VFS: Charlottesville AAR

More original, first-person reportage from JJ.

This is history in the making.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Yet another massively true mast head and another massively true article that clearly demonstrates our predicament…..

    or… what’s the word for a POSTdicament…?

    PS- many thanks to our host for showing us “The other side of the story.”

  2. If you are a traditional American, you are already hated. You will be robbed at mob point and ultimately eliminated from the country of your birth.
    You can clearly see by some comments that some people don’t quite grasp that quote… They seem to think if they hide good enough or be good enough that they don’t get called racist then the Satanist, Marxist, Communist’s will let them live in peace…Wonder how many battles weren’t fought because of the perceived strength of the enemy and how many that were that didn’t need to be because of perceived weakness…Which one saved more lives?

  3. Bless Jesse for writing such a clear and concise article. I appreciate the advice to those who will be attending future rallies.The police are NOT there to help or protect any white, normal, conservative. Politicians of any stripe will be cheering for our deaths and any other government ORC will happily accomodate their wishes. We are on our own in every possible way. It is simply time to start The Festivities. Nothing will change until we kill them all. And I mean their entire familial DNA. Matt Bracken is right; this is war.

  4. so, the powers that be enabled this to become a shitshow from the start of it, why haven’t there be any question about that ?
    same as always, the ones really at fault are out before the blow up occurs and at home drinking a nice chardonnay pondering the best way they can gain from it.

  5. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I heard from a friend that the “Nazis” were not being friendly to the Alt-Right. Which leads us to believe that they were in fact a mix of Soros and the State.

  6. so much hate.

    tsk tsk tsk


  7. Lot of sly and cunning things committed to make the right look bad to feed the fake narrative beast coming to light everywhere.
    Charlottesville was turned into a trap.
    The left is seriously in trouble. Knows its days are numbered. It will do whatever it takes to keep it’s meathooks on the last shreds of the illusion of legitimacy and relevancy it has. Remember, cowards are dangerous, desperate cultural marxist cowards will throw everything and anybody under the bus of the long march.
    All day on the radio every 15 minutes it was bash and paint the right as domestic terrorists, They even selectively snipped and edited the shit out of Pres. Trumps comments to make him sound like an incompetent fool.

    They where ready, everything was pre staged.
    The bait has always been to create a white right wing violent response to antifa and BLM.
    This below is a good representation sample of the tactics.
    Won’t be the last.

    Copied & pasted verbatim from:
    SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017
    Riot police called out in Charlottesville

    #Charlottesville city officials have declared a local emergency.

    Per Pax:

    Antifa attacked the rally and the police declared it an unlawful assembly and ordered us to disperse. #UnitetheRight /1

    We were prepared to engage in civil disobedience and be arrested. I was on a line with Baked Alaska, Spencer, Damigo, and a few others. /2

    The state police refused to arrest us. They assaulted us, knocked our guys down, and pepper sprayed us. /3

    The police pushed us into a hostile crowd of antifa. They wanted to create a violent situation. /4

    We had to battle our way out, I saw people bleeding and a lot of pepper spray casualties. /5

    I think we might have done too much winning last night and they decided we couldn’t be allowed to speak today. I await comment from ACLU. /6

    I don’t understand why the lesson of Berkeley with regards to the police didn’t register, but regardless, it should be eminently clear that peaceful protest by the Right will not be permitted.

    Labels: #AltRight, decline and fall, NWA was right

  8. More truth….

    Thank you TheyCallMeRockStar22.

    I’m guessing you could ask every single protester there what they felt about Hitler’s 3rd Reich and the unanimous answer would be non supportive of uncle adolf.

    They won’t care.

    You’re all still Nazi’s because we in the media say so….

    Was it here that I saw something saying that, “The Media Can’t Take Casualties?”

    Not sure.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    This detailed report is a perfect example of using police as political enforcer–or “non-enforcers.” TPTB many times in past history has ordered their police to stand aside as their brown-shirts run wild in the streets.

    The police in this country are in fact far worse than the “King’s Agents” list of missdeeds detailed in the Declaration Of Independence.

    • The “Cui Bono?” from this situation is The State. The far right and far left played right into this like the useful idiots they are and the “King’s Agents” ride to the rescue right on cue:

      Gotta pay off that $3000 Breitling Colt.

  10. (Note action that takes place against the car at 3-4 seconds into video. See still frame below for close up from a different angle).

    Let’s see how the lawyers handle this.

    And coincidentally there was also a helicopter crash.

  11. Excellent AAR Posted to Gab

  12. I have been to these type of rallies before. Allentown, Pa. , Washington Crossing Park, Pa.
    At Allentown the police do the same thing. Push the Whites into the counter protesters to run the gauntlet. I picked up a shard of window glass walking down an alley way, and held it in my hand in my pocket, in order to fight my way back to my car.
    Thanks to all the White Nationalists who stood tall at Charlottesville!
    Would someone name a group that was involved that I can donate to? Thanks, St.Maur

  13. wealthy farmer

    I would not be surprised if the ‘nazis’ and skinheads in full outrageous regalia were in fact fake: actors, agents, provocateurs, what have you. Because it is just too OBVIOUS and I know the coastal elites have been frustrated with the alt-right’s unwillingness to adhere to the almighty narrative. The narrative has been spinning wheels for some time now, going nowhere. Patsies are nearly impossible to find and set up outside of the moslem community, thanks to the IQ-raising effect of the internet, so what’s a good little terror-staging federal agency to do?

    • Precisely. And this is the reason grown ups don’t participate in protests. What has been accomplished is to set the freedom movement back a decade. The puerile fools advocating these protests don’t realise they’re playing right into the hands of the far left.

  14. So if we are involved in a war, what were the objectives of the march/rally? How did it advance the cause?

  15. Red in OleVirginny

    My friend said-
    Anti-communist street tactics 101 :
    Know which way the enemy is going to leave. Barricade the first floor of those side buildings. Molotov cocktails form the 2nd or 3rd floor. Haul ass out the back to a waiting stolen vehicle. Get safely away and torch the car.
    He mentioned the IRA. But you must be dedicated to your cause. To the bone.
    I disagreed because I’m not a violent person.
    Red in Ole Virginny

  16. Ordo Ab Chao. Also know as Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis.

    The ambush is way more than about disarming.

  17. If there is doubt about the intent of those intent on destroying the race of Men of The West, this after action report should remove all doubt what is the state of affairs under the illusions and false narratives. Excellent work, very well written 1st hand report.    
    George Soros’ 22nd century version of bolsheviks. Of course, Soros is continuing the marxist jewish version of kill the kulak aka genocide.

    We get to see what kind of man & president Donald Trump is. It is a decent probability standard operating procedures and the subsequent actions by all involved from antifa, 5th column media, to the Va. State police, is to put President Trump in a difficult position and effectively make Trump the straw man in all this.