Totally Legit

California has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens: Registered Voters 144% of Eligible

Thank goodness the problem is limited to California.

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  1. About fucking time somebody put this up! I bookmarked it, so when somebody asks why we don’t just vote in a new bunch of thieves I can point them to it.

    I have to move because of voter fraud. It’s the ultimate cause of all this state’s problems. They’ve run up the corruption to the point that in the SF Bay Area, in some parts of it you’re considered “poor” if you make less than $105,000 per year. There’s a new high rise condominium going up across the street from my doctor’s office. My nurse that day told me that the rent for these 647 square foot glorified “coffin tube” is $3,500 a month. Her next words were, “Why isn’t somebody in jail for that?”

    I grew up here. California used to be a great place to live. Now, it’s ¡ Bienvenidos a Venezuela del Norte! You gonna like it pretty gone fine! AH hahahahahaha! Every time the few normals left pass a ballot measure designed to restore sanity to this state, the banana republicans from both parties just shop it to a corrupt black robed dictator (otherwise known as a “judge”) who over turns it. But now, due to the voter fraud, we can’t even get that much done to try and fix this place.

    I think I know what people who left Germany in 1936 were thinking, although it’s not that bad here, Yet.


      Bob: It is amazing that these fools can spend this kind of money on this kind of real estate. But, when you look at the fortunes being made in high-technology products and in the movie/entertainment industry, it does make sense in terms of discretionary income.
      The unsettling thing about these rich mooks is the vast majority of them are cosmic-white Hillary-worshiping Marxist rat bastards. And, they use their money not only for trendy real estate and other baubles, but to fund their red-diaper-doper-baby causes throughout the country. They are the real enemy, not the wets or muzzies.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      My close Family and friends are in the construction business. Housing costs for a white man are triple or quadruple what they should be.

      Taxes, Welfare, Profit, Cost(which includes more of the other three)=Extra cost for no fucking reason.

      Imagine if we didn’t have to pay Ridiculous Taxes. It would cut the costs in half over night. Then maybe we could have KIDS!!!!! You know, buy a house so a woman can nest properly and be comfortable.

      • I’ve been saying this to people for ten years now – but from a different perspective. Whenever I hear somebody bitch about “jobs going overseas” – I remind them that if they didn’t have to pay so goddam much in taxes, the cost of business in this country would go lower and make us instantly more competitive with all the low wage countries.

        I’ve seen estimates from some of the taxpayer advocacy organizations that claim that the median middle class taxpayer loses something like 65% of what they make to taxation – once you add ALL of it up ( that means including the taxes you REALLY pay – like when you go to a restaurant and buy $50 worth of food – some high percentage of that is taxes – and you as the FINAL consumer – are paying the taxes. There’s no reselling it afterwards after you’re done with it – because you just flushed it – no costs will be recouped).

        If I didn’t pay ANY taxes – and they dropped my wages by 50% – I would actually be making MORE money and living the exact same lifestyle as I was before. But the military industrial complex, all the Dindus living on the dole, all the multiple layers of bureaucracy , the medical industrial complex – everybody – would have to do REAL work for a change. Since the cost to an outside bidder for my labor is now 50% lower – and American workers are actually very productive : presto chango, suddenly America becomes competitive again.

        The problem is – you’d have to run the camps night and day to clean out the filth that would stand in the way of reaching that goal.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      A white man who makes less than $2,000 a month is doomed to live like a black in the projects. There is simply no way they can afford personal housing, ever. Generation X and Z are 60% fucked. 20 percent make enough money and 20 percent are married or share housing with a friend. The rest? Xanax, Weed, Video Games, and Pain Pills.

    • Got Zeppelin?

    • F/U. The only people leaving Germany in 1936 were Jews…most headed to Palestine via the Nazi/Zionist Transfer Agreement…while a shitload of bolshevik Jewish intellectuals – the “Frankfurt School” – scampered off to Britain and ‘Murka.

      and the “illegal vote” is irrelevant in fake-elections where the essential choice is between shabbatz goy A and shabbatz goy B.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As far as most were concerned, Germany in 1936 was on the upswing, not the down.

  2. Hey Bob, this has been coming for along time. We saw it back in the 70/80s. We got out, frankly leaving WAS the only option.

    Agree Calif is an awesome state, minus their fucked up leadership. What kinda surprises me is the counties listed. There are some very very Conservitive named counties on the list.

    Plenty of room for you up here in southern Oregon, errr state of Jefferson. Best to you brother, stay and play, or shag it, while you still can. Also the cost of living up here is much cheaper.



      Dirk: They may be conservative, but they are loaded with Mexicans. Follow the sombreros and you’ll find the illegal voters. Kalifornia will probably end up being the tipping point or trigger effect for the coming festivities. If you can, pick up a copy of CIVIL WAR ii by Thomas Chittum. It’s dated but still relevant.

  3. Just at the point you think it’s not that bad, it’s worse. Leftist corruption always runs deeper than you can see. Go now! The rush later will be impeded by the leftists trying to hold onto their rice bowl, and other states trying to keep the infection out. Remember the SS. St. Louis? Remember that the Jews who left Germany before they were forbidden to leave had to divest themselves of almost every nickel they had before they were allowed to leave? Remember what happened to the ones who could not believe that a really radical pogrom was in the cards, and stayed? Raus, while you can.

  4. The solution is salvation and salvation is the solution but salvation is not for the dead but the living because the Kingdom of God was for the living not the dead.
    The Kingdom of God was from “generation to generation”.
    Christ, Abraham and Moses all had a plan which included loving one another.
    Family was the institution of God but how those families came together to secure the blessings of God determined the liberty of the people. This the essential CORE to freedom under God. That plan called The Way got his followers, eventually called Christians, kicked out of one system of Corban that made the word of God to none effect so that they had to form another kind of system of Corban that would help them tend to the daily ministration of their own needy with Ministers who did not exercise authority like the Benefactors of the world.
    This individual change of direction and the form of gathering together was called repentance.
    This repentance altered the way people related to their fellow man and made them unique in the eyes of the world.
    The early followers of Christ did this by forming small intimate congregations of personal testimony who networked together practicing Pure Religion manifesting the fruits worthy of repentance.
    How this plan of Christ worked then and can work today is very simple and every Church, home church, group can use these precepts to help form networks of hope dependent upon love and charity.
    To find out more you can Join the Network and gather with others in Free Assemblies and seek that which sets men free.
    The core of the network is families freely coming together. But what is a CORE?
    In its entirety with linked explanations at:

    …”For He is not the god of the dead, but The God of The Living”…

    • the solution is shedding 300 million wastes of skin.

      what a wonderful thought.

      no lines at wal*mart.

      no wal*mart…

      a local general store

      a farmers market

      a fish market

      a meat market

      a feed store

      and local craftsman plying their crafts.

      and free electricity from all the nuke plants we paid for…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And the 30 million survivors – who will represent more the lucky than the skillful in the face of that much death – will keep the rest of the world out how, exactly? The local stores will have been burned and looted, the local farmers will be dead and their fields fallowed, the meat market would be someone with a few dead rats, the feed store will be burned, the local craftsmen will be mostly dead and all their equipment destroyed, and the nuke plants will be inoperable at best. Plague and famine will be everywhere, the revenge killings will still be going on, and the rest of the world will be busy dividing up the now depopulated continent.

        • think happy thoughts..

          those melted-down nuke plants will keep them away.

        • Don’t bring facts into it Jimmy you will spoil the fantasy…

        • Think about what happens with: no gun control, no bigger gun control against larger than 50 cal or vehicle mounts, no even bigger gun control against missiles. Also, no patents, no export control, no itar, no osha, no epa, no zoning, no unions, no licenses.

          will keep the rest of the world out how, exactly?

          With a flying, transforming robot with laser death ray eyes behind every blade of grass. It’s gonna be great!

  5. I support California…
    Getting the Fuck out, of the United States and taking away there Crminal Influence is U.S. Elections

    • Bwahahahahaa! You so funny. I hope it happens, for my own selfish reasons. But you have to be a real NUT-CASE to think that if MexiKaliForniKation leaves the Union, and there are no longer any MKFK senators and congressmen in D.C., that the clouds will part, and the sunshine of freedumb and libertard, will shine upon your face. Even a glimmer.

      Remember, there will still be 49 members left in the Union, each one voting for senators and congressmen to D.C. that the rest of the NUT-CASES of what is left of the Union… sends there.

      I’ve been to almost every State in the Union. None of you fool me.

      Just watch the next senate/congress election. If you think you are going to fill D.C. with a bunch of mini-me “God-Emperors”, you’re deluded.

      You guys crack me up. A laugh a minute. I’m betting almost every one here who voted… voted for a RINO… because repukocrat! And freedumb. And libertard. And… not very bright. It’s not just here. Go to any freedom blog or right-wing site… it’s the same old song.

      Go get’em tigers.

  6. Makes you wonder. Normal registration level is maybe 80%, so an extra 64% got tacked on in LA, and no doubt in SF….Did Hillary even carry California, let alone by 4 million votes?

  7. O/T “If you kill enough of them, the rest stop fighting.” — GEN Curtis LeMay, is typical of the stupidity of our military. How many millions, including civilians, did we kill in Viet Nam, Iraq, etc? Did they stop fighting?

    • LeMay did not run those shows.


        Word. Neither did Patton.

      • Very True.

        He ran the show where we firebombed the shit out of Japan and mined all their waterways.

        Sot the correct question to ask is: Did the Japanese stop fighting? – The answer to that is no. They didn’t stop until we nuked them – TWICE. And even then – there were military elements who were going to institute a coup AGAINST THE EMPEROR – in order to keep fighting. Think about that one for a minute….

        The Germans didn’t stop fighting either – and we bombed the shit out of them too. Firebomb raids were as or more destructive than dropping a nuke. If I remember correctly the Strategic Bombing Survey found that German production went UP as the bombing increased – the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen. And all that bombing didn’t win the war by itself – Commies still had to blow Berlin up building by building in order to get the Nazis to quit.

        Lemay laid the groundwork for the belief that just bombing the shit out of people would magically make them give up. The people who followed him are responsible for believing that shit and creating the clusterfucks that were Vietnam and Iraq et. al………


          Sir: I cannot speak for the cluster that was/is Iraq. In VN, that criminal rat bastard LBJ micromanaged the bombing campaign and boasted that the USAF could not bomb a shit house without his say-so. When Tricky Dick took over, at least he was able to bomb them back to the conference table.
          Do not get me wrong. It was the wrong war at the wrong place and in the wrong time. And, when JFK tried to get us out of it, the Deep State murdered him.

  8. This hit local radio news here a couple of days ago.

    When you’re probably barely 50% of the voters, in only some counties, it’s nice to have a spare 44% (more likely, a spare 70%, unless anybody believes voter registration anywhere, even here, is actually 100% of those eligible) of the vote you can whistle up as needed.

    Between 15 points from lying media (but I repeat myself) and another 40-60% imaginary voters, it’s tough to beat them to a 50%+1 vote majority when they ante that much into the pot before any ballots are cast.

    Anybody have any trouble grasping why suggestions for voter ID laws trigger full-on-throwing-themselves-on-the-ground-hissyfit-tantrums among the Evil party?

    It’s not the people who vote who count, it’s the people who count the votes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It’s not the people who vote who count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

      It’s the people who select the candidates. If I control every candidate on the ballot, you are free to count the ballots however you wish, and the outcome will always be the same.

  9. A short stroll down Memory Lane-
    The only reason this letter was sent to Alex Padilla is because Leland Yee had to bow out of the California Secretary of State race because of previous ‘commitments’.
    Mr. Yee was unavailable for comment on this Judicial Watch story.

  10. CA Warrior

    I was supporting the State of Jefferson efforts, but with this new ammunition, there has never been a better opportunity for a fresh takeover of this state and driving out all of the liberal slimes once and for all.

    Just have to present this information to those who are fed up with jerry brown’s train to nowhere project and those are tired of increasing taxes for the pet projects of the boys and girls under the dome in Sacramento.

    Looks like the tide may be turning.

  11. I don’t get it. Why does it matter how many unregistered voters there are? Is it because the other, so-called legitimate voters, are more likely to vote the right way? Is it because the rules are the most important thing?

    I can see the evil of getting away with it on the backs of others, but that’s true of virtually everything these days. I wonder why voting itself seems to strike such a nerve. I’d think the endless taxing and spending–and more than a few unjust cagings and executions–would be the focal pain, but apparently that doesn’t bother most voters, even registered ones who play by the rules.

    Can anyone clarify? Why is it that extortion, corruption and endless loot produced by others are okay, as long as the voters who approve of it are registered? Seems to me it’s wrong no matter who does it or how it comes to happen. What am I missing?

    • Poorly constructed false dilemma, Jim.

      This isn’t about how many unregistered voters there are, it’s about how many imaginary voters there are.
      The trouble is that we got all your little laundry list of bad things from vote tallies of fictional voters.

      Sorry, there was some math there for you.

      See if you can parse out something that simple, rework the problem, and get back to us.

      • Sorry, was that too complex for you? It’s the exact same principle (go look it up) with imaginary voters, so just change it to this…

        “Can anyone clarify? Why is it that extortion, corruption and endless loot produced by others are okay, as long as the voters who approve of it actually exist? Seems to me it’s wrong no matter who does it or how it comes to happen. What am I missing?”

        If it’s still too complex, or too based in reality for a Fable Master like yourself, just go with the last two sentences. In fact, since you’re a proponent, just answer it straight out. Why exactly is it that the extortion, corruption and endless loot that NECESSARILY arises from mob rule is such a good thing to you?

        If your answer is, “It doesn’t have to be that way,” you can simply address why you’re in favor of mob rule in the first place. Anyone can believe you’re foolish enough to not understand why what happened, did.

        • No, Jim, please, for the twenty-eleventeenth time, explain to us how your fantasy utopia would work (as it has nowhere and never in recorded history for so much as two seconds, powered as it is by magical unicorns farting strawberry-scented happiness gas). Except just once, without using the Underpants Gnome in Step Three. Nothing you’ve ever written passes the “based in reality” test you set as a standard. So it’s not a principle, it’s a fantasy.

          But do, please, go on and tell me what I’m a proponent of.
          Certainly not mob rule*, nor any of the rest of your problem list either, but once again, your inability to construct a sentence without a false dilemma fallacy as a crutch to help it limp along is kicking your ass.

          Maybe try not reading your own press releases, and thence assuming your conclusions before you start out.
          For the sheer novelty of the approach, if nothing else.

          *(Particularly bearing in mind that under the original US Constitution, the average voter cast exactly one direct vote for anyone at the federal level, and that sole recipient of his franchise was his congresscritter. That. Was. It. And if you’d voted for the second place candidate, your total rule, as a member of the alleged “mob”, was a null. So once, every two years, you had a shot at maybe contributing 1/40,000th or so of a representative to the scrum. Who was then immune to anything you said or did until two years hence.
          Hardly “mob rule”, then or now. Maybe for a bonus, being so sure it exists, you could explain where and how “mob rule” anywhere in this country exists or existed, and provide a handy example of same at any point in the last 240 years. If we’re going to stick to reality, you could count all such actual examples on the fingers of your third hand.
          Kinda sucks the fun out of railing against it, but that’s the breaks when one sets out to ride a unicorn across the finish line.
          Next up, your fall-back attempt will require flying monkeys. Or pigs.
          Dealer’s choice.)