Kunstler: Russiatosis

Must be some kind of deviated prevert.

Maybe HRC will explain it all:

(H/t SLL)

6 responses to “Kunstler: Russiatosis

  1. Sorry, no more voting. Trump bought us and them a chunk of time that is all. Use it wisely.

  2. Her book title should read: What happened?

  3. I disagree with Kunstler on some things, but on this he hit the nail on the head. Putin did not attack us on 9-11. He did not shoot up an employee Xmas party in San Berdoo. He did not kill Bobby Kennedy. Russians did not shoot up the gay nightclub in Orlando. Putin did not blow up little Saphie Rose with a nail bomb in Manchester. He did not splatter little Etta all over the streets of Stockholm. He is not throwing gays off the buildings in Moscow. There have been 30,000 deadly separate islamic terrorist attacks since 9-11. Yet the deep state republicans want to bring in millions more undocumented muslims into this country. Some one please point to one American killed by Putin.

  4. the Zionist-owned Congress sanctions Russia because Russia, which backs both Syria and Iran, is frustrating the Greater Israel Project…and thus also blocking the Saudi nat gas pipeline.

  5. Agree Trump should have vetoed the measure. Never mind that the sewer could have overridden the veto. Interesting isn’t it that when it suits them, residents of the sewer manage to find agreement when it comes to screwing the nation.