TL Davis: One Day…

Facing the facts of a more-likely-than-not successful coup against the legitimately-elected President of the United States.

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Best step up the PT.


49 responses to “TL Davis: One Day…

  1. Just a reminder of what they court; THEY are willing to murder 10,000s but how many of their own lives are the willing to sacrifice?


  2. Pull a coup on 65 million American’s who voted for President Trump?
    Thats some world class stupid right there.
    They can’t even handle one Patriotic American, they got to resort to framing him using the fake media to run the con which is conning no one who voted for Trump. Not to mention Congress is the most reviled collection of government traitors, crooks, liars and fools imaginable. Who have not lifted a pinky in support for either the duly elected president or the unquestionable and legitimate will of the people.
    A will that is about as fed up and angry as is required to start a revolution, and they are going to impeach Donald Trump based on a narrative and deceit even worse than the one that “elected” his predeccessor.

    Interesting they can’t wait out 3 years and some months, use vote fraud like they have since RR was President.
    Something pretty important, some timeline, must be very critical to them to go to all this trouble to put together a total farce as cover for committing their coup.
    Is that Overton Window all but closed?
    Are there events planned that depend on execution of a coup, that would have been relying on a Clinton Crime Inc regime, that can never be restarted after a timeline expires, and all hope for the final stages of their long march are kaput?
    Its not the coup that is so bad, and it doesn’t get much worse than that, it is what these fuckers have to have in store after they have their little Trump coup party, and just who is it that will be taking President Trump place?

    We all got to be cognizant of the right questions here. Because something pretty nasty is at work to go to all the effort and expense, the political capitol and markers, their charade has to be costing them…
    If they are going to really jump this shark, whatever it is, you can bet a right nut it is going to be some seriously nasty dictator/totalitarian stuff.
    Are they that bat shit crazy to install the psychopath in a pantsuit as our next dear leader?

    These clowns are not all brain dead. They know this country is the most heavily armed citizenry, probably in all of history. They are going to have to double down in ways we have never experienced in this country to even hope for success on a level they can handle the back blast of framing Trump. Because if they pull this stupid stunt, this country will become ungovernable by any method short of using tactical nukes on the resistance to this “ruling elite” bullshit.

    The days of unicorns and unchallenged total media monopoly of information, not to mention total brainwashing are over.
    Just who do they intend to fool?
    It won’t be the American’s who are aware and armed, exactly for such a crazy fucking idea as a coup in America. They ain’t fooling anyone with a lick of good sense.
    And fooling the useful idiots and the brain dead normies isn’t going to gain them any kind of political or tyrannical power beyond what they have now. It isn’t exactly a impressive crowd if BLM and anti-fa are inactive of potential. Obama’s deep state stay behind red diaper babies have been whittled down somewhat, and they are mostly desk jockies and seat warmers with a lucrative government rice bowl to protect.
    I can just see Lois Lerner and her IRS SJW’s running through the streets with AK’s fight FreeFor.
    And what are they going to do about that sea of red out in flyover/dirt people land?
    I got serious doubts a military worth a damn in regards to pulling some kind of nation wide all encompassing martial Law bullshit will show up all of a sudden and do the jackboot and concentration camp thing when their CinC Trump is kangaroo courted by a bunch of globalist scumbags. The other option is to bring in UN “peacekeepers” or foreign military outfits like in Matt bracken’s Enemies Foreign & Domestic trilogy.
    And we all know those blue helmet bullet magnet smurfs are all but open season, by any red blooded American worth a damn and has a rifle. Lot of pretty fine civilian marksmen who have grown up with fine American made rifles in their hands who ain’t going to be very receptive to Donald Trump being impeached by dirty stinking commies.
    They do this impeachment scam it will become a total freeforall. Lord knows there’s millions just waiting for a chance to go Mad Max outside the demographic of patriotic Americans. Once it starts, it will go postal.
    Talk about racial cleansing and Balkanization.

    Maybe that is the goal. Throw the baby out with the bath water. That marxist axiom, of “Order Out Of Chaos”?
    It’s one way to get America out of the way of their One World Order agenda. Let America rip its own guts out by setting everyone against each other, aka Divide and Conquer.
    Shit they’ve just about stripped mined out all the easy and low hanging wealth.
    Whats that tell you?

    Whatever it is, outright blind insanity, or intended crisis as a means, they are pretty serious.

    But then again, Ol’ Trump doesn’t look or act worried. Knowing Trump, he’s got a trump card or two in reserve for such a thing, and is just waiting till these fuckers make such fools of themselves and self incriminate all of themselves via total treason, Trump uses the US military to round them all up and they get the helicopter ride of their worthless retched lives.
    They have underestimate Trump at every turn. Whats to say they have learned that lesson?

    Pretty exciting times we live in.

    • Agree.

      The problem is they do not believe (and with good reason, both from the ‘performance’ of freedom activists over the past 25 years and from the reassurances from handjobs like Petraeus and McChrystal that the .mil can handle any civil unrest in FUSA) that their plans can be meaningfully opposed in FUSA.

      PT, the range, local intel, and logistics.

      With the range falling to #4 once zeroes are confirmed.

      • The mighty US military can’t even handle Afghanistan, how the hell are they going to handle conus? The answer is, of course, that they are not going to.

        They do this impeachment scam it will become a total freeforall

        Not a total free-for-all but I think it would be surprisingly easy to find people willing to help hide, shelter etc freedom fighters.

        “Was that you that just spanked so-and-so”?

        “Yep, that was me”

        “Count on us for a dry place tonight and breakfast tomorrow.”

        • Conus worships laws, their enforced and have been tamed to the point of retardation.

          A-Stan is untamed and they have the stomach to fight.

          I have yet to see/hear of some hajji boast about passing a background check I order to become a patriot.

        • I’m referring to freeforall for the feral horde in cities. Look back at past riots such as LA. Rape pillage and plunder, the feral’s know no law enforcement that doesn’t have a shoot on sight order are helpless to stop them.

        • And then there’s this below. Lot of people who have come here and become legal devout American’s have come from places where they understand what America is about, because they believe in self determination, freedom, came here to get away from statism’s dead cold grip, and haven’t forgotten what an axe, a shovel, and a rifle are for.
          Very different than the generations of brainwashed useful and useless dupes who are natural born.
          Then there’s the throngs of Normies, nobody has a clue which way they will go when it gets sporty. We can only hope they experience a rapid great awakening.
          And the greatest question, which way does the most powerfully competent component of the .mil go?
          If they go for defending our western principles and values, it’s a dynamic I doubt any of us can describe. If they go with the ruling political power, it probably makes the 1st civil war look like a skirmish.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          We destroyed anyone who opposed us in Iraq and Afghanistan. The corruption of not allowing the US to finish the job is what prevented us from winning. You can’t have open borders in the country you occupy and be surround by Islamic sympathizers.

          Like Flynn Said “Unless you Fix the 50 million Unemployed Muslims, War in the Middle East will continue and get worse”

          Imagine, 50 million unemployed and unemployable 18(+/-) year old Muslim Men. Who are bred to be Islamic to the core.

          And we still kicked their ass on the playing field. We lost the culture war but look at this now.

          Iraq and Afghanistan were 15 year long, real world, live fire exercises in Mountain/ Village terrain and Dense Urban.

          Name one other military, nation, or country with that resume. I’ll wait.

      • Wow. That is about as succinct and to the point as it is possible to get.
        Its always good to be underestimated by those who deplore us.
        Thanks for saying that.

      • It will certainly be interesting, at the least, this group of these clowns have a vertical learning curve if it drops in the pot and goes live fire.

        • MTN,, the people in the picture, won’t be fighting anybody. Those cowards will send the useful idiots out into the streets, to fight, and die.

          Those fucken loosers in the picture will be sitting in a secure bunker somewhere eating beef tartar, and sipping fine wine. That wine food and other supplies were purchased with our money.

          When they loose they will expect to be excused for their visceral actions against this nation, and it’s people.

          It is my sincerest hope that this is where WE follow the ” Turner Files” doctrine, and after a fast conviction for treason, are hanged quickly from trees lamp posts anything that gets em off the ground.

          Then their bodies left to rot as a reminder.

          On another note, I’ve spent this morning, from 06:00 till now reading about the Rothchilds, and their tentacles. This is a level of evil I didn’t know existed. Nieve, I admit.

          No Idea they owned the majority of the world banks. Some say their worth 500 trillion dollars. Truthfully I’m having a hard time grasping that number.

          Can only imagine the security these people have on hand, other then their private army, NATO.

          Going to be a long winter of reading and continuing education.


      • Mandatory Freefor Zero Confirmation Target…

        • Randolph Scott

          This group of people look like very defiant ASSHOLES. Some folks may even think they look just like targets.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “PT, the range, local intel, and logistics.”
        Gonna need fabrication, too, if it really looks like a civil war. Stuff like mortars, bombs, rockets, etc.

      • wendystringer48088

        We are 65 million but unfortunately we are not all together, whereas the other side is much more united by the prevailing system that is in place.

        Also I am thinking about the Russian civil war of 1917-1919 where the Red Army defeated the White Armies in Russia, and the the Holodomor (Ukraine famine of 1932 – 1933).
        Unfortunately, the good guys don’t always win, even if there are a lot of them, if they can be taken on in smaller groups or if they are spread out.

        I think it is still worth training, hoping for the best, planning for the worst, and to die fighting rather than starving to death or being executed in a prison camp.

        “PT, the range, local intel, and logistics.
        With the range falling to #4 once zeroes are confirmed.”

        Agree that logistics (beans, bullets and bandages) are more important than range time once zeros are confirmed, but I repectfully would like to add my opinion that practice with weapons handling is still an important thing to keep up.
        Our enemies will be numerous, quick, ruthless and be firing off a lot of ammo. Best not to fumble the weapon handling and to be able to get the first hits on multiple targets when necessary.

        Also, along the lines of not screwing up sequence of physical movements, here is a funny story that happened to me recently:
        I locked myself out of my Jeep in a Wal-Mart parking lot jumping out to move a cart out of the way and the door swung closed and locked behind me. I made out ok thanks to the kindness of strangers. (One asked if they could call the police for me and I said “I’d rather you please not call the police, have you read the news lately” and they knew exactly what I meant).
        So I made out ok with only getting a bit flustered and losing an hour’s time. But afterwards once I was less upset I tried to analyze what I did wrong and how to insure that it does not happen again (always shut down vehicle and take key out of ignition when getting out of vehicle plus spare key in purse and never get out of car without purse from now on for me).
        It would have certainly been a disaster if I was stuck somewhere trying to survive the Zombie Apocolypse. I am sure I could have eventually broken a side window with a rock or something, but if I was trying to escape a mob of advancing zombies I might not have broken the window, unlocked the door and gotten back in the Jeep in time.

        I don’t know how to train for that kind of thing, just that the more self awareness and tools you have in your tool box the better off you will probably be I think.
        Also a sense of being grounded and in the moment (when some thing stressful happens do martail arts / yoga / meditation / tactial breathing – breathe in, hold breath and count to four, slowly exhale and repeat for a few breathes).
        Also while doing this if the weather is decent (it was warm and sunny) just at least enjoy your life and the beauty around you even if you don’t have what you want at that moment.
        Then take an inventory.
        I look stupid and feel stupid and am stuck here for the time being but…
        I am not under physical attack
        I am not in danger of freezing to death
        I am in the parking lot of a big box store that is open 24 hours.
        I am 25 miles from home.
        I don’t want to have to walk home and…
        I don’t want to do anything violent or stupid that is going to get the police called on me resulting in me being arrested and thrown in jail.

        Calmed down (somewhat) I then decided on try best courses of action. I asked inside the store and eventually got lucky.

        • Regarding how to prepare for something like locking the keys in the car…

          – Keep spare hidden in undercarriage
          – Keep spare in wallet
          – Keep spare with a colleague in the area
          – Intentionally lock keys in car, call locksmith, study the technique he uses to get it open (social engineering is a useful tool)
          – If you call the local car dealer and you have the VIN, they will sometimes cut you a new key for a couple bucks (again, social engineering)

          • wendystringer48088

            -Keep spare hidden in undercarriage
            Thanks! Will do that.
            Funny thing is I thought of that before, but never thought I would be stupid enough to lock myself out out of my Jeep.
            Lesson learned for me is do’t assume I can’t / won’t do something stupid when I plan for my preps.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I know what the timeline is.

      Light Speed Communication in every corner of the globe.

      Which they don’t have quite yet.

      If they had one this election, and the next one till 2024, the Blue population would be to large for the base to do anything. Especially considering the grandmothers and grandfathers who voted Trump.

      In 8 years I don’t think my 92 year old grandmother will be voting.

      The timeline was to connect the world, stir up shit, seize control through demographics.

      Imagine, 1.5 billion Mussies right now. In 8 years it’ll be almost 2 billion(2024) plus another 8 years(2032) after they seize demographic control by numbers.

      In 2032 the entire World will have internet. Imagine if they ran the communications systems for 16 years. 16 years of brainwashing on us and Muslims.

      Thats why they accelerated the buying up of Hollywood and the News Media by foreign countries. They were gonna do it on our dime and dollar. Now they have to spend their own, AND its not working.

      This is our Message Now. This counter signal is like calling out a Jock or a Nerd on their BS in High School. They’ll never recover socially.

  3. I think Trump has the enemy right where he wants them, but if I’m wrong his removal from office has to be a red line. Next globalist president has to be a redline, as amnesty/open borders would immediately follow.

  4. And the response from all those freedom loving patriots?

    “C’mon really?? football season is about to start”

    • Speak for your self Stewie. Please do not include me in on your resistance is futile mindset generalization. I’m one of millions who are as prepared and ready as possible for what may come. And like others, i have adopted a mindset that does not include failure as an option, that I take my courage and fortitude, my home, this great country and its great people, the last option of violent defense of it, serious as a heart attack.

      Why not join the Honorable Resistance with us instead of harboring no hope?
      There is nothing to loose and everything to gain.
      Winning is for Winners.

      • I never said resistances is futile at all. I speak merely of the countless ones who think maga and trump will solve all their woes and went back to sleep.

        “Meh, we still got pence….”

        Glad you’re ready and I’m in the same boat as u.

    • Go fuck yourself, Stewie.

      Oh right, you already have.

    • ‘zactly. In the (unlikely) circumstance Trumpenthal is removed, the honorable Mike Pence will become Prez, and the White sheeple will do precisely nothing.

      when the (((debt-financed))) jobs, pensions, contracts, and bennies are cut off…then they’ll do something.

  5. hummus abedin

    This: “There is a moment when a government becomes so corrupt that it can no longer be tolerated by the people…”

    And this: “Words don’t have the power to convey the level of treason that is being played out before our eyes, in the headlines, with absolutely no repercussions from the Republicans in office. NONE.”

    And finally this: “Without breaking the law or hurting anyone you have the incredible power of persuasion at your hands (literally).”

    The author is truly a ridiculously stupid mutt.
    And because of such craven stupidity, our
    Constitutional Republic is not losing, losing, it has lost, and this is why.
    This losing losers loss would be mitigated
    and sting far less, if there were critical thinking skills applied to the cause of the loss.
    But there is not.
    The patriot charlatans of Team Freedumb
    would rather pimp, whore, and shill.

    • TL has been on the front lines before most of us had any idea what he was talking about. Those you say it is futile to fight used the IRS to bankrupt him to shut TL up. He wrote The Constitutionalist, Rights To Die for and at his expense published it and then gave the book out for free.
      He has traveled all over this great country spreading the message, tirelessly, he still does. I doubt there are many as devoted like him, and TL is on the level as Andrew Skousen and his 2 decade long pilgramidge across America with no money and a worn out suit doing his teachings and book The 5000 Year Leap.

      You sir are acting as a defeatist. You are representing the very thing you rile against and accuse others who have made Liberty and Freedom their lives calling.

      Patriot Charlatans?
      What are you doing on here commenting if we who believe in Liberty are so odious to you?

      • hummus abedin

        You sensitive snowflake wannabes
        really are clueless and unable to
        understand what you read.
        Unless it’s formatted in the
        echo-chamber of your asses, where
        everyone agrees, you truly are lost
        and easily (knee-jerk) offended.
        How any of think your ridiculously
        impotent efforts are successful and
        victorious, in even the most minute way,
        is beyond me.
        I give less than a fuck.
        Continue down the path of worthlessness.

        • “I give less than a fuck.”

          So… fuck the fucking Hell off,already. I’m sure any women or little boys you’ve ever persuaded would agree.

          “Continue down the path of worthlessness.”

          Doubtless, you surely will.

  6. Reese Bobby

    Maxine Waters is 80 years old and supposedly has a penchant for alcohol and hard drugs. My bet is she passes in the next five years.

    • hummus abedin

      Who gives a fuck?
      It changes nothing, then and now,
      in the grand scheme of things.
      That treasonous and corrupt old nigga bitch
      is senile and has no real power.
      She is a bought and paid for quisling.
      The rule of law and equality of justice
      is long dead in America.
      However, fedgov will continue to
      law and order the fuck outta the dirt people.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        Seriously. As if there isn’t 25 people working for Maxine who are exactly like her an more than willing to be just as corrupt.

      • And who paid the $3.62/hour for you to come here and shit on the carpet?

        Worthless, whining, cowardly waste of skin, protoplasm and air.

    • Randall Flagg

      “Maxine Waters is 80 years old and supposedly has a penchant for alcohol and hard drugs.”

      Really? Now you just turned me on to her.

  7. I’m here telling you all, this would be a world class mind job on the bastards and all Trump had to do is this. It is within his power as Commander In Chief. It would be a validating event which on a political level to drive the resistance is futile and one worlders pluperfect insane. The gas lighting of all time:

  8. Stealth Spaniel’s poignant quote is germane in so many ways, it deserves to be part of the lexicon.
    We ain’t a people, in large part us true Americans, quitters. I see it every day, quiet reserved people, truly concerned, rightfully worried about the future. And just because we are at that stage where its too early to shoot the bastards, and too late to peacefully petition our government, and regardless of the fuckers who have usurped it for a century and a half, it IS our government, we own it, good and bad. And many of us know the butcher’s bill is coming. It could be fatally expensive in blood treasure, in culture, it could rip this country apart. But regardless, its all we have. There is no other place to go to, this is it. This is the line, and we stand on committed like the pig. All of us. If these sonofabitches pull this impeachment scam nobody gets out free for what will happen.
    Of course it will be us dirt people who take the brunt of it. But it is also true, us dirt people are the only ones who have ever effected positive change in this world.
    When it comes to BFYTW, we do BFYTW like no one else.

  9. Powerful message. I don’t worry about those I see.

    It’s the backroom crowd, the real shot callers, the men and women without faces, and Gobbs and Gobbs of power. Faceless political appointees, who sucked enough cock, to reach the top.

    These people WILL NOT go quietly into the night.

    Tic Toc.


  10. Maxine Waters would serve her self much better if she found out who’s been using her face for a toilet brush, and her ass for a door stop. Stupid fucking bitch hasn’t got a clue, just a mouth and a big asshole. She says “we’re” like she has millions of Texans lined up behind her in support of her rubbish, when in reality, she couldn’t rally the bus stop crowd to Star Bucks. So they get Trump, so what? Are we not more than one man? Are we not more than words, and papers, and moving pictures? What one man can do, another can do. Persistence and Determination are the closest to immortality humans will ever get, out enemies use it, and so should we.

    • “Are we not more than one man? Are we not more than words, and papers, and moving pictures? What one man can do, another can do. Persistence and Determination are the closest to immortality humans will ever get, out enemies use it, and so should we.”

      Most worthy of repetition and highlighting.

      Really, that’s all we have and it is entirely enough, given enough manhood and courage.

  11. The knives should be rotated 90 degrees, so they slide in sideways between the ribs. But then, LeftProgs don’t really know knife fighting, do they?

  12. Might want to consult with Claire Wolf, but I’m pretty sure that’s the point at which it is time we start shooting the bastards.