A reader sends:

So the Mrs and I are making a trip to the big city and we happen to poke through the Barnes and Noble and see this:

Then I was all like…

I didn’t know there was a children’s horror genre. I know if I’m a kid, I sure as hell don’t want any book with her on the cover. More nightmares than if you ate a plate of hotdogs and went to bed.

Do Hillary voters read this as bedtime stories to their spawn?

Could not be more glad to get out of there and get back to the crooked, backwoods shithole of a town where we currently stay.

— Camacho2016

30 responses to “Egads!

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    Those meddling (((kayaks))) put their mark of the Beast everywhere.

  2. Dick Lawson

    Look at the author . . .
    Who is polluting our kids?

  3. …and what’s wrong with eating hot dogs before you go to bed? Seems pretty American to me (and throw in the mac and cheese while you’re at it).
    Just saying …………….

  4. See the smug look on the faces on the cover. Feminists are always smug. They can’t just be decent in their opinions. They ALWAYS have to be jerks. And they are.

  5. When I see a visage of that whore, I’m reminded of a pile of dog shit, fresh and moist, and wearing a USSC outfit.

  6. The cult of Black Robes. Cargo cult.

  7. average Red Jewess. Actually quite comely during her salad days:

    but the older (((they))) get, the the more the Inner Jew comes out.

  8. Thanks for the smiles.
    I like to look at the bright side of things. Ruth won’t be around long, and it’s comforting to know she won’t be replaced by another ‘wise latina’.

  9. Randolph Scott

    The bitch formerly known as Ginsberg will die off before long.

  10. Yes, the old bag is loathsome. AS is any leftist. I must say, the Anti-Jew explosion on this blog is a very bad sign. All of the Orthodox Jews I know, are equally horrified by Leftist JINO’s… And since some 2% of the US are “Jews” , that means the CINO’s are responsible for this mess as well.

    So, before you start lining up Jews and murdering them, know there is a far bigger number of CINO traitors that have enabled the collapse. The Catholic church, the World Council of Churches have worked hand-in-hand with leftist JINO’s.

    And remember, when you accuse the Jew of perfidious acts, you are saying the “white race” was too stupid to see through the whole thing and stop it.

    Progressives-Liberal’s are the enemy. Period. Regardless of what religious or ethnic background. Sounding off with David Duke rhetoric is not only stupid but evil.

    • most of the non-Red Jews are Zionist warmongers. And nothing grows gubmint like war…so the two tentacles of the Beast are ultimately entwined.

      you’re right about the goyim though. Dumb as a box of rocks.

  11. Mountain Cracker

    This country has long since bounded into the surreal. This is just a further affirmation that we are coming upon unpleasant times.

  12. No anti-Jew explosion.

    Think you are seeing ghosts.

    • No uptick in the anti-Jew rhetoric? I read this site everyday… The only ghosts here are the Jew behind every failure of the “white race”. Dumbfcks. If the European’s that founded this great Nation, including my forefathers, handed it over to spoiled brat “white race” grandkids who abandoned their faith in lieu of distractions, sports, racing, what-the-fck ever, then …the country goes to shit because of the JINO- cabal?

      Who’s to blame? Who will you line up and shoot? Who are you going to gas? The JINO’s? Scapegoating is the way of our fathers? Fck that!

      The “white race” needs to drop the sports, racing, and distraction, face up to it’s own failure, get back to the faith of our forefathers. Fire the JINO’s from any and all positions in government. Raise your kids and grandkids to be right honorable Europeans and not pussy scape-goaters who blame 2% of the population for their fck-ups.

      Look…Isaiah the prophet already predicted the JINO’s…if you knew your bibles you would know that. Your kids would know that. Your grandkids would know that and no one…would fall for that Marxist SJW crap!

      But…oh poor us…the Jew screwed us…oh poor us…pftftft

  13. a follower

    Too funny: They live.

  14. Isn’t she Jewish?

  15. Written by Debbie “Levy”………..LOL!…..come on, admit it, A.H. was right!

  16. Should have “She Persisted” next to this book. You remember: Chelsea Hubbel’s plagarized tome. Madonna’s The English Roses would make a nice trio for gift giving to children you hate.

  17. ugly as a bag of dicks

  18. “Why Daddy is a Democrat” by Jeremy Zilber, with illustrations by Yuliya Firsova (draw your own conclusions) would make a nice companion volume of child-targeted propaganda. Available on Amazon starting at $9.98.

    I got mine at the thrift shop.

  19. Saw those at the local B&N.

    It took a couple of trips, but I moved them all to the Horror section.

    Next trip, Shrillary’s latest horsecrap goes into Comedy.

    Life is always more fun when you have hobbies.

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  21. Centurion_Cornelius

    Q: Dissenting-Ruthie, who will defend your scrawny, ugly ass when Team Mo and Sharia Law replace your El Supremo Laws? You know you don’t rate even a molesting or raping, much less a slot in a harem.

    A: Ah,… er,…rule-of-law,… ahem….”I DISSENT!”

    exit, stage left, throat cut. Marxist/Liberal religion=Death Cult extraordinaire.

  22. There must be some rational explanation for members of the Tribe inexplicably ascending to positions of power & prestige ALWAYS promoting the same twisted morality & penchant for world domination by Tribal global elitists.

    There must be.