The End of the “Wars on the Cheap” for the United States

Trump neutralized.

Collapsing global economy.

The need to keep war without end going.

No joy.

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  1. Goobledygook in search of a coherent thesis.

    This is from the same guy who told us we didn’t hit anything when Trump shellacked the Syrian airbase, only to find out we’d actually blown the shit out of 1/3 of the extant Syrian Air Force equipment and capability?
    Sh’yeah, tell us another fairytale.

    The facts are that we committed no ground forces in Kosovo (because Clinton hadn’t the will nor power to do so, nor was there any point whatsoever in service of American interests in so doing), and that things were vastly better in hand in both Iraq and Afghanistan then versus curretnly, until the reins were handed over to pro-jihadi HopeyDopey and paid idiots at DoState Shrillary and Lurch, who promptly abandoned all prior efforts precipitously, and proceeded to clusterfuck the Middle East, with vigor and malice aforethought, from Afghanistan to Libya, inclusive, the current status quo.

    SoTF what?

    Everybody from civilian to senator, and private to generals, is tired of pointless war-waging. And “war on the cheap” failed, as an idea, in 1965, when we tried to maintain parity for the Cold War, while hollowing out the Army for the Southeast Asian War Games. The minute that decade-long error was corrected, the Soviet Union was bankrupted by a NATO and US forces that could have fought it to a standstill conventionally, and could have defeated it strategically, at horrendous cost. They imploded, and that was that.

    Saker seems upset that the closest we’ve come to fighting the AirLand battle after the disappearance of the traditional enemy was the then-sixth largest army in the world, organized on the Soviet model (albeit with far less proficiency), and the battles to erase them lasted, respectively 72 hours in Kuwait and southern Iraq in 1991, and then a whole week in 2003. And after that, no one else wants to play. It also helps that after each of those events, we had a homegrown traitor regime desperate to gut the military machine, and who did so, once in 1992, and again in 2009.

    We now have army, navy, and air forces which are approaching or clearly going to surpass the depths of our unpreparedness in the middle to late 1930s, while simultaneously, a shrunken demi-Czar Putin seeks to re-establish the entire Soviet Empire circa 1985 under the new plainly Russian name-brand, and China seeks to become the global power it’s never been, and we’ve been handed the total chaos and warfare of the caliphate ascendant and unchecked (indeed encouraged, supplied, and US-funded, from 2009-2016) by any meaningful, let alone coherent US force, and wholly absent anything like adult supervision, from a general officer corps that’s become bloated, toadying, and politically heeled to the point of self-destruction of the military most of us remember or served in in prior decades and centuries.
    Well-played, saboteurs.

    If that last means more drone strikes, Hellfires up the ass, and less boots on the ground, so be it. It’s going to take 20 years to unfuck what successive administrations have done to ass-bugger the necessary defenses of the nation, and a similarly long coherently and continually applied dose of adult supervision from the E4 level to cabinet-level policy makers, to sort out a reasonable and coherent policy and build the machine necessary to serve it.

    When we have that, our wars look like Grenada; when we don’t, they look like Vietnam, not last of which because the aging anti-American antiwar hippies now wearing suits and ties and feeding at the political trough, are trying to relive in their waning years the glory days of the 1960s, when they did their level best to up-end the entire country, and brought us the beginnings of the Long March of communism under which we all now groan, bitch, whine and suffer.

    Between that handicap, and the bills to come due for all of it, it’s an open guess whether such is even possible.

    So a little less dorm-room bullshit session level of capering around that bonfire probably wouldn’t go amiss, especially from someone with a recent history of barely scabbed-over cleat scars in his dick from recent missteps.

    • The link to the piece wouldn’t open for so. After reading your comments, I move along, satisfied. Peace.

    • Aesop: Thank you, once again for the skewering and the clear recap of what should be obvious and well known recent history/present circumstances.

    • +1 and well stated. The issue is that when you have a political class that can put you into a war anytime at anyplace, the right mix of forces and unit types required to do that well is vast. And that is expensive. Heavy armor units are needed to fight other armies, lighter units for occupation scenarios, and Special Forces for insurgencies. When everybody gets to play, the wrong type of unit gets used for tasks not appropriate to it.


    Whether it is Venezuela, Syria, or the Norks is immaterial. In spite of all of the technological hype and goodies available, the FSUSA will need boots on the ground. They will have to put their young men and young women in the mud.
    When Dubya went into Iraq, a lot of REMF’s ended up as 11B’s by proxy, because of the: “needs of the Army”. I talked extensively to one of them who was my next-door neighbor. When Lavar, Tamika, and Mondre have to leave their desks at Brigade HQ and hump a ruck, it will not bode well for the re-enlistment stats. And, if the POTUS and his Anglo-Zionist handlers are stupid enough to bring back forced conscription, then all bets are off. Stay tuned.

  3. We shouldn’t be involved in any of these foreign wars, and the best way to resolve this dilemma of being involved in them is to just leave. Some moslem shit bird decides to go all ISIS or Al-queda on the homeland, we find out where he came from, and we bomb the living shit out of that place until they beg us for terms. But that would imply we’re going stop moslems from being imported here as a fifth column. We should also be ridding ourselves of the vermin moslems already here, on their beach heads in our large cities. Taking care (not care, really) of the problem of scumbag moslems here will prove to be as simple as pie. Deny them anything that helps them in any way, and all of the caught ones get a nice boat ride home, or they’re told to swim for it.

  4. I enjoy the messaging in 3 Russ shooters being featured
    to diss Vlads boyz and toyz would be nekulturney

  5. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    If I had to guess it would be Venezuela. Lots of Video games and Movies set in the future have mentioned a past war there. They also have oil, and plenty of dirt people to make democrat voters during unrest. Also, there are a lot of rich Venezuelans in DC who would probably like to see their old neighborhoods returned to order. After lots of bombs and bullets of course. And rebuilding after destroying your country in a war is good for your economy apparently.


    • Why go?
      Send them all the guns they want, and let them do it themselves.
      Otherwise, they voted this shit on their own heads; they can fix it, or take another bite.

      All out of fucks to give here.

      • They cant pay for the guns so send them nothing. The inside joke is that FUSA is rapidly becoming VZ but orders of magnitude larger. The way these Marxist shitholes become so lawless and debauched that the corruption (usually unseen) becomes plain as day. Once that state is acheived, the people or rather sheeple begin to long for stability. Thats when they begin to be ok with and even desire to see military take over the corrupt fucks because they actually believe their military has some moral fortitude left. Maduro was General Maduro before he became Il Presidente. Before that he was a bus driver. Tell me we are not there? Look around and tell me that the sheeple aren’t longing for someone to slay the beast that they themselves have not the courage to face?

        • Meh.
          We have assloads of crated AK-47s retrieved from Grenada and Iraq, still packed in cosmoline.
          Pass them out in Venezuela. Using commie guns to overthrow commies strikes me as elegant justice for the disciples of Vladimir and Fidel.

    • wendystringer48088

      FerFAL is in Argentina. Good information on the situation and what happened and his suggestions for us.
      FerFAL’s Blog – Surviving In Argentina –
      FerFAL’s website:
      FerFAL’s YouTube:

  6. Detroit III

    so now, in another bout of schizophrenia, Trump is a bad guy?

  7. Na, trump for the win!


  8. Foot in the Forest

    Basketball Jones I’ll go one on one with the world.

  9. It’s getting close. Destroy the enemies of Freedom!

    • that would be the poopLICE.

      good luck with that. the murkins worship and adore their masters in blue.

      every flag waver in conus will dime you out.


        You’re right. I am surrounded by them. I practice STFU on a daily basis.

      • “every flag waver in conus will dime you out.”

        Reminds me of Geico—“It’s what they do.”

    • That’s good. Apparently from a video game. Music is important.
      Here’s another one, not nearly as inspiring, from Fallout 3.

      God bless.

  10. Bubba White

    I don’t believe President Trump is neutralized at all. If one looks at the list of things he said he would do in his first 100 days (I believe he had 28 items-I quit counting when he reached 21 of them) he has already done more than most presidents in their 4 years.
    Is the swamp holding him back? POSITIVELY!! We all (should have) known that going in.
    Have President Trumps supporters left him? NO. So, by definition-he is not at all neutralized.
    So the rest of the article is just a sleep aid.

  11. The important thing in Saker’s piece begins at the paragraph named “The ideal scenario” where he describes the governments “war on the cheap”.
    Whats so important about that is this is probably they way whatever regime running things here in America will wage war on American’s in America who refuse to bend a knee and fight the government.
    There’s not a lot of options to COIN, not with the brain trust running things. Because if anything determines how they will wage war, it is the SIZE of America. Very important point. remember the never ending wars have been fought basically on postage stamp size territory. And that the thing right there, territory. You need boots on the ground to take territory and hold territory. territory is the key thing. Look a ISIS or any of the self proclaimed caliphates. They are not an entity, without territory. Just as in a guerrilla war on American soil, the moment FreeFor takes and holds territory, they would become legitimate. Think Texas. Almost a sovereign nation state as they are in thinking and morale of cadre Texan’s who understand they have unique combinations of assets and resources, geographic location etc to secede on a dime, and make it stick.
    And don’t forget, the 50 States, are ideologically, sovereign nation states, historically and on paper. Read Matt Bracken’s EF&D, Max Velocities Patriot Rising, and Bill Lind’s Victoria.
    But to get back to territory, there’s precedent. From the Compact Theory to the Compact of Confederation pre USC, not to mention the secession of the South.
    An America, that reaches the point of fracturing, the Federal government becomes immediately in relative terms weak with every secession of territory. It makes nothing, creates nothing, cares for nothing, but its own self interest. It only holds territory at the barrel of a gun now. A handful of Ranchers who revolted required resources to stop that are insane and ridiculous. Multiply Dorner x 1000? Think about it.
    Back to that “Ideal Scenerio”, there won’t be one, for the regime to fight domestic resistance and defiance, it needs the full faith and backing of the resources produced by people. People who live in states, that provide that full faith and backing. until they don’t.
    Sure it works when you bushwhack and murder 1 rancher with a 9mm pistol, (If it wasn’t planted on LeVoy to begin with. Nobody knows), at night in a blind curve using small arms superiority and pre-planned ambush in depth.
    It will not work, increasingly will not work, as the numbers of insurgents increase, till they are overwhelmed. because they do not have the man-power, on a scale suited to deal with open widespread armed revolution against them. They only have a finite stock pile of materiel, finite boots on the ground.
    Then you add in unlimited warfare into the equation.
    You know, its been proven, read Waco, Ruby Ridge, burns, Bundy’s and a million one or two person events, there’s some really nasty hateful characters within the .gov armed branches and agency’s. They will commit atrocities. Its who they are. just look at the FBI hit squad who shot Vicki Weaver and LeVoy Finnicum, who may have done many number of hits for the Clinton crime syndicate and obama’s red diaper brigade.
    Atrocities beget atrocities. you wage unlimited counter insurgency warfare on the civilian population of America, like the Nazi’s did to resistor’s, on American soil, Oh Boy, you open a special kind of pandora’s box.

    What’s crazier than Sacker’s Neo-Cons, is a deep state, globalists, or whatever the fuckers are, that is willing to risk open armed total resistance in America.
    Are they as crazy as Saker points out?
    It’s looking that way.
    We will know the moment they jump the shark and, assassinate, oust, or impeach President Trump.
    They got to be totally fucking off their nut insane to even consider it.

    Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    • You assume they’d fight Americans w/ same rules they fight brown people. Once elites see their necks are on the line (literally) the rule book will be thrown out the window. There is a much easier way to wage COIN that doesn’t require holding territory, known for thousands of years.

      “…they make a desolation and they call it peace.”
      —Attributed to Calgacus by Tacitus

      • Rules?
        Are you serious?
        You think there are any rules to begin that exist now to break in the future?
        I don’t assume nothing. I expect them to bring exactly what they have done all over the world and bring it home. Its the end game of all that blood and treasure.
        Posse Comitatus is a fact, is a matter of no rules but who rules everyone.
        The only rule for the oligarchy is there are no rules, and whatever rules they can impose on us dirt people that suits their purposes.

        This below is the only question worth a damn. Even that is debatable at best:

        I’m not counting on it no matter how much I’m told as a civilian I can never compare to a “trained” infantryman. Yah, right. Bet the Mujahideen have a couple words of wit on that. Whats coming makes everyone a combatant. Because all the “rules” have been broken already everything else is a foregone conclusion.

    • Thanks for the comment. It sure does look that way.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Well stated mtn. More people everyday are becoming aware of the ruse. Let this thing go hot and every time a once revered fbi, police state, etc commits an atrocity to quell the insurgency it will grow. They will have 15 year old boys busting their asses with marlin 336’s because of what they did to daddy. Then the retributions will come. And hell with it.

      I also completely agree with you in that the ouster/murder of Mr Trump will kick things off. When you disenfranchise (to use their vernacular) well over 60 million people there will be a response.

      Keep the Lord in your heart because we will need him.

      • Big 10-4 on all that. I believe you are correct too.
        We are underestimated in what we are capable of. Understandable considering the cabal running things is so far removed from our lives they are essentially clueless.
        It will be rude awakening for them.
        A great many of us have learned to live with less, do without. We have prepared and considered deeply the ramifications. Created allies and brotherhoods, gamed out the myriad of possibilities and hardened our hearts. Those outside our demographic are unprepared for things they can not even imagine.

        Same to you, we sure will need him. But there for the grace of God we go.

  12. Trump has them where he wants them. Neocons are about finished, they are already crawling back to the Dems.

  13. Grenadier1

    Lets talk potential bad guys for a second.

    I classify them as follows APC.
    A= Army, could be any professional military forces.
    P=Police, could be any level of police force from Feds down to town.
    C=Criminal, from organized criminal gangs and cartels to the meth head down the street.

    Now, whats the likelihood of you or I facing one of these threats?
    Well that all depends on the scenario and how it plays out.
    Myself, I think we will see the A’s used to hold and control vital infrastructure. There may be some tier 1 A’s used to deal with very specific targets but by an large I believe that the professional military forces cannot be trusted by the powers that be. They fear a military coup and they will do what they can to involve them in roles that minimize their ability to launch one.
    I think we are very likely to face the P’s and C’s in a street fight level. The C’s being the most unpredictable of the two.

    my two cents.