PHS: The WaPo Isn’t Giving Kudos To The Militia

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The WaPo is Jeff Bezos’ blog.

He and his pals want you and your pals gone.

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  1. The only current comment to this article, said it quite succinctly…

    “Why do we insist on being our own worst enemy?”

    Perez broke this all down quite well in my opinion, and it’s no wonder WaPo broke this down on behalf of the quislings who are incapable of intelligent thought…

    While we all know that militia’s have long been the target of the progressives, the “symbolism of the “III%” is being brought forward as the next “facist” group to destroy. And IMHO and from what I’ve concluded from researching, III% has never been about a static group (it really bothers me that some militia’s use the term in their name). I believe it’s always been a mindset of the individual. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe I am.

    But thanks to this WaPo article, as well as this past weekends events, III% is going to be the new, next target…complete with the stereotypical associations.

  2. “He and his pals want you and your pals gone.”

    Fuck them. I’m not going anywhere. Just remember this: They went hot, we didn’t. As expected.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Anyone who showed up with firearms at Charlottesville will be labeled as an extremeist or a racists–no matter who they were or were not protecting that day. The aim of WAPO and other media outlets is to paint everyone not a communist or leftist as “dangerous radicals.”

    Get it though your skulls: commies good, everyone else bad.

    Got it?

    It does not matter if “the militia” were not associate with the alt-right protestors, or if they were joined surgically at the hip somehow… they are both the enemy in the eyes of the leftists and must be destroyed.

    They have used this moment and action against them by the guy in the car as a greater opportunity and converted it into one of those “golden moments” to viciously attack a greater enemy “President Trump” (along with some alleged republicans if you noticed) and the liberty movement as a whole.

    Now the masks have come off completely–you should be taking down names in your immediate AO for future use BTW.

    No ammount of splaining’ as seen in the article above is going to sway minds on the left–it is only splaining’ to the minds on the liberty movement (the choir) –take it for what it is.

    You should also splain’ to leftists that you encounter from here out that they are playing with the fire of Civil War II. This sunday while I was playing poker at one of the big poker casinos in the Los Angeles Area, I did splain’ to one of the hood rats at my table the consiquences of Civil War II… and his bleak future once it all shakes out. He did not like/believe the mathamatics of the impending situation (as in his kind being crushed).

    Others at the table saw the truth in what I was splaining’ to him.

    So this is where we are at.

    I believe the time of polite ass-licking, cow-towing to brazen minorities and illegals here, along with attempts at calm rhetoric are completely over now.

    Now it is time to plainly tell them where their actions are going to lead.

    Wrap your skulls around this please.

    • “Now it is time to plainly tell them where their actions are going to lead.”

      One sympathizes, but we have been telling them. They won’t be told anything from outside their echobox, or within shouting distanc eof fact and reason.

      It’s their religion, identity, raison d’etre, sugar tit and teddy bear all rolled into one and it can’t be reasoned with.

      Those for whom that is true are meely the dupes and tools of those for whom this is all just another play for the ultimate in wealth and power which is THEIR religion, etc…..

      Therefore, we should completely abandon any semblance of expecting normal social or intellectual intercourse to be of any benefit whatsoever.
      They want us dead or subject, just like islam.

      And the logical conclusion is….?????

      Get THAT through your head.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    Yeah yeah, anyone not THEM is a scary racist “enemy”. How long until they declare too many “enemies” to handle? How about when they find “enemies” in each other, as all “sides” eventually do? Gonna be a fucking free for all by the end.

    • It’s later on, as in the Spanish Civil War, that the true commies start shooting the Useful Idiots….Orwell got out of town just in front of a firing squad, and apparently learned his lesson.

  6. Kit broke this down very well. But she misses the larger point and misses it entirely – which is this: we don’t, or certainly shouldn’t, give one nasty fuck what the WaPo has to say. As for those who do? They are the opposition. Her concern for what MSM has to say about we dirt people kinda says it all. We need to render the MSM irrelevant and wetting ourselves over what the MSM has to say ain’t the way to do that.

    But I agree with her main point and here’s why: I went to great lengths to attend a rally against impending gun control legislation – the state capital is a 4+ hour drive from my home and I had only just returned from another rally several hours away. So what do I see when I get there? About a half-dozen goobers trouncing up and down the State Capital steps dressed in Multicam, load-bearing vests, armed with AR-15’s – great, just fucking great. So the months of effort expended to craft and lobby for local ordinances prohibiting such legislation, based on the premise that gun owners are your most responsible members of society, just went up in smoke by a few low-achieving shitheads.

    So yeah, someone comes up to you from the MSM tell them to go fuck themselves, even if you do have your PR shit wired tight – render the MSM irrelevant by ignoring their mindless prattle.

    • Money:

      “Kit broke this down very well. But she misses the larger point and misses it entirely – which is this: we don’t, or certainly shouldn’t, give one nasty fuck what the WaPo has to say. As for those who do? They are the opposition.”

    • based on the premise that gun owners are your most responsible members of society

      They are, and proved it because millions stayed home minding their own business. If you care what the majority of voters think, you’re still trying to vote your way out of it, which never works. You need to render voters irrelevant in your mind, too. People who would stop you from living fully and peacefully are just enemy.

  7. You’re right, we shouldn’t care what the WaPo says. I do, however, care what the general public who reads the WaPo says, because we need their support in order to pull this off. They’ll make us look stupid regardless. When we hand them the ammo to do it, that’s just twice as retarded — AND has the unintended consequence of helping us lose even more public support.

    • “…we need their support in order to pull this off. They’ll make us look stupid regardless.”

      That’s some catch, that Catch-22.

    • It appears we agree that the MSM will always seek to demean liberty and they do so by shaming/mocking critical thinking. You will only gain support from your immediate neighbors, not the general public. Wouldn’t it be great if all your neighbors wanted much the same that you do? A quiet, comfortable life for your family. A career where you do meaningful work that accords you personal satisfaction. An environment for your kids to grow up in which gives them health and happiness and instills good values.

      You can have all that starting right now – research intentional communities, it’s the only antidote I see to this globalist horseshit. And yeah, that’s where I’m focusing my energies and resources.

      • Oh Ralph if you have been reading here for long you would of seen that I’ve been advocating that for quite some time…The problem is most people are still to comfortable even if they are aware… Once the pain hits then they will realize that they should of been making hay while the sun was shining but by that time it will be to late for most of them…Sad That…My offer still stands by the way…

        • That reminds me—how come every time you wax historical about your great plan, you neglect to mention the very first person here who took you up on it? It’s one of the cool things about the net—everything’s on the record. Lol, I wonder how many two dollar 1x8s you’ve managed to get so far, like I offered. You were yapping about cabins at the time IIRC.

          Besides…while I know little about the phrase “intentional communities,” I doubt it means, “I got a sheriff I like.” Well, I assume it means more than that anyway.

          ‘Course around here lately, intention itself is under full attack. It’s all about the Brotherhood, right?

      • intentional communities

        Income-sharing commies, who live to make HOA rules? What was that Mel Gibson movie quote about on tyrant 3,000 miles away or 3,000 tyrants 1 mile away?

    • No, you don’t need their support. You merely need the support of yourself, and most of yourself is still on their team.

  8. robroysimmons

    CA pardon me but may I ask the people here a question? On another thread Aesop said “we could join Traditional America” (FTR I’m not a Nazi or a Confederate)

    So I would like to know where can we Traditional Americans meet? I’m pretty sure every campus in America is out, maybe TA’s place in bumfuck Michigan, yeah that’s it.

  9. “I do, however, care what the general public who reads the WaPo says, because we need their support in order to pull this off.”

    Then wrap it up and call it a day. Ain’t gonna happen. I don’t see what’s so tough to understand about this—they don’t WANT it. Period. As it happens, neither do the majority here. The cavalry ain’t coming; live with it or don’t.

    • It could be argued that while the urban areas do NOT want it and actively seek to literally kill it, there’s a wide expanse of the country that does want it. IMHO, those in the Heartland should be focusing their energies on networking locally, as Ralph mentioned.

      You’re right — the cities are lost, as are most of the coastal states. I’ll even give you that the majority of the country’s population lives in those areas, which presents a problem of numbers as well as safety issues for those who insist on still living there out of some misguided notion of ‘saving’ their area, instead of seeing the writing on the wall and deciding to GTFO. That being said, trucks still gotta get from point A to point B, and there is a lot that can be done in what’s left of America (the flyover states).

      I’ll grant you that the average flyover folk doesn’t read the WaPo. You’ve got me on that one. The greater issue of media in general, and idiots prostrating themselves before them in order to get attention, however, stands.

      • “there’s a wide expanse of the country that does want it.”

        I’ve been doing this forever and you might want to check that premise. It’s led more than a few people astray. It may well be necessary to live rurally to live very freely, but it sure as hell isn’t sufficient. But yeah…local, local, local and then network.

        We’ll know it’s over when nobody can even figure out what the hell a “property tax” was in the first place.

    • Shinmen Takezo


      FYI–the “general public” does not read the WAPO.

      It is a leftist propaganda rag aimed at and consumed by leftists… it just sings to their leftist choir and that’s about it.

      The WAPO is only consumed in those heavily leftist urban blue bubbles.

      If you mentioned the WaPo’s name in say Prescott Arizona, they would be thinking that you are speaking a foreign language.

      Don’t be fooled in that the WaPo has a national, majority audience.

      • I quoted the line, not said it. You’re right of course, but I was referring to caring about what the “general public” thinks in the first place. Our grandchildren will be living in a different world before large swaths of the general public ever get any of it. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, but it’s the way it is.

  10. All of you guys falling over yourselves to punch right are doing antifa’s work for them. Congratulations.

  11. Who the hell thought that article was kudos? It drips with disdain and typical leftist arrogance.

    • All the social media moolisha acolites are praising the wapo for “getting it right” lol. They think it was great, and on his FB page, Yingling is telling all the media outlets to get in line and he will get to each of them.

      • He’s soaking up that attention and they are licking their chops like a pack of wolves around a wounded deer.

        • Even if true, so what? If someone isn’t busy enough figuring out what he himself ought to do, then that someone is doing something wrong.

      • Ten years later we might find out that one of these clowns was a capable theater actor playing a serious part, teaching the public to radically underestimate what could happen in a national-size Battle of Athens.

    • Here’s the quote,
      “I am currently being contacted by multiple members of the media for interviews concerning Saturday’s events in Charlottesville Va. I ask that you please be patient and I will grant interviews to everyone as fast I can. Thanks.”

  12. I hear by creating a new acronym.



  13. I have long been an advocate of optics. Because they matter. Perception is 80% of the game. Over the last 6 or 8 months the window has closed on the optics of this. I am not saying that means we all should just join hands with the Kluxers and Aryan Nations, but we have to admit that it does not matter what we do we will be lumped in with those factions regardless. Even if you were to stage a “proper” traditionalist, conservative and alt-right rally. The klan and skinheads would show up to be on camera. You cant prevent it in that public space. You can prevent it on the web or in your own printed media that you have control over. Stick to your message. Dont back peddle or denounce anyone. If they ask you about Nazis, answer “I believe in freedom and liberty for everyone” repeat it till they stop asking you questions.
    Lets just forget the pleasantries and end the commies, then we can hash out the rest.

    • “Lets just forget the pleasantries and end the commies, then we can hash out the rest.”

      So sorry for the “me too” Grenadier, but that’s where we are.

      Everything else is denial and distraction.

      • Seemingly sensible, but it’s wrong anyway. About the first thing I learned in 5th grade(!) debate was that the team in Opposition to a particular resolution will inevitably come up with a replacement that amounts to the same thing as that to which they’re opposed. And whaddya know…it happened then and it’s happening now.

        • How is it wrong to end those who seek to end you?

          But that’s what you do yourself… you offer the completely epistemologically unverifiable vision of a world in which the individual is an unfettered self determining entity, if only everyone could just see it and live it. Substituting fantasy for reality is even more delusional than your fifth grade “debate” example.

          But, good example!

          • “How is it wrong to end those who seek to end you?”

            It’s not wrong; in fact it’s thoroughly right. I can see how maybe it wasn’t clear—the point was that to replace those who seek to end you (or your liberty) with others who seek the same thing, accomplishes nothing. Fantasizing that they’ll do differently, also accomplishes nothing.

        • “And whaddya know…it happened then and it’s happening now.”

          Because… epistemology! or, reality! or, human nature!

          Or the nonsense, self contained and reaffirming dialectic of your echo chamber.

  14. Only an idiot would believe the WaPo has any good intentions towards the right.

  15. 1. Never talk to the police
    2. Never talk to the press

  16. Words, words, words…………..Men of action are not concerned with words!
    I pray to Mars, the God of War………Mars, when thou are ready, BRING FORTH THE LIONS!

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. two points-

    first, reading anything from wapo is useful only for a peek into that liberal minded echo chamber. the size of the grain of salt to be taken whilst reading it is slightly larger than your head, so can’t recommend doing that often.

    second, there are many others in line to make this same mistake when talking to the press. maybe yingling is deserving of this drubbing for this mistake, but it does very little to help those others avoid repeating his mistake. there is only so much to learn from seeing some guy strung up, his throat slit and his tongue hanging out, necktie style. the hilarity of the moment might be lost on them, long term. maybe would be better to show them they could spend a little time learning just a smidgen about the role of a PIO. won’t guarantee their success, but unless you want to spend more time reading what the wapo has to say about another persons faux pas, leader or not, yet again, then we’ll have to steer them in the right direction. FEMA training is largely free and better than nothing. there’s a reason just about all leo/first responders get FEMA training. constructive instruction, and maybe they get to keep their tongues a little longer. it’s a start.

    IS29: Public Information Officer Awareness class.