You Don’t Say — Clif High


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  1. Walter Mitty

    Strange energies from space? Yup, I trust this guys analysis.

    • Daniel K Day

      Gave himself away pretty fast, didn’t he?

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        Roger that, men! “Space energy from sun” causing all the world’s chaos? Yeah, right. I’m all in ((NOT!)) This guy must be a major shareholder in ALCOA Aluminum for his tinfoil hat…

  2. R. Stephen Dorsey

    Walter Mitty and I have the same skepticism. While High is entertaining and obviously following current events and making projections/analyses the same way a number of other analysts do, it is odd that no one seems to have questioned High’s premise that there is a societal precognition that expresses itself in the written words on the Web and that his “bots” gather for High to weight and analyze. Societal precognition? Any evidence, any? Crickets.
    AND I’ve taken High’s predictions of ten months ago (earthquakes in Antarctica, uncovered ancient cities in Antarctica, revealed ancient knowledge, evidence of aliens in Antarctica, major earthquakes in California, empty shelves in the stores of America) all of which was to have happened BY NOW. None of it has occurred and yet no one seems to remember these specific forecasts but listen like children to the new pronouncements.
    Mr. High is apparently quite proficient with computer science and is both bright and articulate but his forecasts and his precognition premise are very questionable.

  3. And for 29.99 we will sell you this repot based of word usage, and sentence structure.

    Now I have to look into these peoples history.

    Pete your killing me, with home work assignments.

    Their is some legitimacy to hand writing analysis, sentence structure analysis. Logic related stuff.


  4. You mean the tin foil hat ACTUALLY works???

  5. 2ndsecurestherest

    Yeah, except for the ‘strange energies from space’ and lots of mysterious ‘data sets’ and unexplained analysis of same, everything else was quite reasonable! LOL

  6. Tell the straight political crime truth and you get “suicided”. Add some “mysterious energies”, UFO’s, and 2-headed cyclops bigfoot babies and it’s just good fun. Smart people can tell the difference, even when they share the same pages.

  7. European American

    I wonder how many of the Ego’s on this thread, actually listened to the entire program?

  8. Dirty Harry

    The problem with these alternative electronic currencies, punk, is that they rely on NP-complete difficult computational problems to provide support for the underlying value said currency. Bitcoin, for example, requires that the calculations on mathematical objects called elliptic curves are fundamentally difficult to unwind. If someone were ever to figure out how to crack one of these NP-complete problem on which an alternative currency is based then, blamo, the currency can be debased and coins can be immediately mined digitally with greater impunity than a scumbag steals. Once mined in absurd amounts, thanks Adam Smith, its value crashes. So when you hear bitcoin or etherium, just understand that its inherent value comes from the ease of computing something in one direction, but being very hard to do soin the opposite direction (think multiplication versus factoring a number into prime divisors). The act of buying into the currency means that you’re placing your own bet on the mathematical problem on which the currency is based as being effectively unsolvable. Do any really really hard problems remain unsolvable indefinitely? You feeling lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  9. Buckaroo banzai

    I’ve been following Clif for almost ten years now. His forecasts tend to be most interesting when they stick with general systemic trends, and much less interesting (and less accurate) when he tries to predict specific events at specific times. For instance, since 2008 he has consistently forecast increased instability in the global Deep State (“secrets revealed” has been an emotional value that has been appearing with increasing weight and frequency for years), which would eventually lead to a major crackup and crisis. He has been right on the money about that, and this was way before Wikileaks was a thing.

    But frankly where Clif has the most credibility is in the cryptocurrency space. This is an area where he can combine his concrete professional insight with his ooey-gooey linguistic trend analysis to deliver real, profitable insight. He has been pounding the table on BitCoin ever since it was trading at $1300. It cracked $3400 today. That’s almost a clean triple in less than a year.

    • Grenadier1

      I read him for a number of years on a daily basis, not so much after he put most of his content behind a paywall.
      He is very entertaining and I believe him to be a very intelligent guy.
      I like the theory of the linguistic analysis as it is rooted in a process that was said to have predicted 9-11. The process did not specifically say an airplane will crash into a building, but it showed an uptick in what you might call emotional stress just prior to the event. As if there was something signalling to people that a world changing even was about to occur.
      The Linguistic analysis process that we are referring to for those that do not know, speculates that there is indeed some mechanism that affects the emotional processes within people on a massive scale. It leads out of phase to the world so that we will begin to be affected by events that are still to come, on a subtle level. Responding to this effect they will begin to change the language that they use in their communications. They will ask questions to others like “do you feel like something is about to happen?” they will provide indications in their communications that may give a hint as to what is going to occur. i dont know if its a real thing or not. I dont know that there is a lot of evidence to support it but its an interesting thing to observe because it ties is with some things I have said in the past.
      The powers that be DO believe that this kind of thing exists. Thats why they are very engrossed with large scale emotional events that occur at specific places and specific times. They believe that they can control it and influence the thoughts and beliefs of the masses.
      Since they believe it, its worth paying attention to just to understand what they may be up to.