Quote Of The Decade

(From the Twitter #Charlottesville feed)

“…For people like Caroline Zero and Lacy MacAuley, this is reason enough to start murdering people. To them, this parade is violence because it is the nullification of their movement, which is the nullification of them. Their entire identity is now defined by their largely imaginary struggle against the mysterious forces of institutional racism, white privilege and invisible Hitlers…”

— Z Blog


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  1. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    The funniest part about this is the fact that had a lefty aborted this women in utero they would have clapped, drank a rosé, and then gone out and gotten fucked hard by a fashy gym bro ASAP.

    But if they can suddenly care about one person, barring the 500 million killed by Commies since 1880ish, then of course, they will use her.

    I love smoking weed, but Soros is pushing that stuff for a reason. If you have no real world experience or no primary sources, Marijuana turns you into a retard.

    How does the saying go? The death of one is a tragedy, the extermination of millions is a statistic.

  2. robroysimmons

    “Murka 2.0 is a 3000 mile wide Jim Jones cult writ large.

    FTR Jones’ cult was run by deranged white women.

  3. The REAL shame is that the driver wasn’t more effective.

    Filthy whore be burnin’ in hell. Hallelujah!


    They’re here. I remember in a previous post saying how the long, hot summer had failed to materialize. Well, shut ma’ mouf, bro, I be’s highly mistaken! Seriously, ramp up the training and keep your lists current. I will be keeping a weather eye on the Blue Hive just across the state line from my A/O. I imagine the Jesuit Marxist rat bastards will use Gonzaga as a staging area. Bleib ubrig.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      We don’t spend enough time on that. Jesuit School in Baltimore allows just enough Mussies in to make any class uncomfortable. And guess what? Every mussy pretends their aint nothing happening.

  5. The Left now has their Horst Wessel…

  6. Well, she’s a good communist, now.

  7. Aug 12th is Soros Birthday

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      This appears to be correct. LMAO.
      The Nazis be Lighten Candles and sheit fo dat crazy white nigga.

  8. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  9. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    From the Comment Section on the Article. The last line is very important. Why does the left always break the law and get away with it? While making millions. If they broke the law for free, that would be the true mark of a revolutionary. But to sell us out and THEN blame us? That’s triple tier criminal BS.

    1. Marxism over the years has morphed from workers vs owners to non-productive vs productive people. The left is now almost solely people on the dole, the underemployed affluent young, and professionals who produce little of tangible value. As always, it is based almost entirely on envy.

    2. The people who the left is fighting against have something to lose, and I like to think they will fight back before all is lost.

    3. I’m almost to the point personally where authoritarian fascism would be preferable to the status quo. Certainly if things get worse without any real consequences for the left.

    • “1. Marxism over the years has morphed from workers vs owners to non-productive vs productive people. ”

      No, Marxism has ALWAYS been a parasite’s philosophy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Marxism over the years has morphed from workers vs owners to non-productive vs productive people.”

      It was always destined to do so. Workers at most levels (government being an obvious exception) are too busy actually doing stuff to get overly into marching, chanting, and revolting.

  10. not even thru my vpn would i visit the redneck revolt on facebook, to read about the “glory of their accomplishments” and see what antifa is up to next. and they are planning for “what’s next”. but you can check these other sources:


    and while you’re at it, might as well learn the tune, that is still illegal in germany, even without any words, from WWI that starts off – Vorbei, vorbei sind all die schönen Stunden. i forget the rest, that was from a long time past. if they think it’s ours, might as well earn it the old fashioned way.

    “foretold is forearmed.”

  11. eh.

    no loss.

    ugly bitch…

  12. Another cat lady bites the dust: what a sorry legacy-to die at a protest. Will someone please tell these retards, that the fuXXing ’60s are over! Idiots screaming banner slogans and waving signs is just making the alt-right very cranky. Used to be, kids did not want to be their parents or grandparents. Evidently these special 15yro mindset 40 year olds are unable to think for themselves. That is what happens when everybody gets a trophy. Next time, it won’t be a skillfully handled car or truck: there will just be a bomb planted behind a tree. Uncle Remus cautions: stay away from crowds.

  13. What a fucking waste. While you all celebrate, I pray for those she left behind. Their’s a time for killing, their’s a reason for Killing. This was neither.


  14. well if you go to these event you (meaning either side) may end up dead. you make the call. me, i got stuff to do, let the idiots be idiots. A few marches and shouting matches aren’t changing a darn thing. Berkeley fuck it, Charlottesville fuck it, every other blue ground is lost. if they have any foresight of the future, Econ Collapse or CW2- they would be like me, barley keep up at the ranch, training and work. I have reservation on why is it the same people, both sides, that can travel the nation, film themselves, and act a fool. Who is fronting the cash for this bullshit. Pawns being play by kings or men of power.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Poor Heatherss dead
      Poor Heather she is dead
      Her friends are weepin’ wail for miles around
      The daisies in the dell
      Will give out a different smell
      Because poor Heather’s underneath the ground

      Poor Heather’s dead
      A candle lights her head
      She’s layin’ in a coffin made of wood
      And folks are feelin’ sad
      ‘Cuz they used to treat her bad
      And now they know their friend has gone for good (good)

      Poor Heather’s dead
      A candle lights her head
      She’s lookin’ oh so purty and so nice
      She looks like she’s asleep
      It’s a shame that she won’t keep
      But it’s summer and we’re runnin’ outta ice

  15. That woman had the eyes of a nut

  16. Ya know, this isn’t the first time the Nazi’s and KKK gathered for “White Heritage”, and it won’t be the last. It is nothing new, or exciting, that hasn’t been going on for decades. It is just another blip on the radar. Ya’ll act as if this is something new and unheard of… and nationwide. The only difference this time, is that the Alt-Right has stupidly decided to co-mingle with these Nazi’s and KKK. Now, in the name of “muh free-speech”, that may be okay with some of you, but I can assure you, when/if TSHTF kicks off, and at the end of the day, they are not going to be your friends. You will comply with their ideology, or they will kill you… and “muh free-speech” be damned.

    Someone once said that appearances are everything… in the court of public opinion. This doesn’t play to well in the court of public opinion. And as usual, as it was/is the “patriot bowel movement”, so it is with the “Alt-Right”… ya’ll learn nothing, because ya’ll run on emotions.

    This is fine:

    Until it is associated with Nazi’s and KKK. It becomes tainted. It loses its wholesomeness. Unless of course, one believes that the Nazi’s and KKK (in the name of muh free-speech) is wholesome and something to attain towards.

    F**king people never learn. And sometimes, the enemy of my enemy… is my worst enemy. And clinging onto them is your worst mistake that comes back to BITE YOU IN THE ASS. In the name of muh free-speech, of course. The devil, is the details. Keep playing with the devil, and you are assured to lose.

    I’ve seen it, over and over again.

    • Notarealperson

      There is no KKK left. Most are either FBI snitches or plants from the SPLC. Those who showed up at the rally where probably plants meant to disrupt the protest. Same with the Neo-Nazis.

      Not a word about the anti-fa or why the police allowed them in when they didn’t have a permit and why they were allowed to have weapons. I can see where your real loyalties lay.

      The only thing even organizers failed at was to kick out the all the LEO and Lefty plants pretending to be KKK’ers and Nazis.

      Huffpost is a better home for you.,

      • LMAO! And you got all that from my comment.

        I don’t have to wonder why the Freedom Bowel Movement is never going to restore our freedoms and liberty… you’re just ANOTHER example.

  17. Notarealperson

    Good riddance to another barren harpy.

    If any one you examined some of the videos of the car hitting the crowd of communist goons. Look at what happens right after he stops, the crowd pulls out baseball bats, clubs, pipes, etc. And starts attacking the car like rabid animals.

    These people were not protestors, they were thugs looking for a fight. Anyone in that crowd who got hurt. I don’t feel sorry for in the least. They were there to hurt people. They in fact deserved it.

  18. Do not buy into the manufactured,fabricated bullshit.People who are serious do not broadcast their intentions.
    Sun Tzu 101..”All warfare is based on deception…”
    Steaming piles of loud-mouthed ,self endorsing,fucktards are not your role models. On either side. Common sense and a deep rooted faith in something positive can help you pull your head out of your ass.
    Stay on high situational awareness. This is all manufactured bullshit and distraction. We live in uncharted territory technologically,socially,financially and many other facets of our lives. This giant pile of sloppy shit is undoubtedly percolating. Do not get caught in bad situations unable to defend yourself,exit or become invisible.I have been devoting as much time and energy as possible to the art of invisibility: Ninjutsu.Secrecy was the foundation upon which all successful ninja depended. Rigid security measures began at the very root of all ninja organizations. I won’t be leaping from rooftops. In will be a stealthy motherfucker.

    • Well, you’ll probably live longer that way, and also not be a mugshot on the six o’clock newscast, but some folks went to public school, so sometimes it’s hard to get that lesson across.

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  20. Jimmy the Saint

    She’s fairly pretty, I guess. I just prefer bigger-breasted women, and she’s a little flat.

    Thank you, try the veal!