NATO Must Be Proud

UK Sunday Express: ‘Germany in three days and France in one hour’ – Shock threat to EU from Erdogan backers

Islam ascendant.

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    “The model also said that Mr Herba told her he had earned €15 million in the past five years from selling women and most were destined for Arab countries.”

  2. Venezuelan authorities crush military rebellion -ruling official

  3. Turkey hasn’t got a hair on their ass. Even with all their modern equipment, the Turks fighting spirit is on the same level as the ones in Egypt. This slave/women selling business needs serious attention. Who wants to bet they ain’t already shopping/black bagging here?

    • Erdogan is Muslim Brotherhood and he has their worldwide support. His tanks are actually old American M-60’s.

  4. Erdogan’s got a strong 5th column…

  5. “dead alien baby found inside pregnant mother…”


  6. Northgunner

    The mad turk is doing nothing beyond channelling his genocidal child raping fake asslifting prophet ‘mo’.

    FWIW, When a moslem is spouting such things, take him or her at their such instances they aren’t spouting taqyyia.

    Islam is on a 1400 year world conquest and will not be stopped by anything less than downright force!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  7. Since turkey had the largest ground and air force in NATO outside of the USA, the comment is probably correct.

    • Turkey can barely control Turkey with that military.
      Maybe you read about it?

      If army size mattered, Saddam would be emperor of the Middle East.
      Turkey at the height of its power couldn’t take the island of Cyprus in 30 years. Against military powerhouse Greece.

      At this point, the Italian security guards’ and meter maids union could probably fight them to a standstill.

  8. Okay, sigh, let me ask the question……why is Erdogan still breathing? I feel like it is 1933, Hitler is threatening everyone, and still- the Elites are polishing each other’s asses. And what about our own war ships bomber; little Kim the Younger? Sanctions? Oh please-don’t deny KtY a new iPhone! Surely not that! And do not tell me about Good Moslems, cause there aren’t any. So, we killed millions from 1938-1945 and yet……… we are again. Is it just me?

  9. No, it is not just you. The “why” keeps me up some nights.

    I suppose we should forsake the “Why” of it…elected officials sponsor the circumstances, and professionals who should be taking out the trash are not.

    Never mind the attempts to put us women in our place. They have all arranged it so that our place is soon to be behind the sights of our most comfortable, efficient firearm.

    They can all go to hell…

    • “I suppose we should forsake the ‘Why’ of it…elected officials sponsor the circumstances, and professionals who should be taking out the trash are not.”

      Damn, that’s a full SITREP in one sentence. And you’re right…the ‘why’ of it doesn’t matter, except insofar as it can help a soul figure out what to do moving forward.

      Taking the trash out? You got that right too. Probably when push comes to shove, you womenfolk will end up doing it yourself, just as you imply. I see no reason to suspect that all the tough guys who figure on out-collectivizing the collectivists and out-stating the statists, will ever get one foot off the ground. And about a hundred reasons to suspect they never will. If they won’t do it for their own women and children, then for whom would they? Oh yeah…”We’ll do it for the country,” or the culture or the race or some other wild fantasy. Ha, I’d fade that action in a heartbeat.

      Helluva comment IMO. Gurl or not, I see no victimology.

      • “Gurl or not, I see no victimology.”

        There is no future in it.

        Womenfolk will fare much better if we refuse the victimhood mantle, develop skillsets, which in a perfect world, would be better left to those more suited. But, we are not in a more perfect world.

  10. Turkey has the benefit of being located in a favorable spot for smuggling. A lot of Western politicians are involved. Remember the ISIS oil from Syria? Heroin, opium, cocaine. It wouldn’t get through without greasing a lot of palms. Same as our southern border. The corruption doesn’t need a visa.