Z Man: Zappa Was An Optimist

Why the kids are Alt-Right.


And don’t expect young people to be moved by Constitutionalists explaining that the document didn’t fail – the American people did.

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  1. And we still have no uniting ideals.

    • 1) Leave me the fuck alone.

      2) Parasites must produce or perish; no more free rides.

      • X-ring. 🙂

      • Jimmy the Saint

        So then – the big question: who qualifies as a parasite? Do the elderly simply proceed to Carousel? Do we restart Aktion T-4 to deal with the handicapped? Hey, those crippled vets sure do eat up a lot of resources – should medics simply administer a coup de grace instead of aid?

        • I was thinking Congressional aides, sociology profs, etc.

        • Parasites aren’t the handicapped or crippled vets who are trying to get through life with the hand that was dealt them. Nor are the elderly.

          The parasites are the lazy takers of taxpayer earnings. Be they multi-generational welfare parasites or the thousands of government workers who serve no purpose other than inflate the federal budget with their wages and benefits. The parasites are SJW warriors paid by unknown and suspected financiers. Parasites are the thousands of leftist “educators” at all levels, but especially institutions of higher indoctrination, who teach thousands more parasites with degrees that serve no benefit other than to identify and create more parasites.
          Then there are the ultimate parasites – elected officials who serve themselves, their donors and their statist agendas.

          Some parasites must produce, others may be unwilling or incapable and must be handled differently.

      • kay_de_leon

        works for me. gives me the motivation to get in the gym and fight anybody that wants to. gives me the motivation to learn about and do anything that i need done.

      • robroysimmons

        When is it prudent to add the phrase “By any means necessary” to our operational lexicon?

        I know now is not the time to scare the grazers.

  2. Walter Sobchak

    +1 on the ideals CA. I just today ran into a bunch of the gen z meme magic kids on twitter. They are right on point, and humorous in the extreme. So we’ve got that going for us.

    • Walter,
      Any particular twitter site you ran across the meme kids?
      In the mood, and need, some creative memes.
      I’ve come across some good ones.
      Pic worth a thousand words…

    • Being highly right wing is very cool these days among the next generation….I can’t believe what these kids will say to trusted adults behind closed doors. While some will make them out to be in it for the memes (and you are very right, they are some funny fucks these days), they are for real. I will note that while its not a nostalgic connection to the past or grand ideals (and that’s important) but it is grounded in a rational sense of calling it like they see it.

      They know Islam is an existential menace. They know the dindus are largely dumb, violent, and never going to change. While most of the Jew memeing is sarcastic, most have a sense that there really is something going on at levels above the puppet presidents. Oh, and they love the. fuck. out of Trump and guns.

      Nothing is more lame than being a left-wing beta faggot in high school right now. The times are changing.

  3. Endless global war will continue. Thank God we can send some more men to the poppy fields of the ‘stan.

    1) Leave me the fuck alone.
    2) Parasites must produce or perish; no more free rides.


  4. Here’s an outrageous thought; what if the hippies of the 60’s were the product of the 1950’s Beat Generation who were lousy with 1st Gen Commies trained by their parents/teachers to hate Capitalism and love Castro/Mao/Krushev . And what if the current Hipster Gen. is simply the product of the same, even more entrenched Leftism with the hatred of the anti-white New Racism mixed in, all fostered by Soros and his Globalist Comrades? On tonight’s Tucker I just watched a ‘Woke’ AA, who was so outraged he could barely pronounce multi-syllable words attack Ben Carson saying that he only got his job because of the color of his skin and that the (Brain Surgeon) was not otherwise qualified to head HUD!

    • Pretty fair synopsis, ensitue, to which I would add that only a small percentage of the “sixties gen” were as thoroughly infected as you describe.
      Most were along for the teenage dream world ride of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll…. The rest of it was the, admittedly enabled, semi formed youth revolt urges of Rebel Without a Cause finding a cause, or causes, an endless string of them right to the present.

      I was there. I saw it all first hand and, even then, thought that we were throwing out the baby with the bath water. Most of the folks I knew, once “liberated,” and having no real perspective and little critical thinking skills-big picture, went from one to the next cause or guru du jour looking for answers while exhausting them one by one.

      How did that work out? And, more importantly, how will this latest youth movement be any better?

      Don’t misunderstand… it is very encouraging to hear the young white future men expressing their rage and asking the toughest question heard in these lands for many a year… but kids in the sixties were asking why we were at war and where the money went (and were just as outraged) just as we are doing right now. Same war, same motives and similar culprits.

      If anyone supposes that rage, anger, feelings of dispossession, scapegoating (however justifiable) bodes anything other than disaster, I have bad news.

      Yes, I know… one may harbor some hope that it will be far less bad than if the kids don’t wake up, and don’t act in their own interests.

      I take every opportunity to sound the clarion to them.

  5. imo, the children of the WW2 generation largely did not want to keep the foot in the ass of their kids to push them along like many of their parents did to them and took it easy on them. both me and my bother wish our dad was tougher on us and it wasn’t until the past 5 years or so that I really started exceeding what should be expected of me.
    you can bet my kids will be expected to push hard thru life and if one smokes pot once, they better move to Canada. I’m not putting up with them doing one thing detrimental to their future.

    • Alcohol does more damage than all other drugs combined. Alcohol is a drug. The separation of drugs/alcohol is a construct of the many PR firms which represent the demon alcohol business. It would be great if youngsters didn’t try anything which could jeopardize their future. Don’t write off youth if they try weed.Be more concerned with them becoming a juicer. The socially accepted drug addicts.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Except that alcohol had a pretty important function throughout most of human history – you could drink it and not get all manner of assorted diseases. Even way back when, water wasn’t all that clean, and it couldn’t be stored for very long. Alcohol solved those two problems; hence, it is viewed somewhat differently.

  6. Walter Sobchak

    I retweeted a bunch of them on twitter, more to go. They had a meme about Trump and the eclipse that was funny. Should be able to get to it from my timeline. They were going at it all day I got 200 notifications.

  7. The man who can promise Paul that everything was all Peter’s fault can always be assured of getting Paul’s vote.

  8. “Grandpa, you knew better! You knew what the bad people had planned for all of us! For all of us! And you did nothing…why, Grandpa, why?” — American young person, ca. 2029 AD
    This can be taken in many ways.
    i personally am sickened by all who use children to force or steer their agenda, including the Frank Zappa quote.

    • i personally am sickened by all who use children to force or steer their agenda, including the Frank Zappa quote.

      Also including Matthew 18:3 and 18:6?

  9. The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater. – FRANK ZAPPA

  10. Frank Zappa’s admonition that children will kill their parents in their sleep when they figure out how lame they really are, isn’t really a civilization promoter. We have high expectations of our parents, without the maturity for realizing that they, like ourselves, are all too human. Some never outgrow their outrage at their parents, either because they grow addicted to the blame game, or because they don’t mature to the point of understanding what being a parent really is. I long ago resolved to stop blaming my parents for my failures and problems. About 50 years ago. Life became easier, and more logical. Parents are people who have children, and they in almost every case, have only the experience of their own childhood to use as an example as to how to raise a child. And these days, they have the added attraction of having to fight Leviathan for the hearts and minds of their children. My own record on that is 4 wins and 3 losses. The girls all went socialist, the boys, independent thinkers and doers. Pretty much how the electorate stands now. I had as an example from my father a lot of confused stuff, but after he died, I found he had been struggling with undiagnosed and untreated serious illness, most of his life. I’m with ya, a follower. I realize not all girls turn socialist, and many of them have more sense than the men. That’s something I learned from Dad. Take people as they come, not as a group.