Z Blog: After The GOP

Musings on the future of FUSAn politics.

Look at these two solons and try not to think “ESADMF” on the whole lot:

11 responses to “Z Blog: After The GOP

  1. Hadenoughalready

    These two should be swinging from lamp posts…IMHO. Traitors of the first order…

  2. “Look at these two maroons….”
    There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

  3. Hopefully, a lot of the career politicians will be primaried out next year. Especially the RINO’s like the terminal McStain. That asshole should have been gone years ago.

    • Something else is required. We went down that road already too many times. Something utterly final and total needs doing.
      You can’t leave even one of the sonofabitches.
      And it needs to be so brutal it will be remembered for 200 years, at least.

  4. A lot of it is how the system is rigged. In all but one election in Ky. “Mitch the bitch” has run unopposed.

  5. New legislation proposed making it illegal to use hate words like ((Selection)) in Canadian National Parks, mystery American expat donates a whole rascal scooter load of cash to PM Trudeau for ((awAreness))

    Scientists agree that chemtrails cause ((selection)) anxiety.

    An Inconvenient Truth2: TeeFat failed selection.

  6. The real black pill is when you realize that by 2032 you’ll be wishing for the good ol’ days when corrupt Republicans had a chance to win the presidency.

    • Earlier IMO; by my estimates, Texas will be swing state by 2028 and many that are swings states now will be predictably blue by then.
      (and relating to the linked article, I hadn’t voted since 2010 either; the gop showed was it really had become following that election.)

    • wendystringer48088

      One way or the other, I doubt I will be wishing anything as to concerning who wins the presidency by then.

  7. Looking towards a politician to solve the conflicts of a society is why we have politicians to begin with. No conflict, no need. So we are shocked when our politicians fail to resolve conflict.

    How many politicians begin with “here’s what I need you folks, my constituents, to do in order to make things better.” None, because people want someone to stand up in front of a room, rail about whatever injustice will get the populace riled up, and then close with “Vote for me and I will solve that problem for you. No effort needed on your part, no sacrifice needed, just vote for me so some other poor slob can pay for your intellectual sloth.”

    How about learning a bit about public speaking, effective communications, and basic leadership? Why not learn a bit about your local political structure – your school board, your county planning commission. There are organizations out there that would love to train you to run, and win, local office.

    As for those currently in power locally, who are those people and what is their agenda? How many folks have actually examined thier respective county budget – I mean really? In my county people were stunned when I revealed that less than 20% of our county budget is funded by taxes and fees – over 80% is funded by either Federal or state funds, one and the same really since the state is heavily dependent on the Feds which, by extension, means the Federal Reserve.

    What Zman here has to say is certainly correct as far as it goes, but the larger point is that we need to solve our problems at the grassroots – local, local, local – no politician will do it for you. The beauty is this, as you become more self-reliant, a lot of those politicians dry up and blow away, just like the turds that they are. It would scare the shit straight out of them if people started doing for themselves.