Captain Capitalism: The Pettiness of the Left, Or Live Below Your Means And Have A Good Life


Even deadlier than greed.

The biggest battle is between the ears.

Win your fight.

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  1. Uh oh! T-Bunghole ain’t gonna like this one!

  2. Be greatful for what you have. All of it.

    This country is upside down due to greed and corruption. People like to think the system is fair, but it’s not even close these days. End the FED. The commies message gets helped when we allow the level of lawlessness that we have in this country. WE need to fix this because no one is coming to save us.

    Free John Corzine!

  3. a follower

    “ENVY Even deadlier than greed.”
    This is why we do not envy, the tfA-t.
    no we are not jealous, nor should we be.
    Others are right, you do bring up some good points and some relevant topics. yet your manner drives people off. There is enough opposition to the Truth without the “manufactured theater you are creating. The same lies and manufactured theater you supposedly oppose.
    No lie is of the Truth!
    Pride goes right along with envy.

    • “Pride goes right along with envy.”

      Bullshit. Pride is about what you do. Envy is about what others do. Mighty important distinction, don’t you think?

      • a follower

        Yes i do think. Pride is also what your country tells you, Or so it has become.Group pride, collective pride etc. Pride and envy both can blind you.
        Pride is as damaging as envy, that is all i was referring to.

  4. a follower

    i disagree with the assuption that this is only a leftist issue.
    The right suffers the same, envy jealousy, covetnous.
    So how many ” on the right” also use alynski tactics? Many are not trolls as accused. They too are on a journey finding the Truth.
    Also, since i have been engaged more fully into this war, i feel more freedom than ever. No fear, eyes open.

  5. That is an awesome post. Exactly what Captain Capitalism said. There is a fundamental set of components of Liberty in what he is talking about.

    My wife and I chose about 12 years back to live in what is considered “poverty” by many standards, what it is really is an economy of living well inside our means, where we are never caught out with no alternatives, because the life we lead is alternative to begin with.

    The first component is attaining Zero Debt.
    This changes everything. Every penny, every resource, every tangible addition to our intrinsic wealth, totally belongs to us. You could say it is a value added way of life.

    The second component is we never acquire anything that does not posses a multiple of benefits that compose value which exceeds the investment.
    The third component is thinking. This may be the most important and highest value added component.

    The third component is finding, learning, making, creating, building, growing, trading, and bartering everything we can. And if we can not, by any of these self sufficient means, have something under these methods, we scrutinized it carefully in relation to all other aspects of self determination, we learn to do without or learn alternatives which square with these principles we establish.

    We own everything we have. No note, lien, loan, or mortgage.
    We buy, barter, make, do, everything we outright. There is no compromise on these sets of values. If we do not have the wealth, be it barter, skills, labor, time, or money to acquire something outright, we do without and or find alternatives which do. Or learn to do without.

    It is not difficult to do all this. At first the hardest part is learning how to think in this manner. All else follows once we developed good habits of thinking in this value added mindset.
    We learned early that patience is not only a true virtue, it helped us to unlearn compulsive behavior and instant gratification. The gratification we did learn is wealth itself, for we created tangible real wealth that is entirely independent of the mainstream economy. That after awhile, we began to think naturally in this manner, it became the prime directive, which we base all our actions of providence upon.

    The whole idea is to learn and live a way of life where we require as little fiat money as is physically possible to do.

    Do we do without?
    Oh yes.
    Are we poor?
    Not even close.
    We are richer than when we had good paying skilled labor jobs.
    Do we have lots of money from our ways of being frugal.
    No. By most standards we are at the bottom of the economic food chain.
    Are we happy, does living cash poor worry us?
    Our lives are full each day. We are producers. We fabricate, craft, grow, employ steadfast daily manual labor, into as many facets of the sphere of our lives, as we are capable of applying.
    At some stage, this all became natural behavior and thinking, it was evolutionary more than revolutionary. Though we are now natural revolutionaries. We defy norms, we revolt against mainstream, we live an open source insurgent lifestyle based on values and principles of being self determined and self sufficient.

    We joined the honorable resistance.
    We have it made.
    And instead of dropping a ton of money by buying our way into it, we husbanded our blue collar humble wealth, invested it in ourselves, in order so we could afford the time and labor to build tangible wealth over a steady increasing logarithmic line.

    Is it hard work?
    Yes, but only as you get up each day, and chip away at what from the outside looks like a daunting mountain of hard work.
    We persevere.
    And perseverance gets you things places and results better than anything money can acquire or buy.

    Do we lack things we need?
    Not in the sense it makes life difficult.
    Only in the sense we just can not go there here and now.
    But our way of life makes it possible, to do so through thinking and application of our standards of living we established within our means.
    And because of this, we hardly notice lack of “things”.
    We learn & live to do without.

    I believe every day as more and more people join the honorable existence, we become a body of people who are immune to the statist-quo, to the overlords, to the whims and vagaries of control and manipulation the tyranny breathing down our throats has created.
    Because we are and have withdrawn our consent, we have left behind the world order, therefore we have
    become independent from the “system”. Unplugged, Free.

    No many would cry but the government has guns! They will just break down our doors and kill us if we refuse to comply! Resistance is futile!

    Please, excuse me for being contrary, because we are contrary to begin with. Those who cry it is futile, that it is impossible, they miss the entire point. We are free, because we choose to be free. Because we practice what we preach. We live the life, not talk, live it. And as more and more of us unplug from the Matrix, we become that much more indomitable, till one day we become a force no tyrants or system of slavery can stop us.

    Like the fine fellow who wrote this great testimony.
    He defies.
    He revolts.
    He resists.
    And you can never win if you are fear doing so to, by failing to live so and think so begin with.

    • I find it remarkable that it’s all as simple as you say–and as rewarding as you say–yet almost nobody believes they can just DO IT. My guess is because of the fear, which is why it’s important to understand that almost always, “Fear is a liar.”

      Of course that brings in the question of what it is that everyone’s so afraid of. They’ll use The Man or someone else to provide the excuse but in the end, it’s the fear of doing the ONLY thing that’s really required—“My wife and I chose…”

      You’d think anyone could figure out that not choosing is a choice.

      • Its not rocket science. it is just putting your head down and working hard for it. That simple. As for thinking, Life is what you make it Jim.

    • Money shot:
      We joined the honorable resistance.
      Amen to that! Remember-we owe them nothing!
      I am working towards the honorable goals that you listed. God Bless.

  6. an somebody tell me what the REAL difference between a used Hyundai Elantra is and a Mercedes G65?

    this guy has obviously never drivin a Mercedes.

    Planes. FIRST CLASS vs coach?

    really? how about space, leg room, service, meals, and no sleaze bags sitting next to you…


    a home is what you make it.

    BUT, it’s the land and location. the privacy and peace and quite that lots of land with no highway out front brings. and not having to look at some run-down dump with a junkyard surrounding it with quarreling occupants, disruptive visitors and howling barking mangy dogs shitting everywhere.


    clothes are clothes- as long as they are clean and serviceable.


    this guy is batshit crazy for even thinking today’s food is better or cheaper than yester-years.


    meh. who needs them… it’s a device for the poor and/or retarded to keep them entertained with drivel all day long so they don’t ever have any $.

    $ is a tool. if you don’t use what you have, on things you want- once you have some, you are a fool.
    sitting in a bank earns you very little. and playing the stawk market is riskier than screwing a hooker after she’s left Charlie Sheen’s house..

    all in all this article is bullshit. and i would refer to this guy not as Captain, but as trainee capitalism

    • “…playing the stawk market is riskier than screwing a hooker after she’s left Charlie Sheen’s house…”



    • TheAlaskan

      It’s all about tangibles…put most of your $ into tangibles. Operate on small amounts of cash. Tangibles can be tractors or rifles or stored food or buildings, like a slaughter-house as an example…or gold (I lean heavy toward small denomination silver) and have no debt…including mortgages. Most of my “tangibles” are tools, house (hardened and remote,) greenhouses, smokehouses etc. tfA-t gets it, in his own way.

    • yes, but you could save yourself 50% of more of the depreciation if you buy the used Mercedes every time and let someone else pay the depreciation. my grand Cherokee drives just like the new one but I paid less than 50% of a new one by buying one 5 years old and it only had 36,000 miles when I bought it at 5 years old.

      • if you have “FUCK YOU” money brand new is the way to go…

        but you still have a collection of vintage autos, that are in a barn…

        • this author would seem to be encouraging living within Agenda 2030s parameters. i say go BIG or go home. FUCK YOU

    • Grey Ghost

      Agreed. The article is bullshit. I couldn’t even get half way through it. His economic assessment is chock full of lies. After about the third one I quit reading that shit.

      Grey Ghost

      • Jimmy the Saint

        He fails to point out one big advantage of buying some high end things: it holds value longer, or even increases in value over time. On a utilitarian level yes, most things are broadly equal; however, that’s only part of the equation.

        • I’d also like to telecommute to my metal fabrication workplace.

          Howdafuq does that work?

  7. A Truth of ages: It is the dirt people, and only the purview of the dirt people, who have ever effected positive change in this world.

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  9. What a fabulous article! I have learned a lot about downsizing and being more frugal than ever, the last few years. You can always spend cash, and you are better off not to owe anyone anything.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “you are better off not to owe anyone anything.”

      Only if they have the power to collect from you and actually do so. If they can’t, you win. If they don’t, you win. It might not be moral, but that doesn’t make it less accurate.

  10. The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings: Robert Louis Stevenson. Want to sleep soundly and all night? A little humility, and a good days work will usually do the trick. Envy is like wasting disease, or cancer. It profits you nothing, and takes from you what is good. Time is always short, be happy with what you have.

  11. not to advertise some else on a story linking to the captain’s site, but if you are looking to change your mindset and cut your costs, early retirement extreme is a good read; gets off of the mass consumerisim; he lives on 7k per year. I don’t advocate that, but continuing to buy the new phone or tv just because it has a few new features is just asking to be a permanent slave to the system.

  12. Rich, is a state of mind

    We live in a nice upper middle class home, who cares. Like Tfat said, what’s happening inside the home, the personal relationships the love, that’s what’s important.

    I have stacks of gold, piles of silver, food,bullets,for years. All a hedge, means nothing to me.

    I’ve got 12 motorcycles, four sail boats, 8 white water rafts, two four wheel drive off road vehicles, again it means nothing to me. At least 100 quality guns, their tools, their not important to me.

    As I’m writing this my wife recieved her very first retirement check. The retirement, not the money’s what important.

    I’ve got three children and two grand kids, they mean everything to me.

    We help a lot of less fortunate folks in our community, that important to me. I’ve been blessed

    Already said this once today, you get out of life, what you put into it. Life is about choices. I chose, my careers out of a sense of duty. I also recognized the built in retirement. I’ve been shot at, cut, a few gun fights, and didn’t have to go to exotic lands, got all that fun shit out of the way right here in my home town.

    I am the richest man alive, I’m blessed, and I know it.

    It just occurred to me, that our friends also contribute to our state of richness.

    The article just makes me smile. I realize I’ve gotten it right, after the long stretchs of concern about what’s the right thing to do. That simple question can be a tough one. Their is no single answer to that one.

    Let your good heart, and your love of life guide you.

    In the end , we all win.


    • “Already said this once today, you get out of life, what you put into it.”

      Since you seem to appreciate frankness, it might be noted that the 12 motorcycles, four sail boats, 8 white water rafts and two four wheel drive off road vehicles ultimately trace to what others put into it, and quite often not consensually. The lack of consent is why it’s commonly called “loot.”

      • Jim, its stuff. I got this stuff,reasonably priced, rebuilt most of the vehicles, and bikes, all the sailboats. I enjoy tinkering, rebuilding, loading. Shooting fishing. I’m retired I’ve built my own hobbies.

        If I don’t buy it, my wife fucking spends that money seeing the world. That doesn’t work for me. I’ve seen it, I don’t want any part of it, ever again.

        Tinkering on these things riding them, sailing them, driving them makes me happy. I started collecting guns in the 70s. Never stopped what can I say I like guns.

        I intend to live along time, don’t want to run out of things to do.

        Hope this explanations helps.

  13. There are two ways to be rich; one is to acquire much, the other is to desire little..

    “I don’t believe in doing work that I don’t want to do in order to live a life that I don’t want to live.”
    -Ed Abbey

  14. Itor, right on.

  15. About 40 years ago I picked up a little book, “Less Is More”, by VandenBroek. It was about simplicity and self-sufficiency with examples from the last 3000 years or so. To be honest, the same advice my Depression-era parents gave me.

    Amazing what those dead white people knew back then…