Codrea: Total Recall

Local, local, local.

Kudos to all involved.

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  1. Kudos to all involved.


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    This needs to happen nationwide…

  3. hummus abedin

    You stupid mutts still think
    communism and your enslavement
    can be washed away by voting.

    • This.

      They’ll have the power of the “Judicial” branch, state and moneyed interests to
      keep the spice flowing.
      Until they are disappeared in the night or dangling from high wires at sunrise, nothing changes.
      See Europe.

  4. It’s happened more than generally known. The fake media has done excellent work quelling most widespread public notice of it.
    Only events of secession are probably under more sensorship.

  5. Well done!
    And when the crypto-Leftards are dumped, see that you vet their replacements a bit more circumspectly?

    • Yeah.
      We need more “replacements” to rule over us.
      That’ll fix it.

      • It’s what he wants, unambiguously. That’s boring; the interesting part is watching folk swallow it.

      • this turd is a statist.

        he loves him some grubbermint.

        as long as it’s the right ‘type’ of grubbermint.

        i fucking HATE all grubbermint.


      • I see.
        Your plan is to replace them with no one.

        So, just out of curiosity, what does the CO state constitution say about that plan?
        And what color is the sky in your world?

        You can deal with grounded reality, or live on in fantasy.
        When you set up Jim Klein UtopiaLand, post pictures, and show us how it all works.

  6. It’s a start. I still don’t think we’re voting our way out ever but I am happy that one group of shit heads is being tossed aside. If the next one fucks up and then ends up in a mine shaft that will send a message that the following group might heed.

  7. the Republiscam party is completely (((converged))) at every level. Forget about it.

  8. Meanwhile Based Stickman is getting the wrath of the deep state on trumped up charges

    On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 1:48 AM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Local, local, local. Kudos to all involved.” >

  9. You really should understand that this community has done much, much more than recall RINOS. They instituted the only open carry contingent in their 4th of July parade against massive resistance that I know of. Their militia has partnered with county officials to fill auxiliary units during emergencies like wildfires. They started a competing newspaper to push the liberty agenda with a Second Amendment section and much more. They didn’t just give up when they got snookered, they fought back. So if you find something to ridicule in all of that, you are the problem.

  10. ColoradoKid

    I live one county over, and the people in Custer are nobody to fuck with. Cucktarded-Librodouches from Kalifornia and the Colorado front range have been quietly sneaking in and buying up homes and land for the past 10 years. They will be recalled for sure, and I hope they are run from town by the barrel of a gun.
    Small victories….

  11. CIVIL WAR if Trump removed from power….BANK ON IT!

  12. hummus abedin

    Regardless of how half-baked, anti-gun,
    limp-wrist and multigay the communists are,
    they can field an army.
    We cannot.
    Own it.

  13. hummus abedin

    Of course, the only violence occurring
    is the communists attacking, and running
    off, anyone who is trying to attend the
    Free Speech Rally.
    Where are the oathkeeper blowhards now?
    The pontificating posers, with their long rifles and drowning in tacitfool gear, are nowhere
    to be found.
    Someone must have told beef Stew, that another Predator attack would be unleashed.
    That would make it three Hellfire attacks
    on citizens since 2014.
    Wait a minute.