Apropos Of Absolutely Nothing At All

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  1. Technical developments in aeriel surveillance to be aware of:

    This Mysterious Military Spy Plane Has Been Flying Circles Over Seattle For Days

  2. Why is being “On Time” more important than “Attitude” by a factor of 10???!

    Just a glaring thing that I noticed… not that it might mean anything… but, maybe….

    This excellent website, overall, displays how the white race is dying out, and/or will become greatly diminished in a few decades compared to the “minority” races.

    Good point!

    Buchanan’s “The Death of the West” book is a fine illustration of the concept, and quite prescient for it’s time. My God, did I read that 20 years, or so, ago??? He used UN population figures, for what that may be worth…

    At this point, it is clear that Tfa will call me a fucking ass hole and ridicule me for being in financial debt.

    And hey… why not. I was stupid enough to earn the debt….. Congrats to you, Tfa, for being able to avoid the pitfalls!

    Anyway, it’s quite terrifying to contemplate even 2 decades out from now. I have a grandson who has 2 amazing parents who actually give a shit about him.

    Funny, they show me what a fucking shit upbringing I got, but then I was child number 4…. that’s more than most people want and probably why I feel that most people don’t want a fucking thing to do with me…. 🙂 But then, maybe I’m a fucking shithead and THAT’S why most people don’t want a fucking thing to do with me…. 🙂

    That said, maybe self consolidation is the way to go…. I imagine walking up to my neighbors and talking about such things will get me branded as a lunatic, but…. maybe they’re thinking the same thing, too… I don’t know.

    Anyway…. for a guy whose lived a long time and survived Paris Island once upon a time…. PT is pretty is pretty good these days (as the mast head asks…. and it IS a good question….). The range… hmmmm… lacking…

    Great website!

    If you don’t ask the right questions…………………………………

    • Who really cares what that tFAGGOT clown has to say? I can’t recall the last time he added a single thing of value to a discussion on here. He’s nothing more than a target for ridicule and contempt at this point and he’s perilously close to being beneath my contempt. I swear to gawd, Doc, it’s like watching a retarded parrot dictate his thoughts to a chimp on LSD so the trippin’ chimp can type it all up for him. Probably the best bet with tFAGGOT is simply to disregard any and all of his posts. I mean it’s not like we’ll miss some new gem of wisdom.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    While a lot of those may require no talent, they aren’t necessarily things you want to find in an untalented person. A complete fuck-up who puts forth tons of effort, in a high-energy matter, with tremendous passion, even going so far as to do extra, may well just create bigger problems for the people who actually know what they’re doing.

  4. Nice! One of those items that would serve new hires well, especially if it was hanging on their cube/office/work area wall.

  5. If you say you’re gunna be somewhere at x time and do something, be there and do it.

    I value punctuality and dispise excuses and a careless attitude towards such.

  6. Don’t feel so bad about yourself, Doc, being a parent is no gaurantee that you’ll ever be good at it. I was over thirty before I discovered what a lousy parent I was, and that the damage was already done. I took notice, and did better with my second try, but definitely wasn’t perfect. Did ever consider that the only training for parenthood most people get, is from their own parents? And if those parents are bad, what kind of parents will they grow up to be? I’ve been a complete fuck-up, many times in my life, and I’ve always admitted it, as a way of staying humble, and changing my ways. I’m copying that list and putting it on the refrigerator. Motivation, that’s what’s for dinner.

  7. when someone says they’ll do something and gives a time.

    if they aren’t there, or fails to do what they said.

    they are crossed off the list – FOREVER.

    no second chance.

    no understanding.

    that said, IF they call ahead of time and explain themselves, it may change the situation. at least i won’t think them a total fuck head.

    bullshit walks- every time.

  8. In fact, all of these behaviors and attitudes are highly genetic, and therefore talents…And Einstein lacked a couple of them, but still did OK..

  9. I make my old lady insane. I am always early.

  10. I would have a minor quibble about (1) Being on Time. What is the number one bitch complaint employers have with Millenials? They don’t show up when they are required to. (1) also encompasses a lot of the other zero traits. To accomplish (1) you have to be prepared(8), set the damn alarm clock. It also covers (2) & (3) since one has to get their ass up.

    But I will close with this thought. What would be the effect of a platoon performing a encircling action a 14:20 if the man on the SAW is 5 minutes late?

  11. #11. Speaking the truth.

  12. I disagree with the premise that these traits, at least some of them, require no talent.

    Effort and its corollary, work ethic, DO require talent, that being an ability to take the necessary actions in the appropriate direction(s) to see a desired outcome. This is far harder for most people than you might think…mostly because my experience tends to prove that the world is filled with idiots.

    Being coachable is, in my mind, an ability at self-assessment. Again, this is a talent that I don’t see much of, since mistakes or improvements require one to recognize and admit shortcomings, which as we know, snowflakes just can’t deal with.

  13. wendystringer48088

    +1 on the list of things that require zero talent (in other words, everyone can do them, no excuses).

    Having good work habits have allowed me to survive and thrive in my work environment despite being somewhat “different” and not as talented as some others.

    I myself would combine some and add two.

    1. Being on time (shows how you arrange your life and where you set your priorities).

    2. Being prepared (shows how organized you are).

    3. Having a good work ethic, Having a good attitude, Displaying energy and enthusiasm, Putting in maximum effort, Having a passion for what you are doing, Going above and beyond and doing extra (shows you really do care about the job).

    4. Being willing to learn, being coachable (shows you are not a know-it-all and can be trained on new things and new ways of doing things).

    6. Being willing and able to ask intelligent questions and if necessary (because you cannot get the help you need from others) to research and figure things out yourself.

    7. How you carry yourself and having body language that doesn’t display indifference I would say is more important in the interview process, but it is also important on the job if people have to come up to you for help or advice or ask how the job is going. People remember who helped them, and who didn’t. (Boss hears about it and remembers too).

    8. Always tell the truth / Always be speaking the truth. (Hat Tip to St.Maur) for this one. In other words,don’t lie to not admit you made a mistake.(keeps a bit of trouble from turning into a lot of trouble). If asked to lie for the other guy / to keep a secret, say “Sorry, I can’t keep a secret.” (Keeps you from lying about someone else’s wrong behavior and in so doing making you an accessory to their wrong doing).

    Funny how attention to detail and putting forth max effort and being honest has kept me around while others smarter / more talented have screwed up and been let go. Sometimes you can’t beat the bastards, you just have to outlast them. Is that a tactic? 🙂

  14. wendystringer48088

    Also, as would apply to posting here (even though it is not a paying job):
    1. Try to provide a quality product that people will want to read and will be inspired by.
    2. People only know you by what you write.
    3. You should seek to provide useful information and insights interspaced with creative commentary and overall encouraging messages rather than insults and critisisms that tear people down.
    As to the readers here:
    1. Judge the message on it’s merits. Is the information / commentary useful and/or inspiring? Don’t get caught up in who the messenger is or what their lifestyle is. Unless you want to live in an echo chamber…

    • “Unless you want to live in an echo chamber…”

      But they do. Not sure why; my guess is enormous fear. Of what, I don’t know exactly either…maybe fear of the opinions of others. That would explain so much effort in shrieking (to others!) how unafraid they are.

  15. Woah, that looks like a list of white privilege. You’d better check yours before a blue hair with many cats decides to take issue with you.

  16. John Denney

    My short list:
    1) Can-do attitude
    2) Diligence
    3) Continuous learning
    4) Trustworthiness