Seattle and they have a 20 foot bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin . Why they adore this butcher and the love of taking away guns is beyond me . They have a far far left socialist sitting on the city council . What bothers me the most is Seattle is a trend city and the trend is to deny anyone ( white males) property rights and to “South Africa” Washington State . The punching bag is straight white males to take away property and or lives . Go ahead and laugh , but Anti-Fa is here . Seattle is a hotbed of very far left lunacy and from that lunacy comes conflict .

    • I’m only a few hours away from you, send em my way, make sure they all wear their red scarves and red stars; oh and an address were we can send the remains

      • Why bother with the remains? Let them learn what it’s like to have a whole team of their people just vanish.

      • As Josey Wales said, “buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

    • ahhh good then please do defile their statue and get this party started already

    • A MAGA hat atop that grotesque statue would be an improvement, and conversation starter, right?

    • Northgunner

      Unless the statue is solid bronze, properly emplaced thermite charges would bring it down..maybe even to fall on top of the local ‘moldylocks’…

      Just saying….

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


      Is not the mayor of that fair city a butt-pirate who is under indictment for molesting little boys?

  4. Any students w/ real gnosis of history know that Marxism – Trotskyism – Stalinism were all instruments of Rothschild agents ruling “EL-ites’. All were political constructs (aka brands) of ‘EL-ites’ trying to control populations & systems of control. Fabian Socialism – Fascism – Collectivism. 66+ Million deaths in Russia from 1917 -1966 or so from the hands of Communism – Despotism. Socialism is by ignorance communism is by force. Democide is still genocide regardless of the pretense that revisionist’s of history regurgitate & spew. The sooner the system fails the better off we will all be.
    We most likely either have a economic reset here fairiy soon w/ more of an isolationism azimuth or not so Civil War but, the 4th Reich Empire the Bush’s & they’re Ziomaster’s is waning it’s world hegemony agenda. Not much we can do about the ignorant & consciously unaware. Even a Civil War won;t purge the ignorant or suffering of the human condition. Just culls the herd & brings down the maintenance overhead needed & slows down the velocity of non-renewable resources that they exhaust. The ‘EL-ite’ lever pullers at the apex will continue they’re harvesting of souls with other evil & plans we can be assured. Been doing it since Rome anyways. Enjoy the ride while we are here until the next way point on our journey through the Cosmos.

  5. Those humans are pure COWARDS.

    I can’t even imagine kneeling and waiting for it.

    Before you get to that position, turn around and bite that fuckers face off…

    What have you got to lose?

    • Seriously, if you’re such a rock-star, then why BOTHER telling us plebians how we’re such cowards? You’ve stated you’re TIRED of dealing with the dirt-people, why not find a better class of people, to elucidate the *proper* behavior for people facing an execution squad? After all, being so SUCCESSFUL, you surely have the magical solution to all problems, yes?

      You call everyone else a loser… you’ll find the real one in the mirror.

      • I’m gonna agree with TeeFat on one point. Get a kitchen knife, a chair or table leg or a grapefruit sized rock in your hand and wade the fuck in. Make the son of a bitches work for it as best you can.
        Burn your damn house before they get to use it.

        Who knows though. Those poor fuckers in that picture might have been starving for days, on the run. With the runs, or typhus, or both. They could have been stunned by grenades or explosions.

        Maybe if we see them in Valhalla we can ask them ourselves.

      • fuck you.

        no doubt your one of the lowlife long hair, beard, baseball cap, sun glass wearing ,tattooed, scuzz bombs slithering your way to the nearest bar.

        you have no idea how great this country once was before your filth starting being hatched by a drunken sperm donor and it’s smelly receptacle.

        i traveled around the country last year and seen what your kind has done to what was the greatest land on earth. i decided to just start buying land so i had my own private vacation spots without having to look at or breathe the same air as the rest of your type.

        capitalisteric, nigger please.

        • See, here’s where you’re stepping on your dick (and it’s a tiny target, but I digress):
          Yesterday, for one shining minute, you made an actual, fucking outstanding point, and stayed totally on topic. I mean you nailed it. So you can do it. I wasn’t jerking your chain, it was absofuckinglutely amazing to see.

          Today, you did it again. I disagree with your thoughts partly, because I don’t know what happened before that picture, but I do agree with the sentiment that I’d rather die clawing their eyes out that shitting my pants on my knees. And if I’m taking a bullet either way, I’d much rather go out with my knee in their junk, than in the mud, because they’ll be hurting long after I’m past caring. We can agree on that much, right?

          But like yesterday, and again today, poor impulse control kicks in, and you can’t stop yourself from digging into your turd basket, and flinging your diaper dumplings at the nearest guy, and by the end of your follow-up rant, you’ve managed to shit on everyone who’s not you. So, how does that work for you in your day-to-day dealings? And if you don’t do it to everyone you meet in real life, (and you don’t, because you’d be a toothless, broken-fingered stepbrother to Stephen Hawking, and have to type with your eyes, because no matter how big and bad you are, there’s always someone else bigger and badder, and you’d have proved that dozens of times by now, to the detriment of ever eating solid food or using opposable thumbs) what makes you think it’s going to work for you here?

          You’ll sadly probably prove my point with your response to this, but you’ll validate the point fifty other people are thinking about you but didn’t bother posting, because they think you’re a total waste of time.

          So instead of clawing your way to Lord of the Shitpile (we concede, if that’s really the title you were shooting for, but I hope not), time after time and day after endless day, take a crack at just making a post on topic, like you’ve now proven you can do when you put your mind to it, without waving your dick around, and crapping everywhere.

          That last certainly pisses everyone else off about equally, I suspect, but what pisses me off is that now you have no excuse for just being an obnoxious douchebag, because you’ve proven you’re wasting your potential every time you go there.

          Lay off the kneejerk shit slinging, and just stick to the topic.
          Some people will agree with you, and some people will disagree.
          You may be right, or wrong, or it may just means there’s more than one point of view.
          But if you don’t walk in swinging your dick and getting your shit all over everyone every time, you’ll get a helluvalot more agreement, and people will actually listen to you a lot of the time. Instead of none of the time.
          WTF man, take a chance. You’ve got exactly nothing to lose.

          • you seem to have a deep fascination with poop.

            must be your job and everything…

            i can almost relate.

            i like silver, gold, and cash.

            so i surround myself with those things. 🙂

  6. My wife’s family, landowners, were driven out of China by the Communists, ending up barely surviving in Hong Kong. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as they missed the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. So, don’t ever say commies never did anything good. (/sarcasm)

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    To ask the question is to answer it.

  8. Perhaps because the ethnic group behind communism is the same ethnic group behind the NYT?

  9. If the leftist progressive socialist thought they could get away with it without a battle…..

    They’d ship your a$$ off to the gulag and make soylent green outta you.

  10. The answer to the question posed by the author is “No, the Jew is incapable of learning. The Jew lacks the ability of self reflection or self awareness.”

  11. That’s what the NYT has always done. From their cover up of communist murders during the 1930s through today, they Have no ethics or morals.

  12. from the neu yawk toilet:
    “devotion to creating a more just world was infectious,” “the party was possessed of a moral authority that lent shape and substance…to an urgent sense of social injustice,”

    See “The Chekist” on utoob for the form which the above “moral authority” exhibited.

    In Russian, but you’ll get the full understanding.

  13. The collectivists (Democrats, Socialists and Communists) are all pretty much the same. So for the NYT to push this, is to basically take off the mask of who they REALLY are… But I must say, it’s not in the least surprising for me.

    • you’re nothing but a slaveboy.
      bet you have a car payment, house payment, credit card payments, blah blah blah and more blahshit.

      you wouldn’t know what capitalism is.

      scumbag. you’re debt slave and tiny tiny nobody.

      face it. and then shut the fuck up. nigger.

  14. Grey Ghost


    The founder of the the famed “Frankfurt School” was OSS/CIA! I guess not too surprising since Frank the Crippled Commie started the OSS.

    As to the NYT… well, commies have to lie about and defend it… it’s what they do. Anyone reading and believing anything by the NYT is a brainwashed propagandized jackass… no.exceptions.

    Grey Ghost

    • “The founder of the the famed “Frankfurt School” was OSS/CIA! ”

      That is utter drivel.

      The Frankfurt School was fully established in Germany a full decade and more before the OSS was established. The FS was imported by Roosevelt.

      You ought not get your history from bubble-gum wrappers, cereal box panels, and comic books. Or comment on subjects about which you are profoundly ignorant.


  15. Alamo Cannonball

    2 shekels to whomsoever can name this radio host:

    “…Because they’re fuckin’ shitbirds, bro.”

  16. FableofOne

    Seriously wondering why admin doesn’t block tFat-t? The guy has nothing positive or useful to contribute. Ever. Or is admin tFats alter ego….?

    • Run your blog your way.

    • I’m kind of fond of the guy. He don’t mince words, tells it exactly like he see’s it. Total lack of political correctness can be refreshing.
      CA always has always given nothing but total respect to everyones right to free speech.
      Everyone gets equal chance to be a peckerhead here too. I’ve done my share.
      You can’t have thin skin around this crowd. You will get chewed for arsewipe.

      • lastmanstanding

        Amen brother…I’ve never had a problem with a one of T’s comments.

        While I have been short of time to comment, I still come daily to read them.

        I do believe there are still “American’s” in the USA or fusa, whatever…whether we get to see the USA again in our lifetimes remains to be seen…I’ll hold out hope and continue to live the old way best we can.

        In the meantime, were training the grandkids, growing, canning our food, pt, range time, not feeding the beast, strengthening bonds with like-minded and neighbors. Livin local.

        Were ready to “wade the fuck in” when the time is right…in fact like most here, we’re already in.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • a follower

      His negativity shows us how not to be. how not to win.
      he brings out the best in some, the worst in others.
      Also shows us , gold, money property, gain sayers of core, are the losers. Those who go the way of Cain.

      • you see that picture up here of the two who complied?

        that will be you.

        God or Jesus or any other deity is not going to save you or yours.

        in fact, they will look at you with contempt. they may save your soul, but you will be given a job as foot washer for those who fought and died trying…

  17. I think the NYT’s has been trying to repackage marxism since the 60’s as their own special brand of moral superiority. Like it was Caviar or something.
    Ever seen them go after the left like they went after Nixon? Shit they basically tried, sentenced, and impeached Nixon. They went after Ol’ Ronnie. They are trying the same steenkin’ dirty commie horse shit with Trump.
    The NYT is part & parcel of the deep state. Its just more “sophisticated” than CNN. At CNN, they are raving lunatics. The NYT’s are raving lunatics with their little pinky in the air when the drink tea.

  18. FableofOne

    My comment has nothing to do with a blog I don’t have, nor a skin thickness which is unabated by this guy’s nonsense. His political correctness isn’t lacking – just his cheapening of discourse on this forum. He cheapens what you’re trying to accomplish here, IMO *fuck you* fuck you * fuck you*, right?

  19. Murderers are usually convinced that other people need only understand them, and their murderous ways, to be led to the logic of their innocence. You see, we HAD to kill all those middle class teachers, doctors, lawyers, and business men, because they would have imparted all those WRONG ideas of capitalism and property ownership to the young. So, the homicide is justifiable because BAD IDEAS. It’s the ultimate 3yr. old mantra in the sandbox, MY way is good, your way is BAD. I think G*d created husbands so that the wives would not eat the children.

  20. Re: NYSlimes

    Have they ever stopped doing that?

    Asking for a friend.

  21. “Communism is Judaism.”

    You won’t believe me, so do your own fucking homework. The quote by a famous Jew rabbi in the 1930s.


    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      In Baltimore, D.C., and New York, all the Jewish families are hardcore lefties. And their Grandfathers have the attitude of a salty GWOT drill sergeant. Almost like their grandparents were part of some sort of red-revolution in Ukraine, Russia, and Europe before they moved to the US. And now look at the problems we have. Its almost like we imported idea WITH people. Amazeballs…
      We never could have predicted this.