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    • How much you willing to wager, that entire I’m gonna fire Sessions thing by Trump was a bait & switch to throw the 5th column clowns off.
      Trumps whole Tweet strategy is to gaslight and suck the fake media into making fools of themselves right in front of the peoples eyes by making them look irevelent as they are under the false dichotomy?
      The guy plays them like a fiddle, while they loose their collective hive minds he gets things done you normally could not any other way. Like they have done for years, decades, to us. He uses their own identity tactics against them.

      • that may be.

        i still hope sessions dies by choking on a dick.

        and drumpf is just another sleazebag.

        i didn’t vote because that only legitimizes the whole rotten system.

        at least i will be able to say…

        I told you so.

        • When the time comes if it does, you are welcome to tell me.

          I feel like Putin in that photo of him with a bowl of popcorn, having a ball watching these clowns implode.

          • “I feel like Putin in that photo of him with a bowl of popcorn, having a ball watching these clowns implode.”

            Not sure why that is. I’m sure you’ve seen trapped animals.

      • Jeffery in Alabama

        Exactly MtnForge. I’ve said the Sessions firing story was a diversion. from the outset. Why would Trump throw Sessions under the bus when Sessions has advised, endorsed, and supported Trump since before his announcement to run. On another note, I do wish Trump would reel Sessions in on his confiscation policies.

    • a follower

      Illuminati Election 2016

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Hey Brother! You said something about $$$?

      Also, You live in Canada? Across from Chicago?
      I took a lap around Chicago in My Viper this summer on the way to Wyoming. That is some pretty beat up turf. I thought Baltimore and DC were bad. I would say Chicago is at least twice as bad.

      What is the average adult like in that area? Ever lady from the Chicago area I date is a hardened leftist. Fun to hang with, great in bed, but absolutely one step away from Marx.

      • yeah.

        before you went and blew it.

        ‘smoking pot and blowing lines’.

        never go full retard…

        never kiss n tell…

      • wendystringer48088

        ” You live in Canada? Across from Chicago?”
        That the body of water that you dive into and swim across is called Lake Michigan instead of Lake Canada should give you a clue that there is a 360 mile or so wide mitten-shaped land mass between you and Canada.
        If you jump in Lake Michigan and swim North the length Of Lake Michigan you will have to make landfall at the Michigan Upper Pennisula, go on land for approximately 100 miles North, and then swim across Lake Superior to where I believe tfA-t is.
        And he may not be in the mood to accept visitors.
        Might want to rethink your plans. Better to travel on land North to Wisconsin and onto Minnesota and North to Canada.
        (Apparently some people don’t look at a too often map now a days).

        That’s ok though, I’m a Michigander, and we have the Mitten shaped state and it’s surrounding Great Lakes and its relation to Canada pounded into us in school.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I am asking because that’s on my escape route outta the East Coast if this goes the way it usually does. I’d like a little bit of a psychoanalysis of the area. From Baltimore to Chicago the whole trip looked like clear skies in terms of the general American Christian feels. Minus Cincinnati, Cincinnati thinks they are hard. I can handle some Cincinnati Scum no problem. But Chicago is on a whole other level from what I hear. Wondering if this is as true as I think.

    • Hey, tell us all here on the internet about your waist size again! Lol!

      • fact is, i’m in fucking great shape for a 54 year old.

        still wear the same size pants i did when i was 18.

        except my upper body is twice as strong and not an inch of fat on me anywhere.

        not too many can say that at any age.

        that, and i am still pretty cash heavy.


        FUCK YOU

        • Nice YouTube clip. What else, internet man? Want to scream about your hair color or your shoe brand or some other such crap that doesn’t mean dick to anyone? Since you haven’t figured out that half of us don’t give a damn and the other half don’t believe any your bullshit anyway. You’re on the damn internet. The people who scream the loudest about how awesome they are online all have something in common: They’re fat, poor and stupid. You’re all three, and you don’t even seem to know it.

          But keep telling us about your pants size, you retard. Like I said, you’re so easy, you swing at everything. Or maybe you could lose control and threaten to kill me again, Lol. It’s my goal to see how many times I can get you to threaten me. Because you’ll do NOTHING. You’ll do fucking NOTHING besides lose your shit and start screaming like a stuck ape again.

          You can dish it out but you can’t take it without threatening to do shit you can’t do and talking about your damn pants size and claiming to be rich. Every Tom, Dick and Harry on the web today is “rich” and “fit”, and no one gives a rat’s ass about them either. Keep swinging.

  1. Well everyone want’s to believe hope is a strategy. It’s not.

    It looks like someone may have a strategy in Bloomington.

    And before ya jump my shit for reading Ariana’s foul maxi pad, if you’re not reading the most vile leftist commie shit rags (like Huffpo) then your intel is weak sauce. Echo chambers suck like chest wounds. Put your ear to the wind brothers.

    • Echo chambers suck like chest wounds.



      • Too bad WordPress doesn’t have a thumbs up comment feature. Lot of choice comments deserve it.

        • wendystringer48088


        • wendystringer48088


    • After reading the HufPo blathering, I assume this was a dry run for better things.
      β€œWhen officers and fire personnel arrived, what they found there was some smoke, some damage to the building, but no one was injured,”
      So,now that the clean up crew has had a look at the layout of the building, got a feel for the time schedule, and can also polish up the escape routes; it is on to bigger and better things. Sounds like a thinking strategy to me.


      Interesting link. I had not seen anything about this on the news. Note well all of you, the Leviathan has pulled out all of investigative the stops on this thing. False Flag or not, the FEDORCS are out in force. Plan accordingly.

    • Balls on right. I peruse Huffington,Daily Kos,Al-Jeezera,NYT,Politico. Leftist rags give you perspective into the fucked up Bizzaro world of the libtard.Intel is key per 0291/MGySgt.

    • Northgunner

      Dollars to donuts this was a false flag pulled off by the moslems themselves to elicit pity and sympathy from the unawakened dhimmi sheep there.

      They’ve used such ploys before…

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. zakaria is a piece of shit moslem mother fucker who should be kicked out at ten thousand feet from the back end of a C-130, with an anvil for a parachute. Fuck him and all the queer bait at CNN.


    Why would CNN do this? No one watches those fools.

  4. When a mosque goes into the lower atmosphere along with the entire congregation of ass lifters, you are allowed to assume “false flag.”

    Regardless… Celebration Time, C’MON!

    Like 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean… a good start!

  5. Good on ya, Tom. Knowing the enemy and their habits and opinions is the direct route to having good intelligence about them. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

  6. Communist News Network.