Codrea: Update On ‘Lies of Omission’

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    USA – -( “DVDs shipped today,”

    FYI… I don’t know of a single “Millenial” who owns a DVD capable television, or a computer capable of utilizing a DVD anymore. This just goes to show just out of touch you guys are (still living in the 80’s and 90’s or worse).

    Worse yet, I don’t know of a single “millenial” who would actually sit still and pay attention to such a message for more than 60 seconds without some slut tweking their asses to a beep-bop, or a robot tranforming into a 747.

    Yes–your message is very worthy, but I think you would have more luck spreading the “word” to “Millenials” by renting a helicopter and dumping out ten thousand copies on cheap memory sticks say over….”Burning Man” or over a “Katy Perry” concert.


    Here’s a better suggestion…. just post the video, in its entirety on Youtube. Just put it there–and on the tail end post a “donation” link.

    if you want several million hits–do this, and stop crossing your fingers, hoping to recover your production costs through extremely limited, niche marketed DVD sales.

    FYI–no distribution company or network (with Fox being a big long-shot–whom you should’a approached first upon completion BTW) will pick up this production. Not Netflicks. Not Amazon. No one. So I think Youtube as a distribution/contribution method is your best bet.

    Think about it please–and in the meantime, it’s 2017 FYI.

    • YouTube is a no go cracking down on anything right of center!!!

    • Northgunner


      The best thing that T.L. could do if he wants this message to proliferate, is to put it in its entirety on sites like youtube, vimeo and others with a link for folks to donate as,a thank you.
      Want it to “go viral” and possibly reach a million plus people?..put it in an environment that allows for that to happen.
      Hell, even Michael Dean and his friend Neema figured that out for their “Guns and Weed”’s on youtube and other video sharing sites getting watched left and right.

      Like the man said, k.i.s.s.!
      Will order a copy as soon as I can too.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Strategy built of facts? Man, are you in the wrong place.

    • kay_de_leon

      Laptops don’t play DVDs in your wolrd? GTFO.


        In the modern world (which you are not in FYI), MILLENIALs use mostly Apple products, tablets, etc. —which mostly no longer incorporate DVD.

        Sorry to wake you into the 21st Century.

        • kay_de_leon

          I’m under 30. Most of my friends are under thirty. I honestly cant think of one person in my life that doesn’t have access to a DVD player- and you want to tell someone how to go about their project based on that silly idea, and further suggest that they put it on fucking google and rely on donations. You’re a joke.

          • SHINMEN TAKEZO

            You are obviously out to lunch… you either “monitize” a youtube vid, or ask for donations. What good does it do if you only sell several hundred at 19 hondos a pop… or get tens of thosands of donations at an average of $9.00 per pop—with hundreds of thosands of views (conservative estimate). A video even singing to the choir such as this would get a million views FYI.

      • Bingo!

    • I don’t totally disagree with what you are saying.
      Every millennial I know has some brand of game console capable of viewing DVD’s.
      YouTube is owned and controlled at the whims of the Deep State media, subject to cracking down on “hate” speech at a moment’s notice.
      Other methods of distribution do need to be available – digital downloads that are not copy protected in particular.
      I’m buying the DVD because I believe in the message. Hopefully once the production costs are covered the content owners will be able to more freely distribute in whatever ways necessary to reach the intended audience.

      • Northgunner

        “YouTube is owned and controlled at the whims of the Deep State media, subject to cracking down on “hate” speech at a moment’s notice.”


        Can anyone think of a better way where this is concerned of poking the leviathan in it’s eye than to implant this there and use its own medium against it (think judo here..or ‘Brer Rabbit’ if you will).

        Yes it ‘may’ get pulled..but one won’t know until one tries (“Guns and Weed” certainly hasn’t and that also pokes leviathan in its eye!!).

        And even if it dies get pulled there are other video sharing sites around, vimeo for it on several to replicate it virally.

        Just my .02

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Noted Shinmen, but you have never asked me about the marketing strategy, you have only berated me for my stupidity. It’s actually much more clever than you are willing to credit me for. We will get to Netflix and all the rest. Really, stop insulting me long enough to hear out the plan.


        I doubt that Netflix will touch it. You’re dreaming. By offering it on DVD initially, you’ve blow up some distribution avenues. But what do I know–I only work in the film industry, and asked my literary agent about the subject already.

  2. i ventured into CONUS today.

    eew. what a horrible place.

    fat people, dirty people, retard looking people. zombies shuffling about like fucking Igor. cops roaming about in all types of cars and SUV’s…

    but santa is always waiting at my po box..

    several boxes and packages including a DVD from 12 round Productions.

    seriously, why do you murkins put up with all the overpaid cops?

    you never see them in Canada. Never.

  3. Shinmen hit the nail on the head. I’m in my 40’s, bought the DVD, and now have to find something to play it on.


      Haaa! See!

      This proves my point that conservatives have their heads mostly in the past.

      • Mind your manners there sonny or I’ll have to drop my Betamax player on your foot. 🙂

        • Northgunner


          How many beta debtbux did you have to drop for that betamuck tv stand gramps?

          Was that before or after Anna Nicole said she “married for love”?

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

    • It’s a self-defining test; those who can’t figure out how to play it will not be helped by the message

  4. Got my copy….will try to watch tonight or tomorrow.

    I’m going to the range. We free Americans, unlike the communist whore monger tfat can do that at will.

    By the way tfag I used to work for a couple canucks that, like you, were the most arrogant and useless pieces of shit I’d seen in a long time. But, I repeat myself. They’re canadiens. I’m blessed that I don’t have to listen to their dumb shit anymore.


    • i don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy freedom.

      and i have my own range.

      we don’t need licenses to hunt or fish either.

      hell, most don’t even have plates on their cars.

      we have our own set of rules here.

      join ass-saps club…

      because you both FAIL!

  5. Saw Lies of Omission over the weekend.

    IMHO the interviews of all of the participants could be best described as excellent and enlightening.

    The fact this information is out there is very important not only for today but tomorrow, we need to document what is and has transpired, so that we are better prepared for what will.

    Any one who is truly interested in promoting the cause of liberty needs to not only get this DVD but also make sure all those around them has seen it too, something I am in the process of doing right now, from a ripple can come a wave, if only we get behind it.

    TL should be congratulated for his sacrifice along with everyone else involved in this endeavor.

  6. I would have to give “LIes of Omission” a D minus. It’s boring and sounds and looks like a funeral dirge. If it is meant for old guys and gals to nod their heads at in agreement, it’s probably a C. A worthy effort, but not up to par with what grabs the next and next and next generation and makes them think and want to know more. What we do need is a film like Casablanca, that, despite being 75 yrs old, and so dated in every dept. language, situations, etc. that every new generation has picked it up as being a very liked romantic/drama. Just making a comparison. I know, if I can make a better one, I should do it, and not belly ache.I’m exploring that idea now. But as a DVD with a message, Davis needs to recall that something like Claire Wolf with her face buzzed out, or her back always turned, makes for a really stupid part of a video of any kind. I know she wants to maintain her privacy, but she should have forgone her non-appearance all together. Everyone already gets enough of that crap from the govt. as it is. I couldn’t recall a central part or theme for the movie once I finished it, and I went away feeling not stimulated, but apathetic. Mike has been gone a year today. I miss him. There is no power, no gut, no gimme more from that DVD. I’m almost sorry I contributed to it, twice. I’m going to find out how hard it is to make a better one. One that people MUST see, because it’s so good. What one man can do, another can do.


      You find a sugar daddy to cover production costs and I will write it… and also produce it on a level that it will assuredly get distribution.

      Your critique about “Lies” confirms my suspicion that it is just another amateur production that sings to “the conservative choir” as most all conservative media.

      The latest DeSouza movie was the closest thing lately to a home run in my opinion.

  7. Sadly, I agree with Shinmen said above, every word of it. It’s a short attention span generation, and even for the recent computer I got for home use, which is a very good one, to load engineering software on it, I’m going to have to purchase a DVD drive with USB connection separately.

    A YouTube video is a grand idea, in full, the complete thing. That way, we can all push this video with links, comments, email distributions, etc. I’m not trying to order anyone around, but my oldest son (who is a webdev) told me that < 100 people will ever see this. His words to me: "Should have put it on YouTube and try to cover production costs by monetizing the video. They'll never sell enough copies to pay for the initial printing run, much less production costs."

    I'm not throwing a wet towel on things, I'm just trying to be realistic.


      All truth.

      I am not trying to shit on this effort, just trying to get it seen by a wide audience. And it’s not getting there.

  8. Got three coming, I don’t give a fuck what malinials ? Say or do. most live with mommy and daddy, leave your safe space basement, and borrow Their VCR.


  9. Northgunner


    Here’s the link for Michael Dean (film maker who did the “Guns and Weed” documentary).
    (His contact link is on that page)

    I think he’d be a great resource of experience for both you and your daughter in film making.

    Guns, Weed and Anarchy: The Road to Freedom

    I’m going to try an experiment; I’m going to get a couple of copies of your dvd and an equal number of Michael’s documentary and loan them out as a set to some of my younger acquaintances with the request that they give me feedback on BOTH videos..good and bad and why (and if they’d share them with their friends, family and others).

    Will let you and others here know what happens with that.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  10. LMAO! It’s funny to see the bitching… when… when… when…

    “Posterity! you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it.” ~ John Adams

    You… your fucking selves, couldn’t be BOTHERED.

    But… but… but… but… and… and… but… and… butt-heads!

    Something that is born out of necessity… and a semblance of… hope… because… why? Fuck-tards. Do you people even listen to yourselves?

    It’s on your frikkin asses. Which reminds of…

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    But, but, but…

    • kay_de_leon


      All this thread it’s ‘oh I would have done this’ or ‘you’re doing that wrong’ or ‘i would have done something better’. From kids not knowing about DVDs to ‘what you needed to do was something like Casablanca’. LOL. Hardly even a word of encouragement or congrats or thanks or good luck. Just EGOS typing away…. Lets just hope that kind of bullshit doesn’t get too far from the host.

      I’m going to check this out and show it to a few kids. Great for them to hear this kind of thing from as many places as possible. Best of luck with it, Mr. Davis.

    • Northgunner

      “Do you people even listen to yourselves?”

      Looks like the peanut just rolled out of the peanut gallery to make its presence known…

      Crickets chirping after his attempt…

      Hell, even tFat makes more sense than you boy!! G’wan home, yer mammys calling ya and ya got snot running down yer face!
      G’wan, git..shoo..skeedadle!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

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