Porretto: “The one and only remedy is to go on the offensive”

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  1. Money quote:

    “A mobilized, militant minority always beats a passive majority.”

    The passive
    Majority still thinks American flags and placards will stop the baristas and sammiches artists from taking over.

  2. As to the masthead: I ask my great-great grandfather the same question. Back in 1898, why did you let them make our republic a global imperialist power?

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for their country…”
    Momentum, distance and direction.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ““No bastard ever won a war by dying for their country…””

      Perhaps, but some did set up the victory – Leonidas and the 300, for example.

  3. Lawfare?

    Yeah, right… (((They))) have the courts and the cops. This is just another wishful thought to stave off the inevitable, although I will cheer any such efforts, successful or not.

    Night letters and beatdowns will have more salutary effect, are long overdue and perfectly justified. Intel gathering should be put to better use than resort to the ‘justice system.”

    • Detroit III

      DING! DING! DING!!! We have the man who’ll bell the cat!!!!

      • Shut yer airhole dicktard.

        Only way you’d know shit from apple butter would be a taste test.

    • no Night Letters. Strike w/o warning.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Lawsuits are excellent for intelligence gathering, though. It’s amazing (sometimes) what you can get through written discovery and depositions.

      • All true, Jimmy. I said I would cheer any such efforts.

        I just haven’t the patience or time for it any more. I’ve been at this for decades, given money and support to much bigger and better organized and financed efforts than we are likely to produce, mostly to little effect.

        It’s a little late and too far down the slope. The left/oligarchy owns all that shit… for as long as they live<

  4. Let’s you and them fight.” -Fran Porretto
    The following message was approved by Eric Stratton,
    DTX Rush Chairman, and he was damn glad to meet ya:

    Maybe we could just get some jackholes in Charleston to shell Fort Sumter again while we’re at it; it worked out pretty well last time, right?

    • And what he gets down to at the end is decidedly not to “go on the offensive”.
      It’s to start using heads for something besides a hat-rack, and start doing some serious intel collection and opposition research.
      But “Let’s start thinking” apparently isn’t as sexy as “Go On The Attack.”

      • But it gets better.
        The reason for that is to file charges. In court.

        (Gee, I wish I’d suggested that. Say about a week/ten days back.)

        Not going off half assed and half-cocked?
        Cue the derision from the usual “Muh Constitution”/ “But we’ve never done it that way before” crowd, in 3, 2…

        For the tl;dr crowd, here’s a handy schematic from the appropriate FM:

        • Aesop. in general, I admire your deft, adroit and scathing ripostes but, this time, you’re just wrong.

          “Thinking” and “Lawfare” simply conflate. It’s akin to any other assertion that “it’s valid because I wish it were so, and don’t want to face the alternatives.”

          There is no.zero.zip.nada.(((zilchj.))) vanishing probability that we will win through the presently existing structures.

          Try not to indulge your gift for a simple disagreement.

  5. Why are we so surprised here!!
    This site has unwittingly aided and abetted the BLM movement of Black Radicals for years now. Any working poor/ working class/ lower middle class urban dweller knows the truth is that most urban afro americans randomly hate whitey, and kill more of there fellow citizens than any other category of people (including terrorist).

    Yet we drone on and on with communist style collectivist guilt that urban ghetto cops (who are keeping a lid on things daily) are just as guilty for the abusive small town cops who enjoy writing traffic tickets on the working man, commit unconstitutional acts of civil forfeiture, and giddily use militarized swat equipment for the most innocuous of circumstances. WOW many small town cops are abusive, what a revelation (and every urban cop, that they do not personally know, is responsible for it).

    Yet anarcho libertarians (like Rockwell, who live in cupcake land) constantly wanted to pander to BLM with this ‘we hate the police too’ nonsense; not knowing, or caring, what their fellow urban citizens have to contend with daily with afro american initiated aggression and destruction. Its bad enough that urban white male has to be constantly be called a racist by the fashionably liberal top 20% (which includes the corporatist Republicans), who are always demanding a hands off policy towards afro criminality, but now we have anarchos giving aid and comfort to the ideas of the radical BLM groups!

    Every human being has a right of personal protection when attacked (including cops) when we allow BLM to take that away from cops, do you really think that the MSM, BLM, SJW, SPLC, ACLU, and NAACP are not trying to take those same rights away from the rest of us. (I highly doubt that Zim received the injuries, to the back of his head, after he fatally shot Trayvon Martin). No they will use the same techniques against you, for defending your own life against an ‘innocent’ black man who was ‘just’ attacking you, because you were oppressing him with your white privilege.

    The problem also stems from us urban white flight refugees (when District Attorneys, politicians, and MSM prosecuted street justice, there was no way to keep our neighborhoods whole anymore against afro incursions of ill will) who’s kids have no idea what they escaped from, and now believe all the propaganda about black oppression. That oppression has not existed for the last fifty years now. So thanks for all your good work assisting to embolden the hostile BLM movement.

    • “(I highly doubt that Zim received the injuries, to the back of his head, after he fatally shot Trayvon Martin).”

      Then you’re an idiot.

      • Really, Pat?
        He’s an idiot for logically thinking that Zimmerman got the injuries before he shot Martin, from Martin, hence the entire justification for deadly force was exactly as explained???
        Or was following that simple logic just a bit too hard?
        Do tell.

        Or would you maybe prefer to revise that pronouncement, just a wee bit?

    • Jews and their nigger stormtroops don’t get a free ride here. Not since I arrived; prior to that, maybe. The fact remains:

      even though Blacks do 70% of the violent crime in ‘Murka, cops kill 3 or 4 Whites for every Black they kill. The badged orcs are not our friend. Once the Jewbuck dies, then we’ll see.

  6. Amusing, we all need to fight, but not him he’s just not able to. While I agree with his synopsis, to a point, I also realize nobody gets out alive, or unscathed.

    I’m old and fat, broke in most of my body, yet I realize to win, we all have to sacrafice, when the time is here, if it’s ever here, I plead to get my part done.

    If we’re going to fight, let’s fight smart, not just fight.

    For you old guys, long range is the ticket, we can turn our wheel chairs and unass the area. Think of it this way, a 1000y shot and hit, shot scoot, do it again, is a win, at that 1000y it takes a man roughly 12/15 minutes to cover that distance at a brisk pace.

    Even I can move at least 3/4 of that distance, to set up and do it again.

    You old guys want to shoot distance, I’ve got a range out to 1400y, longer if needed. You are welcome here, to work on your practical skills. 30 AR 500 targets over some very interesting terrain. Move 100y either direction and the shoot scenario changes, move 200y or 500y, and you won’t recognize those targets, you will think your on a different part of the range.

    The cool part about the lateral shifting is this. You will see the entire target, but you’ve quartered it in impact surface. You target is half the size you are physically are shooting at.

    Up hill down hill across many conflicting canyons, the wind challenge is challenging, and the DA calls are mind boggling.

    Bottom line, you will leave this range a much better shooter, you will be challenged to think on your feet, and carefully measure distances, many optical trick fucks are presented.

    I’ve had world class shooters not figure out the ” trick fuck” shots

    You want to shoot at a world class range? Come on out to Southern Oregon. Private farm, camping. Towns 25 minutes away.

    Zero costs, bring lots and lots of ammo.

    Remus, if your out their I’d love for you to come west for a week. I have much to learn from men like you, and much to teach on at least this range.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Amusing, we all need to fight, but not him he’s just not able to.”

      That’s long been a problem on the Right – we just get a repetition of “let’s you and him fight”. I get that not everyone can be an infantryman/headbreaker. Similarly, not everyone can be a spokesman or a financier. People just need to figure out what they can do and start with that.

    • Daniel K Day

      Dirk, I’m in OR and would take you up on that. Pete, would you please give him my email?

    • skinnyjimmy

      Dirk, I might want to take you up on your range some time in the fall. Maybe even the winter to get a taste of the seasons. Could you email me at dynamicsound @ protonmail.com.

      • Jimmy, will do.

        KnukDM, awesome. We’re at 4200 ft, the DA, on some days punches out at as high 11.000/12.000, come on down.


    • Dirk,
      Great emphasis on ranges. Work with what you got.
      I have 26,000 acres at 6800 to 7600 ft.elevation.Another 300 acres at 10,500 to 12,000 feet elevation. Multiple ranges(steel), balloon,explosive reactionary targets(tannerite).Short pistol.long pistol-short rifle and long rifle (338 and 50 cal ranges).
      The flatlanders have a tough time up here.Training at altitude, almost mirrors a bodies stress reactions at sea level.Increased heart rate and blood pressure,decreased motor abilities,cognitive disturbance.
      We are aggressive primates. Train to win.Be the baddest, smart motherfucker on the block.

      “This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco.This ain’t no fooling around!”

    • I’m game for a road trip. just a state away in Wash.

  7. terribletroy

    Allow me to get this ball rolling WRSA style…

    Fuck this guy! He dont know shit! JOOOOOOOOSSSSS, All you murikans are de stoopid! What ever he’s spouting, it’ll never work!

    There, I figure I covered about two thirds of the responses so those folks can take a break.

    Have a Nice Day

    • Are you blind, deaf, and worse, stupid?

      • Detroit III

        And the Leauge of the South? Where have they been as their heroes are defecated on?

        You dude are like guys who like “Hot Wives”.

      • Pat forgot to add the hand of our fellow white European Royal Families holding the Rothschilds bagman’s (one of many including the white Swiss bankers) hand.

        Then again he has always been amazed by how tails wag entire dogs.

  8. Quote from Fran’s piece,

    “But we’re more likely to reach that point if…”

    We are already well beyond that point. They are already drawing blood. Law Imposement, while possibly containing some members who sympathize with a traditionalist point of view, will certainly, as a group, stomp on and destroy ANYONE who goes against “progress”. They will do it because they are told to do so, and because it is their job. They are not immune to the result of public leftist indoctrination.

    Why are traditionalist people so timid? because they have been taught that violence is never the answer. It matters not what the question is.

    Why are leftists so hateful and aggressive? Because they have been taught that their anger in support of their envy, and their violence in support of “the revolution” is always just and righteous.

    It is well beyond time to punch back, and punch preemptively as well.

    As an example, look at the video of Alex Jones having hot coffee thrown in his face while reporting from Seattle. Alex is an example of someone who has been taught restraint in temperament. He could have taken the little troll’s head off in an instant. He restrained himself. If he had acted in an appropriate manner, and delivered just violence in response to the troll’s attack, he knew he would have been arrested and charged with multiple crimes. The Law Imposement officers doing the arresting wouldn’t care in the least about what was “just and righteous” and what wasn’t. The little troll who attacked him has been taught that his throwing a fit, and lashing out, is always justified. He knows he can snivel like a little girl after the fact and have the police arrest Jones if Jones responds rightfully. The little troll slithers away grinning and snickering to himself. Not because he knew he was “right”, but because he got away with it (again).

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lnud-xVnqk (at about 3:30)

    Finally, Jeff Cooper wrote about the selective use of a suppressed .22 rimfire rile to remove rabble rousers and instigators from a demonstration, thus the demonstration fizzles. I found that concept to be very interesting. I have wondered what would happen if someone fired a .22 rimfire at the molotov cocktail just a half second before it was hurled. Hmmmm what would happen…..?

    • back in the days before liberalism, you could smash some fucks face in if he had it coming. a cop may have shown up, did a quick investigation, decided who started it, and let the winner go if he was defending himself. the loser would get a talking to about being an asshole, and that’s what you get for starting shit.

      not anymore…

      if Jones had planted his fist into that retarded cretins face for attacking him with hot coffee, he would have been arrested and jailed on the spot.

      not only that, a dozen of them zombies would have gathered around the crooked cop(s) and lied about the whole event. such is the situation in murka.

      it’s been going on for a long long time.

      fuck the cops

      fuck the gubbermint

      300 million.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22


        As a bouncer I used have to word myself very carefully.

        Lucky for me Audio on security video is illegal. Unless its a cop cam. In which case I just be cool.

      • Because I have trashed you so many times and, in spite of the fact that you give shit,

        that was an accurate comment.

        OBTW, suck my ass!

    • “I have wondered… fires a .22 at a molotov… half second before hurled”

      The person making the toss would more than likely go up like a roman candle. If it didn’t become fully involved at moment of impact of the bullet, the gas would be spread everywhere by the impact, most likely soaking said thrower, and the flames would run back up the fumes to give them a very bad experience.

      Not that I admire them in any way but here’s a short utube clip showing how fast the flames spread once a bullet impacts a molotov cocktail.


      • a nice silenced air rifle would have a better outcome and not be illegal in almost every place on the planet .the suppressors arent illegal either

    • wendystringer48088

      “Finally, Jeff Cooper wrote about the selective use of a suppressed .22 rimfire rile to remove rabble rousers and instigators from a demonstration, thus the demonstration fizzles. I found that concept to be very interesting. I have wondered what would happen if someone fired a .22 rimfire at the molotov cocktail just a half second before it was hurled. Hmmmm what would happen…..?”

      A Bahraini anti-government protester is engulfed in flames after a shot fired by riot police hit the gasoline bomb in his hand that he was preparing to throw.

      • wendystringer48088

        “Finally, Jeff Cooper wrote about the selective use of a suppressed .22 rimfire rile to remove rabble rousers and instigators from a demonstration, thus the demonstration fizzles. I found that concept to be very interesting. I have wondered what would happen if someone fired a .22 rimfire at the molotov cocktail just a half second before it was hurled. Hmmmm what would happen…..?”


        • Northgunner

          “Jihadi On Fire!” (sung to “Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys)
          He’s a jihadi, and he’s on fire!
          Hotter than his molotov, gas drenching his kaffiyah.
          He’s dying, without an imaginary virgin to acquire.
          Feeling like a human bbq..no way he can get away…the moslem crispy punk, he’ll be remembered that way.

          Chorus:  This jihadi’s on fire!
              This jihadi’s on fire!
              His friends are running left and right,
              For once the moslems are in a terror filled flight!
              This jihadi’s on fire!

          Oh he’s screaming and dancing around.
          And his fellow jihadis are nowhere to be found.
          His head’s become a glowing candle wick, because the sniper shot his bottle super quick.
          He’s become a one man fireworks show,
          the gas has soaked his nads; his bomb belts are the next to blow!!


          He wanted to kill kaffirs…now he’s aflame.
          Immolated by his own molotov, what a shame.
          To be remembered as “the moslem crispy punk”…yeah that’s his name!
          Rolling and screaming on the blacktop for all to see…denied his imaginary virgins for all eternity.


          Everyone’s watching and laughing their ass off.
          He’s dying of more shame than Hasselhoff.
          As the sun goes down he’s lighting up the night..the incindiaries on his belt and vest cook off, detonating just right!


          Ain’t I a stinker!
          – Zombie Bugs Bunny

          Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Musical Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  9. Randolph Scott

    Sound assessment and excellent adice.

  10. II remember when playing baseball, it was
    always easier catching the ball running forward
    then running backwards. That was playing “sporty”
    baseball where pitches alone travel only close to
    100 miles per hour.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. I hope some here remember that years ago, I began clamoring for organizing and other basic measures to deal with the leftards. But no one except a few of the more level headed commentators agreed, and most everyone else insisted we would not only be infiltrated by govt. but that all we would succeed in doing is herding ourselves into jail. Evidently, every group opposed to govt. is going to be infiltrated, and you have to have good security to make sure the goons don’t compromise your organization, and bring it down . But still another reason given is that no one wanted to follow anyone else, and lose their independence, and get trapped in some outfit that would somehow always be stupid and ineffective. There are some here who by their comments and blogs have shown themselves to be good leaders, over time, as they consistently stay frosty, and not over eager to blast every one who could be in their way. The bottom line from me is as before. Until we organize into an effective unit, complete with every level of security, leaders, logistics, training, and other preparations needed for such an endeavor, we will be ineffective individually, and as a loosely associated group. Our enemies have funds, training, organization, people willing to espouse socialist principles, and govt. power and media. And what do we have? A bunch of individuals, with no organization, funds, training, cohesion, or principles to agree on. In other words, we’re losers by trade and temperament. The only thing missing is our ultimate defeat by smaller forces than our own, and slavery for the survivors. But don’t let me spoil any of you hotshots and your day. For all of you that always considered yourself too smart for organizing and discipline, enjoy the express elevator to hell ride, it will soon be over.The people who know how to fight as a team thank you as well, for making their job easier.

  12. hummus abedin

    Is there no end to the idiocy and stupidity?
    “The first, absolutely indispensable step is infiltrating the opposition”
    “Once we know who they are, it’s a short step from there to learning where they will be. That gives us what we’ll need for what must follow: charges, against both the individuals and the groups, of conspiring to violate others’ civil rights.”
    Obviously, without question, the answer is no.
    The stupid meter continues to climb and spike well past the red line.
    The rule of law and equality of justice is long dead in America.

  13. thesouthwasrght

    The overreaching problem the right has is that those in its ranks are the one’s with families, businesses, in short lots to lose. The left…..not so much. So long as the dollar remains relevant it will be doubtful if a true militant response will show itself from the right.

  14. is it really that time already?

  15. What would you have us do?

    White men are so awesome that most of us have overcome the blatant discrimination against us and have wives, children, and property — everyone is still too comfortable.

    It will take a total collapse of the (((dollar))). Wake up one day and a gallon of milk is $40. EBT cards and debit cards shut off.

    (The latter might be planned for whites.)

    It’s surprising the white “losers” (not really insulting them) aged 20 to 35 with no future and no children (their women suck) have not already stepped up their efforts.

    What should we with something to lose do?

    (Fathers asked Thomas Paine the same question.)

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      30 years old here.

      Our women are super abusive and manipulative to us.

      They act like Kardashians with bachelor degrees and listen to hard core gangster rap 24/7.

      Most of the women I know as friends go out a fuck minorities as a sport.

      Believe me. I’d be in a commited relationship if I could find one worthwhile.

      You literally cant get 5 minutes through a dinner date before you realize “Not another one”

      The dominate culture in this country is ghetto gangsterism, Cuckservative+ Snowflake, and anti-american pro-multiculturalism social-communism.

      I was on a date with this lovely Volleyball player at Loyola University, MD. The school is run by Marxist Jesuits. Within Five minutes I had, yet again, lost my apetite for “empowered modern women”

      She thinks 500,000 Syrian Refugees is our duty.

      And every single jewish man and woman I have ever met in person is a communist or lefty light. Not to say there arent right wing pro american jewish people. I just have never met one. And in Baltimore every Jewish person i know has now adoubted a muslim(hajib and all) friend.

      I hope you guys understand what winning is going to look like and how we will be portrayed.

      Also, Fuck the Boomers for letting this happen. You guys should have started shooting in 1985.

      • at your age you should be banging a smoking hot 40-45 year old.

        they much appreciate a solid man…

        shit-can the bimbos dude.

      • Well when you live in the sewer Brother what do expect…You have to get out somewhere where there isn’t filth to find someone worth keeping…Also you need find a different line of work where you can start making decent money…

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          I do well enough.

          I have a few toys.

          eat what I want.

          smoke my smoke.

          drink my drink.

          $20,000 a year while I’m in college ain’t bad.

      • In spite of criticisms I may have had of you recently, and the vast differences in our ages, I hope you will accept the following in the good grace with which it is tendered:

        RockStar said:

        “30 years old here.”

        Age card thrown…45 years is not for nothing when awareness and learning is key.

        “Our women are super abusive and manipulative to us.”

        I know something of that… I’ve suffered from Gloria Steinem till present… you just never submit. And move where the good women are still represented. South, midwest, Phillipines, Thailand… 🙂

        “They act like Kardashians with bachelor degrees and listen to hard core gangster rap 24/7.”

        Roll in a grenade an go in firing.

        “Most of the women I know as friends go out a fuck minorities as a sport.”

        Pardon the obvious but, they are NOT your friends. They are disease vectors, and insane at that.

        “Believe me. I’d be in a commited relationship if I could find one worthwhile.”

        Go where they are.

        “You literally cant get 5 minutes through a dinner date before you realize “Not another one” ”

        “The dominate culture in this country is ghetto gangsterism, Cuckservative+ Snowflake, and anti-american pro-multiculturalism social-communism.”

        “I was on a date with this lovely Volleyball player at Loyola University, MD. The school is run by Marxist Jesuits. Within Five minutes I had, yet again, lost my appetite for “empowered modern women” ”

        “She thinks 500,000 Syrian Refugees is our duty.”

        “And every single jewish man and woman I have ever met in person is a communist or lefty light. Not to say there arent right wing pro american jewish people. I just have never met one. And in Baltimore every Jewish person i know has now adoupted a muslim(hajib and all) friend.”

        You cannot know how much that breaks my heart, but you keep making my case for me….

        Get. The. Hell. Out. Of. There!!!

        “I hope you guys understand what winning is going to look like and how we will be portrayed.”

        Anyone who still cares will not be around for the hereafter….

        “Also, Fuck the Boomers for letting this happen. You guys should have started shooting in 1985.”

        Retroactive blaming is the lamest form of responsibility avoidance, and the one big problem I have with you. Let’s see how you do with your turn………

        Why not blame Adam and Eve?

  16. Detroit III

    ” I know, I know: Who bells the cat? Obviously I can’t, being old and too well known from my writings. But some of my readers, at least, are less conspicuous.”

    Blah, blah, blah…that’s always the excuse with the 3% community. “I’m too old! I’m too well known…”

    Lead by example or STFU.

  17. Sorry, my mother taught me that if I couldn’t say anything nice, then I shouldn’t say anything at all.

    She’s since passed, so I can’t ask her if what I just said counts.

  18. Just saw an article in WSJ that JP Morgan Chase is donating 1 Million USD split between the SPLC and ADL ‘to further their work in tracking, exposing and fighting hate groups and other extremist organizations’. Wall Street Journal, 8.22.17 page B10, lower left.

    I know Tfat (and everyone else with half a living brain cell) is going to go nuts with this.

    This is the largest US bank by assets…funding extreme leftist activist groups with millions of dollars? So, I ask: What in the actual fuck is going on here!????

    • The Rothschilds have been out of the communist closet for over two decades now. Soros is their personal puppet master. The coup of Trumpenthal is complete.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      We opened our borders to Jewish populations fleeing persecution in Ukraine, Europe, and Russia in the early 20th century.

      They were actually communists, and organized criminals gangs, in disguise.

      If you were my age, I could take you to the Jewish part of Baltimore.

      Good news, the women look like any Jewish Supermodel.

      Bad news. Their family members are cops, judges, lawyers, bailbondsmen, and bankers. They sell coke, promote diversity, hire illegals, befriended muslims, and extort taxpayers.

      Its a nightmare what this is gonna look like.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        For the record.
        Im just a regular dude.
        Not interested in any hardline stuff.
        Just a history guy who pays attention to details.
        Not every area is bad, nor is every person.
        But the stuff thats encouraged and pushed to control the narrative isn’t funny.
        Its hitting a critical mass. The tone in peoples voices. Eye glares.
        Study up on who the people are in your areas.
        Using a phone book, some high lighters, and a map, you can figure out who is who pretty rapidly.
        These stories run deep.

    • nothing remarkable. Jew finance + Jew bolshevism. Same as it ever was.

      and, since the $PLC (actually, a Jew-communist hedge fund) already has more than $300,000,000 on Wall St. – and the (((B’nai Brith ADL))) quite a bit more – the donation by Jamie Dimon (via his controller, the Jew wife) is merely symbolic.

      • virtue-signaling the Jew-paymaster. Like all the Hollywood bims, Clooney himself is a political airhead.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          Clooney pretends to be a hard ass.

          Meanwhile I went to Iraq with a dude that killed 300 people with a fucking radio, a map, and a compass.

          We had GPS.

          But those old professional guys are just as fast.

          Fuck Clooney and his bitch ass wife.

          Who is obviously in charge.

          What kind of asshole drops $40 million on a wedding?

      • Screw George and Amal. He gives 1 million to SPLC and yet he gave our cocker rescue group $10,000 and acted like it was a big deal. We actually DO good work, and no one takes a salary. The SPLC pays their inside players very, very well.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          The favors run deep.

          Just like in 1776, Don’t stop killing the Neo-Officers.

          Never stop.

    • “More money when there is blood on the streets”
      Or better, more tangible assets with their out of thin air

    • Be a real shame if someone in “Anonymous” masks started shoving debit-card sized slices of cheese into Chase ATMs, and taking them out of operation for hours and days, necessitating expensive service calls and cleaning.
      Especially on the Friday evening of a three-day weekend.

      Just saying.

      Of course, no one would ever do that, right?
      It’d be baaaaaaad.
      Doubleplus ungoodthink, and absolutely naughty.

  19. Entrusting that the LEGAL SYSTEM in this now broken country will perform its enumerated powers, as he intimates, is pure fantasy.

    We WILL see cases such as Mr. Porretto generally outlines being dismissed with little more than a sweep of the hand, like so many crumbs from an eraser…consider that metaphor, gents.

    Going on the offensive MUST, by its very nature, entail both overt and covert killing of the enemy (look at the actions of your own enemies). This is war and we must be addressed it in that same manner, if we are to prevail.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      It is our legal system now though.
      Which is good.
      That alone can effect so much.
      I hope sessions is going to pull the trigger and dismantle this from the top down.

      Like bricks in a wall on a demo job.
      Knocking out from the top.
      Rebuilding new and better.


    I noted in the comments that one person said we are too old to infiltrate these red orchestras. I would disagree. From the time when I was in college, there were a lot of gray-haired remoras and gadflys strolling about the campus adding their two cents to the demonstrations and tables set up by the SDS and other red-diaper doper babies. Just recently when I worked as a teachers aide at a high school here in Rawles Land, one of my co-workers was an unrepentant, Clinton-worshiping socialist bitch who would have fit right in at Woodstock.
    Age can actually work for you if you have the right message. Those who are familiar with Rules For Radicals and other communist tomes, can impart words of wisdom to the clueless useful idiots. In my A/O, the most visible group call themselves North Idaho Indivisible. My initial recon shows more than a few gray hairs, and about 10-20 core true believers. Now that I am an unemployed drone, I will have more time to look and listen. Stay tuned.

    • sometime when I’m running over on that side of our shared blue hive I should give you a shout and meet up for a cup of joe.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I noted in the comments that one person said we are too old to infiltrate these red orchestras. ”

      Picking the right group will be important. Getting into something like Antifa and/or Black Bloc would probably require a younger person than other organizations. But then again, getting into a support position probably gives more access to useful information on the connections between groups.

  21. We were on the offensive at Charlottesville. If you weren’t there fighting ANTIFA, you should have been.


    The liquid running down the shields isn’t water or Kool-Aide.

    • And how’d that stunt work out for ya?

      • better than a life spent cleaning bedpans.

        • I see you’re about as bright A tfA-t was on that score.
          Bestsellers from the 1970s noted that juggling shit as a task stopped being a function for nurses, and had devolved to unlicensed aides.
          So, once again, congratulations for not reading or knowing anything, but for the sake of not looking like a jackass (futile, but it’s worth a try), maybe find something better to comment on than things about which you’re forty-fifty years out-of-date.

          BTW, no one “cleans” bedpans. Exactly like your comments, the bedpans are disposable. Mainly because both are full of the same substance.

          And hey, you got some virtue-signalling dumbass there, on your chin; might want to get a hanky a clean it off.

    • Pat, your a good man. That was a goat fuck, leadership should be flogged.

      Sorry brother, but it has to be called what it was, otherwise the oppertunity to learn from the failures are covered up.

      Nothing personal,


      • The best SEAL units, after each combat operation, conduct what we call a “post-operational debrief”. No matter how exhausted from an operation or how busy planning for the next mission, time is made for this debrief because lives and future mission success depend on it. A post-operational debrief examines all phases of an operation from planning through execution, in a concise format. It addresses the following for the combat mission just completed:
        What went right?
        What went wrong?
        How can we adapt our tactics to make us even more effective and increase our advantage over the enemy?
        Such self-examination allows SEAL units to re-evaluate, enhance, and refine what worked and what didn’t so that they can constantly improve.
        It is critical to the success of any team in any business to do the same and implement those changes into their future plans so that they don’t repeat their same mistakes.
        ” – Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALS Lead And Win, p. 206

        What went right?
        Nothing much.
        What went wrong?
        Pretty much everything after the party started.
        How can we adapt our tactics to make us even more effective and increase our advantage over the enemy?
        Stop following @$$clowns posing as “leaders”, with a 30-second track record, no vetting, and no plan except to feed you to the lions.
        Stop playing in the Blue hives.
        Stop having no prior planning whatsoever.
        Stop having no discernible goals other than risking looking like jacktards, and getting the shit kicked out of you on national media, in return for no discernible worthwhile purpose whatsoever, let alone anything worth walking across the street to do.
        Stop having no intelligence before, during, or after an event, on the opposition, the venue, the authorities there, the locals, the routes into and out of the area, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad absurdum.
        Stop having no media plan, no spokesperson, and no narrative before, during , nor after.
        Stop being infiltrated by agents provocateur, feds, and pretty much any stray wingnut with a Dodge Charger.
        Stop wearing Klan Klown hoods, waving Confederate or Nazi flags, giving Nazi salutes, and chanting racist slogans.
        Stop walking into set-piece ambushes suffering from HUTA, and total lack of anything resembling Situational Awareness.
        Stop assuming the enemy doesn’t get a vote, and then looking like a deer in the headlights when that assumption goes to shit.
        Stop putting yourselves in positions of defending the dumbassery of the first ten item notes, above, and then trying to fish afterwards for Magical Unicorn/Bigfoot/Underpants Gnome answers to all the reasons these sort of clowncarnucopias produce metric-fucktons of Fail.
        Own the multiple serial endless fuck-ups to get to this point, learn from them, and get wiser from the scars of past stupidity.
        Determine not to repeat a single one of them. Ever.
        Stop playing in the street until you can pull something off that doesn’t outdo this level of dumbass.

        None of that is a smack on Pat, or any of his guys, personally.
        It’s a unit award.

        People need to stop being in F Troop, FFS.

  22. William Munny

    I know, I know: Who bells the cat? Obviously I can’t, being old and too well known from my writings. But some of my readers, at least, are less conspicuous.

    Mr Poretto, I’ve seen this movie before.

    “FRANCIS: Now, this is the palace in Caesar’s Square. Our commando unit will approach from Fish Street, under cover of night, and make our way to the northwestern main drain. If questioned, we are sewage workers on our way to a conference. — Reg, our glorious leader and founder of the P.F.J., will be coordinating consultant at the drain head, though he himself will not be taking part in any terrorist action, as he has a bad back.”

  23. A Little Birdy Told Me This

    CA, this is somewhat OT but valuable. Check out the “Alt Right Open Source Intelligence Project” at this archive link:


    They are blinded by the narrowness of their ideology but the technical work is impressive.

  24. “Charlottesville may very well go down as a turning point in American history where everything changed. Roughly a thousand members of the Alt-Right, various nationalist organizations, and independent conservative free speech advocates gathered at Lee Park in the small, nominally peaceful town of Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest attempts by the left-wing city council to remove a monument dedicated to one of the greatest generals in American history, Robert E. Lee. An honored veteran of the Mexican-American War, former superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and an open opponent of secession with greater than thirty years of service in the U.S. Army, Lee only heeded the call to join the ranks of the Confederate Army after Lincoln’s call for troops to invade the seceded states triggered the secession of his home state of Virginia. During the ensuing War for Southern Independence, Lee carved out a reputation as both a brilliant military commander and the archetype of the Christian Southern gentleman. After that terrible war was over, he actively advocated for the reconciliation of North and South and attempted to build bridges for a future together. For a time, his efforts and those of men like him were fruitful. The monument to General Lee at Charlottesville was erected in 1924, and up until the middle of the twentieth century, Lee was a well-regarded figure across regional and political lines. As unlikely a figure as Franklin Delano Roosevelt had this say at a dedication of another statue of Lee in Dallas in 1936: “All over the United States, we recognize him as a great leader of men, as a great general. But, also, all over the United States I believe that we recognize him as something much more important than that. We recognize Robert E. Lee as one of our greatest American Christians and one of our greatest American gentlemen.”1 How ironic then that, today, Lee of all men should be so viciously slandered and denounced by the radical left! Meanwhile, all Confederate memorials (as well as those portraying the Founding Fathers themselves) are considered by the same people to be symbols of oppression and white supremacy.”


  25. Dear CA,

    From the comments, I can see that the preponderance of sentiment among your readership holds that I’m spouting nonsense and not doing my share. Several of the persons above have come to Liberty’s Torch to repeat their denigrations. It’s made for a very unpleasant day.

    So be it; let them have what they wish for. Please delink me and refrain from citing any of my pieces in the future. I don’t hold you responsible for the outpouring of vitriol, but I’ve worked too hard for too long to accept any more of it.

    Thanks for all the favorable references over the years. May life serve you with all the best it has to offer.

    Francis w. Porretto

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      What is the issue?

      Dont have time to look.

      Tell me the short story.

    • “please de-link me”

      “a very unpleasant day”

      what’s this, another modern electronic kry-baby?

      just take it as it is, a mild critique.

      when Bracken wrote “fuck you Haxo, and the camel you rode in on”, did I take it personally? Of course not.

      and you shouldn’t either.

      • Pretty much. Poretto has had a “faint heart” before. He usually returns, particularly when his readership declines by more than 90%.

        When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Something Poretto needs to take to heart.

    • Mr. Porretto,

      I have never commented to one of your article before. Please reconsider having Pete link to your stuff, you make me think and I would surmise the folks that appreciate your stuff outnumber the ones that piss on it. I know I can always come to your site but this site is sort of a clearing house of items coupled with comic relief. I make a run through here every day or so just to see if there’s any smoke on the horizon.

      Beyond that, just like the dogs that bark at your tires when you drive through town, you need to ignore the dog barking here, it’s about all a lot of them have to do.


      • Agree. Mr. Porretto has been writing good articles
        that I did not know of before reading his work here
        on WRSA.
        I say he is covering most of what was/is happening
        with good research and most important – Good head
        on his shoulders. Not easy to find nowadays.

        If Mr. Porretto reads this – You are one of the few.

    • Detroit III

      Shut up. You call yourself and leader and can’t take the heat? STFU.

    • Quick! Someone get him to the Fainting Couch!

      And someone – on the Internet, mind you – disagreed with him!
      Is there a doctor in the house?!?

      • Hee…
        There was a guy that went to a shrink, and would not
        say anything for a long while. So the shrink insisted for
        the guy to say something, and after a while, the guy started
        barking and saying he thought he was a dog. The shrink
        told the guy to please lay in the couch, and the guys tells
        him – I am not allowed in the couch!

    • you don’t know what criticism is dude…

      suck it up.

      drive on.

      • Amen on that one…
        I wonder if these guys have ever worked in the real world or did they just write for a living I’ve given worse criticism on a job than what the comments on his site say…

    • Over time I have lost much of my respect for Fran. His arrogance [“I’m the smartest guy in the room”] puts me off as it is unfounded from my vantage point. But what REALLY tends to piss me off is speaking as though he is some sort of a CHRISTIAN leader!

      Having bought and read some of his books, a couple devolve into some sort of adolescent fantasy where he has the protagonists “grow” into a “menage a troi” marriage! He portrays this as though they are ‘really progressive, ahead of the rest of us’ which is distinctly NOT CHRISTIAN. Sadly, this shouldn’t surprise me as few Roman Catholics seem to be Biblically literate nor theologically sound.

      Fine, go file lawsuits. That will end well 🙂

  26. I’ve read his article three or four times and I don’t see what a bunch of you are trashing him about. The way I read it, he’s not expressing he’s not in the fight, he’s saying that he’s probably not the best candidate to do infiltration into the antifa crowd due to lack of anonymity.

    But then I’ve been told that my thinking is pretty weird so what do I know?


  27. Well that went well. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    A better response might have been “A bunch of cunts showed up today and started throwing tampons on my site from here, so I came over to say FU very much. But liberty is to important to let my feelings get in the way so I’m here and I’m staying.”

    It’s a free world though. Having lived on the “island” long ago I’d say you should be doing everything to get your ass outta there vs. here @WRSA. The east end is being ceded to MS. Either way God speed.

  28. That is really why this book got a good mention here. It is about going on offense:

  29. intel is being collected, by both sides. it is likely big brother is actively assisting the leftists. these collaborators will be uncovered.
    good times.

  30. European American

    Bullshit at anyone who makes excuses for being too old. If one has a gun, then one is not too “old”!

  31. I can’t fucking believe it, we certainly like to eat our own around here. The folks at the fusion centers, .gov and their controllers in the BLM and anitfa movements must be laughing their asses off.

    They don’t need to destroy the right, we’ll do it to ourselves for them.


    • Only online Brother f2f everyone is pretty cordial which is why meatspace is where it’s at…Let me know a time when you want to meet up with DtW and I will try and make it over as well…

      • “Only online”
        Nah, I’m much more of a bastard in person than I am on the web.

        “Let me know a time…”
        That’s pretty much up to DtW, I never push people to meet and I can certainly understand a person’s reluctance to meet given the chance people aren’t what we might think they are.

        I don’t have a lot of cred around here (and a bunch of folks are already treating Pete like a secretary) but you have my permission to ask Ken (wirecutter) for my email addy and some bona fides, if you want to try to set up a meet I’m game.

        I’ll email Ken and let him know you might make the inquiry.

      • This is why… we do a much better job fighting each other than the left does of fighting us. I’m old, but not so much so that I’m not dangerous. And therein is a clue… young ass punk motherfuckers do not hold eye contact with me. This is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. Yes, I carry a gun. My demeanor states quite clearly “I don’t give a fuck about you, you stupid ass bitch”. Respect is earned – and the young cowards of the left have earned none. Fear, however, is given free of charge; and that is what these fucktards need to be given – fear.
        Yes, I’ve got what I’ve earned over the years to lose; but I do not value it so highly that I will allow them to be disrespectful – or believe they can make me fear them and their bullshit act. And thats all they have – their act.
        “Better one day a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb”.

      • FrozenPatriot


        I often wonder if the biggest douchebags in the commentariat here aren’t vomiting on their keyboards from inside the fusion centers just to drive rational, intelligent people from an otherwise useful site. Acting like brainless assholes fighting over whose dick is bigger has historically been reserved for government work, which supports my theory.

        I saw a few wrsa commenters at Fran’s place and came over here to see if the piece had indeed been linked. First time back in 6mo+ and now my last. I decided to leave ridicule-worthy posturing and chest thumping behind in middle school. Results earn respect, not low IQs and pissing contest trophies. Good riddance to the hate-filled dickwads. Pete, I don’t take you as one of the dickwads, but I don’t know how or why you put up with it.

    • Anybody who virtue-signals “Let’s you and them fight.” isn’t someone we’ll miss for that sort of work. The Leftards and their undoubted provocateurs are instigating just fine without any help from fair-weather friends.

      To then back-peddle mid-essay, and start talking about doing intelligent things which should have been going on for weeks, months, or years already?

      Thanks, keyboard commando. If you’re too well-known and broke-dick to even do that kind of helpful work, stick to topics you can help out on.
      And STFU on the rest.

      THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” -Thomas Paine, The Crisis

  32. In regard to the Communists pretending Anti-Fascism, I direct this to you: Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. Sat Beaucoup Cong!

  33. Omnes interficere. Scio Deus meus suo.