August, 2017

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Good grief, we have even less time to prepare. I feel like we are waiting for a pin drop. It does not seem to matter which pin, we are just watching the scales to see if this or that piece of fluff tips it over. Something that I’d like Mr. Bracken to address: we-the Deplorables, get news (some how, some way) things have gone HOT!. What would be the first 5 things that he would advise to do? I’m not looking for prep tips, I am thinking survival tips. Gather family & friends in one place? Gas up the car with 6,000 other suburbanites? Call the attorney & make sure the will is on file? Shoot up the local gang honeyhole? I guess that I am looking for 5 triggers that would set my preps and my mind into action. Anyone? We all think that we are ready, but I admit. I have been in civil riots, earthquakes, etc. but never a war. And this will be war.

    • I for one have seen this coming since Carter was in power. If you have doubts just cram on Red Dawn and Doomer Porn/Civil War. Relocation is always a good Idea as is a large family unit, something most LIMPs don’t have. You’ll also need a strong religious faith for our nation is about to enter a trail by fire and we may well come to understand why Glenn Beck spends so much time with tears in his eyes

    • wendystringer48088

      @Stealth Spaniel
      “What would be the first 5 things that he would advise to do? I’m not looking for prep tips, I am thinking survival tips… Anyone?”
      I’ll take a stab at it, these are my practical thoughts, and hopefully others will chime in…

      1. First, mentally change gears from “every day mode” to “survival mode”.
      Assume life is no longer normal, and possibly will not be for a long time, if ever again. You will have to mentally write off your present nice comfortable lifestyle and all the nice things you presently own and your future hopes and dreams that would have fir in with your previous life but don’t now That way you won’t be too depressed and angry because of what you are missing and you will be able to concentrate on the present here and now reality and matters of survival.
      2. Hopefully you have got enough plans made and preps in order so upon hearing sudden bad news you won’t be running in circles in a panic, and suddenly have to run to the bank, the pharmacy, the grocery store, the gas station, etc. But if there is something you will need, go get it immediately upon hearing the news (and curse yourself for putting things off while waiting in lines with everyone else).
      3. Call who you have to call (work, family, friends, etc.) and inform them to either come together or that they may not be seeing you for a while until this whole thing blows over.
      4. Gather together and use battery powered light sources and AM/FM radios, a propane stove to heat water and make coffee or tea or hot chocolate, chocolate bars to munch on and sit around and talk and make further plans as you track developments.
      5. The rest depends on your individual circumstances and what plans you have previously made. YMMV.

      Also, I would suggest to mentally play a couple of scenario games:

      Version A: You are suddenly stuck in place and cannot leave for a few weeks (due to whatever). Can I survive where I am now or is there something I need to attend to in order to make my situation better?

      Version B: You have to leave ASAP – you can’t stay where you are now (due to whatever) not run out this second but each minute the danger gets closer and once you leave you can never return, and you can only take what you can fit in your vehicle(s). What do I grab and take with me in a hurry?

      Just my off the top of my head ideas / suggestions. Good luck.

      • Coming from some one who is mentally ill and belongs in an asylum because it thinks is a woman but was born a man. I fully support taking guns away from the mentally ill. All shootings can be traced to big pharm and obviously you’re not ok

    • In Connecticut in 2014 the governor attempted to enforce additional gun registration. 90% of the presumed gun owners were not interested in complying, and didn’t. The governor wanted the state police to go house to house. The state police refused, knowing what would happen to them. The top of the executive and legislative branches made the go-hot decision. Employees lower in the executive branch refused. I don’t believe that internal government conversation played out on TV. You didn’t then see the governor doing a Reagan and firing all the state police for striking.

      Meanwhile on the street, what you didn’t see in response to the go-hot was: angry marches, parades, speeches, letters to the editor, riots, rioters facing teargas, assemblies around government buildings, rednecks driving pickup trucks around the town square with stupid signs in the back tooting their horns. I don’t believe the peremptory response played out on TV, either.

      any resistance to federal authority “during wartime” will be treason

      Remember when OSHA tried to regulate and inspect home offices?

      • Where did you read that the order to confiscate was refused in CT?

      • <–this. Buckle up buttercups in the eyes of Leviathan ye are already traitors. You will be painted as such by every corrupt media shill shitbird. People will cheer if you are killed. It's ok because we're gonna win anyway. Make peace with God.

    • tfA-t writes: extraction of political dissidents and subjugation of millions of Americans into mass detention camps in times of martial law

      Subjugation of millions of Americans, each of whom has rifles and the homefield advantage, by what army of tens of millions of loyal government soldiers, whose salaries are paid by the same productive industry employees who are being rounded up? How does that work?

      Government is not Santa Claus. It doesn’t win battles by magic, and it doesn’t produce the wealth to pay its employees by magic. Doesn’t matter if government pretends they have magic in their Jade Helm D&D campaign player notes. Office of Management and Budget, Social Security, Medicare; lots of pretending going on, lots of fancy documents written.

      • you are forgetting that 90% plus -of murkins- armed or not, are brainwashed and stupid.

        they will happily file into the chambers and ovens.

        just wave a flag, tie yellow ribbons around the old oak tree, and sing the anthem…

  2. Hmmm….it’s looking more and more like that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t daylight, but the headlamp of another locomotive on the same piece of track we’re on…. and it’s running wide open.

    Matt Bracken: A modern day Paul Revere.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Great song.

      Ill put that on the killing traitors playlist.

      It’ll pump me up when Im being surrounded by that FBI HRT unit.

  3. He was right. Andrew was right about everything.
    Its why they killed him.
    65 million people voted for Donald trump in a bloodless color revolution. Thats big MoJo, regardless of TINVOWOOT.
    They should have left it at that.
    But now they want their stinking dirty commie October revolution.
    As Andrew said in his “We Have Guns” speech: “Bring it on.”

    • It’s why, starting with Clinton, they brought in the Rapeugees everyone of them thinks they are chosen to rule over the white man, they have turned Dearborn into a Muslim city with billboards that proclaim “Death To America!”. Once the war starts our borders will be under attack by 10,000s of muslims from north and south

      • Probably pretty close to that, along with how many individuals, families, groups, tribes, races etc with an axe to grind?
        Killing time is pretty close.

        Stealth Spaniel’s question is germane.
        #1 rule, get out of the collective hive traps ASAP.
        #2, stay away from crowds as Ol’ Remus warns.
        #3, (maybe it is #1), get right with God.
        #4, when the shooting starts, if you have to shoot back, shoot to kill, and twice more, just to be certain target is dead. Leave none alive. You must be ruthless. No mercy for any that come for you or yours.
        #5, applies to all rules, nobody is coming to save you and your loved ones, allies and tribe. Its a mind set thing.

        #Extra rule, you got to have the heart for all of this. You can not afford to waver. Those who come to kill you do not care. They come to kill you and yours.

        It sucks.
        Better than taking the dirt nap first.

  4. We are about to have a “We’ve always been at war with EastAsia” moment, where any resistance to federal authority “during wartime” will be treason, roundly criticised by Dems and repubs, not supporting the troops, and so on. It will also provide PR cover for some rounding up they’ve been itching to do.

  5. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    True Story.

    I think the Elite echo chamber is louder than anyones.

    I’m pretty sure this is all gonna blow up in their faces.

  6. not gonna happen.

    not until welfare, EBT, and the scum cops paychecks stop.

    then it will happen.

    • go into any supermarket and you can spot the parasites by their shopping carts.

      the working and retirees only buy what they need and even less..

      the welfare EBT scum/cops have their carts overflowing with everything and anything.

      no one can refute this…

      • Last spring I watched a woman w/a shopping cart LOADED with junk food, when I walked outside she was stuffing her goods in a new car; a man walked by and said “Lois, another new car?” She laughed.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        I don’t take the King’s silver, and I fill my cart up all of the time. It’s nice making good money in a good career.

  7. “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Frodo did not bear The Ring for “family and his belongings.” Being the Ring Bearer was greater than Frodo.

      You actually to read these things. They are not about you.


      • Sorry… “You actually need to read these things.”

        • Exactly.

          The other problem is: There is a time and a place for everything. In the Lord of The Rings – it was not apparent the ring had to be destroyed until it was well realized that Sauron was looking for it and people woke up to that fact because his Orcs were on the march.

          Before that realization – all owning the ring got you was becoming Gollum.

          People DO *sometimes* – rise to the occasion.

      • You are correct SFC S.B,
        I liked and was in approval of this:
        “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
        So added as comment.

        semper vivium

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. I’ve always heard on the independent media/cukservitive media that it has to start at the local level – and I’ve finally realized the are right.

    Why the fuck we didn’t start doing this local thing in the early 80’s/90’s I’ll never figure out.

    First start by hanging the City Counsel, then the Cops & Sheriffs, then the Mayor, then the Governor and all the cocksuckers that work in the state & county offices.

    Then move on to the bigger and moar fun fuckers – Congressman and Senators, FBI, DEA, CIA, NSA, the 150 mile off the border Boarder Patrol, etc…

    Oh yeah the Bankers/FED non-Reserve – that there is the the cream on the top right there.

    What are we… 150,000,000 to their 500,000 (at most)

    Not a civil war, but a civil uprising.

    • wendystringer48088

      Please remember that if that is your dream they are well-organized and used to working together and our 150,million or so are certainly not all on the same page and are in many cases at odds with each other.
      As long as there is some semblance of order people will stay put and hope to ride it out I think.
      If I may make a suggestion, maybe for yoursef think small (like protecting yourself and those in your charge) first and have “what-ifs” that go from there.
      Just my thoughts.

      • Ok, we all kinda stay hunkered down around our AO. We should know most of the enemy who live near us. And the one thing the deep state fears the most are the lone wolves. If 100,000 of us were lone wolves scattered all over the nation, and we each took out an average of five enemy, there’s your 500,000 gone. And no one has to round up a battalion of us and teach us to march or take orders. We just go out and do our jobs. One at a time.

        And if more want to begin doing their jobs, every city has plenty of fedgov workers to practice on. And as things progress, maybe a few wolves come to know one another, or maybe some website is set up kinda like fiverr where you can go on and request some special help, like maybe you are no good with explosives and you see a big need for that type of power.

        Some of us will lose our lives, but as the “war” grows there will be more that step up and take their place. Anyone of us who’s been paying attention, knows where every bad judge, prosecutor, school executive, TSA, EPA, FBI, IRS etc person lives, or at least knows who they are and can track them down

        How long will it take before everyone of these enemy know that they are being pursued by maybe more than one wolf? Will they enemy begin to stay at home? Leave town? What if a bunch all climbed into one of their “bunkers” to wait it out? How long would it take before we took out all the guards left on the surface then fogged the bunker with CO2?

        We, pretty much know who all our enemy is, but they have no idea who we are. And they most likely will never find out until the razor hits their neck.

        When the powers decide to set up road blocks and search every vehicle, we slow down and lay low for a bit. Or change venue. Our “AO” may need to be increasing in area every so often as our targets become fewer.

        This of course is just blather off the top of some old man’s skull, but you still have to wonder, what if? Everyone of you should know that if the enemy lost 500,000 within a months time to “Ghosts”. And most of those 500,000 were middle and top people, the deep state would be on the run. The top elite would be flying out of here in droves, to hide out in Spain or France or some other shithole. We will have to hunt them down later.

        Some of you out there know exactly where a NSA site is located. But most of us would have no idea how to eliminate it. But what about all the people who work there? They might live next door to you.

        All the innocent people who work for the enemy, have to be classified as enemy, unless they take up arms with us. If they work for the snake, they feed the snake.

        Cindy Powers

      • That is why the “Unite the Right” concept has merit.

    • Because you were likely listening to conserva-twats who were in fact liberals.

      Something they are finally admitting to:

      I’ve been arguing this out with people for going on 20 years now. It’s been extremely frustrating to listen to the drivel coming out of the minds and mouths of the average “conservative” – who was in fact just another defender of the welfare and warfare state in it’s totality. In most cases the only distinction between them and a “liberal” – was in the amount of welfare to hood rats they saw fit to steal for and disburse.

  9. Damn, I can hardly believe I am agreeing with him, but t-fat is 100 percent correct. Even if the DS shitcans Trump, all that will come of it will be a lot of rhetoric and chest pounding from the “right”. Nothing more. Just a slow swirl into a third world shithole and a remembrance of how things used to be. Melonchaly much? Yes, that’s where I’m at. Me and my tribe, that’s all that matters now.

    • “Me and my tribe, that’s all that matters now.”

      That’s all that ever mattered. Accepting it is the problem for collectivists and statists. Yeah, it’s a funny thing about tfA-t—hundreds and hundreds of comments about his style and stories, but nobody ever pulls a substantive cite and explains how it’s wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, not even once.

      I guess it must be more fun to ignore the facts and pound one’s chest–“We deal in lead”–though personally I never understood it. Why would someone want to brag that they live at the level of an ape…or even worse, a collectivist commie-lib scumbag? Not very impressive to me, but I suppose it depends on what one values.

      • Jim, I’ve questioned his commentary of just kill everything few times. After a spell figured out Ol’ tfA-t doesn’t hold back. He says exactly, without reservation what needs doing. I think I understand that. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.
        Its refreshing sometimes. I don’t see everything the same as him, but he don’t with me either. Thats OK. Thats different perspective. No man’s an island.
        It isn’t important we all agree on everything. But it surely seems like we have to find the ways we all get to where we want to be, together. We remain divided, we are just as good as conquered. Its pretty humiliating to think the scum getting us to go at each others throats win that way. Ain’t we better men than that?
        We win with solidarity. Whether its by words and forum, or behind battle sights on the sharp end of things. The Poles show us how that’s done.
        Is he really anymore fed up and frustrated than the rest of us? Had enough of being strung along while the “elites” play their fucked up game of divide the spoils, waiting for it to all drop in the pot?
        How most if not all of us just want to be left alone to pursue our best interests low drag like. Nothing more.
        Pete, God bless his heart, believes in tfA-t, just like he believes in all of us, that we got something to say and a stake in things. Where’s you gonna get a better deal?
        I can see why tfA-t is pissed off, its really no different than why I am. Way fucking too much government created bullshit, maxed out at insanity level, (not to mention the dirty steenkin’ commies and their horse shit, and the poison they spread), from cops to politicians, and us dirt people take the brunt of it while the free shit army, the low life’s, game, skim, and scam the system, off our dime, how much of “law enforcement” is basically an armed badged crime gang who are part time leg breakers for the oligarchy and get away with it because they get a different set of rules, a nation wide day care center for the deep states Praetorian’s, because the ultimate entitlement class is the ones who think they got some special right makes them entitled to rule over the rest of us.

        How am I doing tfA-t?

        This is partly tfA-t:

        And partly the guy with the clue bat:

        Part this guy:

        About ready to do this:

        Any fundamental disagreement on the basic premise here?

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  11. Shinmen Takezo

    Bracken’s comment that assuredly “there will be shooting” is spot on.

    Just knock Trump out of the White House, and the festivities will begin.

    • Hairy chested bwana talk big. Not much happen.

      • Well I guess you just wrote yourself a medical profile that gets you off the landing craft; I’ll take note of that in the future

    • Impeaching Trump is one thing. A President doesn’t have to leave.
      Literally removing him from power, thats another. To do that they have to prove treason, aid and comfort to the enemy and or some very high crimes.
      Or shoot him, blow up his plane.

  12. Trump won’t be impeached as it requires 2/3 Senate vote. Unless they find some other way to remove him, I would guess the CW starts at the latest in about 10-15 years when right wing whites realize we no longer have political power.

    Those of you lusting for a CW sooner: Why?
    Afterwards the same ignorant dumbasses will be insisting we just need to do civic nationalism the right way, and that we must bring in millions of starving africans and rapey mesicans to get our population up. This time though, we’ll give each of them a copy of the Constitution!

    Until we shift the dominant paradigm of this country from egalitarianism to race realism we are simply setting the clock back a little bit further.

  13. the SJWs are a smoke screen, they and the AAs will tie down the LEOs while the Rapeugees and the enemies in MX and Canada stream across to take down the infra-structure. The majority of ‘Americans’ will watch on TV as their nation is gutted but many will not. The Tree of Liberty will be watered with the blood of patriot and evil doer alike. Make your plans, steady your nerve, it will not be a short fight.

  14. Journalists die first

  15. Are we the people also spurring civil war? Are we allowing ourselves and each other to be steered?

  16. Anybody remember the Minutemen of the 1960’s? Robert B. DePugh? Anybody remember Gordon Kahl? Yory Kahl. Yory is still probably rotting in federal prison.

  17. First off: it was very nice to se Matt Bracken interviewed by someone other than Alex Jones. The young fellow did a nice job here, and as a result Matt is allowed to get his points across without interruption.

    Secondly: I think the idea that this is a slow-motion coup d’etat is growing among normal Americans. I met up with an old friend for breakfast and we were discussing these events. I told him that “if Trump is removed at this point it essentially means that the secret police are running the Country”.

    The “IC” have final say over who can sit in the Oval Office, and are willing to use all the surveillance, lawfare, spying, and dirty tricks to enforce it. That’s the real question for logical thinking centrists in your sphere of influence: “so, you are OK with the secret police running America now?”

    The interesting part of the Q&A with Bracken was just getting started when the interview came to an end. Too bad. Maybe next time we can move past the starting gun in CWII and into the first 30 days. Bracken’s speculative fiction covers that in a lot of detail, and has events have shown over and over Bracken’s speculative fiction has an amazing way of becoming yesterday’s news.

  18. “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
    For any shooting war to start, this will be required. Understanding and accepting the consequences not only for yourself, but anyone in your circle of family and friends .gov deems guilty by association with you.


    The great unwashed will only get motivated when the freebies stop arriving. Any talk of “storming the castle” at any level, will be met immediately by legions of FEDGOV/STATEGOV/LOCALGOV Orcs and Orcettes. Keep your preps and training current. When it does start to break down, the Leviathan and its minions will end up running for their lives. Think Katrina/Sandy times ten thousand.

  20. Jimbo, I hear you. Just remember, the lead players in this is the DS leftard, nation destroyers, who have been doing just that in the ME and else where, for nigh on forty, fifty yrs. Those guys will start it, commies and socialists every where always, always, always, over reach.The monsters will appear, and they’ll look like us and talk like us, and by their actions, you will know them to be monsters. When they make their move, there will be no doubt about the Resistance, because then, if you don’t resist, you are headed for some kind of internment camp or firing squad. Only the strong will survive. Stop visualizing everyone as a chest thumper and talker only. It’s an insult to most of us, and it does not build up. Want something to happen? I can’t tell you how many people will be pleading for the sweet mercy of Jesus once the ball commences, but many will, and the prayers will turn into supplications for peace, instead of action. It’s nice to be sure about things, but mostly it’s just wrong to paste everyone like that. How many dead bodies you ever seen at one time? I’ve seen hundreds. And I helped put them there.

  21. I still say look to Rhodesia /Zim. and South Africa for your blueprint of what is to come.
    The Urban hives will make war on Rural America.

  22. Detroit III

    Prediction; No Civil War.


    And my predictions are spot-on.

  23. There’s a video from a Charlottesville VA meeting that is worth getting over to Free NC website to see. Speaker is Susan Hathaway. Amen sister.