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  1. A pigs are the enemy, does it matter your oppressor wears a badge/shield they hide behind. The pigs in blue are the real terrorists.

  2. Sgt. Barry in another thread—“The old embittered veterans are only trying to prevent you people from hurting yourselves.”

    What’s the title of this post?


    True. Now, what do you think would happen if the folks who put together that montage tried to get it presented as a full-page ad in a major newspaper? Or, do you think some useful MSM idiot like Sean Hannity or even the Marxist fools on MSNBC or CNN would display something like that on TV? If they did it would be to disparage it.
    Keep in mind, we, on this site are a very small minority of true believers who see through the lies and obfuscations of the Leviathan at all levels. The sheeple do not and never will. They look at situations portrayed in those photos and think: “Well, they obviously did something criminal. I don’t have to worry. I’m not like that.”
    Yet who remembers Kelly Thomas, Miriam Carey, LaVoy Finicum, Jack Yantis, Jose Guarena, and many others? I could go about the entire geographical area of Kootenai County and not find ten people who could even identify one of the above-named citizens murdered by the police. But, these flag-wavers all remember Greg Moore, shot dead in 05/2015 after confronting an armed parolee. That Deputy Sheriff was actually performing his sworn duties when he was murdered.
    Res Ipsa Loquitur, my friends. Despite the best efforts of The Rutherford Institute and t-Fat on this site to tell the truth about the growing reprehensible conduct and outright murder by sworn law enforcement officers, the beat goes on. Jefferson said eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. If we are to maintain some shred of liberty and self-respect then we must be always vigilant and ready to defend our God-given liberties and the liberties of others from any type of encroachment by any level of government. Bleib ubrig.

    • And the essential part to remember is that the high nail gets the hammer largely because the shorter nails saw something and said something.

      Sad but an ongoing feature (not bug) of general human behavior.

    • A countywide query might also inquire:
      Why is Joseph Duncan still alive?
      Few, if any would answer that the State protects him from justice.

    • Yet I bailed out of neighboring Shoshone County 11 years ago because the Sheriff’s Deputies were providing protection to the meth dealers, running out, killing or jailing competitors, and robbing accident scenes with impunity.

      Now there’s a serial killer offing kids, so I guess they got that going for them…

  4. Great resource.


  5. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Two nights ago someone tried to break into my car.
    The car alarm went off as it should.
    My car alarm cannot be disabled.
    The Northern Virginia Fat fuck cops who responded to the alarm going of said if it happens again they have to, by law, tow my vehicle at my expense.

    My car alarm goes off to prevent theft.
    And the cops are authorized to tow my vehicle at my expense.

    • You interrupted their coffee and donuts.

      Be glad the officers weren’t startled by a loud noise nearby as you approached the vehicle.

      Re: your situation, I’m surprised no one thereabouts has dropped off night letters at local towing agencies, suggesting that responding to those heavy-handed and silly-ass requests could be a bad idea.

      Nice towing company you have there. Be a real shame if it all caught on fire, and your drivers started getting randomly shot at. Probably be really hard to make a living, huh?

      I note purely for informational purposes that gas cans left outside the front door, and pictures of individual drivers with crosshairs on them would probably tend to drive the point home to even the dimmest folks.

      • There’s an additional underlying truth to all that. I think when a guy like Pat Buchanan skirts around what your saying with out saying what your saying, it’s a particularly relative set of messages.

      • Truly, you’re quite the fantasy writer. Too bad Hollywood ain’t hiring—you could excel there and then maybe slug it out over who gets to rule. Hell, I think you’d have a chance in that scenario; your buddies could even help.

        Thus could you could rule the Losers–it’s what you seek after all–and reach millions at once instead of dozens. Then maybe your words would have some effect…y’know, like out there in reality. Though why anyone sane would want the effects you seek, is eons beyond me.

        • This is an all-purpose reply to everything you post, but it’s especially apropos here:
          What in Hell are you babbling about?

          I expect you to be incoherent – it’s your defining characteristic – but now you’ve outsmarted yourself, and moved into tFathead territory: you’re not even talking about anything that’s actually going on.

          Stay goofy.

          • the real question is…

            why do you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong?
            if you’re so smart why aren’t you keeping busy at your Retard Report site?

            i’ll tell you why- it sucks, and so do you.

            your 2 readers -you and your mother, just aren’t enough huh?

            you are an asshole.

            you know nothing.

            you live in califuckeachotherintheassia

            and you are a lowly medical attendant.


            here’s a tip.

            keep your opinions about others comments to yourself.


    • > the cops are authorized to tow my vehicle at my expense
      Here in the cradle and grave of liberty (Boston, MA) towing doesn’t have to be initiated by a cop. A tow driver cruising around is legally permitted to tow off any vehicle that HE claims is in violation of something or other. After which your vehicle is held for ransom (cash only, naturally).

      I am mortally certain the legality of this corrupt practice has nothing to do with campaign contributions and kickbacks to politicians. Not one single thing.

    • Northgunner

      Sounds like an excellent reason to leave ‘Da Peeples Repuplik de Virginia for a better place in either Az, ID, WY, MT, or Oregon (Jefferson).
      Gen Robert E Lee must be spinning at 300k rvs…

      No difference between the freelance criminals and the badged orcs/orcettes.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. Mark Matis

    Hey, this is from only FIVE dead pigs:

    Just think what it will be after another 95 heads for Jerry Waller!

    • That and their retirement ponzi is collapsing.

    • Northgunner

      Or Gordon Kahl…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Actually that’s a cash grab. Their pension fund is upside down and those who skeedaddle early get more fiatdebtbux than their fellow ponzi scheme victims. Fortunately uncle jeff is going to MAFGA (Make Asset Forfeiture Great Again). Portions of our viewing area are actually FV (full Venezuela) right now but the optics are still MAGA.

      This pension issue is why everything fin must be levitated. The massive FUSA economy is a hologram and has been for some time.

    • wendystringer48088

      Well, the DFW police officers leaving is a little more complicated than the 5 dead police officers (although it certainly would make sense that might be a big part of it, or the tipping point for some), but definitely different forms of reality iare coming home to roost and having some effects.
      Quoting from the article:
      “72 Dallas Police officers will leave: 70 percent of them are retiring and the other 30 percent are going to make more money at other departments. “We’re losing some of our most experienced detectives…”
      “Anytime we have large numbers of officers leaving, it’s concerning…”
      “Most officers are leaving as a result of a crisis at the police and fire pension fund.”
      “…the Texas Legislature passed a law that requires police officers and firefighters to contribute more to their retirement.”
      “In addition, the city also has to pay an additional $40 million into the pension fund in the next year.”
      “To pay for that added cost, City Manager T.C. Broadnax is proposing to slash the number of funded positions in the police department from 3,613 during the 2016-17 budget year, to 3,094 during 2017-18, and 3,144 during 2018-19.”

  7. For the Texans in the audience:
    “According to an article in the Texas Tribune, beginning September 1st, 2017, first responders can avoid prosecution by having ‘first responder specialty courts’ hear their cases.”

  8. ghostsniper

    But…but…but…in the absence of gov’t (anarchy) you’ll have even MORE killin’ and rapin’ and stealin’!

    See, the rationale is that if you have one group of people sanctioned to kill, rape, and steal there will be less UNsanctioned people killin’, rapin’, and stealin’.

    There, aren’t you glad I ‘splained the *votist* mentality for you?

    No, you’re not supposed to understand it.

  9. Revelation 16

    Am I here before Tfat? And his the awful pewlice man touched me?

  10. I am amused at folks railing against the cops. Were it not for them, our entire nation would look like fookin Detroit. As it is now, the violence is mostly contained to black on black welfare ‘hoods that nobody gives a damn about except the libtards sucking their collective dicks for the vote every 2 years.

    • you’re full of shit!

      if there were no cops, Detroit would still be populated by whites and going full steam ahead on manufacturing.

      you really need to lay off the cop worship.

      the cops made it impossible to rid the city of lowlifes, just as they do across the country.

      kill a vermin parasitic looting pest- and go to prison, lose everything…

      damn the murkins are fucking stupid.

  11. Breeches, it was supposed to be. My mistake for calling them bitches that them are.
    I apologia.
    And, without further UN do on to blast pasture of the over flown fly by for your review, 9-1-2014 11:11 AM. Note to Bill, Me thinks them protest too much. Madman, how like you this play? ACT 3, scene 2, 222-230, Sleep Rock Thy Brain and never come mischance between US twain? (Hamlet)

    As you may know, the proper noun Billy is shared by a number of individuals, so any reference to anyone that may be offended by the use of the name, should probably take a pill and get over it. In no way is there any reference to goats, as in the billy goat, but may refer to any number of people that are actually named William, but suffer from high and mightyness prefer a more common reference to being informal or Billy, or Bill, like Billy Shakespeare, but not like Willem Defoe, that’s not a Billy by any means. However, a pretty good actor even if I do not know his political affixations.

    Sustain a Billy, or All in the family, meathead. An insult I think, however entertaining. Thought provoking too. Those were the days that you were being programmed to accept the events to come. That would be today. I saw it as the beginning of the end of life as we used to know it. Preceded by earth day and the need to recycle. Evidently, all men are or were at the time, if they happened to be ,US born, white., conservative, Anglo-Saxon protestant are bigots, it’s true. All subliminal messaging aside, the laugh track is when you are supposed to laugh too and if you don’t, there is something wrong with you and will require further reprogramming. Thank you Norman and Miguel.

    The method of Miguel’s madness is to sustain Billy. Rum aging through the garbage heap of the internet, what should I stumble across? Our barry own EPA’s OSWER or “Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response” will adopt EBB or “environmentally beneficial behavior” modification on your TV which is connected to your brain. In other words, mind games, meathead. What is the object of this game? It is to have billy and jack and jill too to abstain from killing the earth. Sustainability, is as you know the all encompassing, comprehensive, health care plan for the planet. Which if you did not know there are way too many people and the population has to be controlled, see ZPG, so things can be sustained, billy, or meathead which ever you prefer.

    For some odd reason I gave up on network TV some time ago and so still retain some ability to think for myself. As is popular today the socialist media on any device you may have, including the obama phone such as face book and others that allow people to share their misery and sustainable victimhood. Tweetledum and tweetledee please don’t tweet me either, I M sure, FEMA will send you an alert if you submit to their subscription and they promise never to reverse look up, track or use for any other type of commercial marketing, just like the EPA OSWER EBB programing. No, they would not do that.

    Yet to be established is the Office of Who Will Have What, or OWWHW. However, I M sure they will offer Principles,
    Themes and Pathways for Action in the near future and you will have to sign up to get something or not. Obviously this will be a whole community approach to sustainability of their environment, so they know who has what and who does not for your convenience, of course. And if you do not, there is as always the NSA, to keep an eye on you too. Often overlooked is the SSCI which if you did not know, overlooks the nsa/css, so they know, you know. I would even suggest they learned what Lois did too, but are not telling, because it is a secret. Spy stuff, you know.

    Just my opinion, but it would seem the Sustainable thing which includes the whole community, if you happen to be apart of that community, but if not, then you are not sustainable and will be subject to an emergency response to recycled you as potential hazardous waste according to guidelines set forth by the EPAOSWER. So, you had better pay attention to the EEB. It is for your own damn good, you know.

    And now for your subliminal messaging viewing pleasure the ZPG and if you did not know is, Zero Population Growth of which are hundreds of organization that buy into (with your money) the whole sustainability whole community approach to envy. And, the center peace of the buffoonery, or baboonery, pick one, because it is all monkey business. Climate Change, yes my fellow American’s the climate is changing! However, it has nothing to do with the weather, or rain, snow, ice, wind clouds or sunshine, sunshine. It has to do with your change. Two kinds here, first the change in your bank account, consider that a tax, then the change you have to make to accommodate doing with less. That is the change of climate, warming, cooling or whatever change they change it to tomorrow because there is no change and has absolutely nothing to do with the laws of thermodynamics.

    In 1978, the United Nations established the Unit for South–South Cooperation to promote South–South trade and collaboration within its agencies. Again, with your money. The Leaders of South American and African countries hope that this cooperation will bring a new world order and counter the existing Western dominance socially, economically and politically (this is climate change). Late president Hugo Chavez saw the formation of this cooperation as the “beginning of the salvation of [the](little) people,” and as a major anti-imperialism movement. Like President Hugo Chavez, the ex-Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi was also very critical of the Western dominance of the “third world” nations.
    And, then there is the PMC and you may ask what is PMC? It is the Population Media Center, something like a world wide planed parenthood, but bigger. And here is what it does, evaluations of resources. What is a resource sufficiency evaluation? Sufficient quantities of natural resources (e.g. fresh water, energy, or the natural and economically useful products of land and marine ecosystems such as wood, crops, or fish) are essential for human well-being and development. Comprehensive resource accounting is a means of comparing each nation’s natural resource demands with the capacity of natural ecosystems to meet these demands. Scientifically-based accounting methodologies are already available to conduct resource sufficiency evaluations in a universally applicable manner. These methodologies, and the bio-physical ‘balance sheets’ that are generated, will give policy makers and the public a clearer understanding of ecological sustainability and what is needed to achieve it. If I have to tell you what that is, you are beyond help and a part of the whole community of the sustainable, it is your money and property, meathead.
    Why PMC is Unique, We use a Whole Society Strategy and sophisticated audience research methods. We use multiple media to target the message exactly to local and regional audiences. We focus our efforts in countries and regions with the highest need. That would be you. We support local producers and writers to create indigenous programs. We work with national and local broadcasters to air locally-produced programs, meathead!
    So, there it is, straight form the horse faces mouth, or intelligentsia, of which Mr. Kerry has nothing to do with, of which the term was first used by the intelligentsia to distance themselves form the huddle masses, unwashed and of course unclean and uneducated in pre-revolutionary Russia which of course became communists. That would be you, hopefully not the communist but the uneducated, according them them, which are the communists. Fast forward to today. There are no more communists, they are all dead. No, we just call them other names now. Like progressives, anything green environmentally, anyone adult that wears a bicycle helmet, union organization, democrats, gay, lesbians, feminists and the entitled masses. And, social justice is taking what you have, or had because others should have some too.
    That said, and not to put the horse in the cart, we have no Plan B. Labor Day in the Haymarket of Chicago, In the beging, Karl created the communist to combat all the tall stories of the wrongs in the world, a theory of the intelligentsia that is alive and well in the Communist party USA, Incrementally speaking. And on this day, we celebrate all that is SUSTAINABLE. It is no accident the Democrat Party USA platform reads like the Communist Manifesto, except for the updated garbage mouth words of our current intelligentsia. And, one of those updates is, Climate Change! Here you go. “We know that global climate change is one of the biggest threats of this generation – an economic, environmental and national security catastrophe in the making.” They stated that Nitrogen as well as carbon dioxide is a pollutant and dangerous to your healthcare plan, in other words air is the problem and they will fix it, with your money.
    Now, not to draw red lines in the sand box, as was done some time back, but we still do not have a plan and that is why we should put the horse in the cart. And, oh bye the way, “You can keep your plan if you like it”, if you had one? As you may recall and stated on dems website, the Russians support the Assad regime in Syria and the whole community “reset” thing prevents any sort of plan to deal with Syria because that would potentially start a war with the Russians! Thank you Barry Little and Hilly.
    Meanwhile back at central planning headquarters of we need more of your quarters, as in fund raising on this day of the labor movement.
    Minnesota state bird is the loon. Loony tunes in the great mistake of mini soda. And you thought regulating soda pop could only be done in New York. This is the state where absolutely nothing is allowed, according to the only Joe you need to know and the original garage logician, cylinders and all, with helmet updates too and things brought home in a backpack of interest. Back to bird for a moment. St. Paul the city not the saint is the mental capital of Minnesota mafia of let there be stupid for all and that is in the state constitutional and government given right, even if it so far leaning left they fall over themselves, the right to be stupid and that is why our state bird is the loon! At every opportunity they will give you the bird, middle finger salute, that is. There is and pretty much always has been a communist element in this state of mind, that says, give me free stuff!

    Meanwhile back at the unnatural national disaster, which as you may know is the white house in the district of constant complainers. WE HAVE A PLAN! It is comprehensive and it is what you would not expect and it covers all those nasty little problems that have accumulated over the years that we could simply not figure out, but now we have a plan. But we cannot tell you, because it is a national security secret.

    However, like a leaky boat made of Swiss cheese, of witch has nothing to do with Wisconsin, the plan has been leaked and half baked in the oven of plan that is central. Huddle up now and listen up and we will see what is in the big play book for the big game. The idea came form the BLM, yep that’s right Hairy Reed! Snidely Whiplash the master of cats ass trophy. Grand master of the Klan otherwise known as senate democrats. It was Hairy’s idea. And here it is, Al Gore in the lead with a sucker punch to the religion of doom counter with green. Competing religions, scimitar against solar. The Chinese are with Al and Russians with the freedom fighters and Hairy stirs the pot.

    Speaking of weeds, it is interesting to note, you cannot stop weeds from growing. I have often wondered why. They are tenacious little bastards, grow everywhere you don’t want them and believe me I know weeds. One time I was accused of having my kids mow the lawn and check their work with a ruler to make sure every blade of grass was the same, no weeds allowed. That is simply not true! I checked it with a ruler, ruler of green, you might say. Anyhow, weed seed is just blowing in the wind and if you don’t countermeasure they will take over the world.Nasty little weeds. That said, you have to respect the weed and some have a certain ability to pretty much do what they damn well please and grow anywhere they want. Some have an ugly beauty all their own, even if they are weeds and on occasion, potted a weed and cultivated it. Ain’t no flower, but it is what it is, a weed.

    So, here is the deal, I mean plan right from the hatchery, or if you prefer, the horse faces mouth. As you may know, there is a lot of sunshine in that part of the world and what better place for a solar power generating facility of biblical proportions. To hell with their carbonatious residue of nasty oil and gas, we will steal the sun from them and sell their energy back to them, so they can charge their cell phones and I-pads and continue to run their centrifuges to make weapons grade plutonium. Thousands of miles of solar panels, just like the plan for Nevada, if it was not for them cowboys. The religion of green shall rule the world. So, Al Jazeera Al, of coarse backed by the Chinese jets in a carbon ass print as big as Texas to faces off against the babble ons of big daddy Bagdad. But, big Al cannot do it alone. The team includes, Luis Gut tear them a new one down on the red line in the sand border directing illegal alien trafficking and free passage for Syria rabble rousers, to the Bag of big daddies. Nasty Nancy shaken, not stirred by the earthquake, however whining over spilled wine of the nappy headed little hoe bank account takes the lead back home on the costal area about to fall off into the Pacific ocean, but is unaware because she cannot shut her mouth long enough to listen as vision of dollar signs dance in her nasty little pea brain to realize that she is nothing more than and old wind bag and cheerleader for the communist party, I mean democrats, as cheerleader. Then there is the horse of face, as in your face to rabbles, OK sunshine,, you will do it my way! As you may recall, the stage was set for this was Hilly, it was her job to get the ball rolling and a fine job she had done and now you know what the that reset was all about and it really was the U-Tube vid E eye E eye owe and the reason little Suzy Rice cakes, which Oh by the way have absolutely no nutritional value, Moch, insisted it was the video, because it was. There is more, however I’m thinking, just like in Naveda, the plan will not work, because the solar panels made in Chia will malfunction and will not work and would suggest the Ted approach, kill em and grill em., Just my opinion.

    Suddenly, visions of Janet from Reno Nevada and now as we know it now, because of Eric ben Holden and the Department of hoody homey insecurity and land of the depraved whacked the Waco’s, so to, to keep the home boys down on the farm, cowboy. That’s his job now, to make sure the cowboy swallows it hook, line and sinker, that;s injustice you know. And now you know where that seven or eight trillion dollars went, blue sky, sunshine. The sun son. What did you think the green thing was all about anyhow? I’ll bet you thought it went to Nebraska. Warren buffeete and chucky cheesy to boldly vote to die machines or something like that? But no, the act of aggression in Holy woods of the Bohemians rhapsody, queens delightfully gay said Sinclair Lewis started it down on main street and that is why we stole the Lindy baby. Ransom that! But as you may know it was Alger Hess that was the double agent of change that really started it all, don’t you know. But, I digress, the church of the emasculate deception will prevail The will of Al green, not the singer, by the would be king, but not will will to the world of the church of global climate goody for all but those that do not believe and believe me if you do not believe it will be my way or the highway robbery. Of which he did not say, play it again Sam powers to be.

    Mean justify the ends while, back in the sandbox of kitty litter not, feline are not allow to do anything like that in the sandbox, as you may know. Heads are rolling in the wrong place. More apocopate of the participle would be in the land of swinging cats and as Will put it, “the income tax has made more liars of the American people than the game of golf” you would think Lois would learn and not pretend to be stupid, just because she is, to think she did it, knows it and will pay for it, justice you know. However, red lines drawn in the sand and military arms offered up as the means to the green, which means, I know nothing. Puttin the horse in the cart as you may recall, that is the plan. The sand trap and just how many balls are in there? And, is anyone keeping score or does everyone got a trophy for participation?

    So, here is an idea. Passports in order I would suggest. A loan, permanently preferred of all of our brightest and supposedly best to take over the government in Iraq to show them how it is done, just like they do it here. Barry and company it is your destiny and shake them down and indoctrinate them bad boys into the church of the emasculated deception, besides, green is already the colors of the flag in Iran, Iraq and Syria and it would not take much to change the UN flag to green as well. Blue WHO.

    The plot thickens and twists and turns more than multiple roundabouts of any central traffic planner dream, if they had one. The misery meltdown in the spirit of St. Luis of Guttierres is in the wrong town, should have done that in Chi town in exchange for hopeful illegals Louie. At least they have had experience with weather issues in windy bag city not so many windmill, with the exception of criminals which we now know as politicians. As, you may know the zombie apocalypse did not happen as you may have wished, while the court of public opinion still out, there is a feeling that it was just another ball being juggled to take attention away from the ball that should be watched. What’s her name Debbie having a bad hairy reed day in the windy of wind handy bags city bares striking resemblance to Sargent Shultz and soul sister Rachel mad cow disease and evident by seemingly knowing nothing, as well, all party politicing aside and no thought to the up coming infection of election of aflueanza, Debbie should do Dallas, I would think.

    Trot skiing right along, damn Bolsheviks, a two party system will never work if the non worker of the world unite, it must be one. Surprisingly, I have not interest in the book of faces or any other socialist media, so tweet that. However, I do believe, the reds are on the run, not to be confused with the other reds which are not reds, but states and the reds are actually blue, not to be confusing. Just to make things more interesting, the reds are in blue states and the red states are not blue, that said, it is the reds, which are actually blue in the red states that cause the problems in red states and the problem of red state people in blue states does not help, except if the hope, of which there is little to turn the blue state red, not going to happen. Except, if the republicans would quit being stupid!

    Stupid is as stupid does, thank hank, take note, no I am nasty, period! Got that! Build your little platform with a couple of these planks. Do away with the IRS, the EPA and the Dept. of indoctrination, period! Stop taking my money and using it for things I do not want, do not need and never asked for, period! Then, get off of your fat lard asses bank accounts and do what you are suppose to. Run reds out of town! Be the Bully, billy for UNsustainability or the laws of thermodynamics, or something like that.

    I seem to have forgotten something, something I was supposed to remember, or never forget? It will come to me and I will get back to you.

    Today’s update. What exactly has changed? Mitch the pitch man that’s what. There is something very wrong with the democratic process and that is it is undemocratic, that’s what. The names may have changed from the past eight years of the democratic Administrative State, still the Administrative State remains deep seated which is now called the deep state and is undemocratic, it is the Administrative State that all government is, as Billy Clinton famously put, it depends on the meaning of IS?

    When government speaks of Jo-BS it is talking about government JO-BS, nothing more. The UN democratic process is nothing more than a JO-BS protection program. NO one asks at what cost? And the real question is what cost is freedom? If you did ask, the answer would be the democratic process. That is of course a lie, it is the Administrative state and the government JO-BS protection program, nothing more. No matter where you live, California, New York, Minni-sorta, or even Texas City Government rules the Government pay role protection programs with lies and deceit, with receipts from you the you the taxed. And tax them do, everything. It isn’t even the democratic process of mob rule, that is the disguise, it is the UN democratic process of the deep seated Administrative State with constant and continuous programs for the well indoctrinated, which are little more than parasites.

    Ask not where the money comes from in the UN democratic process, it is a secret. From election to election it is all about fund raising. Even now while the Congress is on Vacation and presumably back home meeting with their con-stituents, the key word here is CON, the issue is fund raising! The issue pay off’s to politicians to do the dirty work of the UN democratic process!

    No finer example of this is the Public Education System and good reason to privatize it for the good of the “community”, the city the state and the nation. Education is not about education, it is about funding the Administrative State! The sooner you realize that the better off all will be. Note the word “community” for which it is not a community because the community is dictated to by the Administrative State! The foot soldiers being the teachers Unions that do the dirty work of the Administrators that are dictated to by the politician’s handlers, or those that fund the politicians, Mitch the pitch man in subservient to the funders, Ryan the voice of the party of one donation, the Administrative State. The buck stops here! In the politicians bank account is where it stops. And of course campaign funding. The UN democratic process is the system of the Administrative State of bailout, buy outs, pay off’s, the good old boys club of wink, wink, you scratch my back and I’ll quid pro quo.

    The problem is, it has been UN Masked for what it is, the deep state the swamp the UN Democratic Process of paycheck protection, bought and paid for by, of course you that pay the tax, the fees the fines and penalty. If you think Government can fix it, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t be foolish, who would vote themselves a pay cut, defund their pension plan and risk UN employment, who in their right mind would do that? Now, you might see they are not in their right minds, I should hope.. Interestingly, when the politicians say the American people have spoken, that’s a lie! It is those that have made the major donations that have spoken and if you think different, you are the fool and deserve what you get, the best government Administrative Deep State that your money can buy.

    Please note the sudden change of deceptions on the news doing the dirty work of the Administrative DEEP STATE. Russia is off the table, a non issue, and we have pivoted to what will Communist Chinese do about the Communist North Korea? My take on that is of course a cover up. Why, you may ask? And I will tell you the biggest contributor to the Communist Chinese economy and too the North Koreans by default has been US, UN till now. And yes the Democratic Party is the party of Communists, Russians, Germans, Cubans, Chinese and even US. Ask yourself another question, where has the United Nation of Communists been in all of this? Perhaps Climate Change? Perhaps your Health CAIR insurance plan, PERHAPS, YOUR un DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE DEEP SWAMP OF STATE.

    You want a fix, you want solutions, you want results, but obviously you don’t want the truth, because, like the guy said, you can’t handle the TRUTH!


    PS, Just a thought here, Stock Market doing pretty good is it not, 401K doing pretty good too? I suppose so. But is it enough to FUND the Administrative Deep STATE of Governments foolishness? Twenty two thousand or twenty two Trillion makes no difference to the debt ceiling, the deal is of course sealed, has well your fate.

    One little bit of truth that leaked out a while back was the Mitt man’s UN masking of the 47 % on the pay role protection program, you think them will let you vote them out of their jo-BS? Just a suggestion here, there better be a whole lot of WALL building, YOUR FIRED, or the FIRING will start, if you know what I mean, in of course a mean way.

    And here is sneak preview of things to come, fellow travelers. Fellow travelers of course being Communists yet to be UN masked. For the better part of the last year I have traveled a pretty a good cross section of the fly over and it ain’t pretty. Yet all of the great deception of government seems to be doing pretty well, with no real economic base and the only thing that they all have in common is the Public Education System of indoctrination into the DEEP STATE of the Administrative STATE! A little hint here, it is UN Democratic!

    • Northgunner

      Cut the crap and get to the point!
      Are you trying to channel William F. Buckley?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. Has tFAGGOT been in yet to screech hysterically in impotent rage that “someone” should kill cops because he lacks the courage of his convictions and is thus incapable of doing for himself?……

    • No.
      Now he’s just random cut-pasting links to various items of interest mainly to himself, and posting them incoherently to any open thread.

      It’s sad: the Tourette’s seems to be getting better, but the OCD is out of control.

      • hey scumbag.
        you only think your adding value.

        the few lower IQ morons here that swallow your drivel are just that- morons.

        fucking go away and die. loser.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      The Cops in London covered up the molestation of little girls by muslims for 20 years and its apparently going on all over Europe and you think that we won’t have to fight the police?

      I can confirm that the Police in the North East are hiring Muslims.

      So whats your plan?

      You better get your mind right.

      The Soviets killed 20 million people because no-one wanted to fight the police.

      We are currently going through the same thing the Russians were under soviet rule.

      Get your head out of your ass you cop loving wannabe.

      • Northgunner

        The cops in britanistan are STILL covering for the muzzie invaders, as are the cops in germany, sweden, netherlands, and other parts. The only places that HAVEN’T seen widespread problems with moslems are within the ‘Visegard 4’.

        Yep, the orcs and orcetts WILL have to be dealt with..count on it!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • you don’t get it because you’re a fool.

      wipe that blue jizz off your face boy.

      bet you have that murkin rag flying too- huh?

      i hope so.

      heh heh heh