MDT: Common Infantry Tasks Testing – The Level 2/3/4 Requirements Applied To Survivalists


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You are running out of time to read, learn, practice, correct deficiencies, and practice more.

The enemy has their plan and is executing.

How about you?

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  1. Mike Bishop

    Regarding tasks 071-810-001/071-810-002:

    1) Your ass better be running low power.
    2) I SAY AGAIN: Your ass better be running low power.
    3) If you don’t know what a Yagi-Uda antenna is you better figure that shit out Ricky-Tick.
    4) If the term, “Brevity Matrix” isn’t in your vocabulary you have no business keying up a mic. Period.
    5) If you are wearing your squad radio up on your shoulder you’re doing it fucking wrong.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      So true.
      The shoulder radio is dumb. You’ll end up hot miking or not being able to get a good shoulder on you rifle.

      • Mike Bishop

        While a good point, the bilateral shooting aspect is not what I was referencing…

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          Ambidextrous Handling. If I may.
          And I forgot half of what you mentioned after my time as backup RTO.
          Good stuff to remember or be reminded of.
          I’m going to avoid utilizing any Military gear of any type until long after we retake control. At that point it’ll be an all hands on deck draft.

          I was always suspicious that it can be back-tracked.

          Not RRDF. I mean straight bugged.

          The ASIP is quite the amazing piece of gear.

          I actually went with regular Midland civilian radios because I am assuming that will be the source of the most “street” level intel. I’m predicting the Golden Horde will use these quite effectively.

          Remind me, a brevity matrix is the act of keeping track of the codes that the enemy uses and making up our own?

          I was always a fan of using random colors, numbers, random sports teams, animals, philosophers, founding fathers, etc…

          If you ever find yourself in the North Baltimore Area. You know what mine is gonna be.

  2. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    This is gonna sound dumb but…

    You guys should also go to a local Indoor Air-soft field or a Paintball field after you study up on the tactics and practice your technique.

    You can practice maneuvers under the stress of suppressive fire.

    Suppression is 9/10ths of the law.

    You will get out-maneuvered and out-gunned by 12-14 year olds all day.

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    What is your maximum effective distance for a cold dirty bore first shot at a six-inch diameter aiming point?

    Very good Question that should be tested and evaluated at the range for the New Guys. On Average You should reasonably expect a head shot @ 200 meters. Ideally. Not all weapons are like this.

    I own 4 AR’s for just this reason.

    All of them are zeroed @ 25 Meters.

    1) One is at “Room Temp” in an indoor shooting range. Just the same conditions as if I were sitting in my house on a regular day and something bad happens. I zero that one before the heat can affect the barrel. If the barrel heats up, I just let it cool down and dial it in some more. It usually takes quite a bit of time.

    2) One of them is a Nearly Freezing or Freezing Cold weather Cold Bore Zero.

    3) The other is a Summer Weather Zero.

    No need to explain 2 and 3

    4) And the Last, My Noveske with that signature Cryo-treated, Machine Gun Steel Barrel. That one Is zeroed after I see heat waves coming off the barrel. That is my Suppressive fire weapon. That’s what drum mags are for. The 90 round C-Mag Snail Drum is the best in my opinion. The 150 round “double drum” ones malfunction and cannot be cleaned if they get sand, or any dirt, and if they are working you can only put like 110-125 rounds in them.

    I did this so I have a crispy rifle for every season.

    Also, You guys should go to and print up some M-4 or M-16 Standard US military 25 Meter Zero Targets. You can also print up some 25 meter Qualification targets.

    I have like 500 printed targets.

    • I never thought about it until reading this but I shoot enough to keep my AR and bolt guns seasonally adjusted and properly lubed. I shoot 12 months a year. Often I’m the only one on the range, just the way I like it.

      As for the cold bore question: One cold, breezy, heavy mist day on the range in PA, I popped a clay pigeon off the 300 meter berm with a clean Remington 700 VTR in .223 Rem. I don’t recall the load but it was most likely 55 grain FMJ running around 3000 FPS. Good breeze from over the shoulder (135 deg) through heavy mist. I held about 3 high and right and the round hit about an inch low, dead center. Second one splattered the clay. But the rifle was clean. One of my favorite shots ever.

      I’m not bragging or trying to piss you off, but I do think that cold bore head shot needs to be out past 200M. I have a stack of ‘Fatal T’ targets I use. They’re just head shape with the ‘T’ being between the eyes to the bridge of the nose. Those are fun to shoot with handgun too.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        If you live in an area with seasons, You should keep your weapons painted, and zeroed, to that season. If you have multiple weapons, You should split this up.

        Remember, If your Neighbors hear you zeroing or shooting to confirm zero, They will report you to the nearest NATO Blue Helmets. Imagine, You will need to do this multiple times a year. Hell, someone walking by could hear that also, and you will scare game away.

        I am in Maryland.

        My AR’s are zeroed and color coded by season. During the times of the “swing season” my ARs could have a shifting zero 3-4 times a day. In MD it can be 40 in the morning and 90 by 4 PM during the spring or “early fall-late summer”

        I can take a temp reading off my suunto, and then I know which rifle will have the most predictable accuracy.

        Lime Green paint for the spring Summer with a Leupold CQT. That optic has a black reticle, can magnify on demand, and can also illuminate. Its excellent for scanning the shifting distance of a tree line(in or out) on the fly.

        Flat Red-clay Brown for the fall and winter with a TA-31 ACOG for scanning the farther LOS after the leaves fall and vines die.

        One standard looking Black AR 16 Inch with Knights Armament Quad Rail, M-68 Aimpoint Red-dot, Aimpoint 3x and a set of Army Camp with tapes.
        For Blending into the NG or Army Just in case(JIC)

        and one Pistol AR for that Car to House to Car stuff.

        The Black AR is my All Season “Room Temp” Zero

        Limey for the Spring Summer

        And Mrs. POF for the Fall Winter.

        Just something to think about.

        My R700 and M14 are for a potential “scout/sniper” team(Irregular). They share the same ammo and have the ability to lay down the pain. Which a 2-4 man team will need.

        My 9mm Carbine/Pistol Combo is my all day, every day combo.

        I have an Eotech on the 92FS/StormRifle combo with a 3x aim point, Gemtech Multi-mount 9mm, and double tactical light. The Eotech will shift like a bastard during temp swings. But out to 100 meters that doesn’t matter and I re-zero that gun every range trip. The trigger is, for lack of a better word, atrocious, and it’s good practice.


  4. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER Sharpen a bayonet or other tempered blade with a power tool. It not only destroys the blades temper but proves for all time that the moron doing try’s to suck his own dick. Don’t be that idiot.

  5. learn chemistry and deny OPFOR the battlefield…

    chlorine gas works.

    so does fire.

    • hummus abedin


      • Hey look guys, CavMed showed up.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          I guess we are humping hundreds of pounds of weather/wind specific chemical weapons around now.
          Fucking damn…and to think, I this whole time I thought 800 rounds of Factory Hornady 165 Gr. SST was gonna be hella effective.

          Back to the drawing board.

          • no humping anything.

            just have components cached and make ready to deploy by mule when needed.

            and a bic lighter isn’t hundreds of anything…

            loosen up dude.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Burning poison ivy leaves work pretty well, too. Cheap and plentiful, depending on where you live.

  6. Your right, it sounds, dumb, cuz it is dumb. Sadly I’ve seen more confusion come out of this medium, then any other tool suggested. Cover/ concealment issue rise to the top.

    Taking the flag, has zero to do with sound tactics.


    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Those 12 year olds would eat you for breakfast.

      And your denial proves that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Truthfully I really don’t know, what I know anymore. At your dumb ass age, like you I knew everything.

        I would encourage you to train in the manner your comfortable, using your 4 m4 air soft rifles. Don’t forget the rest of your Gucci kombat Kit.

        Good luck to you son.


        • i know what works best.

          first. think outside the box.
          hard to predict a crazy man thoughts.

          then hit them hard, fast, and furiously.

          then leave… 🙂

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          That was helpful.
          Thanks Dirk.

          I”ll Be in Baltimore and DC after your 1,500 mile Platoon Attack Flank to the enemy AO from Middleofnowhere, USA.

          Go to an Airsoft or paintball field.

          You’ll see how tip top your individual skills are.

          Remember, Every kid born since 1985 has trained on this before.

          They will eat you for breakfast. They do it every weekend.

          Also, try to remember one thing. When the Green Berets recruit and train Local National Forces, They don’t act like cocky know-it-all dicks. They actually act like regular cool dudes.

          Being a Know-It-All Dick doesn’t keep the Local Nationals signing up by the dozens to kill their own country men. It actually makes you the bad guy in their eyes, and at the least a non-friendly. After the killing starts, you then look like a bad guy in their eyes.

          You gotta be the cool older brother type. Otherwise your irregular forces are just gonna walk away.

          You should have 4 ARs. Spare Parts, spare guns, and different Zeros/Paint for different Seasons.

          But you already knew that.

          Stop Trolling. You are scaring away the new guys.

  7. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Does everyone have a copy of the Improvised Explosives and incendiaries Manual?


  8. I’m a little rusty on the helo landing pad clearing part of this. Then again there won’t be any where I live that are friendlies so all good there.

    • None of the Helo involved tasks were boxed in.

    • Natzsofast there. Don’t think two-dimensionally.

      While you may not have helos, someone you someday don’t like very well, and who has a hard-on for you and your tribe, might.

      But a helo without an LZ/DZ is a wasted trip. Ready anything about Vietnam from the first battle of Ia Drang in ’65 (We were soldiers once, and young, etc.) up through the Easter Offensive of ’72, and nota bene how things worked for the US when Mister Charles had all the nearby LZs covered with interlocking fields of HMG/AAA fire. (Total helo losses in Vietnam were nominally 43% – 5,086 birds out of 11,827 deployed there –
      but actually much higher, because many helos were shot down, salvaged, flew again, shot down again, salvaged again, etc., so that as long as they eventually flew again, they were not counted as destroyed. So we may have lost more total birds than we had on paper inn the course of 10+ years of the Southeast Asia War Games.)

      Point to all that being that while there’s precious little jungle in the States, there’s one helluva lot of impenetrable forest, as anyone in the PNW, or who served at Ft.s Bragg, Benning, Knox, etc., knows very well.
      And if you can’t land birds, drop troops, parachute in supplies, etc., and the only road access is easily blocked/degraded dirt forest service roads, you take a 21st century mechanized military, and turn them in 2d C. B.C. Greek hoplites, marching in on foot, carrying everything on their backs, and forced to evac casualties the same way. Which puts a militia (like raggedy-ass Afghanis, or Vietnamese peasants, for example) back on parity with the .Gov hoplites.

      So you might should want to know how much room in square feet they need to get in every helo in current inventory; how they plan to clear LZs, and where, and where the current LZ/DZs are; as well as the road grid down to goat paths in your AO. And how to deny or degrade them.
      Again, not much good in Kansas, but in mountain and forest terrain, which is one helluva big piece of the country, pretty damned useful info to have in your head, and an area notebook.

      Make buddy-buddy with the local LifeFlight, wildfire, FD/PD etc. guys.

      (Because, for one example, your group is nominally a volunteer wilderness SAR organization. Which coincidentally gives you a reason to have medical supplies and training, feeding and base camp supplies, robust comms, and do helpful wild country exercises, and actually do good, while getting trained, and having a beautiful means and reason for recruiting some hard-assed like-minded folks. Just saying. And you can always swap walking staffs for something black, loud, and semi-automatic, come the day. So now you’re not somebody the media’s going to tag as racist survivalist Rambo nutjobs. You’re the nice quiet local folks who find Suzy Dipshit and Bruce Nancypants from Dumbass City when they go hiking but forget things…like a map, compass, and clue, and then get lost and run out of tofu and soy latte on the backside of Mount Sonofabitch. Now you’re little damned heroes.)

      There are surveyed and pre-planned LZ/DZs in most limited access areas down to the county level, so they know where they can bring in a wildfire hotshot team, paramedic rescue, SWAT team, etc.

      This is also true in urban areas. The FD, PD, and EMS already know they can’t drop birds in everywhere, because of wires, towers, and other obstructions, so they have lists and maps of the same pre-surveyed contingency helopad/LZs.

      And as we currently live in a relatively open society, such maps are not considered the tactical intel goldmine they would be and become in a time of more existential sportiness.

      • Aesop, Thanks for the VN history.

        The non-classified NATO aircraft inventory seems to have the same airframe capability (with much-improved sensors/avionics, fuel efficiency improvements) as at the end of the VietNam war. The people flying them and maintaining them are fewer and harder to keep/replace than 50 years ago.

        The pre-enlistment question “Are you now, or have ever been, a homosexual or a Member of the Communist Party?” would narrow that number more.

      • Folks should learn to read a FAA sectional map.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        “Mount Sonofabitch”


        How about


      • The mechanical mil does not have an unlimited operational range either. Being so far away from an existing base that refuel points would have to be established adds another vulnerability.

    • There are no friendly aircraft in my bad-times supply plan.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Knowing what a helo clearing looks like could save your ass.

      For instance.

      what are those assholes doing?

      cutting down trees?


      what are those assholes doing?

      clearing a dustoff pad.

      One is unusual.

      The other is a death sentence.

  9. “Point to all that being that while there’s precious little jungle in the States, there’s one helluva lot of impenetrable forest, as anyone in the PNW”

    ….or interior Alaska knows. You’re describing my AO. Don’t worry much about helos, or anything else for that matter, except maybe, bears…I hate fucking bears. And maybe, just a tiny bit, that kimchi dough-boy, Kim Jong-un ‘s nuclear, full retard fantasies.

    Every summer we get you lower forty-eighters, rambos, who come up here and go into the bush alone, never to be seen again. Most likely eaten alive by mosquitoes. Impenetrable forest indeed.

    When you’re all done killing each other off down there, we’ll still be up here waiting for the salmon to return and trying to stay warm…and killing those fucking bears.

    • they don’t fight fires or do rescue missions with trucks around my AO.

      they use water-bombers and wop wops.

      there are no roads…

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Sounds fun.

      7mm Mag I presume?

      I think I saw a 7mm Mag AR is in production.

      Thats a game changer.