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  1. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    My Boomer father is pretty worried about this Korea thing. And nothing bothers my father, he carried a .380 with one mag during the Baltimore Riots, to give you some insight into how he thinks.

    • Boomers are obsessed with irrelevant potential fake nuclear war and Asia, which is overall irrelevant. They also get all of their ideas from ABCNNBCBS–even now, after the internet has exposed the fact that the (((MSM))) is 100% propaganda organ owned 100% by psychotic Jews.

      To Boomers, the world never left 1969.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah, any war that could inflict significant damage to China, South Korea, and/or Japan is “irrelevant.” The world economy would certainly take no notice of any such minor blip.

  2. This was over the moment the Chin’s stated that whoever shot first was china’s enemy and could face a nuke cleansing. The nork’s might have 10 bombs and may or may not have ICBM’s But the Chin’s have several hundreds of high yield H-bombs on very real and very willing ICBM’s. No sane man would willingly pick a fight with China. Nor will North Korea. Kim jong Fatass KNOWS that if he gets frisky the chins will shove there arm up his ass an use him for a meat puppet. Trump and the alphabet agency’s KNOW that china WILL launch. This is now nothing but a propaganda bugbear. If it was ever anything else. Kind of like Ebola crawling across the yard, or a Zombie A-Pock-E lips. You stand more chance of the SMOD hitting this year. Or civil war breaking out over commies and Nazis murdering each other than you do war in Asia.

  3. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and thus clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
    (H. L. Mencken)


    Intended for domestic consumption. And other purposes

    NK has been used (along with other inconsequential states) as the boogeyman for decades. Generations, really.

    Folks – there’s nuthin’ there. THIS NOISE is to further the
    Deep State Project, the military/industrial complex, and the End Goal – A Global Government.

    In the meantime, it appears that it is to force Trump – to act or not act is immaterial – either response will be declared WRONG by the Soros sodomites.

    How many times over the years has it been claimed – NK is only six months away from attacking US with nukes!

    WHERE does this “information” originate? South Korea – a vested interest in promoting such a view; the military/industrial complex; the Operation Mockingbird stenographers, and so on.

    THIS, just like the adventure in Vietnam of times past, is being used to play both ends against the middle – it is classic marxist, classic hegelian, with the full cooperation of those seking to gain profit & power. Nothing else.

  4. Bottom line: nK has no technical capability to lob a missile, IRBM or ICBM, anywhere with accuracy. Nor do they have the technological and logistical legs to loft a missile with any accuracy against “lateral” targets in those ranges.

    The reason the nK consistently launch near vertical is they have no competence nor confidence whatsoever in the shallow parabola effects and CEP (Circular Error of Probability), or range for reentry of the RV.

    MInd you: they’re firing it on a trajectory that was inefficiently high, rather than optimised for range. This allows the missile’s performance to be tested and demonstrated, without requiring a huge test range. Optimized for range demands a technical aptitude they simply don’t have yet not to mention the satellite constellation plugged in to guide the missile to terminus with an accurate CEP for optimizing the payload effects (est at 500kg on Hwasong-14).

    Also, does anyone think the forensic signature of a delivered payload aloft both air-breathing and non-air breathing is deniable under any circumstances?

    Hence the most efficient and stealth delivery vehicle for a MOAB or nuc-rad payload for third world actors remains a Ford F350.


    Bill Buppert

    • They do not need to “…lob a missile, IRBM or ICBM, anywhere with accuracy….” to have their desired effect. Are you going to be less unhappy if they are aiming for Chicago, but it ends up in your back yard instead?

      And especially if they go for EMP, it don’t have to be ANYWHERE close…

      • I don’t think you grok my point, they have neither the legs nor the accuracy to lob a trashcan that far.

        • I don’t think you grok shiite. They have ORBITED more than one satellite, each of which weighs enough to be a spectacular EMP.

  5. Kubrick could not have selected a better song for the ending of one of the great films of all time. Hadn’t seen it for a while; thanks for posting it.

  6. I’m wondering if the norks have icbm’s like saddam had stockpiles of wmd’s….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Pretty sure there are graveyards full of Pasdaran and Kurds who can verify that Saddam very much did have such stockpiles. The issue that needed to be hammered down better was when.

  7. We have weaponized drones, tell me again why we aren’t using them? I will be honest, I frankly don’t care about the Chinese or the Koreans. Care even less for Moslems;from anywhere.

  8. i would expect the Fusan gubbermint to use NK as the fall guy when DC False Flags a nuke here in murka.

    remain calm.

    all is well.

    go shopping.

  9. Agree with Bill, dog and pony show, in NK.

    I’m hoping and praying the island of,Guam doesnt capsize, before the shooter doesn’t start.