GoV: “A society that refuses to defend its women will defend nothing…”

Worth your time.

I’m not sold that some nasty, man-hating harridan receiving some cultural enrichment deserves to be defended – especially if she was involved in the importation of the savages.

And given the lethal blasts delivered to Western Civilization time and again by the feminist movement and its ideological allies, one certainly is not defending civilization by such an act.


Secretary Mattis had some advice in his prior job:

Think of it as a “weapons free” indicator.

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  1. there will be no defending anything or anyone as long as cops roam the cities and countryside- or else.

    they simply will not allow you to…

    go ahead i dare anyone to jump…

    you will be rolled up by the shitbags in blue.

    either get rid of them, or the hordes will be allowed to rape and pillage on a nearby village.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      And the Cameras everywhere prevents anyone from making a move.
      Otherwise a tactical unit of low IQ thugs is coming for you.
      After the Media turns you into Public enemy number one.
      For the rest of your life.

      • Northgunner

        All of the above CAN be defeated!

        The badged orcs/orcetts AREN’T bulletproof/flameproof… also the have to eat and sleep and shit just like everyone else..

        Cameras can be blinded (paintballs/lasers) and they’re not impervious to kinetic attacks (bb’s, .22 cb caps, etc).

        Those who enable the parasite class (media, bureacrats, judges, etc) aren’t invulnerable…

        Buy bacon with cash and discretely decorate the local mosque/islamic center after hours. Better yet post a printed page of quotes from the koran/hadiths detailing mohammed’s love of underage girls and boys and penchant for violence, remember to cite sura and verse and paste with a covering of pets milk (h/t Mike Vanderboegh on use of pet milk) on glass doors/main windows.

        Read Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup” for more ideas…

        You’re only a slave if you ALLOW yourself to be made so!
        Freedom begins between your ears!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Mark Matis

          Even more accurately, if they aren’t sure if their spouse will be alive when they get home from work, THAT will make many of them reconsider their career choice.

          Hit the soft target first, especially since it is far more effective.

        • +1..Read Poole….get an idea of what will work and what won’t.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          700 cameras?


          There is almost one on every turn. And thats just the DHS cameras.

          Most cable companies offer a camera option nowdays.

          I think you should scout out some of these problem areas in the day.

          Some buildings have 4 or more. Surrounded by buildings with the same number.

    • wendystringer48088

      “there will be no defending anything or anyone as long as cops roam the cities and countryside- or else.
      they simply will not allow you to…
      go ahead i dare anyone to jump…
      you will be rolled up by the shitbags in blue.”

      I see your point.
      However, I still feel that some people will do what they feel they have to do. Just got to be willing to pay the price.

      Self defense or defense of a loved one is a no-brainer.
      Afterwards, most people, including myself, would trust the legal system.
      I believe in giving them their shot. See how it works out.
      No matter what, I believe that you are never powerless. You may have the choice between bad courses of action. But still there is the decision to make.
      For instance: Stand by and do nothing and live with yourself and the people you felt you were powerless to do anything for forever after, or do something and pay the price and maybe not be there for them afterwards.
      Hard decisions.
      My opinion – best to talk some things over as best you can ahead of time.

      Like deciding if someone has a stroke or is in a car accident and is in a coma and not likely to recover, or gets unoperatable cancer. What to do under certain circumstances. At what point to cut off life support. At what point to say your goodbyes and walk away and consider the person dead. Those kind of fun conversations that people have with lawyers and legal papers and powers of attorney and wills and whatnot.

      Then when it’s just you and your loved one(s), talk about the other stuff – the what-if this and the what-if that?

      Some people don’t want you in prison no matter what happened to them, because they don’t want to be without you afterwards.
      Sometimes you can’t bear to live with what happened to your loved one(s) or lf they are gone to live without them and then what happens to you afterwards doesn’t matter. Your life is over and you did what you felt you had to do.
      Everyone is different.

      • Wendy:

        Do not EVER trust the legal system.


        I am begging you.


        Recovering statist, asshole, and lawyer

        • wendystringer48088

          Thank you for your advice.
          Kind of scary that it has come down to this.
          I will do my best to follow your advice.

        • Northgunner

          Damn, this “recovering fascists day” on B’ophra?…

          Very good former “pawn of the oppressor”,’re becoming more sane and more of an anarchist/voluntarist every day it seems…

          Good show of freeing your mind!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • Northgunner

        “Afterwards, most people, including myself, would trust the legal system.
        I believe in giving them their shot. See how it works out.”

        Ask Sammy and Vicky Weaver how well that worked out?..
        Ask the surviving Branch Davidians at Waco how well that worked out?…
        Ask Lavoy Finicum, Jose Guerna and Jack Yantis how well that worked out?…
        Ask over 53,000,000 murdered babies since 1973 how that worked out?…

        Sorry but the day of playing the game instituted by the parasitic class referee’d by their robed nazgul is DONE!!
        It was and always will be a shell game played in sucked and marks!!

        We don’t NEED them!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • Feel good video of the day. Thanks.

      • You know, Wendy, we have been forced to have that conversation. We have covered our bases as well as possible, with regard to legal documents, such as Power of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives, DNRs on record with EMT service, hospital, hospice, and all others who by statute, involve themselves in the process of death.

        But I promise you, I don’t trust the legal system, even with all these steps taken.

        I agree with you that anyone facing the death of a spouse, or one’s own imminent departure, should, in all haste, take as many measures to record the last wishes of the dying, and see that those wishes are honored.

        But, Pete is absolutely right…do not ever trust the legal system.

    • Except they will probably start wearing DHS black instead of “blue”.

      • Ummm… Have you seen the uniforms nowadays?

        Unless State or county-level, they wear either KGB-black or contractor/military tacticool.

        With armor.

        Sooooo… croth-shots, people.

      • If they add a skull and 2 lightening bolts and round up commies I’ll volunteer!!!

    • Why don’t you TFAT, demonstrate just how ” JUMP” should be done! You know, lead from the front kinda shit.

      You always want others to do the dirty work, typical elite doctrine.

      I get it, you don’t like law enforcement, I’m ok with that. So give me a fuck the police, for old time sake.

      Then drive you ship, the “Queen Mary”, back to the states and get jiggy.

      Talkens done, Son. Get to killing.

      . Be advised you will be hunted like a fucking dog, by thousands of men and women, who will turn every stone, look under every bush until your cornered. You will receive little quarter. Your richs,your family, your island mean nothing from a prison cell, or six feet under.

      TFAT, you have a great life, talking shits one thing, talking tough, I get.

      When the rubber meets the road, everything you worked for will be gone. Your friends, your family will consume EVERYTHING you worked so hard for.

      Don’t fuck it up, for an ideology, a poor choice.

      What’s coming, is coming, you, me, none of us can force the issue. It will happen, when it happens.

      Until then, live well, laugh, love, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

      I’m putting this sound advice out to all you shit talkers. I’ve seen it, I lived it for 25 years.

      Dirk Williams

  2. Just as a man who refuses to defend his women is NOT a man… A woman who behaves and believes as the feminists do is NOT a woman. Therefore, a man who refuses to defend a woman like that, since she isn’t a woman, isn’t stripped of his manhood. All feminists should be abandoned and left to their own devices. Many will fail. Most, probably. The thing is, most women DO need a man for long term survival and self-actualization. A man doesn’t need a woman for ANY part of his life except for one thing: Children obviously. But aside from the actual physical act of reproduction, he needs nothing from her.


      True. I saw it starting in the late 60’s with (((Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, et. al.))). Their useful idiots were the screeching harpies and howlerette monkeys at all of the public bra-burnings and hate-fests. Then, as I have posted before, that Marxist bitch from Colorado, Patsy Schroeder, shoved them down the military’s throat and I watched as two incompetent losers in my Army Reserve Unit go from PFC to WO-1 on their backs!
      I am blessed that as I go into my geezer years I have found a Proverbs 31 wife whom I have been married to for over the last 20+ years. Being an Idaho country girl, she knows what her role is, just as I know mine. She has a heck of a left hook and handles her .410 pump real well from the hip. And yes, she has had to point it at a couple of car burglars when we lived in SoCal.
      I really cannot get too nutted up about the folks on the GOV website. They should realize Europa is verloren. It cannot be saved except by a massive shoot out as described in Mr. Bracken’s latest novel. I doubt if any of the pols over there have the stomach for it. The people who are in opposition to their governments’ craven, syphilitic policies are too few in numbers and are usually neutralized by treasonous police officers. They should be liquidating their assets and booking passage out of there. Time will tell.

    • wendystringer48088

      I edited what you said a bit to reflect my thoughts:

      Just as a man who refuses to defend his women is NOT a man… A woman who behaves as the feminists do is NOT a woman worth defending. Therefore, a man who refuses to defend a woman like that … isn’t stripped of his manhood.

      Some women are worth defending – those in your family and in your clan who respect their men and obey the rules.
      Some women are true loving and capable partners and assets.

      Some women however are NOT worth defending – lazy, selflish, cruel, manipulators, drug users or just mentally messed up.
      Let them get what they deserve.

      Probably best to think about it and talk things over and identify who is who before hand. Some women are not worth the risk to your own safety and security as you will need to save yourself for when your own needs you.

      Just my opinion.

    • Just use the Texas Rangers’ rule, as enunciated in ‘Lonesome Dove.’ The man (or woman) who rides with an outlaw, dies with an outlaw….

  3. Gen. Mattis needs to change “the Department of Defense” back to the “WAR DEPARTMENT”

    • Mark Matis

      Secretary Mattis is limited in what he can do by the “finest” minds in Congress. Do you really think that THEY would countenance any such change???

      The Democrats and the Koch-sucking Rove Republicans are looking for ANY excuse to impeach President Trump and remove him from office.

      • Northgunner

        It’s ALL soap opera bs kabuki theater put on by the parasite class to both entertain and distract folks from what they are and what they do.

        Same goes for ‘voting/elections’….

        Are you not entertained?…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  4. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Wanna Read something interesting?

    Go on to Reddit.

    Read Everything you can about Islam on R/Islam.

    Some of the Reddits are locked or private and require a history of pro-Islam Speech.

    You can find the Unlocked ones that have content like memes, beliefs, strategy, common values, core thinking… etc….etc…

    Its quite useful stuff. You should read and study how they think and what the think. Use it to Social engineer in the Meat Space.

    I found a bunch of newly imported Afganis that want to be cops in NOVA. The older ones who are single look like drug addicts. Real Sly types. Its all in their body language. You can even read someone by how they answer their phone.
    Just takes time. Spending years watching these dudes through a scope helps. But frankly, Shady fucks look and move like shady fucks.

    • Randolph Scott

      The punk assed islamic cocksukers can’t wait to steal and kill as police officers.. Removal from the living is the way to deal with these evil bastards.

  5. The writer of the article completely misses the point and is denial. Her belief that real men must act no matter who the woman assaulted is, whether known to the man or not is misplaced. Real men will react violently in response to an assault on women in our circle of intimates. I would take pause in reacting outside my circle. Doing so invites the government and SJWs to attack me and mine after the fact and attempt to destroy me and all I own. What will THAT do for the women in my circle? Believing men owe women protection outside of our circle now is foolish at best. Judging men against times past is a non-starter. Her argument for action could be applied to almost any situation and therefore makes no sense. The government needs more more because they wasted what they already stole, Politicians should be trusted because they only lied previously. The MSM should be trusted because, well you get it. The author, metrosexual self-hating men, and women in general own this monster they allowed to be created by their gender-hating sisters. Time for her to take the fight where it belongs, her gender-warrior men-hating sisters and their supporters wearing pussy hats in the streets. I owe you nothing.

    • Northgunner

      ” I would take pause in reacting outside my circle. Doing so invites the government and SJWs to attack me and mine after the fact and attempt to destroy me and all I own.”


      If the cult/gang called ‘gov’ and the pussifield swj manginas attack you, ATTACK them back without quarter or hesitation. Make them wish they NEVER wished to fuck with you and yours!! Make it the last thing they’re aware of as they bleed out before you!! Then go forth and destroy their false temples!!

      We only live once it’s said,..we have NOTHING left to lose, except our honor and principles.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. What stops us from properly dealing with these types is our own laws. That will break down in time when SHTF, once that happens they don’t last long. They are so r-selected that they can’t even heat themselves in winter without our own government intervention.

  7. a follower

    “So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.”
    i pray that it is never fun.

    • a follower

      civilization? So what part of being civilized includes having a good time shooting people?
      Why in the hell would i join an army such as this?

      • Depends on which “people.”

        If those people are trying to destroy your civilization and everyone in/of it,
        might as well enjoy wreaking havoc upon them rather than allow hand wringing, guilt ridden, sob sister constraints and limits to affect your ability to do the necessary.

        PTSD my ass. That come from doing such things in the name of Evil.

      • Mark Matis

        You wouldn’t. And I thank God every day for that!

    • wendystringer48088

      @a follower:
      “So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.”
      i pray that it is never fun.civilization? So what part of being civilized includes having a good time shooting people?
      Why in the hell would i join an army such as this?

      I was in the military, but not in wartime, and have never shot anyone. So maybe someone else can chime in on if killing for a good cause is fun or not.
      I was in just after the generation of military that said ‘killing for peace is like f—ing for virginity’. That statement concerning useless wars always resonated with me.
      However, to give you my complete thoughts on the matter, there are times when someone has to be the asshole to protect the innocent and civilization.
      The quote “People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf.” comes to mind.
      I believe that GEN Mattis was referring to those who weild the sword rightously.
      If quoting the Bible helps: Romans 13:4 “For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.”
      Hope this helps clarify.

      • Northgunner

        Some people just NEED killing!!
        That goes double for jihadi rapefugees!!

        Killing evil people is NO different from killing cock roaches in your kitchen/home, or killing a rabid dog that has come onto your property.

        Nuff said.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Northgunner

          And yes, I HAVE killed someone before.

          It was necessary and he ‘needed’ killing.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • a follower

        Wendy, thank you. i also served in the military.
        As far as General Mattis and wielding the sword “righteously” killing and fun would not coincide.
        Also consider Rulers are not always on the side of God. And as i am sure you, tfAt and some others are aware General Mattis is at a much greater pay grade than e4. chuckle.

      • In combat your first responsibility is to prepare yourself to the best of your ability.Training and discipline.The man next to you is your brother who may die to protect you.You are willing to do the same for him.Threaten me or my brothers you die. Not that complicated..It is about brotherhood and survival.Combat mindset.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        I have seen others die at the hands of US Soldiers.
        Bad guys need killing.
        The killing business exists.
        We didn’t start it.
        Mohammad declared war on every non-muslim 1400 years ago.

        Every Muslim knows this.

        Same for Commies. Commies won the 20th Century.

        The 21st Century is up for grabs.

        It’s looking like FreeForce is gonna get its barfight.

        Which is good. The founders were barfighters and they fucked up the largest empire known. Their own former empire. Which I sure was even harder because of ties, but easier because of the betrayal.

        What ever happens will be history for certain.

  8. Why are we in Afghanistan again? I thought we buried Osama at sea and ‘Murica was saved forevah. Seriously I’ve asked this question a zillion times and never get an answer. Why are we in Afghanistan again?

    And if you served there I’m sorry that we the people did not control the psychopathic fucks who sent you there in the first place.

    • Deadeye Dic

      One word, heroin.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Like most wars fought without a clear strategy, it’s a tar baby – once you hit it, you’re stuck. There’s no way to win or lose outright, since there is no ultimate strategic goal. The converse is that it’s also damn near impossible to simply leave without it looking like we got run out.

  9. “I’m not sold that some nasty, man-hating harridan receiving some cultural enrichment deserves to be defended – especially if she was involved in the importation of the savages.”

    Its a question of definitions. The quote said “defend its women.” So the question is whether a woman is of our society. I barely count liberals as being of the same species, much less same society.

    • “I barely count liberals as being of the same species, much less same society.”

      In a Nutshell… Masthead candidate of the day!

  10. Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are being attacked and raped by a gang of Muslim men. Do I cross the street to protect them or turn into the coffee shop muttering “at this point what difference does it make anyway”?

  11. this society trumpets women being equal to men in EVERY facet of life, even to the point of being in combat units. what does this say about women to men, or about men to women? the answer is quite obvious: women do not need men for any purpose, including to defend them. i would not exert one iota of energy to defend women who believe and act this way.

    there are obviously women in this society that do not buy into the feminist, diversity promulgating, women are equal to men in every facet of life bovine scat. these are women who have not imbibed the kool aid of this ‘modern’ society we inhabit and just so happen to be the type of women most men desire. the reason is simple: they are real women, not the manufactured ‘woman’ of today, featured in news outlets 24/7, whose qualifications are simply to ‘hate men’ and believe ‘they are equal to men in all facets of life’. real women will be defended by their men to the death.

    • @ Kirk – I agree!
      I just posted this in the comments section of the GoV post, I believe it echoes your comment:

      To me, this essay seems to present a false dichotomy – either 1) Allow the woman to be subjected to violence at the hands of Muslims and other aggressors, taking that first step down the slippery slope of civilization collapse and barbarian takeover; or 2) intervene to protect the woman for the sake of honor and be willing to suffer the draconian legal and extra-legal consequences that will certainly arise. Commenters have offered (IMO) good arguments as to why each of these options falls short.
      May I suggest a third option?
      If women truly wish to be equal to men, let that equality extend to their personal self-defense. In other words, if you don’t want to be a victim then learn to use a weapon and carry it.
      I carry concealed and am willing to use my weapon only in those situations where me and mine are in grave danger. I will not use it to protect others who refuse to assume the responsibility to defend themselves. I don’t pay for their car or home insurance, so why should I have to pay for their personal protection insurance?
      Sort of like the dialog in the movie “Unforgiven”:
      “You just shot an unarmed man!”
      “Well, he should have armed himself!”

  12. I will not be told by a woman how to be a man. She / ze/ it/ whatever lacks the gear to make that judgment.

    As far as drawing blood for their society goes, I owe nothing to people who I don’t know. I’m a white male. I am the only group on the planet that it’s OK to hate…and hate me they do. Tell me again why I would want to bleed for a society that so clearly doesn’t want me. Fuck the little blue haired harpies….what’s in this for me? Western women have made their bed and chosen their sides. Now they can live (or die) with it. I will only defend those whom I know and love. My tribe first, my tribe always.

    Protection? Isn’t there a government program for that?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I am the only group on the planet that it’s OK to hate”

      Actually, once you get outside of the modern West, it’s pretty much ok to hate anyone and everyone; in fact, it’s the global standard.

  13. Why do you have the cross-hairs on the gun?
    Don’t shoot the gun, the gun isn’t guilty!

    • wendystringer48088

      You aim center mass. That way with the rifle sights set to a 25 meter battle sight zero you will hit plus or minus 10 inches from the muzzle out to 300 meters.

      Battlesight Zero –

    • Northgunner

      Exactly so!

      Hips and heads (If the target is carrying an rpg or similar, double down and pay the insurance shot as well!!).

      Actually have a number of this type of pic for shooting practice.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  14. I am old and feeble, but I am still a knight. Every man, when put to the test, makes his own decisions, for his own reasons, and need not be told how to behave. On my own, I will defend any and all females from attack or molestation, because that is MY decision. I do so because it is exactly the women who don’t deserve protection who should be defended, and vigorously, as if she were my own sister, mother, wife. It is never a matter of judging the victim, but the perpetrator, and that is what honor is, loyalty to the truth. Behaving as a man should is always fraught with peril, in any age, in any land. Remaining true to what is right is all that a true knight can do, one way or another. If you are the least bit clever, you’ll know what to do, and how to do it. You do not need a rifle to restrain a dog, nor telescopes to see mud. My code is my code, and no one else need keep it. I will defend what I believe is right, to the death. And a man cannot live without honor.

  15. Last pic almost full enfilade….move yourself left a bit…press.WooHooo! welcome to the Church of the .308 MFers!

  16. “I remain skeptical of the practicality of such measures…”


  17. Notarealperson

    “I’m not sold that some nasty, man-hating harridan receiving some cultural enrichment deserves to be defended – especially if she was involved in the importation of the savages.”

    Of course not, those types are our enemy and need punishment.

    Whom I would go after with enthusiasm are all those academics and urban intellectuals who took young women and poisoned their minds and converted them into barren POS good for only target practice.

    The thing is girls aren’t born that way. It takes some twisted SOB in college or some other medium like the women’s magazine that espouse the death cult of feminism to poison their minds.\
    Oh yeah there’s Hollywood. Eradicating that sewer goes without saying.

  18. There are actually 3 enemy groups under discussion:
    1) The feminists
    2) The ruling class/globalists and their minions, the police
    3) The Muslims

    The feminists are not actually much to worry about, compared to the other two. Just a bunch of misguided women with no men to straighten them out. Mostly uglies who don’t have any prospects anyway. Such have annoyed men for about 6 million years. It’s just a man’s normal cross to bear.

    Given that, the question answers itself. Of course the men defend the women from the Muslims.

    The much larger question is #2 and #3. Personally, when the hot war gets going, I just don’t worry about #3. We can starve them out of the ghettos they like to live in, and shoot them when convenient.

    The real problem is #2, and the reason it is a problem is because so many of us believe they are legitimate. It’s the voters who are the problem. We won’t be able to deal with #3 until #2 is resolved in some manner. Maybe a Trump impeachment could set the war off. Maybe America needs such a war to straighten things out by now.

  19. Northgunner

    Just remember that you will have to deal with moslems like this one here and his domestic enablers.

    Portland State U: Muslim student says those who leave Islam will be killed in an Islamic state

    The enemy is definitely in the wire..has been for quite some time in fact.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  20. Northgunner

    Don’t forget that this nest of scum WILL be needed to be cleaned out along with others.

    DEARBORN, MICHIGAN: America’s biggest Muslim ‘NO-GO Zone’

    “Now, Michigan may be headed towards becoming the first state in American history to elect a Muslim governor, a man named Dr. Abdul el-Sayed.
    At only 32, el-Sayed has accomplished a lot already; he’s a doctor, a teacher, and a possible candidate for the governor of one of the largest states in the US.

    What’s troubling is that el-Sayed is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, and would be stepping into a position of extreme power in a state that is already experiencing a massive threat of Islamic takeover.
    The thing is, the Muslim Brotherhood, who has been quite clear on their goals of taking over the United States, uses people like Doctor el-Sayed to achieve power, and then begin working to dominate host areas…”

    More about this moslem that may attempt to become Michigan’s governor:

    BEWARE! This devout Muslim running for governor of Michigan is the new ‘diversity’ sweetheart of the Left

    “Democrats’ mouths are watering in anticipation and raising money. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is already campaigning for him. Al Jazeera, which is widely read by Michigan’s large Muslim population is doing its best to help him. And he is backed by notorious shill for sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood, Linda Sarsour…”

    If you care about BOTH your women and your civilization, islam and it’s adherents, enablers and supporters MUST be defeated and removed!!

    No vestige of it or them can be allowed to remain.

    It’s us or them!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  21. Northgunner

    Those of you still in caliphornistan have this kind of dhimmitude to deal with too…

    Burka-ed Statue of Liberty Hangs in Democrat Congressman’s Office

    “The painting, a finalist in the competition, currently hangs in California, in the Santa Ana office of Rep. J. Luis Correa, a congressional Democrat. It depicts the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab, holding her torch across the left side of her body…”

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  22. a follower

    Are we to fear what man can do to us?Perhaps we should see and expose the deep state coup against God?
    Rev. 16:19
    The First Six Bowls of Wrath
    …8Next, the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was given power to scorch the people with fire. 9And the people were scorched by intense heat, and they cursed the name of God, who had authority over these plagues; yet they did not repent and give Him glory. 10And the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness, and men began to gnaw their tongues in anguish…

    Look at the following article, do you see the problem?
    Surely Nothing But Satan Himself Could Explain This European Heat Wave Named ‘Lucifer’
    It’s almost enough to make one wonder if this heat wave could be correlated with all those other heat waves across the world, or the inexplicable trend of the planet breaking global heat records on a regular basis. Maybe there’s some kind of thing that we, humans, are pumping into the atmosphere that causes it to retain more heat, perhaps making said events more likely.

    Hmm. But since no such theory, perhaps of so-called global climate “change,” has been devised or vetted by the vast majority of climate scientists, we’re just going to have to hand it to the devil on this one and guess the thing we are pumping into the atmosphere is sin.

    Curse you, Lucifer!
    Full article:

  23. a follower

    Defend your women? Another ploy.
    What about a country that is led by women, or a country that is led by a jezabelle spirit? How about a country that is led by egomaniacs and the false church?
    We see this happening world wide, do all of you think it is a coincidence? Do all of you think it is just a matter of grabbing a gun?

  24. Northgunner

    And somehow this bit of news eluded folks back in November:

    CAIR leader responds to Trump victory: Overthrow U.S. government

    Interesting that the moslem brotherhood front group (aka ‘Hamas in America’) was so open and honest.
    Remember that they’re totally for pushing sharia here..especially against women.
    They and the southern (in name only) preposterous lie center are tentacles of the same enemy.

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  25. I’m the leader of the resistance. I will kill to protect my wife and daughters. Fuck with me or mine and reap the consequences. No 3 count, no discussion, no focus groups, no polls, no regret.

    And fuck the boys in blue too that would come in and make an example of me.

  26. “We don’t NEED them!!”

    That’s a decent demarcation of the sides—those who believe we do, and those who believe we don’t. Not a bad IFF, surely of use here.

    For the ones who do—So what’s necessary to make you accept that we don’t? Or is the implied responsibility so great that you’re willing to commit to never accepting it until you die?

    Plain fear and cowardice maybe? Something else?

    IOW what logic or evidence would make you realize that YOU are able to live without being a slave or a slavemaster? You see…whatever the answer, both the logic and evidence are readily available.

  27. a follower

    Thread is running on overtime?