VDare: The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight

A walk through the .gov/Antifa alliance.


It’s all fine.

Just avoid badthinkers.

Lay back and think of muh Consteetooshun, with its explicit prohibitions against badspeak and hate.

47 responses to “VDare: The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight

  1. They have plans for you White Man!

  2. Hadenoughalready

    These idiots are so high on themselves and their leftist agenda that they fail to realize they’re painting themselves right into a corner and the more they alienate the right, the angrier and more determined the battle will be when hostilities finally break out. And they WILL break out. It’s just a matter of time and erosion of patience…
    They really ARE setting themselves up for disaster.

    • Their mothers never taught them that you can get burned when you play with fire.

    • Indeed. Well said.
      These traitors got to have a really serious mental handicap to not recognize they are outnumbered, as you point out.
      That their obvious, cheesy nasty commie antics only work long for as people put up with such evil deeds.
      America isn’t like an old soviet com-bloc buffer country or a European globalist fiefdom where the population has been thoroughly dis-armed.
      I think they rely too much on ideology, dogma, and communist history. There is our history, and that is an entirely unique one in comparison.

  3. hummus abedin

    They currently be fisticuffing
    in Seattle.
    The commies are attacking another
    permitted “alt-right” rally.

  4. This is your fate White man…….start at the 7:00 mark.

  5. Not a bootlicker

    When will the people exercise our 2nd amendments in order to uphold the 1st…

    My guess is never!!

    • Not a bootlicker

      For one that’s what these people get for being status bootlickers. They showed up to protect law enforcement from the leftist.. that was your first mistake

      • Amen!

      • The point of this video is that these “folks” who are NOT FRIENDS with the WN confirmed the story of what happened which is that this was a CPD and VSP set up from the get go. If I’m that girls parents (God forbid) there is a really good case that they let this shit get out of hand intentionally, resulting in chaos and the death of their daughter. Search out the video of the car being struck from behind in that alleyway. Dude panicked and floored it.

        I have to say after seeing what is happening here a lot of folks are going to move toward the WN. They did this right and got fucked for it. OH and stay away from large groups, much better to be in the woods along a dark road somewhere. SatCong.

    • if they lost the beards, t-shirts, and childish ball caps, they would be taken more seriously.


      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah, it never hurts to have people who look polished and professional delivering a message. The more credible the messenger looks, the harder it is to dismiss the message out of hand.

      • Disagree, the alt-right guys showed up in khakis and button down shits. Didnt work for them did it?

        • he only safe to be is on an Indian reservation..

          they put themselves in a stupid position.

          but hey, if it’s the city where they live…

          the beard, t-shirt, ball cap thing is just so dumb…

          it’s ridiculous and immature.

          time to grow-up and act like a big boy.


    • (((Cohencidence)))

      Wow, did the patriotards finally figure this out?

      Now for extra credit: figure out that all that virtue signaling about the token blacks and gays and lesbians in your organization doesn’t earn you any credit.

      Identitarianism is reality. It’s what organic societies are based on, not some notional ideal.

      Muh Constitution and Muh Freedom means nothing when you’re transformed into a Third World country.

  6. Antifa is easy, as I saw in Pikeville. When the opposition gets serious, there are a number of actions to be taken at the next rally they decide to disrupt. Harden your hearts and prepare for battle, not because they are Antifa, but because they are just the vanguard of the collectivist, Islamic hoards determined to take your stuff and your nation.

    • Tsk tsk

      You forgot the jooos.


      Booga booga booga!

      • The mayor of C’ville is a Jew and was working hand in hand with ANTIFA and former Clinton bagman, Governor McAullife, to set up a conflict to prevent our speakers from engaging in the exercise of free speech.

        ANTIFA was permitted to locate themselves blocking the entrance to Lee Park. When our lawfully permitted men arrived they were met with a hail storm of urine filled bags, feces filled bags, rocks, bottles, and the usual pepper sprays.

        Our men were ready to defend themselves and did so.

        The mayor immediately used the ANTIFA initiated violence to cancel our lawful permit and declare us an unlawful Assembly. At this time State Police, sent by the carpetbagger governor, began to demand we disperse. ANTIFA was not forced to do anything at this point. Our men, in order to leave Lee Park, had to fight their way through a gauntlet of ANTIFA thugs to return to our staging point. As I’ve stated, at least 90% of our men were armed, yet showed restraint (too much in my opinion) in their use. We had one severely injured man who was hit with a Maglite and suffered a fractured skull, concussion, and an almost two inch laceration. I sent him to be treated at a hospital.

        The upshot of this is this, IT IS NOT OVER, IT HAS JUST BEGUN.

  7. Cucks pay attention:

  8. That tool Terry McClintonballsucker had the NERVE to blame the two dead police pilots on the right wing. What a fucking piece of shit.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    One other thing to consider – a lot of “alt-Right” groups are likely going to be bankrupted by this. Any individual or group connected with the rally – especially those deemed to be “organizers” is now going to get hit with some massive civil suits, probably including fun stuff like civil RICO claims. Remember, groups like the SPLC have long since figured out how to take down “hate” groups via civil action.

  10. http://www.vdare.com/articles/the-system-revealed-antifa-virginia-politicians-and-police-work-together-to-shut-down-unitetheright …if a donate ad comes up, just click the x to see article.

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  11. thesouthwasrght

    Irony: the predominantly white police force screwing over the side that ensured their very existence. Once whites are completely marginalized you can well bet their will be a liquidation of the LE crowd.

    • thesouthwasrght

      There dammit, there. Friggin’ autospell.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        Autocorrect works great in Word Processor. Auto correct makes us look illiterate on every other platform.

    • Tfat is right yet again… there are no good cops and they are not your friend. Hopefully the alt-right has NOW figured this out… that the cops are NOT their friends no matter their race or what they say to your face. It doesn’t really matter that the cops received a stand down order… they could have easily not followed that order en mass, but then that’s NOT their job or mindset. Their job is to do as they are told, get paid and go home to mom and the kids. Fuck ’em.

      Grey Ghost

  12. When alt-right, unite the right, any right, as in right thinking, starts going after the head of this snake, an impression may be made on the left. Anyone issuing ‘stand down’ orders, the acting head of any agency following ‘stand down’ orders, and ultimately, anyone disbursing federal funds to groups whose stated goals are to use any means necessary to shut down free speech, should have their heads on a pike. For starters.

    I’d say its way past time for OJT…if there was any doubt that antifa has the blessing of TPTB, this incident should serve to drive that point home. If we don’t hear this message forthwith, from Unite the Right, then Unite the Right is just too naïve, or stupid, to support.

    Actually, I believe public displays should used for one thing and one thing only…diversions. In a more perfect world, the young amateurs would be wadding leftist panties, while wise professionals busy themselves with taking out the trash.

  13. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-13/charlottesville-police-called-when-violence-began-%E2%80%9Cwe%E2%80%99re-leaving-it%E2%80%99s-too-dangerous%E2%80%9D

    Hikikomori Aug 13, 2017 8:13 PM

    Remind me again how all police are heros, and deserve enormous pensions after 20 years of work.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “deserve enormous pensions after 20 years of work.”

      The smart ones double or triple dip. 20 years in one jurisdiction, retire in early 40s. Then 20 in another jurisdiction, usually in a supervisory capacity, retire in early 60s. The get a gig as a chief in a smaller community. Three pensions….

    • ” Remind me again how all police are heros, and deserve enormous pensions after 20 years of work.”
      Has any one here said all? Why is there no middle?
      Unite the right? What a joke. Some are so far right they are left!
      Instead of dividing why not unite by seeing right from wrong?

      • They (cops) set it up to let black lives matter attack.
        What did you expect?
        Are we now demanding the police to protect us? We can not have it both ways.
        Your playing on their turf, their terms.
        What happened to local, community, etc. Why charlatans ville?

  14. The guy who organized the rally was on Alex Jones this (Sunday 8/14) afternoon, and described how they were set up by the powers that be, and punked by the cops. Worth a listen, you can find it at infowars.com.

  15. Demandprotest.com

  16. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    The Police serve three colors.
    Red, Blue, and Green.

    The Cops in VA are hiring Afghanis.

    The Cops in Baltimore hire ex-gang members to police the ghettos.

    If you think the cops in major cities give a flying fuck about you, you are on the wrong website.

  17. Richard (not Robert) Spencer and the alt right put themselves under the ‘protection’ of the cops and the courts and are now bitching because they got the shit beat out of them. Memo to the alt right ( and to all Patriots): the cops and the courts only exist to protect THEMSELVES and the GOVERNMENT, not the PEOPLE. Check out the last 5,000 years of human history if you don’t believe me. And that is the genius of the 2nd amendment.
    Not learning the lesson of Berkeley, where the cops told the alt right they could have their event if they disarmed and that the cops would ‘protect’ them, this dumb fuck Richard Spencer goes to C’ville, where the cops again, told the alt right to disarm themselves. At both events, the cops knew the antifa was showing up, armed to the teeth. At both events the cops ‘stood down’ and let the antifa kick the shit out of the alt right.
    Memo to the Patriots: Don’t trust the cops and the courts to protect you or your events, especially in blue counties and states. Hold your events at a private property where you can exercise your 2nd amendment rights to protect yourselves. I’d give this advise to the alt right, but they are history now, destroyed by their own stupidity.

  18. It’s all over the news here in the UK about the extreme right wing march. Odd it’s always extreme right wing for anyone who is not on the left but I have never heard any one being called extreme left wing it does not matter what they do. It’s never extreme left wing all ways peaceful marchers, I’ve heard this said on the news when in the film shown on the news the ‘peaceful marchers’ are setting cars on fire.

  19. Just a heads up, the helo pilot was Terry Mcauliffe’s air chauffeur for the last 3 years. One wonders if he saw anything he shouldn’t have. I recall there were 3 of Clinton’s detail who happened to get killed on the initial waco assualt. NEVER let a good crisis go to waste. I’ve seen this movie before.

  20. Look at it from common sense. They wouldn’t have pulled this bullshit in Charlottesville, nor the other BLM/antifa events if their “long march and deep state globalism was on the downhill side of completing their agenda.

    I believe, if I have a proper grasp on how cultural marxism and the long march works, they are not at the stage properly, where the Bolshevik method comes into play. They don’t have the manpower to go coast to coast with antifa like antics. They probably don’t have the resources either. They may have the funds. But you still have to have boots on the ground. And quality ones also, to make sure the cannon fodder troops function like you need them to.

    Thing is they have suffered a serious strategic setback with the color revolution of 11/8/2016, Trump getting past the gate keepers, and MAGA.
    But especially their appointed straw POTUS in a pantsuit.
    And, The Great Fuck You really piss’s them off, and scares them.

    Me, I think they are taking an enormous risk poking the Right with this Bolshevik crap. Which tells me they are ramping up their game because they see they are about to loose decades of advancement of the agenda. Also many millions of us Americans are not as weak as they figured for.
    That alone changes almost everything.

    Then there is President Trump. He defiantly has put a crimp in their plans. They wouldn’t throwing everything at him including the kitchen sink to de-legitimize and possibly oust him.

  21. Nice to see how all this stacks up against what was yesterdays intelligence. When you can SEE your enemies united against you, and you gain the knowledge of their depth, scope, and true intentions, you gain a wealth of intelligence that you can use in future battles. Too bad we’re learning about such an immoral bunch of govt. stooges, leftist jerk offs (but I repeat myself) with the deck stacked against us by the leftist jerk off media. If they ever gain their overall strategic victory of completely silencing us, it will be on. I imagine a lot of fence sitters are going to be forced to do something soon. There are rumblings from deep below. Fate takes a hand

  22. Virginia’s governor, Terry McAuliffe, should be arrested for inciting a riot.