A Reminder

Via Twitter.

And with any dissent to Red dogma thus labelled as “evil”, anything is permissible against the heretics.


You, your friends, family, and allies have been Othered.

Act accordingly.

NB also this advice from MB:

150 responses to “A Reminder

  1. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I was berated and belittled by a Jewish coworker for not overreacting to the events yesterday in a manor that was sufficient.

    I just don’t see 6,000 people out of 321,000,000 as that big of a deal.

    Certainly interesting but considering she sits next to three muslims. And there is 4-7 million of them in the country. I doubt there are more than 12,000 serious Nazis in America. The Quran is all about killing jews and christians. Sure there is some filler in there, But the main plot remains pretty clear.

    Like Crystal Clear if I was so bold.

    Why do we read Bracken? Action, plot, manliness, and women!

    What’s in the Koran? Action, Plot, Women…

    Seriously, Even the word “Kaffir” must have explicitly referred to a North African Black when considering that’s where Mohammed was during the writings.

    She’s 60.

    They’re 20-35.

    She is not capable of reading the Quran but is convinced Nazis are in the bushes.

    For about a year to her everyone and everything is a Nazi or an idiot.

    If you watch CNN, the next day she complains to everyone about their talking points WORD FOR WORD.

    Makes my stomach a little sore from worrying all the time.

    • Your jewish coworker is just as blissfully unaware as the Swiss couple who received a “wedding blessing” while in a Muslim country:


      “You are swine. The children that you bear from this marriage will all be bastard swine. Your marriage is not a valid one,” he intoned as the couple held up their hands in prayer, blissfully unaware of what was being said.
      Dismissing them as pork-eating “infidels”, the employee went on: “You are not the kind of people who can have a valid marriage. One of you is an infidel. The other too is an infidel and, we have reason to believe, an atheist who does not even believe in an infidel religion.”


      “Islam is the state religion of Maldives, and adherence to it is legally required for citizens by a revision of the constitution in 2008: Article 9, Section D states that a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives.”

      Look on the bright side: As Islam grows, God measures the Remnant.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        My Jewish Coworker is like most Jews. A godless commie who only claims a heritage when it suits their narrative and reinforces them as the victim.

        I told he I supported Trump because I want lower taxes, Which she scoffed at and rebutted with “He’s a bigot”.

        She would gladly hold hands with a Muslim while a Trump support is stabbed right in front of her.

        There is no reasoning or reaching out to the left wing. They HAVE to be the moral and ethical authority 24/7. At all costs.

        • lastmanstanding

          I told one the same thing regarding taxes…she called him a “pussy grabber!” When questioned further, that was ALL she could come up with.

          In the mean time, I’m working my ass off and waiting patiently for the festivities.

          • TheyCallMeRockStar22

            That’s funny because the Jewish Chicks I dated in HS and college were porn star level lays.

      • One of the many absurdities of the Left: considering themselves to be “in community” with people whom they don’t know and can’t understand.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          They view most people like kings viewed peasants: “They’re mine to do with as I please.” Accordingly, they don’t care to know them, and don’t need to understand them. They own them – to better them, of course, but failing that (which they know in all but a very few cases will happen), to exterminate them.

  2. Detroit III

    There is no impending civil war. There is no impending civil war.

    Geez, you guys should have seen the 1960s. We were much closer to civil war back then.

    • Disagree.

      Silent Majority versus silent old white Consteetooshun minority.

      Institutions, though under assault, in hands of those who at least did not hate America versus full Gramscian capture of all FUSA institutions.

      Big freaking difference.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        For instance.

        130,000 troops in Iraq is the end of the world.

        12 million and growing Muslims in 15 years. On top of the 45-55 million already around. That’s totally normal.

        The system sucks. Period. And it’s far too large to ignore anymore. The party is over.

      • Middle course.

        It’s worse that it looks, and better than you think; with a notably smaller Silent Majority than the ’60s; but it’s nowhere near DefCon 1 either.

        Remember that the media microscope blows inconsequential events in one tiny burg out of all proportion. To 99.983% of America, what happened yesterday, on either side, is utterly meaningless and unworthy of any great note.

        • And the pronouncements from the Anne Frank Center in NFYC don’t amount to a bucket of warm horse piss to anyone not listening to their tiny dog whistle.

          Douches gonna douche.

        • I am not calling DefCon 1.

          The situation for individual freedom, however, is deteriorating in FUSA.

          • TheyCallMeRockStar22


            This is perfect timing for the coming school semester on campus. Which makes more sense. The weather will be nicer and we will be in a closer proximity to each other. Had they started the summer of rage people would be burned out on it by now. This however, perfect timing.

          • Detroit III

            Wrong. Again, many cities at the same time were burning.

            We are nowhere near that.

            No where.

            I realize that you have to make it that when your Defcon 1 so you get lots of people to come to your blog, but I’m more interested in intellectual honesty then driving eyeballs to my website filled with very old men

            • “I’m more interested in intellectual honesty than driving eyeballs to my website… ” etc.

              Very good, it’s a fine thing that you’ve found work that suits you.

            • Jimmy the Saint

              The Civil War was preceded by unrest in Kansas and a small contretemps at Harper’s Ferry. The wars in Yugoslavia were preceded by even less. It doesn’t require chaos everywhere for stuff to go all pear shaped.

      • It’s not so much a distinction from the 60’s (more the 70’s but what the hell) as it is a continuation. Agree with both of your respective points but what we see today is the result of the left shifting tactics from open rebellion to a more insidious subversion, primarily via academia but also other institutions. Witness Bill Ayers who evolved from being a leader in Weathermen to becoming an academic and ultimately a part of the tutelage of the former President who shall not be named. Migrating to a society of loosely confederated intentional communities would be one path to resolve the conflict, adherence to the 10th Amendment would be another (coupled, of course, with a greatly reduced role of “governance”), but the left won’t allow that. Theirs is a totalitarian ideology so nothing short of full capitulation and subjugation will satisfy them – samey-same for the moose limbs….which is why they are joined at the hip, ironically enough.
        Yuri Bezmenov captured the strategy of subversion very well back in the 80’s – this venue has been kind to give his views extensive coverage, but for those who missed it, here’s a one hour review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gnpCqsXE8g
        Subversion is why they do what they do, unwittingly for the most part, and we are still early in the destabilization phase.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      That sounds exactly what my father says.
      The Detroit Riots last three days and 60 people died.

      • right now, 60 niggers kill 60 niggers in Detroit every 60 hours. Ditto Chicongo, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Baltimore, and etc.

        • Yes, and they don’t even care.

          They also know that one step outside the ghetto with that nonsense, and the world drops on them.

    • I lived through the 60’s, I was bused past my modern High School to the ghetto High School in the black neighborhood. Watched as two black adults entered the school and beat up one white student. That’s when they sent in armed police to patrol the halls. Been there, seen that! This is worse, much worse. the 60’s were like a conventional bomb. 2017 is like a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb waiting in its silo, quite, with cables and wires hooked to it. Not knowing who or when someone will send the signal to launch. Death unimaginable waits before you, silently waiting.

    • I disagree. I was there, too. America’s old, heavily infiltrated Anglo-Saxon regime was simply given the choice between going “quietly into the night” or losing it all. They chose the former and retained an outward semblance of power until they died off. The new regime (post-50’s) won’t “go quietly into the night.” The new regime’s fake (loyal) opposition (the GOP), acclimated as they are with their place beneath the table and occasional breadcrumb, are completely with them on this.

      Death by riot body counts matter very little. More important, in my estimation, is that far more white Americans have suffered and died since the advent of the new regime and its policies than all deaths by riot since that time. This information is suppressed and banned from mainstream politics, which is partly why today’s conservatism is little more than a blend of 60’s social liberalism, Alice Rosenbaum’s “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal,” and modern business propaganda.

    • This is not a straight line chart or graph. There is no measuring how close we are to a civil war and it is irrelevant how “close” we were back then compared to now. This is not a points system. Our actions and thoughts should not be affected by any comparison to the 1960’s.

    • Not even close Detroit. I lived through them, right in the midsts in Harvard Square, our family protecting our shop same as Roof Korean’s.
      That was the Amerikan Bolsheviks opening act.
      They had to program brainwash and dumb down the next couple generations to achieve the level required to have the multitude of useful dupes they are using as cannon fodder today.


      • i lived in Detroit during the riots…

        back them the men gathered on the front porches with rifles and shotguns, while drinking coffee. the cops were still decent and supported that activity.

        not anymore.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          I grew up In Hampden a little nook in North Baltimore. We all had our guns and Cigars. 1/2 a mile from the source riots surrounded on all sides by a Crime Spree the city police couldn’t do a god damn thing about. Even with 3 Helicopters and 2,000 cops they were totally helpless. Listen to the Radio Chatter. If it doesn’t make your hair stand up I don’t know what will. It sounds exactly like the Radio Chatter from Black Hawk Down.

        • Thats a fact. Got a good sense those days after a great tribulation will return in some fashion, but in a different America. The great cleansing the elitists think they are running is going to be something else entirely. Its the balance that swings back & forth through history.
          But, who really knows these things for sure? All we can do is take as good a care as possible our individual parts of it.


      Sir: I was alive and in college prior to my Army service in the ’60’s. When LBJ realized he no longer could spin the weekly body count from the VN War, he publicly announced he would not seek or accept the nomination. When the anti-war wing of the Jackass Party was neutralized( Bobby shot dead and Eugene McCarthy sabotaged at Chicago), the cynical majority had the choice of a Farmer-Labor Party benevolent socialist, or a human Edsel who was a lackey of the MIC. They chose the human Edsel because he promised he would get us out of VN.
      Now, the disagreements are not about international matters so much as about personal matters. The Jackass Party and the Dead Elephant Party are hell-bent on a globalist agenda abroad and a lock-step socialist agenda at home. Remember in 1969, men were not marrying men. Women were not marrying women. The Marxist, syphilitic agendas of the demonic forces of abortion, and LGBT propaganda in our public school system was not even on the radar. Savage coined it over 20 years ago: Borders, Language, and Culture.
      The “basket of deplorables” did not vote for Trump. They voted against the Hildabeest. They are mad as hell, especially in the South, where their very heritage is being destroyed by the Cosmic White (((Marxist))) power structure and their useful idiots in blackface. To compare what I witnessed as a college student and a soldier in the sixties with what is happening as I write this is to compare apples with oranges. Bleib ubrig.

  3. I realized this during the Carter Admin. when I was 19, those hate America communists were violent and everyone told me I was crazy. “Those were ‘pinko commies’ and sissy boys.”

    Are we to be “represented” by white power agitators? Is FreeFor now compelled to become “racists” and forgo our primary political principles because of the Left?

    War and politics make strange bedfellows. How will the white coalition receive non-whites in FreeFor?

    Just ordered more mags for my daily carry. Five mags may not be enough to run for safety, or make a statement. I’ll cross that bridge when I get downrange.

    VoorTrekker, CP opns NCO.

    • Core principles.

      Freedom of speech versus freedom from speech.

      Rule of (some) law versus rule by law.

      Private property versus collective power over all property for the common good.

      Celebration and preservation of trad values versus progress.

      Freedom versus slavery.

      • “The Detroit Riots last three days and 60 people died.”
        And Detroit has been dying ever since then. If nothing else, the events in Charlottesville announce the city’s demise. Charlottesville produces nothing except West-hating college grads (many thousands each year). By enabling Antifa violence the Charlottesville city council and PD are communicating that they either cannot or will not keep the city safe. This means the shopping areas and college(s) are not safe. Charlottesville dies the very moment parents decide their student is not safe there. A few more torch-bearing nighttime Alt-Right rallies during the school year should help things along. ANTIFA CAN BE COUNTED ON TO PROVIDE THE FUTURE-DESTROYING VIOLENCE, WITH THE FULL BLESSING OF THE CITY COUNCIL. Whom do we hate more, Antifa or Charlottesville city council? We can use one to destroy the other. Antifa will do the work. All we have to do is show up, and perhaps like in Berkeley they will start burning shit. This is real power. Where shall we rally next? How about the lovely trendy Charlottesville pedestrian Mall? We have to learn to use their stupidity and violence not only against them but against the left in general.

        Remember: 1) war is economic, and 2) all politics is violence.

        After yesterday, it would be OK with me if Charlottesville looked in 30 years like Detroit does today.

        • antifa was not a factor. The WN’s were attacked by the Jew mayor-controlled police. Which. I hope, will be a salutory lesson for certain hardRights. Who beforehand were deluding themselves to the effect that “the cops are on our side”.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Looks like those pre-demonstration efforts to establish good relations with the local police worked out well.

          • At this stage of developments, it takes deep denial of the evidence for liberty lovers to imagine “the police are our friends.”

            For decades, police (like SpecOps fodder) have been selected for “just following orders” amorality. The police are worse still because they have been selected for subnormal intelligence.

            Exceptions do not disprove the rule.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “1) war is economic,”

          Economics is definitely a part of it. However, some wars also have significant religious/racial factors that outweigh other concerns.

        • Well thought and said.

      • The “core principles” you relate are what got us where we are. I’m fascinated to know how doubling down on them will improve things.

      • Freedom of Speech implies that all sides have access to the listeners. We are denied access by the leftist controlled media. Therefore, there is no free speech for us. Therefore, it behooves us to silence our enemies. Immediately, and by any means possible.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      I can tell you that an dissent is banned in school.

      You go by the book or you get a C+.

      Which can effect scholarships and everything.

      This has been a long time in the making.
      They are heavily invested.
      I think they will overreact because they are losing the narrative.

      • who the fuck cares about a scholarship?

        and do what with it?

        become a barista at Starfucks?

        or even ascend to the lofty heights of one day becoming manager?


        get a trade, self- employ, and retire before you’re too old to enjoy it.

        the murkins are really, really, really, really, really, really, r e a l l y


        • Thumbs up motherfucker.
          Fine comment indeed.

        • A payng trade is a fine thing, but not everyone can make it with a GED like you did.
          And not all degrees are in underwater basketweaving and lesbian studies.
          If you’d ever been to college besides watching football on TV, you might have known that much.

          • I paid for my first degree in welding technology by doing manual labor in the building trades. I then gained an associate’s degree in building trades and construction management while I learned and earned my way to being a very successful pipe and vessel welder. In the meantime, several outfits I worked for required a commercial driver license to exist in their workforce, so for more than 25 yrs. I have held a class a CDL w/ multiple endorsement. I say all of that to say this. I graduated early from highschool but plenty of people with a ged have done as good or better than I. They all just have a spine and don’t look for reasons to fail. They look for reasons to succeed.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          You have to have a college degree to get a look. Otherwise your resume gets the wastebasket or the bottom drawer. And I would chose a trade but then I’m locked into a union job. As much fun as punching tubes and draining coolant sounds, I’d rather not go back to busting my ass for 20 bucks an hour for 60 hours a week. Been there. Did 7 years of it.

          • huh?

            in HS i spent 2 1/2 years in a vocational school learning HVAC.

            the only time i was EVER in a commie union was when i worked at Ford Motors.

            that was in between enlistments…

            when i left, i started working the construction trades as a laborer. i went from one to the next(none union) while i was coming up with a “plan”…

      • hummus abedin

        Damn, Ralphie, that’s harsh!

    • You ask that with a name like VoorTreker? For you to choose that name is an abomination. This kind of utter confusion is what doomed South Africa and Rhodesia. Get with your People or go over to the other side.

  4. Been preparing to defend for years….

    About time to offend, don’t you agree?

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      The KeK Offensive? Lmao!

      • When you’re being ambushed, the best defense is a good offense. War ain’t football and I’m not a member of the MEme generation. Maybe I should have spelled it out for you.

        You can put your ass back on now.

    • Oughtsix, Indeed. Overdue.

  5. (INTELLIHUB) — In yet another stunning display of the very real deep state war being waged against Donald Trump, CNN talking head and former CIA agent Philip Mudd has openly threatened the president with murder.

    “Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy,” Mudd stunningly revealed.


    • I see reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit.
      Maybe leaving the news analysis and headline writing to the literate would be a good first step, for you and/or the inaptly named “Intellihub”.

      “…the government’s gonna kill this guy” is a prediction.
      Maybe accurate, maybe total horseshit. (Probably strongly the latter, in this example, but time will tell.)
      “I’m gonna kill this guy” or “We’re gonna kill this guy” is a threat.
      If you had a dictionary* you could learn the difference between disinterested predictions of what third parties might do, versus actual threats of violence.

      If A were in fact B in real life, unlike in the fevered imagination of some drooling internet dipshit who can’t tell one from the other when they penned that codswallop, Mudd would indeed be his name when the Secret Service came ’round for a little heart-to-heart chat, probably later that evening. They have somewhere around a negative level of a sense of humor about such things, going back a century or so.

      *(A dictionary is a book**, inside which educated people find the meanings of many of the words in a given language which they don’t fully understand.)

      **(If that was too hard, a book is a thing with words in it, that you can read to learn things you didn’t know.)

      Best wishes in your ongoing quest for knowledge.

      • i see shutting your fucking mouth isn’t your strong point.

        no doubt someone out there is going to do it for you.


      • “If A were in fact B in real life, unlike in the fevered imagination of some drooling internet dipshit who can’t tell one from the other…”

        That’s it, Jon; your reign is over. WRSA now has a new Champion Hypocrite. This one’s so solid that based on this line, I’d almost bet that he drools.

  6. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay, call me stupid, but I had to look up what “ableism” meant.

    So I am supposed to favor a blind Haitian mother of five children with four fathers, in a wheelchair, with aids who cannot read nor write?


    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      That’s racist. You should give away your peoples future instead. Please report to your nearest interment camp.

    • Truth Corps

      Well T-Fat was there for the Detroit riots, he said so himself. And he and every other able bodied White there gave a bunch of 70IQ primates access to Union jobs and the keys to their kingdom. Look at it now, 50 years later.
      At the very least, the Alt-Right is going down swinging here in the South. Maybe he’ll post some more on how well he’s doing living in the sticks, far removed from the Cancer he allowed to flourish and the fellow Whites he undoubtedly threw under the Diversity Bus along the way.

  7. Sledgehammer, meet institutional bias about ‘muh color blindness’ on the right. It’s 2017, color is about all that matters anymore. Your quibbling about differences that DON’T MATTER TO THE LEFT, serves only to keep you on the sidelines until it’s too late. Communists are an existential threat to us, 20 Aryan Nation guys enamored with 1935 Germany…not so much. Get over being called mean words. Your skin is your uniform to THEM so accept it and act accordingly. Didn’t make the rules, but I intend to win the game…or die trying.

    • There is no bad word exception to the 1A.

      There is no nice person exception to the Red imperative to kill all kulaks.

      • Northgunner

        “There is no nice person exception to the Red imperative to kill all kulaks.”

        Several years back, Ann had something very important to say about the word, ‘nice’ and what it REALLY means:


        I’m not a ‘nice’ person…none of us should be!!

        Sat parasite class/enablers/enforcers, to the last one!!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • WORD!

    • “Your skin is your uniform to THEM so accept it and act accordingly.”

      Sad to say, yes, “…to THEM.” All colors should be fighting the banksters, their mouthpieces, their enablers, their puppets, their middle management, and their enforcers. Instead, “we” are following the diversionary script provided by the banksters, color versus color. Divide and conquer. The last thing the banksters want to see is retribution from ALL the various-colored victims of (((their))) economic crimes against humanity

      Of course, I am not going to let my family get steamrollered by dangerous fools who want a race war. Indeed, I must “act accordingly” to real threats.

      • Truth Corps

        Are modern day NAZIs a “real threat” to you and yours in 2017? Do all 47 of them know where you live or something?
        Look! over there, in the bushes- it’s a…a…a… NAZI!

  8. So, the little Anne Frank Center is all politically correct now? Funny, I always thought that political correctness is what killed Anne & her family. In the time of Nazi Germany-and others-killing Jews WAS politically correct. Another idol with feet of clay; so much for non hate speech.

  9. It’s all over the news here in the UK about the extreme right wing march. Odd it’s always extreme right wing for anyone who is not on the left but I have never heard any one being called extreme left wing it does not matter what they do. It’s never extreme left wing all ways peaceful marchers, I’ve heard this said on the news when in the film shown on the news the ‘peaceful marchers’ are setting cars on fire.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      After the Baltimore riots, while I was attending the Community College of Baltimore County the Humanities Departments(Ugly women) handed megaphones to all their precious minorities.

      The minorities then proceed to bitch about whites, racism, islamophobia, sexism, blah blah blah.

      Anyway, At the end of it the Humanities department professors were celebrating the violence and said that they need MORE and that the momentum is theirs.

      It was truly amazing to watch.

    • Notarealperson

      Because the MSM in the West is run by Leftists who hate mainstream whites with a passion. They especially hate white nationalists, populists, etc. They see their job to demonize and put the boot to whites who aren’t on board with PC.MC.

      They often work hand in glove with the political and merchant class as well to help prevent the people from choosing candidates the establishment doesn’t like.

      In short treat the press as the Russians treated Pravda and Tass during the Soviet era. Our papers and TV news is just as bad and dishonest.

  10. The Pogroms are ready and in place, the Prog Propaganda is sown, all that remains and needed is the Go order from some hidden NWO Oligarchs somewhere to set off multiple collapses, especially Economic. Talk about a clusterfck, just wait til the “money” disappears along with the Food..
    Hilarity Clintoon was supposed to be President now and We can imagine what her response would have been. She screeched that we were “Deplorable” and even more provoking “UnRedeemable”. Words have meanings and consequences.
    As I posted earlier furl the beloved Confederate flag, the 1861-65 war is too comprimised and divisive. Draw the lines unmistakeably Clear with the 1775-79 war. Fly the Appeal to Heaven flag and then the enemy is idendified as they are: the ProgreSSives from Hell.
    CYA, No Ft.Sumters please. Make these Beasts expose themselves for More people to see. You can never have too many supporters in a CW.
    Time appears to be short to the end of the beginning. God Bless.

  11. For now they ask for your compliance. Eventually they will demand it…

    • hummus abedin

      It has already long been demanded.
      What do you think made the Unite the Right
      participants move from their rally site.
      Good will?

  12. just look at these 2 redneck motherfuckers.

    fuck them to hell.

    burn bitches BURN

    • Serious question…did your parents abuse you?

        • I’ll take that as a yes. What a horrid existence you must live.

          I sincerely hope you live alone, and don’t infect everyone around you.

            • their chopper was shot down by hardRight triple-A. One of those uniformed motherfuckers was a pal of McAuliffe’s. Good riddance to both.

              • Another genius here.

                The short bus alumnus must realize that the change has to come from higher up than the police, yet the police are the shiny penny, so hey, look! A penny!

                You are part of the problem. You can’t look beyond your own nose, and that’s why most of us thinking folks are stuck in the mess we’re in.

                You HURT the cause for freedom. I heap shame upon you.

                • Thank you Seamrog for a moment of clarity.

                • fuck



                • As if they have no free will??? “Just following orders,” eh?

                  • You think those two men in the helicopter were doing something evil?

                    Are you that delusional?

                • “The short bus alumnus must realize that the change has to come from higher up than the police…”

                  Another one who doesn’t understand the difference between words and action. Sure the thinking is done “higher up,” but nobody ever died from someone else’s thinking. IOW while it’s true that, “Philosophy moves the world,” it’s also true that words don’t stop bullets and it’s bullets that kill.

                  It would be nice to change the thinking of those higher-ups, but that ain’t gonna happen. Not only is the loot involved nearly unfathomable, but there’s also the question–I mean to them–of their very survival. Sorta like here, which is why concepts like Rightful Liberty were thrown by the wayside quite a while ago already. Simple fact is that virtually everyone wants tyranny, in whatever form they imagine is the right one, and so that’s what’s gonna happen. I mean happen more. There’s no “line in the sand” and nobody’s gettin’ off any porch. Why would they? If peeps don’t defend their own kids and sell them into slavery, then what the hell might they defend? Nothing, that’s what.

                  The only silver lining is that those relatively few who survive–no doubt by defending their own porches with those close to them–may never have to deal with this bullshit again. This time really is different because this time we all have the knowledge. The poor saps before us didn’t, but the stench of our corpses will be just as bad. Worse if you ask me, because for the most part we chose it. But that’s about complicity and responsibility, both forbidden topics to a man who sacrificed his soul.

                  “…where at least I know I’m free.” It was epistemology all along—dupes actually believe they have knowledge of that which doesn’t exist. No wonder they dream of that which will never happen, and lie about what did.

                  • “The only silver lining is that those relatively few who survive–no doubt by defending their own porches with those close to them–may never have to deal with this bullshit again.”

                    I believe you are correct, but it is no silver lining. What is coming is going to be cataclysmic. Post civilization life is going to be no picnic.

          • Based purely on his contributions here, the odds that he’s an evolutionary dead-end run to a metaphysical certainty.

      • Serious question to you in return:
        Do you really enjoyed the filtered coffee and donuts THAT much? Do you think that these two filthy pigs weren’t following the same orders as the pigs on the ground, helping make sure the patriots had to go THROUGH the terrorist swill? The real shame is that their pig copter didn’t take out a bunch of other pigs in the process. Or better yet, wipe out the Communists and a bunch of downtown Charlottesville.

        • Sublime point Mark.
          Dollars to donuts, no pun intended they crashed because the distractions of committing treason by going along with the bolsheviks running Virginia quislings selling out their fellow American’s to the deep state. Their minds where not up to doing two inherently dangerous things at once.
          Broke that oath just being involved.
          Conscious is a strange thing.

          • “Dollars to donuts, no pun intended they crashed because the distractions of committing treason by going along with the bolsheviks running Virginia quislings selling out their fellow American’s to the deep state.”

            The Cliff Notes—Dissonance kills.

        • I’m sorry you cant see it – I am truly sorry you can’t see it, but people like you , and comments like these only weaken the movement for freedom. To the largest spectrum of civilized people, you and your ilk appear only as classless, honorless white trash, and they utterly, and rightly, reject you.

          Comments like yours reflect absolute ignorance of how successful societies work, and frankly make you look stupid.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        Not an unreasonable assumption.

    • Julius Streicher

      If that was the flying pigs, I wonder if the fat one is still sizzling.
      VSP is full of affirmative action hires, none are smart enough for the aviation division.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        The VA Police are hiring Afghani Muslims.

        • Hey rockstar we are in same AO, Im south of Annapolis. Ha was in Towson yesterday. what a fucking mess

          • TheyCallMeRockStar22

            Dude. When I was growing up Towson was full of whites. Although more or less they were future Millenials. Now it’s ghetto as fuck. Sad.

          • TheyCallMeRockStar22

            Hey Vic. Every spend time In shady Side? I’ll be there Labor Day weekend. Catch on another post in the future and we can grab a brew.

    • wendystringer48088

      Virginia State Troopers Lt. H. Jay Cullen, 48, of Midlothian, and Trooper Berke M.M. Bates, 40, of Quinton. Cullen left a wife and two sons, and Bates left a wife and a son and daughter.
      I think that while the police didn’t do anything to protect the Unite the Right people at the rally from the Leftists (probably under orders from the mayor and city council to the police chief who then gave out the orders to the police) that was still a harsh thing to say about those two state troopers who died in the helicopter crash.
      I am sorry they died.

      • I am no fan of the police, but recognize that they must be a controlled, necessary evil. I resent what they have become, but am not stupid enough to not recognize that they where husbands and fathers, and to dance on their grave is utterly shameful. I share your sorrow.

        • you are the enemy.



          • There are 300M of us.
            You’ve made your point (about 3000 times in a pointless OCD repetition that would do justice to Rainman) that everyone but you is the enemy.

            Well played, Tonto.

            Now, having made your pointless point, and run out of reasons to waste any more bandwidth except to display your limited vocabulary and repetoire of alley taunts, toddle back to playing in your diapers, and let other people alone. You’re embarrassing Darwinists the world over, and you’re going to get your own shit all stuck in your keyboard. I’d suggest not licking your fingers clean, but that would be as pointless as your reply.

              • tfat, an old rukusan like you should remember that it’s bad tactics to declare 300m people your enemies.

                Those are mighty long odds.

                Even during their eminent destruction you so gleefully predict, you will be over run as well… probably by some of those adoring, fawning neighbors who presently worship at the altar of your magnificence.

        • Northgunner

          ” I resent what they have become, but am not stupid enough to not recognize that they where husbands and fathers, and to dance on their grave is utterly shameful. I share your sorrow.”

          Would you have said that if you had been in national socialist controlled Europe in the 1930’s-’40’s and had your family rolled up by the “police” at the behest of the state?..what about the soldiers and their officers that put them before an open trench and machine gunned them down into it..or the camp guards that marched them into gas chambers in the camps or worked them to death there?

          Would you have felt sorrow and pity for the wives and orphans of the death camp guards and officers running the camps that were righteously tried and hung at Nuremberg?

          Enforcers of the parasite class are ALL the same…take the “King’s coin”…be the “King’s man”.

          There are NO “sheepdogs” if they serve the parasite class!!

          Reserve sorrow and pity for one’s own if they deserve it, not the badged orcs and orcettes and other enemies.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          Why do they put “killed” in the Bio? More like a work related air traffic accident. Probably hovering because of instrument failure, low oil pressure, or a bad temp reading on their bearings. Regardless. Poor choice of words

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Killed in the line of duty” probably gets a better pension for the family than “accidental death.” “Killed” also justifies bigger budget requests in the future as compared to “accident.”

      • too bad the wife and kids weren’t attending “go to work with your father day”…

        fuck them too.

        no quarter.

        like they have any for you.

      • no, “Wendy”. The White hardRights were first attacked by the Police. Not antifa. And, given an order from McAuliffe, those 2 dead chopper cops would gun you and yours down without a second thought.

        • wendystringer48088

          @Haxo Angmark
          “… given an order from McAuliffe, those 2 dead chopper cops would gun you and yours down without a second thought.”
          I had not really thought about that.
          But by the way the Virginia State Police and the Charlottesville Police Department Officers behaved, just following orders, I’d have to believe you.
          I have a family too…

      • the old “i’m only following orders” routine…

        sorry, that don’t cut it.

        they were traitors the day the put on that costume and tin badge.

        may they rot forever in Hell.

  13. “A Reminder”

    for you redneck fuckstains out there who are in the clear minority…

    “…Polls clearly show that “legal access to cannabis is the future,’’ says Malanca. “If you are against medical cannabis access, or against cannabis legalization, you’re already in the minority…”


    support the gubmint or wave that rag

    and die motherfuckers.

    • How do you legitimately, in the name of liberty and self determination outlaw a weed?
      I don’t smoke that crap, but its not my business what others do with it either.
      Like all things from weed to moonshine, follow the money you find the truth.

      • Northgunner

        You you got it.

        Control and money both!

        You’re already Free between your ears; thats the first battle/victory to achieve.

        Stay Free..Live Free!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • “Control and money both!”

          Stoned people are easy to control, and the taxes on weed have surpassed real estate taxes(?), I believe it is, in Colorado.

          Now, who is it that stands to benefit from legalizing weed?

          Being “free between yer ears” means little if what’s in there is dysfunctional because… stoned, or otherwise hampered by false ideology or religion, ignorance of fact, or any of the hundred other debilities of thinking which most humans exhibit much of the time

        • Well, you said it man. It all begins with each of us.
          Lot of will & indomitable spirit in that.
          Like CA says “there will be a test”.
          Test of what we are made of.
          I think most of us want to do well in that department.
          I’m not living or dying as nobodies slave.

    • Tfat: I am a proud redneck, & worked hard to regress to that level from my past levels of productivity. Now most of my life is on my own terms, not theirs. Fuck the rules……….

    • Northgunner

      Hi tfA-t,

      The only flag I’ll fly is the old gadsden flag, not the ‘flag of Empire’.

      The parasite class doesn’t like cannabis?..oh boo hoo hoo…

      Fuck what those murderous asshats like or don’t like!!

      And fuck their badged orcs and orcettes and their enablers!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  14. hummus abedin

    Forty-one comments and rising,
    yet no one is kitted out and ready
    to go to the matt.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Civil War 2 will be fought with handguns.

    • You too neither, huh?

      What’s your point? That no one is doing anything that you aren’t doing as well?

      STFU or set the example…………………….

  15. I’d like to offer a thought for consideration…
    Why aren’t they playing up the chopper crash? Usually the MSM is ultra-quick to broadcast the MayDay calls, the frantic radio traffic leading up to the crash, but not here. As quick as the Orcs are to use any and every little device to surveil events, I’m sure the chopper was video-taping the events in town. IF the videos are at odds with the published narrative, the PTB can’t have that information getting out. Choppers aren’t hard to bring down if you know where to shoot, and ambush an unsuspecting target. Or use a light anti-tank weapon, one shot, one kill, nothing to clean up like expended brass cartridges. jat.

    • They’re still fixing the chopper-cam footage like in “Running Man”.


      If all we are being told is that the helicopter: “experienced issues” shortly after take-off, then folks will conjure up their own demons as to why the aircraft crashed. Seeing as how a helicopter must undergo at least two hours of maintenance for every hour of flight time, some distracted mechanic could have just failed to tighten the Jesus Bolt(there is such a mechanical fixture, look it up).
      The bigger issue here is the stand-down of the police vis-a-vis the demonstrators. It tells me that the Cosmic White (((Marxist))) mayor of Charlottesville either did not want his Orcs and Orcettes to start busting Antifa heads, or did not want them protecting the white folks. Either way, it is a winner. Backing Antifa is a no-win for the Pols. They will turn on these Leviathan locals. “…never interrupt your enemies…”

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      If you are gonna shoot at a Helicopter, I recommend a series of controlled rapid fire Mag Dumps. Civilian birds don’t have “armor”, but they might have reenforced materials to help with the errant round, thicker plexiglass glass on the cockpit, and self sealing Fuel Bladders. I would worry more about where you are gonna hide after they get Bird 2 on station. Bird 2 will be out of reach. Have you ever fired a belt fed weapon out of a Helicopter? The rounds run in flat and its pretty damn easy to score multiple hits on the move. I would Hide and wait it out. Just my two cents. Every man we lose is one man we are down when the Caliphate, Mexico, Europe, Russia, China, or Canada shows up. I would bet all of the above.

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    Be the Indian, not the buffalo, sure. But for the endgame, you also need to be sure you’re the cavalry, not the Indian.

  17. NorthGunner

    Here’s Stefan Molyneux and Faith Goldy discussing the situation there:

    Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

    Faith Goldy – Charlottesville DOUBLE STANDARD, Antifa allowed to march!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  18. The driver has a triple barrelled name. Classic DS / MK Ultra calling card Beware. I think it was Bracken who said a few months back to watch for Antifa tactics/perps to be pinned on Righty/whitey.

  19. I dared to point out the hypocrisy of certain acquaintances cheering on political violence ala Dickie Spencer, the bike lock “professor,” et al, wringing their hands about the car attack. No I was told that intellectual consistency is irrelevant, that I’m doing Satan’s work, and that I am a literal Nazi who should die.

    I’ve been slacking for a while, but I cleaned my rifle last night and will be heading to the range soon.