SLL: Is Trump Winning?

Robert’s latest.

The Swamp will not be denied.

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  1. Darn good critical thinking in Mr. Gores series of posts.

  2. Go Trump! The guy has run rings around out mutual enemies from before day one. “They” have continued to underestimate him and beclown and expose themselves at every step. Why assume the worst, when the best we’ve had in decades is putting his very life on the line, and apparently winning?

    Yes, hope is not a plan but it is reason to press on, be patient and get ready.

  3. murka is so fucked

  4. Trump is facing a much more serious problem by ignoring McMaster’s ideology and betrayal. McMaster has been the agent of purging a number of people who refuse to accept his stated belief that “islam is not extremist”, and is not the source of the terrorism afflicting much of the world today:

    • Grenadier1

      Yeah McMasters has gone native. I had hopes that the man who lead at 73 Easting would be another can do house cleaner for Trump. Not the case. He has spent to much time in the swamp and has become a deep state operative. He is an agent of the Never Trumpers, Globalists, and the elitist .

    • it wasn’t McMaster that allowed the State Dept to double+ the weekly “refugee resettlement” invasion of Somalian Black Muslims (cf. a certain Minneapolis cop).

      it was Trump.

  5. The problem today with the brewing war to preserve the virtues of Western Civilization from the ravages of genocide is we don’t give helicopter rides for the corrupt political elite, cultural marxists, or globalist cabal.

    Revolution and helicopter rides

  6. What is the ole USAF missive? — If the flac is thick you are over target. If you kick over an ant pile what do you get? More ants of course. No one who is sane would consider that Deep State would go down like a whimpering dog.

  7. Trump is a stalling tactic utilizing 12D chess. It’s working, everyone buys it. I like him better than the effiminazi Soweto Hussein but that ain’t saying much.

    NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Not Trump, not Robert, not anyone. Imagine Venezuela but with guns and orders of magnitude larger. The remaining options at this point are to pull out the last card(big war) or to overturn the table. That’s it.

    Agree with Mr. Forge above regarding the new “Air America” concept.

  8. Interesting overview. Trumps stupid, like a fox.



    Is Trump winning? Who cares? Keep watching, prepping, and training.

  10. Money shot:
    Trump has quietly (when Trump does anything quietly, take note) made two sea changes in US policy in Syria. At the G20 summit, he negotiated a cease fire with Vladimir Putin for southwest Syria. Last week he ended a CIA program that armed Syrian jihadists fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Both changes are anathema to the US Deep State, the mainstream media, and US allies Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Israel, and Turkey, yet other than “rote denunciation,” they have been surprisingly docile. The latter change could presage abandonment of a pillar of US foreign and military policy since President Carter supplied arms and other aid to the mujahideen in Afghanistan during their successful fight against the Soviet Union. The US may be out of the business of arming Islamic insurgents against regimes it seeks to change.

    Deft—by this analysis—as Trump has been, his biggest challenge lies ahead. The government is bankrupt, and demographics will push it ever-deeper in the hole. The global economy is struggling under monstrous and unsupportable debt. Fiat money something-for-nothing has a sell-by date, sooner or later the stock market and economy will head south. Historically, there’s been a tight correlation between stocks, the economy, and presidential popularity.

    Gore isn’t always right, and sometimes when out of his lane of expertise he’s spectacularly off-target, but when he is right, he tends to nail it outta the park.

  11. Trump lost the day he was forced to fire Flynn and install a (((puppet))) national security advisor. That was what, day 2?

    (((They))) have 100% of the power. The duly elected POTUS with a clear mandate from white heritage America cannot even pick his own cabinet.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    On recurring problem politicians on the Right always seem to have is thinking that military guy = rock ribbed conservative and/or military guy = squared away with no skeletons in his closet. They get burned by that one a lot.

    • wendystringer48088

      @ Jimmy the Saint
      “On recurring problem politicians on the Right always seem to have is thinking that military guy = rock ribbed conservative and/or military guy = squared away with no skeletons in his closet. They get burned by that one a lot.”
      I think so too.
      Truth is, they are only human. And like all humans there are a mix of bad and good ones, and apparently some of the people who do well in military strict regimented societies and authority positions get off on sick ways of hurting people.
      They need to read more true crime stories…