The Memo That Blew Up The NSA

Very interesting.

Deep State is not happy.

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  1. Deep State will never be happy, even if they get everything they want. Integrity and good morals are definitely a thing of the past. These guys are making the Byzantines look like the Lions Club. When it gets sporty, it will be interesting watching the heads roll, while other heads nod in agreement. If Trump wants to survive these palace intrigues, he’d best start lopping off a few heads of his own.

  2. Randolph Scott

    Time McCocksucker to leave or get deep sixed. I would rather hear about his second option on the 5 o’clock news.

    • McCain will be dead within a year, probably. Glioblastoma is basically the endgame of cancers. Akin to cancer of the tail of the pancreas.

      • Oops, I responded to your comment before reading the article. Oh well, comment still stands as true.

      • Northgunner

        “Glioblastoma is basically the endgame of cancers. Akin to cancer of the tail of the pancreas.”

        Yup, and totally curable with cannabis oil/”Rick Simpson oil” (in fact this oil WILL cure ANY cancer!!). Oil with THC/CBD is especially powerful against ALL cancers..a “one-two knockout punch!!!

        Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story (Full)

        The Rick Simpson Story: Healing Cancer with Cannabis (more at

        The parasite class has known that cannabis fights and defeats cancer since at least 1975, they’ve been denying it ever since. If you’ve lost a loved one to cancer, you can blame them!!

        FWIW, The other methods of “fighting cancer” especially chemo are worthless, especially chemo!! Statistically speaking, one is FAR better off NOT using chemo (majority of cancer patients on chemo die from the chemo NOT the cancer!!).

        Now ask yourself again, why is this natural cure denied to people?…

        Big Pharma..
        Insurance companies…
        Parasite class controlled military, ‘just-us’ “legal system/prisons”…
        “Mainstream media/news” that is,a handmaiden to the above…

        Its,all about control/money!!!

        Control of your mind!
        Control of your body/life!

        Free your mind!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  3. Excellent synopsis. The question is what we and Pres. Trump are going to do about it… The “Republicans/conservatives” who don’t have the same enemies as Trump need to be primaryed so they don’t even, ever, get to be in any more real elections. Period.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, primarying the bastards out has worked almost flawlessly in every election over the last 100 years or so. Why mess with a winning strategy?

  4. Setting Term-Limits on politicians might be a good start, I think some way of turning over the bureaucracy would be better. New flowers, new dirt…

  5. sounds about right. But Trump has – adroitly, I have to admit – driven a wedge between the 2 central elements of the DS – Pentagon and St. Dept./Intel – and will likely survive any impeach/convict attempt. Unless Mueller can dig up some good dirt. Anyway, it’s all good because

    Chaos is our friend.

  6. Northgunner

    Never forget that the Deep State/leviathan and gulag (aka google) are joined at the hip,..always have been!

    Regarding the poster about truth displayed above, it’s definitely apparent that gulag is so ethically/morally weak that it’s hive mistresses can’t tolerate the smallest instance of occasional truth being spread by their drones…
    especially if that truth is shined on the cults of “diversity” and communism/collectivism (and the utter evil/failure of the latter).
    So when one of their drones DOES remark that “the Empress IS naked!!”, that drone is castigated as a heretic and ‘excommunicated’ via being fired.

    Funny thing is that even though the messenger be flogged in such an instance, the original message not only survives but can go viral as shown below:

    Exclusive: Here’s The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google [Updated]

    And joy oh joy, the former drone has been interviewed by Stefan Molyneux! ;^}

    Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out! | James Damore and Stefan Molyneux

    Mr. Damore has been since offered a job at wikileaks..hope he takes it (it would be the best middle finger response that he could give to gulag and the leviathan..BFYgTW!!).

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  7. A conversation occurred when Bannon and Trump sat smoking a cigar with their pal,Happy.
    Bannon,”Are you sure you want to do this? There is no turning back.There are people that will want you dead.”
    Trump,”Fuck em! The only thing I’ve really been good at is pissing people off.This is a once in a life time, eat my balls opportunity.They laughed at me when I bought Miss America.”
    Happy ,”Who’s laughing now Mister Clown?”

  8. Whoops.

    I suspect McMaster will be lucky to ride out the month without an abrupt resume update, but we’ll see.

    Like Comey, look for him to be out of the building and some number of states away if/when the axe falls.

    Watching a sitting president outmaneuver these clueless Clousseaus is entertaining, if not indicative of any reason for reposing any confidence in the competence of the White House minions.

    This is Celebrity Apprentice at the Grand Master level.

    • Northgunner

      “This is Celebrity Apprentice at the Grand Master level.”

      No, this is all soap opera kabuki bullshit theater put out by the parasite class to distract, deceive and entertain the rubes, marks, pigeons and other hicks…remember what Prof. Caroll Quigley said about ‘elections’ and politics in general.

      trumpy’s for trumpy…no you, not me..not CA,not Aesop and certainly not “Sgt. Bilko/Cmdr. Mc’Brag”. This is a power stuggle between competing narcissistic sociopaths..let them nuke each other (Napoleon’s advice definitely applies here)!!

      Are you not entertained?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • <—–Could not say it better. Keep prepping, keep training, keep growing and keep learning. And FFS keep your chin up. The battle starts between your ears. If you've already lost there then they've won. It's all a narrative and Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave because it's so poorly written.

        This is where we are, see if you can discern who DT is playing in this clip (hint he's wearing all tan):

      • If you think this is meaningless, you haven’t been paying attention.

        Trump wasn’t elected to be for me, or you. At least not by anyone with any wits.
        He was elected, against the will of the Deep State, to be a murder weapon.
        The victim is the Uniparty.
        They seem to recognize this; you do not.

        Would you cheer a misfire when you shoot at a charging wild animal?

        He’s like the guy who’s being “taken for a ride” by the Mob, who decides to grab the wheel of the car and crash it, under no illusions about what happens if he just goes along. I want that gamble to succeed.
        I’d much rather deal with what follows after those who would destroy us all have been wounded and crippled. Anything bad for them is good for me.
        The more bad, the more better.
        And so far, every day of Trump triumphant undoes a week of their past unhindered advances. Yes, it’s ultimately probably a kamikaze mission. But he’s headed in the right direction most days, and I want the denouement to achieve the maximum results possible, to the HQ of the common enemy.

      • Yes, it’s better to stay back to observe the clown show, than to sign on and become one of the clowns.

  9. McMaster is an Obama and Petreaus bootlicker and has supported many of Obama’s crony holdovers at the NSC. Personally I hope Trump fires him but it appears Trump has expressed yet again continued support for said asshole.

    Grey Ghost

  10. So at some point we, the “Freedomistas”, “FreeFor”, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, whatever the FUCK we are labeling ourselves this evening, are going to have to decide who Trump is: Is he just a pawn of the deep state/Marxists being used to con us into thinking we got our man in the White House finally, or is REALLY our man in the White House being surreptitiously attacked from all angles and needing our support.

    Which is it? Because this mixture of “Trump is good” vs “Trump is bad” articles are fucking confusing. We constantly hear about the need for unity and coordination and teamwork among whatever the hell we call ourselves today, but we can’t seem to find a clear message to unit under.

    Constitution? Nope. Cue the articles that derisively spell it “Cons-tee-too-shun”, for some stupid fucking reason. Ok, scratch that. Apparently Constitutional principles are out.

    Trump? Nope. Half of us worship him and the other half wants him dead. That’s out.

    Oathkeepers ideals? Nope. The Oathkeepers said something or did something that one time that some of us sort of didn’t like so we hate all of them now so they’re not allowed in our clubhouse.

    What about creating militias? That’s not going to work because for every freedom blogger that writes about militias in a somewhat decent light, there are fifty more of them who write massive articles for no other reason than saying “you suck and can’t do anything you’re proposing to do”. So scratch that idea. We ourselves have painted even the very CONCEPT of militias in a bad light, to the point where leftist writers don’t even have to anymore.

    Half of us swear by having a homestead/base of operations, while the rest claim that being anything less than permanently mobile is a deathwish, and anyone who disagrees with whatever we think is not just wrong, but a complete retard who will die, and deserves to.

    Pick even one single name to discuss, a name of a person who is a prominent name in the “freedom movement”, whatever that is, and 90% of the comments will be negative. We hate everyone. We hate our own like-minded people for one little thing they might have said or done one time, and now they’re permanently out of the club.

    I recently read an article from someone who claims to be freedom-minded, and who has been linked on this blog at least once. The writer went down the list and named a bunch of people who should basically be expelled from the movement. The list basically included 90% of the prominent names in the freedom movement. What? Then who do we have? Basically the only people left were Matt Bracken, Dave Codrea, Kit Perez and Claire Wolfe! Everyone else was basically persona non grata.

    We need to unite around something, and not being a Marxist isn’t good enough. Is Trump on our team or not? Do we give a damn about the principles in the Constitution of not? Is a militia a decent concept or not? We need to start answering some of these questions soon, like now. The opposing team has United fully behind cultural Marxism.

    The question: What are we going to unite behind?

    • Personally, I hope everyone ‘unites’ around a goal, an idea. The Bill of Rights is my starting point. After that, I don’t care who else does what. Let’s have leaders at local levels and quit worrying about a national consensus. Decentralized command, decentralized control, freedom to act according to local conditions, neighbors helping neighbors.

      • Let everyone be the lone wolf.

      • Bill of Rights sounds great, except that the majority of the leaders of the freedom movement have taken it upon themselves to start making fun of everyone who still cares what the BoR says.

    • Northgunner

      “The question: What are we going to unite behind?”

      Family, Clan, that order.

      There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!northgunner III

      • Sure that wasn’t so hard, until you stop and think that it’s going to get a lot bigger than your tribe.

      • Briefly, please describe for us the three most successful tribal societies extant in the current world hierarchy.
        As a bonus, list their contributions to knowledge, technology, and human existence.

        Tribes, at best, end up on a reservation, inevitably in places geographers would unfailingly describe as the ass end of any map, and if they’re very lucky, they get an annual allotment of government beef to make it through the hard winters.
        This is hardly a model to emulate unless one prefers that sort of existence in perpetuity.

      • Family: Rabbinowitz.

        Clan: Kohanim.

        Tribe: Levi.

        Still sound good?


    • Randolph Scott

      Good post Jbryan314.You bring up extremely valid points.Our timeline is starting to run short and I see exactly the same things that you wrote about. Forumsw like this one and other websites are a dangerous place to start an organization. Anything that attempts to get started will be infiltrated by the cocksucking .gov/ass licking .leo class. Everyone preaches ‘keeping it local’ and ‘taking care of your tribe only’. Nice concepts but then you’re easily isolated and unless you own an armory the dickhead local .leo with .fed assistance will wipe you out. I believe it will take numbers and lots of them in 10 to 15 locales. Nothing of in their face but underground guerillas that rat fuck these son of a bitches until they are exterminated. What a fantasy world we are living in.

      Choose your teammates wisely and make sure you do your own vetting, and get a really really really good feel of your local AO.

    • Thank you, for putting the average reader’s thoughts into words. I come to this site,as I’m sure many others do as well, to gain knowledge so we can develop our own sense of direction. Trying to understand the discussions has become difficult to the point of exasperation at times. I know full well that some things are going to be beyond my comprehension and some conversations are intended to be meaningless to me. Outside of those times, if an individual needs to be part of a little club to participate, make it known. The only thing that can be understood and agreed upon at this point is tfat’s mantra about the poLICE…..there are NO good ones!

    • Notarealperson

      Apparently nothing. All we have are bunch of folks who couldn’t put together a bake sale. .

      These folks had decades to put together some form of organization to help organize people and get us all on the same page so to speak. We had models they could use like the old fraternal orders, the NRA. They did nothing. Not a businessman or organizer among them.

      I;m sure they’ll fight if cornered in their home. but that’s not enough. . We need some level of community organization and communication to be proactive instead of reactive to survive or we will be systematically picked off by the Leos and Fleos. Even if we can only organize locally with small 4-5 man fire teams with other folks providing logistical support, spotters and medical aid . It would tip the scales in our favor against government forces that are used to dealing with solitary shooters and are extremely casualty adverse in the best of times(please look at the news video of the BATF raid on the Branch Davidians to see how they responded to losses) And gangs of Blacks and other ethnics coming out of the cities for food and loot.

    • See my reply above to Northgunner.
      And for your own good, ignore the chattering from the anarchist arsonist monkeys. They’ve never had a chance at their utopia, and will likely never get a clue, but can always be relied upon to cheer when something is on fire. Including each other, and most particularly themselves.

      And if they get their wish, and things all burn down, the few who survive are going to get one hell of an education when the rest of the planet doesn’t see little groups of liberty pissants, who cannot or will not coalesce into something greater for their own common good, as just so many Indians to be overrun in the inevitable re-colonization of this continent.

      Anybody that can’t think those two steps ahead is not tall enough for this ride, just like their forefathers were at the short end of the 18th century.
      Total number of revolutions in recorded world history that have been a net improvement for the lot of the average inhabitant, from the dawn of time to now, inclusive, is one.

    • Astute.

      Negative values aren’t values.

      Stand for something, or live for nothing.

    • Here, here.
      I could have written this reply myself, but it wouldnt have been any better.
      I will say this. From small beginnings all things are possible.
      One thing I think we CAN all agree on and get behind is that the current state of the union is unacceptable on political, financial and social fronts.
      There must be a correction.
      On some level this is basically the Repeal and Replace argument playing out on the body of the Nation as a whole.
      Most want repeal, but there is fear in what will replace it, so they demand a comprehensive plan to be in place before the repeal happens. Everybody wants his or her version of the plan to be the one. In the mean time the others just want the bleeding to stop so they want a repeal first THEN a discussion about what replaces it to take place.
      Got to do something cause if not we bleed out.

    • John Denney

      Unite behind the principles in the Declaration of Independence:
      All men are created equal (no royal blood, no master race, no caste system)
      We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
      We unite to defend each others’ Person, Property, and Liberty; sometimes that requires force of arms, to which we also have a Right.

    • I wouldn’t be too concerned about what happens in the halls of power. Even if we chose sides there correctly, our ability to influence anything at that level is nonexistent.

      I’d say keep working with your local contacts, try to figure out who you can trust and who can be turned by your enemies. It’s going to be the same old things faced by any resistance movement.

      Of course it would be foolish to expel everyone based on lack of perfection, as you point out.

  11. “The question: What are we going to unite behind?”

    Bleak as it is, the “consensus” would seem to be…

    your very own ass, and little else.

    • “What are we going to unite behind?”

      The error’s in the last word. That’s why it doesn’t happen.

      It’s THE difference between winners and losers. Winners may choose to follow a leader alright, but losers require it. “Your very own ass” is the one thing every person shares, but you gotta look a few feet north to find the thing that can save it. Among rational people, 100% unity—“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Choose it, defend it, and it’s all in the bag…at least for those who live.

      Or, just keep waiting for someone else to choose your values and lead you to them. Dr. Phil—“So how’s that working for you?”

      Meanwhile, Aesop and nearly everyone else–“But it’s never happened before and I can’t imagine it.” Big deal…so keep losing. It’s what you want and it’s what you got. Half a century ago, Ayn Rand figured out exactly why all this would happen—“You asked for it, brother.”

      And those who swallowed the collectivist/statist/sacrifice bullshit have nothing to say but, “Give me more.” Paint the crashing barn a different color and maybe it’ll stand.

      Genius strategy. Can’t figure out why it never works, right?

  12. Jesse Bogan

    Ourselves. Individually. Do what works for YOU. “Teams” will coalesce when the time is right. Get to know the folks around you . Evaluate. Set nothing in stone. Be flexible in your thoughts and plans. Read. Think. Learn. Practice. Be ready in yourself. I have already answered most of your questions for myself. Other folks mileage may vary. I have MY plans, and I have alternative plans… Can’t see the future for certain, but sure see the trend.

  13. murka is really really really fucked up.

  14. YouTube goes ‘Spicy’

  15. Thing is, the fuckers can’t hold onto that power much longer. Those days are almost gone. It’s inevitable. And it is totally their own doing.
    Everything is in flux. If they where the genius’s they think they are, that the accumulation of power they have acquired is there for to begin with, they would have spotted the existential threat posed as Trump and The Great Fuck You long before it was too late to change the course of events.
    But you can never fix that kind of stupid.
    They where navel gazing it went zoom right by them.
    It’s fun watching the deep state implode.
    At some point it folds totally.
    It will happen so fast if you blink you miss it.
    It happen to the old Soviets.
    Its accelerating in the EU.
    The Mid East is all but about to take a shitter.
    Trump was the deep states first black swan. The Great Fuck You their 2nd. Both got by the gate keepers and blew through the margin of vote fraud like it never existed.
    Third times the charm…
    Any bets on what the 3rd Black Swan is?

    I think it involves Pizzagate and the system of political blackmail it was set up to run. Trump has some people working up the child sex slaves/snuff films/pedophelia food chain. They started with bottom feeders, no their up to middle level actors. As they work up the political ladder, the right somebody is gonna squeal. I think too, Trump has known all along about what the NYC detectives found on Weiner’s devices and the data he saved from Clintons private network server, through his NYC contacts.
    The whole system of the deep state is dependent on continuity of that front we see as the federal government fed us for decades. Trump is pulling out a myriad of supporting structures developed over decades and longer.
    At some point enough supports are gone and it implodes.
    Trick is can Trump and his allies retain enough stability to keep everything, from crashing?

  16. The other axiom about truth and hate:

  17. It is telling that supposedly smart people interviewed for an assessment of Higgins & the memo felt the need to qualify pieces of it as wacky tin-foil (paraphrasing). That is a window into a portion of the problem as well as that which makes them uncomfortable. Lack of will to name the enemy is the same as a white-flag.

  18. The content of the memo is very interesting. Reminds me of this:

  19. Unite the Right. We agree on more than we disagree. Do you want your country back or not?

  20. Smoke and mirrors.


  21. working to subvert the president is working to subvert we, the people, plain and simple. they want to undo what we have done, are working toward that goal and will continue until it is evident to all THEY, not WE, are in charge.

    they have made it obvious we are RULED, not GOVERNED. this needs to change and will be changed. each day it becomes more evident that their tenure is not, as they think, forever.

    as one views the political clouds on the horizon it is evident the storm is coming.