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Live Twitter feed for #Charlottesville.

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The Scramble For America

ZH: Suspect Name, Mugshot Emerges In Charlottesville Car Attack That Killed 1, Injured 26

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  1. By the looks of what I’ve been seeing over the last few hours that driver really started a shitstorm

    • I refuse to believe the guy that did that was a nationalist, son of the confederacy, kkk member or any right wing group; just refuse. there are actual bigots in those groups but they don’t start that stuff; it’s always the left.

    • Driver didn’t start it, that happened hours after SoE was called & cops started kicking people out.

    • Your circus, your monkey.
      Trying to pretend it is (or ever will be) anything else is like trying to palm off John Wilkes Booth as someone else’s fault.

      Nuance gets lost when bodies are flying over car hoods, and perception is reality.

      So, who wants to organize another one of those foolish shindigs…?
      Which accomplished…um,…??

      (Besides tarring every law-abiding peaceful protester their as a murderous racist, I mean. I’m assuming that wasn’t part of the point at all. Oh, and giving the feds at thirty-seven three letter agencies carte blanche to use facial recognition and the limitless resources of the .Gov to start raking through every frame of every video until they’ve compiled phonebooks on them all. Brilliant. Now they’ll have an actual “Usual Suspects” domestic terrorist list that’ll be the envy of Lavrentiy Beria. Delivered to them with a bow on it.)

      Like the Softball Shooting retard for the other side, some people on both sides need to relearn another lesson from the 1960s: rhetoric has consequences, and some people aren’t very bright, but they’re just bright enough to be the baby with a hammer in Mom’s china cupboard.

      Unless, by some miracle, 20 y.o. trailer-park Bubba from Ohio turns out to be a Manchurian Candidate.

      I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that.

  2. Detroit III

    Twas a good news day.


    All the more reason to go gray. When you are the nail which sticks up, you get pounded down. Stay prepped, Make your lists. Do your recon. STFU.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Grey, White, Blue, or Black this is all the same.

      You can Identify a strong intellectual Pro American FreeForce male with a simple SAFE test.

      Its probably a better Idea to pretend to be a half-leftie boomer cuck.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I have been invited into the basements of clubs in Baltimore and DC to smoke pot and snort Blow with all types of shady characters by simply acting like my old street style Baltimore self(LSS-I act 17).

      There is a whole world we don’t see right in front of us.

      • wendystringer48088

        Don’t know if i would want to admit to that if I were you.
        But then again, I’m not you.
        Seen enough people destroyed by drugs, related diseases and living those lifestyles when I was younger and am glad I got the hell away from them.
        Some worlds I don’t really care to see.

    • This is exactly what the forces of tyranny want. You have gambled your future & that of your family on the assumption that somehow everything will magically get better after some catastrophic event kills all the bad guys. Which you & all you love survive because of a few cans of beans & ammo crates.

      The “bad guys” aren’t stupid, they have done this before. We aren’t going Mad Max, we are going South Africa or Brazil. Forever. Unless someone steps up and does something. Those who sit back like you suggest will have their future dictated to them, so prepare to take orders after everything shakes out.

      By any chance, are you one of those guys constantly beating their chest, calling for the Revolution, claiming that everyone else is a coward?

      • Confederate miner

        God damn right!!!


        No, I am not thumping my chest and calling for the Revolution. Never have, and I never will. I have lived long enough both as a soldier and a Peace Officer to know people and how to deal with them. And, without being specific or getting into a dick-measuring contest with anyone here, I HAVE seen the elephant.
        What works for me right now today would be considered half-assed by me if I was in my forties. By simply targeting one of these agitators with a Night Letter, or having them find their name on a NAMBLA mailing list, you give them pause. By focusing on the prepping and security needs of my disabled wife and her daughter-caregiver, I am fighting back. By keeping lists of all of the local pols/parasites/Orcs, I know who are my real enemies and I plan accordingly.
        And, what I said in my previous post still stands. If you are the one out their in the arena, waving your flag and taunting the other side, expect trouble. But, if you are smart, you follow the money, see who is behind the zealot waving the flag egging him/her on. It isn’t rocket science and it beats being in the middle of something that will eventually get very out of control. Bleib ubrig.

        • You are exactly right. This stupid rally did exactly what it was designed to do, and the stupid will continue to fall into the mouse trap. Better to be wise and quiet than stupid and caught in their trap.

  4. If this 45 second “ramming event” video is still up, NOTE:

    1. Driver was a professional. CALM, straight- back reverse
    at high speed without wobble after brutal crowd impact…..

    2. Heavily blacked out side windows.

    3. Freeze frame at: :21 you can see inside….front windshield
    note steering wheel.

    Were the AIRBAGS disconnected ? Looks like IT !

    I wonder if the REAL driver normally wears a necktie to work,
    and carries a Glock ?

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I give you credit for the Airbags and Excellent driving skills under pressure. I own a Dodge Viper and reversing a Sports car with such precision is a little tricky for sure. The tight steering, and poor visibility on sports cars makes reversing a PITA.

      But the fact is that there are a lot of crazy people in the world.

      I thought this was a stolen car and a leftie rammed a group of leftie thinking they were righties.

      Now I’m not so sure. But I think since they haven’t released who he is, that probably means he is a leftie. Usually they release shooters ASAP, but the driver remains a secret.

      interesting times.

    • Shinmen Takezo

    • Driver was a 20 y.o. knucklehead with a Charger, and his license plates still on it when he struck.

      So much for conspiracy theories.

      But he’ll have 10-30 years in a VA prison to be a hero (and girlfriend) to the Aryan Nations guys with face and neck tattoos, if he doesn’t find a way to fashion a rope from bedsheets.

  5. Consider the fact that the League of the South and most of the “United the Right Demonstrators were gone by 2PM and that most of the violence occurred after that, yet the Jew controlled media is still blaming us for it.

    Well, y’all know the rest.

    • ANTIFA initiated all of the violence in Charlottesville; I was in attendance for the full Rally.

      Eventually, ANTIFA became so crazed that the Virginia State Police riot squad, who staged right in front of my Medic truck, had to deploy to curb them. ANTIFA carried on for hours after our departure.

      ANTIFA has no depths to which they will not descend, they are immoral and demonic. We all know what happens to rabid dogs.

  6. Va. National Guard‏Verified account @VaNationalGuard 9h9 hours ago

    .@VaNationalGuard ready to assist local law enforcement in #Charlottesville, can be identified by MP patch #cvilleaug12

  7. At least one dead Communist, and two dead pigs. What’s not to like?
    Of course, the fact that the Communists were throwing rocks at the car before they were hit is of no consequence. They have a right to do that.

    The REAL shame is that the pig copter didn’t crash into their pig sty break room right after a new batch of donuts was delivered…

  8. Camacho2016

    I was busy watching my new copy of Lies of Omission. Much more factual than watching the “news” stories on this. If the past track record holds, we’ll likely soon find out that the guy was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Or that he committed suicide in his cell tomorrow.

    A good documentary and well-done. Had the production schedule been a little different, they might have included another chapter just for today’s events.

    C’mon Scrot! That’s just how that shit went down on TV!

  9. Camacho2016

    Commie Libs, Antifa, BLM, etc. Feel free to rebut Mr. Capuano at your leisure.

  10. Camacho2016

    Dear Lefties,
    Did you not, in fact ask for the very thing that is happening right now?

  11. Your efforts are appreciated. Thank you for the report as well.

  12. The information at this point is conflicting. “Eye witnesses” on fox news say car had NO license plate. Video in this thread shows plate, as does this pic,
    Media took very long ( hours to report name of driver police arrested hours before)
    Driver seems professional driving crashed car in reverse at speed down a city street. Tinted windows so you cant see driver? No air bag deployment?
    Witnesses on fox report two people outside of car what street to drive down to attack crowd.
    I know person doing personal internet investigation on driver. He claims driver has left wing web foot print.

    • Car had plates, I saw it drive by. Also saw the guy getting arrested, white male, white button up shirt, khaki pants. Short, brown hair. No idea who he is other than that, he was face down in the grass.

  13. Publius X Maul

    Did you goys watch the cuck Governor of Virginia’s sickening antiwhite speech? Could not have been more cucked if he tried. He literally spit, “there is no place for white people in America” while shaking with anger. What a loser.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Primary Source? I watched the brief and must have missed that. And I know for a fact the Governor of VA is Hiring Afganis to be cops and Northern VA. And NOVA is full of Muslims, and foreigners of all backgrounds who are drug dealers and scumbags. Two of my Army Brothers rented an Apartment sight unseen and the entire 11 story building was full of Mussies who never worked. I NEVER once saw them leave for work. Their cars(Nicer than Mine at the time) Never moved and they were cranking out Baby Mussies like its their Job.

    • You wonder at what point people like him realize they’ve let things gone too far and they realize they’ve lost control of the people they thought they had under their thumb because that day will come for some of them.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Never. The plan is just a higher-end revision of Manson’s Helter Skelter: let the revolutionaries take over and remove excess headcount, then they realize that they can’t actually run anything, and then they ask the elites to step in a take total control to make the system run again.

  14. Shinmen Takezo

    I am looking at all the videos and photos of the alleged “alt right” protesters at that event…. and by the looks of things–a lot of formerly “regular white” people are coming out now in droves and standing shoulder to shoulder with the KKK and Neo-Nazis… such is the hate of the leftist scourge that is taking hold of this country. I think this is a turning point that will in fact lead to the next civil war.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I thought the same thing. All the sudden there are seemingly regular looking dudes standing shoulder to shoulder with Neos and KKK. I’m pretty sure those are the groomed Globalists who were supposed to get a job under Hilary, but now can’t find government G-12 handout salary so they are doing the next best thing for money.

      Smells like Soros.

      I have spent a lot of time in Virginia. The men here wanna be rappers and DJs, not SS.

    • Wow, Shinmen! I remember you from “The Tree of Liberty” back in the day!

      You were quite the shit stirrer back then, but, I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. People like you can make us think of things we hadn’t thought of before… and it can be good for us! Or not. It’s not for me to say.


      I agree with you (not that my opinion matters) that this appears to be a turning point in our history.

      Hopefully, it will make a better turn than we think… appearances are deceiving and we ultimately don’t know how it will play out. Though, maybe we have a pretty good idea!

      Smooth sailing to you! (And all here).

  15. At this point 8-12-2017 , 9:25 pm, I’m seeing this as the Deep State/Soros play book. The take down of confederate monuments and protests that would surely follow was created by Deep State to use as a civil unrest trigger point if so desired. I’d say this “driver” was a pro, and the “suspect” the scape goat.
    Remember the “L.A. Riots” started over cops beating a black guy with a criminal record as long as your arm and was operating a car illegally and high on drugs. These riots spread Nation wide at a few major cities. Philadelphia Mall with Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell housed there, had the windows of all surrounding buildings facing the Mall boarded up to the third floor with plywood. And BUS LOADS of Philly police protecting the Mall. They knew that if rioters started kicking the Liberty Bell down the street the nation would explode!
    Now if Deep State wants this to go hot, this can go very bad, very fast. You should get ready for what might happen. And the speed that it could spread Nation wide.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      One day we are going to wake up and their are going to be 100 dead blacks in a major city. Prostitutes, Homeless, and drug dealers will be the targets and a silencer will be used.

      I think. I don’t hope. Believe me, My sisters work in major cities and I live in DC/Baltimore.

      This will be broadcast all day and by sundown their will be protests in every major city. If the Major cities get shut down, Like New York, The entire economy will grind to a halt. Kansas Farmers can’t sell grain without the NY/DC Commodities market running smoothly.

      • wendystringer48088

        However I bet that it will be a lot nicer to be somewhere in a Kansas wheat field than in New York or Washington DC when The Music Stops (as Matt Bracken says).

    • Agree with the comments that this was a set up by the DemocRat Gov. McAwful and Soros funded Antifa. A few “facts?” from the media: the ACLU helped the Gen. Lee supporters keep their permit by court action overturning the local Prog city council ban??? From video the local Prog controlled police as well as State did not intervene between the protesting factions as is usual proceedure. The Gen Lee people left the park in a fairly orderly march when told to leave by police, still no police escort as they were attacked by Antifi on their march out.
      Still the MSM and Fox presented the narrative of the White Supremicists as the initiators and provocateurs of the violence. This was a propaganda win for the Progs. Why some on the Patriot side keep going into enemy territory where they are outnumbered and have police controlled by Marxist Prog governments is beyond my comprehension. also avoid having David Duke, Nazis, KKK, Swastikas, and Hitler quotes as part of your swag……..
      if you expect any popular support.
      As a proud Confederate, if we have any idea of winning this War today, furl the Rebel flag as Gen.Lee ordered at Appamatox and pick up the Flags of 1776, starting with the Pine Tree “Appeal to Heaven”, Don’t Tread on Me rattlesnake, and Betsy Ross flags……IF you want to even have achance to win.

      • Thank you Gen. Early!!!!

        That was a very cogent post to todays terrible events. Thank you!


      • It was a total set up. ANTIFA were allowed by the city government to position themselves to block entry into the park we’d reserved for our rally. Our men (and a few women) who had riot shields had to fight their way into the park. Because we had to do that, the city immediately called the rally a riot and canceled our permit and declared us to be an unlawful assembly. The net result was that none of our speakers was able to speak, which was the goal of the Jew mayor of Charlottesville and ex-Clkinton bagman, McAulliffe.

        • Ya think?
          And how did you guys NOT see that coming?
          Wait, let me rephrase that.
          You did Nazi that coming?
          Any time something like this gets the wide spread coverage that this event got the left IS going to show up and the cops WILL allow them to start the fight. This was a cluster fuck shit show form the very start.
          I appreciate the efforts to protect the monuments to the sacrifice of our ancestors, but the planning and conceptualizing for this event was flawed.

  16. and this was “Charlottesville”, population of less than 50,000; imagine what the future will be in any cities of size like Chicago, Denver, Atlanta and Houston; where I live; jikes ! (but I’m preparing every week to be able to move to a peninsula on Lake Conroe and live off the lake and my preps). The people that came to start stuff with the nationalists have their troops ready and you will see this anywhere patriotic people gather.
    Oh, and I would like to thank Obama for fundamentally transforming the country. He’s a POS, but I got to give him credit; he said he was going to do it and he did.

  17. Just like the BLM rallies, this rally was “Mostly Peaceful”, and that’s all the media should be saying about it, right? Right?!

  18. Even Fox News is saying how evil white supremacists are and how it is unchristian. all news are fake news!!! I only trust here( once you all stop responding to the mentally ill tranny) and and maybe rt news for some world news every other outlet is commie or neocon. So done and if my preacher says anything I’m done with mainstream, this really is the opening shot, I’m just done. The Saxon has begun to hate! Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Welt! Sieg Heil!

    • Notarealperson

      Fox is anti-nationalist and pro-globalist. The only ones who aren’t are Tucker and Lou Dobbs.

    • wendystringer48088

      Hello, Do you have a problem with me?

      It seems you are a big fan of appeals to authority for censorship / no-platforming to protect you from having to be exposed to people / ideas you don’t like (the same tactics the Progressives / Leftists use).
      Like them, you like a police state when the police are giving people you don’t like a hard time.
      But also like them, you are too dumb to see that the police state can turn on you when the leadership / power structure / political winds change and new directions and policies are put into place and the institutions, laws and weapons used against your adversaries are now used against you.
      If you don’t like something, skip over it and move on. That’s what adults do.
      It is better that you have the choice then to rely on others or the public enforcers of order to protect you from things that might trigger or offend you. Because the elites and enforcers have their own agendas, and the more laws they have to enforce, the more power they have over you and others.

      If you want to be protected from things that might upset you, the powers that be will be happy to ablidge you by deciding what is best for you and controlling what you see.
      Maybe these others will decide that is not in your best interest (or in the best interest of the public) for you to be able to access certain sites like or
      Maybe you would be better served by being directed to lighter fare such as fashion and beauty sites like
      By the way, it seems they have an interesting swimsuit photo spread coming up in the September 2017 issue you might like –

    • wendystringer48088

      @John (again)
      When you desire to be protected from being exposed to persons and views that make you sad, angry, upset, etc. and you appeal to others or those in authority to make the bad people and views you don’t like go away, and then later too late find that same power and authority that you willingly gave them used against you, it will hit you like those people who got hit by the car in Charlottesville, VA.

      They did Nazi that coming.

  19. all the excitement today in CONUS.

    and the only thing i was aware of was the boats and float planes cruising by, and me raking my beach… it’s nice now that summer is almost over, most of the yahoos are gone for the year. just a few of us left enjoying the peace.

    i’m pretty sure the coming war(s) will pass us islanders right on by…

    GO drumpf!

  20. I’ll say it again, after watching the media coverage of this clusterfuck, let’s not forget their role in all this when the balloon goes up and, I’m %100 convinced the balloon IS going up, sooner than later.

  21. Wonder if this is a Berkeley scenario gone bad. Mayor (likely with Gov acquiescence) shuts down legally permitted event when it starts going slightly kinetic, then allows free reign of antifa/blm jungular circus. Dodge driver [along w/ other vehicles in accident] wasn’t cc’d on Soros’ memo, and Goolag Maps/SIRI didn’t show or know all areas under antifa/blm influence. Maybe made the correct tactical decision: accelerate through the mob when swarmed, but didn’t know about other cars stopped ahead. Collision with other car was cushioned by protester[s], eliminating shock that would otherwise deploy airbag. Adrenaline is now proven to enable you to floor it in reverse in a straight line.
    Mr. Sessions, there’s a pattern of apparent gov’t misbehavior here, resulting in dead bodies. How many eggs in this omelet?

    • wendystringer48088

      “Collision with other car was cushioned by protester[s], eliminating shock that would otherwise deploy airbag.”

      Seems a colision that would cause that much front end damage to the vehicle would also cause the airbag to deploy.
      “Frontal air bags are generally designed to deploy in “moderate to severe” frontal or near-frontal crashes, which are defined as crashes that are equivalent to hitting a solid, fixed barrier at 8 to 14 mph or higher. (This would be equivalent to striking a parked car of similar size at about 16 to 28 mph or higher.)”

      Good guess, but I am voting for the connector on the airbag module or the wiring going to the airbag in the steering wheel to be cut.

      Unless it was a police airbag module – which only deploy at a harder impact due to the bad guy tactic of stopped felons putting their vehicle in reverse and slamming into the police car behind them to set of the police car’s airbag so they can then speed away or jump out and shoot the momentaryily stunned officer(s).

  22. Absolutely STUNNED that Trump slammed the white protesters! He would NEVER slam black protesters!!!

    That said, I have no actual information that his family is compromised or in danger, but that was my first thought when I saw him speak about it on the nightly news….

    Clearly, Whites are out!

    ….and being replaced….

  23. “Alt-right” The accepted and hip nomenclature? .
    Not buying into the label bullshit…What is that label going to do?. Group you in with the manufactured bullshit outcome.
    .”Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

  24. It is true the enemy will always call us Nazis, because “everybody knows” Nazis are more evil than Communists despite comparative body counts. Still, it doesn’t help our cause when a handful of LARPing fools insist upon waving the flag of the German Reich. The dominant culture has conditioned the populace to react in knee-jerk revulsion to Third Reich paraphernalia. Sorry about that, gentlemen. So deal with it accordingly. As to the rest, well, Hitler drank water like everybody else. Maybe the drinking of water should be demonized.

    General Early, above, was absolutely correct in advising us to pick up the flags of 1776: The Betsy Ross Flag, The Rattlesnake, and The Pine Tree. I’d love to see the ADL and SPLC link those flags to the Third Reich.

    “the ACLU helped the Gen. Lee supporters keep their permit by court action overturning the local Prog city council ban???” – Gen. Early (above)

    Clint Eastwood as “Josey Wales” called this, “pissing on my back and calling it rain.”

    The fictions of free speech, ACLU support of free speech, and of free (peaceful) assembly for all must be maintained. Muh Constitution ‘n sheeit! Fweedumb!

    Coverage of the rally’s early morning festivities in the ‘Murrican free press likened it to KKK rallies and Kristallnacht. The idea of tikki torches “illuminating the darkness” escaped them.

    The Alt-Lite was conspicuously absent from the videos I watched. That was to be expected. Alex Jones is in it for the money. He’s a pitchman no different than (deceased) car salesman Cal Worthington and his dog Spot or the current president.

    Google News gave the rally top billing for almost the entire morning. They and other members of our free and capitalistic press knew it would be canceled at noon. Police provocations (kicking alt-right protesters) and facilitation of Antifa violence by “standing down” led to acts of self-defense on the part of Alt-Right demonstrators. The resulting violence was the pretext used to declare the rally an “unlawful assembly.” The Alt-Right hasn’t the money and lawyers with expertise to competently fight this battle in court. Neither does the Alt-Lite, by the way. Nor does either group control the economic pressure points. Sorry. Read Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique if you want to know who does, how our world was undermined in the first half of the last century, and how we lost it in the second decade that followed WWII.

    This is what anarcho-tyranny looks like, folks.

    • ” anarcho-tyranny ”

      You don’t seem to realize those two words are contradictory, rendering the phrase nonsensical.

      Anarchy is absence of a ruler.

      Tyranny is action(s) of a ruler, unchecked by anything other than the will of the tyrant.

      • Anarchy-Tyranny as it is used here has a very specific meaning. “We refuse to control the real criminals (that’s the anarchy), so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

        So Unite The Right gets the permit to rally. The governor and mayor allow it to turn into a shitshow w/ attcks by antifa. The rally is shut down. Antifa given free reign to protest.

        Sounds like Anarcho-Tyranny to me.

        • It is an absurd contradiction, perhaps intended to conflate anarchy, the absence of a ruler, with tyranny, the presence of a ruler (tyrant) UNCHECKED by any means save the will & ability of the tyrant.

          THIS is a typical marxist tactic – to attempt redefinition of words which have real, specific, immutable meanings recognized through centuries of use.

          Don’t fall for it.

          • kay_de_leon

            Here to second the notion that anarcho-tyranny is a phrase that can only be used by somebody that doesn’t understand the meaning of at least one of the words in it.

            But redifining words (certainly words that pertain to a threating philosphy) is kind of the order of the day. The meaning of alt-right, for instance, just got a major overhaul in the minds of the sheeple.

  25. Yeah so I spent the day watching live streams and tweet feeds. Up is down and black is white. What I saw is that the Antifa did instigate and was violent. Segmentation and separation of opposing sides wasn’t even a priority to the point that LE appeared to have been ordered to let everyone mix to promote racial harmony. This allowed the event to descend into pre ordained chaos. The plug was then pulled by the state patrol, period.

    Who’s in charge of them? Oh Terry Mcauliffe? Say no more. This looks like a coordinated effort to discredit the WN’s.

    The car thing, who the fuck knows? I will say the stunt driving precision was impressive but then again, adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

    • wendystringer48088

      “The car thing, who the fuck knows? I will say the stunt driving precision was impressive but then again, adrenaline is a hell of a drug.”

      As was pointed out by FL Guy above:
      “1. Driver was a professional. CALM, straight- back reverse
      at high speed without wobble after brutal crowd impact…..”

      That is some impressive backing up in a straight line at high speed for the length of a downtown city block.

      To your statement “andrenaline is a hell of a drug” I agree.

      However, the motor performance changes are to Gross Motor Skills (picking up a heavy object, pulling, pushing, punching, or kicking or running) to make you stromger to fight back or get away and more able to survive damage longer (people don’t notice how much damage they sustained until afterwards).

      By contrast, Fine Motor Skills by comparison go out the window.

      Although as I understand it, if you are trained and focused you can mitigate these changes. That’s what makes a highly trained professional.

      So who knows…

  26. L.A. Riots – 1992

    When these riots kicked off, the local gun shop in Pa. was packed with men shoulder to shoulder.ALL firearms sold! One old used revolver left in display case, ALL common ammo GONE.
    Get ready!

    • Yeah, the guns were sold; and then sat in the shop for the mandatory 10-day waiting period. Their purchasers left with a receipt, and nothing to wave around in case of emergency but their tiny johnsons.

      By which point the Marines had moved in from Pendleton, and the riots were over.

      Which was one helluva quick education for those who’d never bought a gun before.

  27. but. but. but.

    the police are our friends…

    their ranks are filled by us- the pee pul.

    USA! USA! USA!

    #1 #1 #1

  28. Keep it local, stay be away from crowds, learn a new skill and pass on the ones you know well, surround yourself with fellow Christians.

    Don’t look for me at any rally anytime soon. If you want to know how this all pans out read the last chapter.


  29. If you’re going to use a vehicle as an assault weapon a 4X4 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck would work a lot better when the bodies start piling up.

    • That is true, but even a Dodge Challenger could be FAR more effective than he was this time.


  30. Observations

    The State is Antifa

    The forces of freedom need to be better funded and need to think more creatively