Get Yourself Un-Googled

H/t MB.

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  1. I use Bing. I haven’t used Google in at least five years. I don’t know that Bing is less onerous, but they appear to be.

    • Bing = Microsoft.
      globalist peas in a pod.

      One can only hope that their employees with
      any moral compass and notion of self-preservation let loose the dogs of war from within.

      I know they exist.
      Also think they know these entities long term
      goals don’t include them.
      Unfettered immigration with free scholarship rides, Affirmative action, h1b’s and offshoring
      are not your friends, kids.
      Do. Work.

    • there is no way to access the internet without using (((property))) owned by antwhite racist Jews

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Duck Duck Go isn’t a bad option, either.

  2. Thought their motto changed to ‘Do the right thing’.

  3. yeah google’s “don’t be evil” motto is such a joke that word’s can’t describe it.

    purposely genociding whites in their own country is as evil as it gets, Jews


  4. Google is the Matrix. It is very difficult to completely free yourself from Google if you are online at all.

  5. Camacho2016

    The Police used to do some songs that took good hard looks forward into a bleak future. Spirits In The Material World, Invisible Sun, Omegaman, and Rehumanize Yourself-all from the Ghost In The Machine album.

    For what it’s worth, “Rehumanize Yourself” would be the same meter as “Degoogle-fy Yourself.”

    “Billy’s joined the National Front.
    He always was a little runt
    He’s got his hands in the air with the other cunts
    You’ve got to humanize yourself.”

  6. OT: Bannon out of White House. This is the end of the Republican Party. Third party time.

  7. Good people should also move their blog and website hosting to a nation with free speech and internet privacy.

    This is also a good time to remind folks about Ground Rod 1 & 2:

  8. Use DuckDuckGo — they say they don’t track!!

  9. Thank you for this great info/intel. I will burn this and give copies to everyone in the tribe.

  10. Interesting that yesterday, when I tried to access the SBPDL website, I was immediately redirected to a google site and asked to sign in or register. Also when referring BlogSpot it automatically capitalizes itself unless you go back and delete the caps and use lower case “BlogSpot”, blogspot

  11. Meanwhile, Seattle Trump supporters begin protest demanding statue of Lenin be removed.

  12. Brandon Bowman

    I have been using for a while they claim to be about privacy but they use the Google type search engine. Any tech-literate people here who would care to advise on that possibly? Thanks in advance.

  13. Atlas Shrug

    Been using DuckDuckGo for a few years. A simple way to minimize google data mining your searches. Few drawbacks.

    Keep your powder dry (and your data to yourself),

    Atlas Shrug

  14. America the Beautiful

  15. Thanks for this post and thanks Bishop above. Appreciated.

  16. Another: Skype is now a Microsoft property. An alternative service is available Wire ( Highly recommend.

  17. wendystringer48088

    CA: Wonder what people here think of this upcoming event? Am considering going:

    #M.O.A.R – Mother of all Rallies

  18. Use or They don’t track your search history and have none of those useless ads whatsoever.

    Haven’t used google or bing for a long time now.


  20. Muzzle Blast

    I recommend TAILS (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) that runs in memory only using the TOR browser. When turned off, everything goes poof. Depending on what system(s) you are running setup can be a bit finicky but once completed, you can clone to another USB and share among friends:

    and checkout the Brave browser designed to be fast and is Open Source so you can read the code and/or build it yourself:

    and use it to search with:

    They go out and scrape Google for you and then return anonymous results without all the tracking and sniffing. Good stuff is out there …

  21. hummus abedin

    Link to live feed from Joe Biggs,
    who spoke at Free Speech Rally.
    His live feed is a must read.
    They have been surrounded all
    morning, by at least a factor of 20 – 1.
    He tweeted that the police have stood
    down and they are desperately trying
    to figure out how to exfil, as they are
    again being attacked.

  22. hummus abedin

    Regardless of how half-baked, anti-gun, and
    limp wrist the communists are, they can
    field an army.
    We cannot.
    Own it.

    • hummus abedin

      Of course, the only violence occurring
      is the communists attacking, and running
      off, anyone who is trying to attend the
      Free Speech Rally.
      Where are the oathkeeper blowhards now?
      The pontificating posers, with their long rifles and drowning in tacitfool gear, are nowhere
      to be found.
      Someone must have told beef Stew, that another Predator attack would be unleashed.
      That would make it three Hellfire attacks
      on citizens by fedgov since 2014.
      Wait a minute.