A Video From Some Charlottesville Protestors

Watch all of this video, including the great term “The War Of Liberal Aggression”; h/t MB.

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  1. 32 minutes?

  2. As I run linux/have a few walls and do not do suckbook couldn’t get video to play,a quick review would be nice as seems lengthly due to other poster’s comment,then,if interested would hunt down.

  3. Robert Spencer has possibly fatally injured the white identity movement by allowing, and welcoming, the Nazi swastikas and the KKK robes into his events. Years of progress by Jared Taylor, who calmly supported whites and denounced Nazi’s, is out the window. Sure, the govt was supposed to ‘protect’ his legal event. But limited govt can’t protect stupid. If you choose to step out in front of a bus, the govt can’t do much to protect you. By having an event that welcomed nazi’s and the KKK in a blue city, in a blue county, in a blue state, Spencer willfully stepped out in front of a bus. The problem is, is that he pulled a lot of good people in the movement, people who have accomplished so much good, in front of the bus with him. I am white and proud and I just got ran over. Next time I see that SOB Spencer, I punch him (figuratively).

    • Agreed…

    • Sir:

      Do you believe in free speech?

      • singlestack

        I do, but there are some people I won’t stand with while they exercise that right, or have beside me when I do.

      • Pete, perception, is reality for many. Wether it’s true or not, is not the issue. It’s the perception, the spin that sticks, just like a giant sticky turd.

        That was not a win.

        This was a fucking X ambush, our guys walked into it looking for a fight, over confident, and tactically unprepared. What they apparently did not factor in was the REAL enemy was not antifa, but the state of Va, top down bottom up.

        Our side underestimated our enemy. And these people think their leaders.

        These dumb fucks just escalated the next contact.
        Refresh my memory, what is your objective. What was the objective yesterday. Free speech, yea right.

        Dirk Williams

        • Here’s why the event had benefits:

          1) No one counted on state action in support of Antifa. Getting a lesson in underestimating and surviving is a good thing.

          2) The coalescence of Antifa, VA authorities, and Fed deep staters all over the Sunday newsers today shows all who are not of the socialist alliance just how dead the ideals (speech, assembly, equal protection,etc.) actually are.

          3) The tweet from the Anne Frank Center issued in response is a crisp demonstration of the Red social imperative: Get with the pure goodthink, or face the mob+state alliance.

          I would remind all that the USC/BoR has no “hate speech” or “bad think” exceptions. Notwithstanding that fact, Redthink is the flavor of the day, and woe unto those (especially including the nice folks who just want to be left alone) who do not conform.

          As Billy Beck used to say, you are either at the table or on the menu.

          FreeFor is not at the table.

          • 4) Might be a long shot, but…..local authorities, when considering future removal of Confederate monuments, may think twice considering the possibility of a clusterfuck arriving at their door.

    • wendystringer48088

      “By having an event that welcomed nazi’s and the KKK in a blue city, in a blue county, in a blue state, Spencer willfully stepped out in front of a bus.”

      Agree with what you are saying but if the Left wasn’t there in numbers to disrupt and fight then it would have been a minor incident.

      Same could be said about getting punched because you have views that the other side considers hateful, having your vehicle vanadlized because of a bumper sticker someone doesn’t like or getting your house burned down because of a flying a flag someone doesn’t like.

      So we are in a bit of a tough position. Not wanting to defend the Nazis and the KKK but on the other hand having to defend the right to free Speech so the rest of us won’t be silenced. How to navigate the swift current and troubled waters going down the river in a canoe without crashing into either the “supporting the Nazis/KKK” bank or the “accepting the other side has a right to get violent and censor hate speech” bank is a difficult problem.

      The “because you did this you deserve it when bad things happens to you” I can understand. Stupid actions should have consequences. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don’t go to stupid places, don’t do stupid things or don’t hang around with stupid people who do stupid things. All that good advice.

      However, it is also incorrect to blame the victim for the actions of the bad person. The bad person is still the one responsible. The victim didn’t make them do it.

      If it’s ok to punch Spencer because he is a Nazi, then it’s ok for someone to puch me or you because of our views and where we go and who we are with.

      That they don’t just ignore him and his crowd tells me the goal is to silence opposition.

      The guy in the video explained his view pretty well I think when he said (according to my maybe imperfect, but close enough, written transcription)
      “We showed them that we are going to come and speak, we showed them that we are going to gather, No we aint all racists, We aint all White Nationalists, We aint all Klu Klux Klan. But we made a statement to the Left today that we are not going to be silenced.
      Were not going to lay down, were not going to just let them SOBs run over us,”


      Robert Spencer: Well known anti-Jihad blogger, close associate of Pamela Geller, older fellow with a beard, grandparents were forced out of Turkey for being members of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. Worked at Heritage, web site: JihadWatch.com

      Richard Spencer: Former editor of The American Conservative (Pat Buchanan’s the founder), former editor at Taki Mag, created the term AltRight, well known as the face of the White Idenitarian movement. Late 30s, clean shaven. Web site: AltRight.com

      Both are hated by the left, but Robert doesn’t engender insane leftist violence every time he goes somewhere. That is Richard Spencer, among the most hated men in America right now.

      • You’re so right and I appoligize to Robert Spencer. I kind of just got them mixed up in my head. I’ll head over to jihad watch and appoligize there too. I’m sure Robert understands who I meant. Robert Spencer is one of the real good guys in this world.
        I don’t think Richard Spencer is that much of a Nazi. But he sure is stupid and got used badly by the ADL who, most likely, had several plants in Spencers parade throwing up the Nazi salute every chance they could.

    • “years of progress by Jared Taylor”…hiring Jews to write learned essays on the IQ inferiority of Blacks.

      makes me laugh. And Charlottesville was a useful exercise. Certain hardRights – including Anglin – who thought “the cops are on our side” – got a rude awakening.

  4. Sorry I don’t Zuck.

  5. wendystringer48088

    My own edited TL/DR version:

    (Heavy Southern Drawl).

    Disgusting level of media misinformation.

    The Left was violent and the Right were unaggressive and the Right was funneled by the police right into it. Once the Left discovered that Law enforcement was not going to do anything other than stand behind the barricades they got the message that they could do what they wanted.

    One tactic used by the Left was squirting water bottles filled with water mixed with something that caused burning.

    “We showed them that we are going to come and speak, we showed them that we are going to gather, No we aint all racists, We aint all White Nationalists, We aint all Klu Klux Klan. But we made a statement to the Left todaythat we are not going to be silenced.
    Were not going to lay down, were not going to just let them SOBs run over us,”

    They all seemed to be in good spirits. Most all were bloodied but were unbowed.

    Oh yeah, They stayed in Motel Sux (cheapest place they could get).
    (Motel Six = Motel Sux).

    30 minutes of my life I won’t get back, but a good country boy report worth listening to if you are doing other things like organizing paperwork by the computer.

    Now off to do some real world stuff and get in some real world practice.

  6. As I learned back in the days, never give your backs to them,
    specially their leaders, in the streets, the schools, the city
    gov., State & Federal.
    As the saying goes – Back to Back.

    “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.”
    – Polybius

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  7. Well,not sure if still on but if Boston free speech rally does happen next weekend will travel down and try and get a real/as honest view as one can,will be a bit distant for safety but still try and get the big picture.

    Rally could be canceled or history in the making,time will tell.

    Thanks for descriptions and alt views posters to original post!

  8. There is another aspect to this staged false flag and disinformation. It’s to put Donald Trump in a pickle about how to handle it. Its a set up. It wasn’t only to bait UTR and start a riot they can then pin on white terrorists. The real prize is making Trump look incompetent and infit for office. They began on the radio yesterday. Some seriously sly language agitprop and out of context finger pointing. This is a fucking wide open throttle effort, WOTE, all 5th column hands on deck.
    Before the weekends over it will be Trump’s fault for dividing America and promoting the “violent terrorist Alt-Right.
    Twitter has implemented selective software that will not allow twitters to post videos and links that are counter to the official narrative.
    This all requires enormous co-ordination across all sorts of platforms between a myriad of systems and people/entities.
    These psychopaths are blood spitting out to destroy any vestige of any alternative right except the quisling/co-opted RINO’s, neo-cons and Cucks.
    They will use them to publicly disavow the alt-right in all its forms, essentially stick a knife in the backs of us Patriots. Its baked in already, all of it.

    The big prize isn’t Charlottesville & UTR, thats small potatoes, its the narrative they are hell bent on creating that gets Trump. Russia/Trump collusion is a dead horse beat to a bloody pulp. They needed Charlottesville, it was a trap through & through, its fertile ground, they controlled basically everything hence they control the optics and how they portray events.

    Got to think like a cultural marxist here. They are using the remaining vestiges of marxist/deep state government, along with outside money to fund everything, think the Goerge Soros’s. The Clintons installed McCaulife, he’s basically a 5th column comintern operative, like Connecticut’s Governor.

    The Unite The Rights rally was a perfect cover. Its why the judge granted them permits, the last minute decision was crafted to look like it sided with free speech, its the violence committed that will be used to turn it on the right and Trump as instigator’s and enablers. Like calling out the National Guard. It was for effect.
    The counter protestors where bused in, given cart blanch, with no permits, because they are just innocent rightful peaceful protestors against the evil white nationalists, aka Fascist Nazi’s.
    See what they did here? Cunning.

    Us patriots can hardly organize a birthday party, never mind a violent riot. It don’t make us wrong. We are in our own pickle. We all know to a man its gonna be a fight. Thats the whole point. The left has been baiting us for the last year with antifa/BLM. They need us to start it.
    But nobody outside the community understands why, and why we are legitimate regardless. Its our ace in the whole. They are desperate to knock us off the moral high ground. Us not fighting, for now, is the best weapon of the moment.
    If we hold our fire a little while more, the left will run out of fake narrative option, because there is a growing movement of dissent and withdrawal of consent which is approaching the kind of plurality that can not be fucked with.

    I been strafing the Normies at Gab. You can se the transformations and the light bulbs light up over heads. All they need is the right ideas and concepts, and they begin to grok what’s going down. Sure its a small community, but every bit helps, Awakenings are different animals, they take on exponential characteristics, like ideas, planted in fertile ground they grow & expand.
    This shit is crucial, one mind or heart changes, and they then go on and change a couple other hearts and mins.
    It works.
    On WRSA, we mostly preach to our own choir. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but no man, or movement towards liberty is an island.

    I’m not fucking around about Gab and other alternatives. It’s rich ground. I’m blown away by how much and how many are in the dark. And when you present a piece of truth without drowning them, they go to it like a fish to water.
    And it’s a great culture there. Extremely polite and way more open minded than any platform I’ve seen. The people who created Gab hit a grand slam home run.

    There’s more than one way to wage war on the motherfuckers. And waging war they are powerless to invade and or absorb into the collective, all the better.

  9. ACLU of Virginia confirm that police were given stand-down orders

    Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe refuses to condemn Antifa

    First Lady Ivanka Trump condemns one side. Liberal government officials and Antifa escape her notice. Does her opinion reflect President Kushner’s thoughts on the matter?

  10. The Cucks are choking on their own surrender vomit already. Didn’t take long.

    Ben Shapiro’s Twitterfesto

    “The Littlest Chickenhawk’s take on the Alt-Right. He’s concerned about the media lumping him in with us. To be fair, he’s right. He’s not one of us…”

  11. It’s all over the news here in the UK about the extreme right wing march. Odd it’s always extreme right wing for anyone who is not on the left but I have never heard any one being called extreme left wing it does not matter what they do. It’s never extreme left wing all ways peaceful marchers, I’ve heard this said on the news when in the film shown on the news the ‘peaceful marchers’ are setting cars on fire.

  12. facebook won’t let it play…

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    > Concerned American posted: ” Watch all of this this video, including the > great term “The War Of Liberal Aggression”; h/t MB.” >

  13. Sumbich…. can we get some sub-titles please? I don’t speak reb and can’t understand a word he’s saying.

    • wendystringer48088

      @Yehu Aber
      “…can we get some sub-titles please? I don’t speak reb and can’t understand a word he’s saying.”

      Them country boys just talk too slow for us Yankees to understand.

      Go to my YouTube video at https://youtu.be/o_YXuKv3Tdk and click on the gear symbol (Settings) at the bottom of the video and change the speed to 1.25. I found that at times it is easier to listen to it like that.

      It is also a good video from a standpoint of getting a feel for how it is to be around them. We may have to work with them or people like them in the future. So I figure we should maybe start getting used to understanding that Southern drawl.

      Still much prefer listening to and having to take the time to decipher a Southern drawl to the language the muys (minority urban youths) in the cities speak.

  14. Riding on the devils coattail in the name of muh free-speech… and you are assured to get bit… by the devil.

  15. The enemy will call us Nazis no matter what we say or do. What they call us doesn’t matter. If it did matter, then we are LARPing and don’t deserve to win for we have already lost. At this point every Lite rightist who refuses to stand for Richard Spencer’s right to free speech is a LARPing cuck. Every Lite rightist who immediately qualifies his stance regarding Spencer’s right to speech – that is, without inviting discussion regarding the legitimacy of those ideas – with affectations of moral superiority, is a LARPing cuck and deserves to be treated as such.

    On the other hand, how our extended white kin perceive us does matter. White people in this country have been trained since diapers to viscerally reject Third Reich and Confederate flags, uniforms, and symbols. Their reaction to these things is emotional, not rational. Left-wing saboteurs can be counted upon to exploit this weakness at any Alt-Right and Alt-Lite event. Genuine national socialists realize this, of course. Neo-national socialist LARPers do not. The fact is LARPers must be shunned not for their political speech, but for their failure to recognize the damage Third Reich symbols does to our common cause.

    WRSA commentator General Early realizes this. He is absolutely correct about putting aside the beloved Confederate flag and taking up the symbols of the first War for Independence: The Pine Tree Flag, The Betsy Ross Flag, The Rattlesnake Flag. Let us see the ADL, SPLC, NAACP, Soros’ organizations, and First Lady Ivanka demonize these symbols as “hate.”

  16. The KKK and the Nazi’s? In one place at the same time? Doesn’t that equate to 80 FBI agents and 2 suckers?

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  18. i fly this everyday in front of the cabin.

    no one even knows what it means…

    on memorial day i fly dixie.

    on the fourth- the rattlesnake.

  19. Jimmy the Saint

    It would seem like the the best way to deal with the Neo-Nazi types is to equate them with Antifa. Any statement on them should basically be:

    “We stand for freedom of speech for all. Groups like [Neo-Nazis, Klan, what-have-you] and [Antifa, BLM, what-have-you] should have the right to state their beliefs. We do not speak for any of them, nor do they speak for us. We simply believe that all should be able to speak to the public and that the public should decide the merits thereof themselves.”

  20. Cultural marxism has consequences.

  21. Good description of the joo slut heave anka, guys.
    By the way, who elected her to represent the country?